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    Death's Other Kingdom

    1. Battle in a Cathedral and Tiny Dragons

      by , 03-17-2013 at 03:35 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Beyond My Own Life (Non-lucid)


      I have returned to the Academy to take care of the great evil which has been running it. I am the prophesized Hero, so I must not be seen by any officials who report to the Headmaster. The Academy is located in an enormous Gothic style cathedral. I am hiding out in one of the back rooms, biding my time while the school participates in the opening ceremony.

      I screw up somehow and the Headmaster is suspicious. He starts toward the room in which I'm hiding. I dive under the bed, but it is too late. I'm caught.

      "Guards!" the Headmaster cries. "Kill her." He turns and leaves as the guards swarm me. I dive out the window and land conveniently in front of a pile of swords that one of my "followers" has left for me. I grab one: a sword with a black and sliver handle and a long, thin blade.

      The first guard that I fight seems to be sympathetic towards me. He is giving me tips on how to fight, and all his instructions are in a Video Game Tutorial Style. After the tutorial, our battle commences. I knock the first guard's sword away, and kill the ones who leave me no other choice. I feel an odd satisfaction as my sword slices through their chests.

      The remaining guards (who are apparently on my side) run off. But the alarm has been raised. Now the Priests, with their long white robes and stupid looking headdresses, are coming after me. I hide in a large pile of sand, along with a young boy who has been helping me. The boy makes way too much noise while we are hiding (despite me practically begging him to remain silent). A Priest grabs us... Fortunately, it is one of my followers in disguise. She leads me to a room where the others in our conspiracy are working.

      I lose the dream shortly afterwards.

      Small Dragons (Non-lucid)


      I find two small dragons in my room. One of them is black and living in my bedside table. The other is green. I let the green one inside through the window. It seems happy inside, but it keeps biting my finger. It hurts, but the dragon is so cute that I just allow it to bite me.
    2. Lab Torture

      by , 03-10-2013 at 04:05 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Lab Torture (Non-lucid)


      I am a young girl, maybe 7 years old. I am locked in a laboratory where an evil man is performing cruel experiments on me and this boy who is a few years older than me.

      The boy is thrown back into the lab after one of his tests. He says that he has been shot in the stomach and needs my help getting the bullets out. He hands me a pair of needle nosed pliars and starts to take off his shirt. I'm somewhat confused, because he has breasts like a girl, but he is a boy in every other aspect. I decide to not think about this.

      He shows me where he had been shot, but the wounds are completely healed and are now just scars. He seems confused. I realize that he must have special healing powers, and I tell him this. He says it makes sense, because they injected him with something before his tests started.

      I get an idea. "This might sound kind of gross," I begin, "but... Do you think that if I drank some of your blood, it could heal me?" I currently have a broken arm because the evil scientist became angry with me.

      The boy says it couldn't hurt. He is just about to give me some of his blood when the scientist rushes in. He looks furious. "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO TAKE HIS BLOOD!?" he screams at me. I curse myself for not realizing we are being monitored.

      He visciously breaks both of my legs until I am screaming and crying on the floor.

      There was more to the dream after that, but I no longer remember.
    3. Old Hag Syndrome

      by , 03-08-2013 at 02:47 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Old Hag Syndrome (DILD)


      I "wake up," incredibly thirsty. "Definitely gotta get up and get some water," I think groggily. My mouth is so dry that my tongue is practically sticking to the back of my throat.

      When I open my eyes, the first thing I see is a tall, dark figure. It is a tall old woman, wearing a black hat and a big black dress. I stare at the woman calmly, fully believing that I'm really just seeing a normal object, my refrigerator maybe, and that my brain is just still half asleep and making me hallucinate. I fully expect her to disappear within a few moments.

      She doesn't.

      Instead, she glares directly into my eyes and lunges right at me! I let out a yelp of terror and shut my eyes. "OhmygodOhmygod I'm being attacked," I think frantically.

      Then I realize that I can't move and that I've been stuck in sleep paralysis this whole time.

      The realization actually makes me feel a bit better. At least now I know that the old woman isn't really real. Every time I open my eyes, I see her back in the doorway. Each time, she lunges toward me. I always close my eyes before she reaches me. Even though I know she's not real, it's still creepy as hell.

      I really want to look at my clock: my one anchor to the physical world. But with the old hag constantly attacking me, I can't focus enough to do so. I have to get rid of her.

      I open my eyes once more. The old woman comes toward me. I focus on speaking. "Don't. Touch. Me." It is an effort to get the words out, but I am pleased at how dangerously angry I sound. At the same time, I use an old trick of mine: I gather my fear and send it outward in an aggressive wave. The old woman halts in her tracks, stunned at my sudden retaliation.

      After her initial shock, she says something along the lines of, "I will destroy you!"

      "You can't hurt me," I growl in the same deadly tone.

      She cackles. "Wanna bet?" She grabs ahold of my elbow. Pain radiates down my arm, but I've had worse and I only laugh.

      "Even if you can hurt me, it doesn't make any difference," I taunt. "You're not real. You don't even exist."

      Infuriated, she releases her hold on me and howls in rage.

      "Now get away from me!" I yell. She stands in the doorway for the rest of the dream, not daring to attack again.

      Now I can look at the clock. I struggle to make out the numbers: It's almost six in the morning. I've been stuck in SP for a while now, and I'm getting sick of it. SADLY, I fail to remember that I'm SUPPOSED to turn it into an LD or an OBE. Instead, I focus all my efforts into trying to wake myself up.

      Nothing I do is helping. The only physical parts of me that I can control are my breathing, my eyes, and my tongue, but I can't do anything significant enough to wake myself up! Now that I'm not being attacked (and the vibrations aren't as intense as they have been), I'm getting incredibly bored and fed up with being forced to lie here not doing anything. How much longer could this possibly LAST!?

      Screaming at my roommate to wake me up just results in more pointless hallucinations. So I remain stuck in SP for a while longer until I FINALLY snap out of it and wake up for real.
    4. Fly, Flee, Fight

      by , 12-01-2012 at 05:51 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

      Fly, Flee, Fight (DILD)


      Looking in the mirror, I am horrified to realize that one of my front teeth has been chipped. The more I look at it, the worse it gets. "This HAS to be a dream," I think, though I'm convinced that it is reality. Even so, I do a reality check and am relieved (and surprised) to find that I am, in fact, dreaming.

      I head to the living room and run into my brother. "I'm dreaming," I tell him. He suddenly morphs into a rather girlish looking boy with long black hair. "Cool," he says. "What are you going to do?"

      "I just want to go out and explore." I say. "A kind of vacation from the stress of earlier in the dream." My feet are cold and I am looking for socks and shoes to put on, then I wonder why I'm bothering with such silly details. Shoes will automatically appear on my feet if I walk outside.

      Sure enough, they do.

      The boy who was previously my brother steps outside with me. "I know of a cool place we could go," he tells me excitedly. "Follow me!" He proceeds to fly off in a southward direction. Wanting to add new places to my dream map, I hurriedly follow, though I have always had problems flying at the fast pace that he is keeping. Suddenly, I realize EXACTLY how to do it and I am flying faster than ever before to keep up with him.
      ((I'm clearly not paying attention to where we're going, however, because though I KNOW we were originally going south, we end up in the northern woods of my dream world.))

      We land in a small area in the woods that appears to be a village of Fairies. The Fairies are human sized with bright, colorful wings. We spend a lot of time talking to them, and they give us some sort of Honorary Fairy status.

      We decide to have a race with some of the Fairies that will end at my house. There are many colorful floating checkpoints in the air that mark the route we are supposed to take. We have to fly as close to the markers as we can to get points and to make sure we're not taking any shortcuts.

      We take off and I easily follow the trail of checkpoints, even when it shoots way up into the air and then does complicated spirals and loops downward. It's amazingly fun!

      The race is interrupted, however, when some kind of strange force crash lands us into a cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin is a large square patch of ice, kind of like a skating rink that isn't round. We are playing around with this when suddenly a door opens in the back and the same force sucks the two Fairies with us into a back room. A sinister feeling suddenly overwhelms us,
      and I temporarily lose lucidity as the boy and I run from the cabin in terror, some unseen evil chasing quickly after us.

      Suddenly I stop, becoming lucid again and realizing that I'm being cowardly. I force the boy to stop, too. "We can't just leave our friends back there!" I yell at him.

      "But we don't have anything to fight with," he stammers, afraid.

      "This is a dream, MAKE a weapon. Like this!" I act as though I'm drawing a sword from a sheath at my side. I can feel the sword in my hand, but it seems to be invisible.

      "There's nothing there!" He yells.

      "Hey, an invisible sword works just as well as a visible one," I defend. At this time, an evil woman and her scary looking cat-creature approach us. The cat lunges at me, but I decapitate it with my invisible sword. I grin, pleased that this actually worked.

      The woman then criticizes my fighting skills, saying that my stance is off and that I'm holding my sword wrong. She says she'll have to teach me. We end up having a mock sword fight with plastic zip ties. She seems rather bored, so I perform a sneak attack with my zip tie to prove that I'm a competent fighter. I barely touch her arm, and if you've ever seen a zip tie it's obviously not sharp in the slightest and extremely flimsy, so I am shocked when it cuts her nearly clean in half!!! She falls to the ground in a pool of blood, a surprised look on her face.

      I wake up shortly afterwards.

    5. Hunted

      by , 12-01-2012 at 05:48 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

      Hunted (Non-lucid)


      An evil woman is dead set on killing me. I have foiled her plans numerous times and have run to far away places, but she always manages to find me. I am afraid to even sleep, because I'd be left open to attack.

      My escape takes me to a cliff by a vast ocean. I believe I have just drowned the woman and that all of my troubles are over. As I am walking towards the forest across from the cliff, a huge form flies towards me. It is a vampire with enormous bat wings who has skin the color of red rocks. He is wearing nothing but a kind of loin cloth. "Look out!" he shouts at me, and I duck as he swoops over my head and attacks the woman who is somehow still alive.

      When he is satisfied that she is dead, he picks me up and flies with me into the woods. It is an amazing experience, and I want to just keep flying around with him for as long as I can. However, all too soon we hear an eerie noise behind us. "How can this be?" the vampire asks, alarmed. "She's alive?" Suddenly realization strikes us both: the woman has turned into a vampire!!!

      He sets me down and tells me to run; he'll hold her off for me while I get away. I do what he says, but it isn't long before the vampire lady is once again right at my heels. I hope the other vampire is alright...

      I slide down a steep slope to get more ground between us, when I come across a small black dog. "We've got to run!" I tell the dog.

      "No," she says. "I'll take care of her." I wonder how a dog her size is going to help in this situation at ALL, but to my surprise the woman seems terrified of her. She will not come near me while I'm standing behind the dog. Weird...

      I look around and notice a camouflaged army truck parked nearby. "We can get away in that," I tell the dog. She agrees and we run to the truck. She sits beside me in the passenger seat and says I should look for money in the glove compartment. "I don't have time for that," I tell her, "and besides, I don't want to steal from soldiers, I just want to get out of here."

      The good vampire shows up at this point and offers to drive. As we are speeding out of the forest, he asks how I got away from the woman. "This little black dog helped me," I say.

      "Little black dog!?" the dog screetches, apparently offended at the term.

      "Um, sorry?"
    6. Deceiving the Witch

      by , 11-25-2012 at 04:18 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Deceiving the Witch (Non-lucid)


      An evil witch has captured Cheyenne and is holding her prisoner, demanding that I give her the chest as ransom. But the contents of this chest are of utmost importance... I can't just allow her to have it. Then again, I also can't let her keep Cheyenne!

      I finally decide to remove the contents of the chest and fill it with things that are equally heavy, hoping that I can get her to let my friend go before she realizes I've tricked her.

      I reach the witch's lair. "I've brought the chest, now let her go," I demand firmly. Cheyenne seems scared but otherwise alright, much to my relief. After hesitating, the witch relents. "Very well. But YOU stay." Cheyenne looks at me as if asking what to do, but I nod for her to go. I'm glad to be prisoner in her stead. She leaves.

      I realize that I did not tell anyone of my plan. Cheyenne will probably go get help, but by then it might be too late. As the witch rambles to me about what seems like her life story (I'm only pretending to pay attention), I discreetly send Jake a text message, hoping he'll come to my aid.
    7. Cult of Campus

      by , 11-23-2012 at 01:51 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      With this, I'm finally caught up.

      Night of 11/21/12

      I have stumbled upon a dark secret at school: several students are missing, and I suspect they are dead at the hands of a sinister cult that practices on campus. In my search for answers (as I vow to solve this mystery and expose the cult), I come across a student named Mary. She basically confirms my suspicions: "You'll become one of the bodies before you ever find them!" she taunts me.

      Angered, I manage to escape her before she kills me. I find my friend Jessica and tell her that I am closer than ever to finding out the cult's secret. "Have you heard of a girl called Mary?" I ask.

      "N-no. Why?" She seems kind of anxious and fidgety, asking if I'll go on a walk with her. I agree, until she starts to lead me into the forest. I suddenly become suspicious that she is going to kill me. I refuse to go any farther and head back alone, but I intend to secretly follow her to find out what she's up to. I am now almost certain that she is part of the cult.

      I stalk her further down the path to the forest, but she suddenly cuts back and heads to the graveyard instead. There is no good cover, so I head off to report my suspicions to Alex (my roommate).

      "I might just be really paranoid," I say, once back in our room, "but I'm pretty sure Jessica is part of the cult. And now they're all out to kill me."

      "That does sound pretty crazy," Alex agrees calmly, eating her Ramen. I pace the room, trying to think of a solution.

      Soon afterward, Mary sends us on a treacherous train ride (a strange train that is powered by a crank) in the hopes that we'll die along the way. Now Alex is more accepting of my "crazy" theories and tries to help me.

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    8. Nightmare Sequence

      by , 11-22-2012 at 03:41 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Night of 11/8/12

      I am standing in my room when I notice a small yellow jacket flying around. Great, how did a bee get in here? I am looking for something to smash it with, when suddenly a whole SWARM of bees is in the room, covering litterally every inch of the walls. Completely freaked out, I bolt from the room, screaming, swatting bees out of my hair.

      Out in the hallway, I realize Alex (my roommate) is still in the room sleeping. "Alex!" I yell. "Alex! You'd better get out here before the bees sting you!" But as I look around the hallway, I notice to my extreme horror that it is also filled with bees! Is it a yellow jacket plague!? What do I do??? There is nowhere for me to walk without upsetting the swarm. I am so alarmed that I jolt into a false awakening.

      Now I am standing beside my desk, telling Alex about my dream. Before I can get more than a few words out, however, she suddenly freaks out and points at my wall. There, is a small bee-like insect. "Don't worry," I tell her nervously, "that must have been what caused me to have the dream."

      But as I get a closer look, I see that it is not a bee at all: it is a tiny demonic looking fairy wearing a gas mask. The fairy gives me a look that clearly says, "You'd better not tell anyone you saw me."

      I immediately grab Alex and drag her out into the hallway to tell her what I saw. Out in the hallway, however, we are alarmed to find the massive swarm of yellow jackets! "This is just like my dream!" I shriek, before doing a reality check.

      No wonder. I'm still dreaming.

      Another false awakening. Now, I am in the bathroom with Alex, Jake, Sadie (my cat), and Roxie (Jake's dog). Roxie turns into a clone of Sadie. They alternate between hissing at each other and rubbing against each other affectionately. "What's up with them?" I ask Jake.

      "Oh, they do that all the time," he says nonchalantly.

      I bend down to pet them. At first, they purr and lean into my hand. Then, Jake says, "And that's what demon cats do."

      Suddenly, the cats become completely feral and tear up my arm. It hurts a bit, but it is also accompanyied by a feeling so terrible, a feeling of complete and utter horror, that I am once again jolted into a false awakening

      This time, I am lying in bed in my dark room. Freaked out, I instantly do a reality check and determine that I'm still dreaming. A dark skinned girl with long hair sits at the foot of my bed, holding my large HP Lovecraft book. She is rambling about aliens crawling through her ears to her brain. I instinctively know that she's about to enact some sort of dream torture upon me, and I'm screaming at her to go away. I am stuck in sleep paralysis, unable to defend myself.

      As a last resort, I close my eyes and let the darkness wash the dream away. I'll wake up in a better dream, I'll wake up in a better dream, I think to myself frantically, but a feeling of utter terror has taken over the entire atmosphere, and I know the next dream will be worse than the last.

      I struggle to get out of sleep paralysis and into the real world, but every time I open my eyes, the most terryfying figure is looming over me. He has incredibly long arms which are wrapped tightly around me, pulling me out of reality toward a worse nightmare. His face is the most twisted, demented thing I've ever seen, it can't even be described with words, and he's wearing a large top hat.

      Knowing that it is just a dream does not protect me from the agonizing feelings that he is inflicting in me. I am still frantically struggling to wake myself up, but each time I pull myself from the paralysis enough to do a reality check, I am still dreaming!

      After what seems like ages, I finally jolt awake, panting heavily. I am instantly annoyed with myself for breaking my most important rule: DON'T WAKE YOURSELF UP.

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    9. Dark Places

      by , 11-22-2012 at 03:35 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Night of 10/16/12

      The choice to skip my classes today has ultimately sealed my fate. Had I not been feeling so ill this morning, I'd have never run into Alice as she fearlessly chased after her vile and mysterious enemy right by my dorm. Somehow I end up vowing to assist her. Now here I am, scaling buildings along side her in dead pursuit of the masked man and his henchmen.

      We leap from rooftop to rooftop, killing henchmen as we go. She uses her unparalleled martial arts skills while I use a more mysterious power, the Branch of Sin, meaning that my blood itself is a weapon. ((Deadman Wonderland reference.))

      My blood swirls like a whip from the palms of my hands, slicing enemies into bits. I remind myself not to overuse this power, or else the loss of blood will weaken me.

      After losing track of the masked man, Alice and I meet up with Carlos, along with a young kid who is also helping us, to discuss strategy. However, we realize as soon as we reach our headquarters that something is wrong. The masked man is there, waiting for us. It is an ambush! His powers are unlike anything we've imagined, and though we make a break for it, it is not long before he and his henchmen have us tied up and helpless.

      It is immediately clear that he plans to torture us.

      I try to use my powers to take them by surprise, but one of the henchmen notices what I'm doing. Grinning wickedly, he grabs my foot and twists it roughly to the side. There is a loud, sickening CRACK. I know that there should be pain, but it doesn't hurt. Now, however, I'm too freaked out to concentrate on using my powers.

      The masked man is debating on who to torture first. While he is distracted, Alice and Carlos manage to cut me free. I immediately run out the door to find help. It isn't long before I come upon the police station. I do not believe the police are equiped to deal with the Masked Man; however, they might provide enough resistance for Alice and the others to escape. As soon as the police move out to help, I begin to notice the throbbing pain in my foot. I take a moment to examine it; the top of my foot is darkly bruised, which I find odd since it should be my ankle that is broken.

      Shaking away the pain, I run back to where my friends were held captive. As I expected, they all managed to escape. Weary and in pain, we slowly walk away from the horror we just faced, toward a beautiful ocean.

      "Did I manage to get the police there before anything too bad happened?" I ask after a moment of silence.

      "Yes. Are you quite pleased with yourself?" Alice remarks sarcastically. I am not sure why she is irritated with me; maybe because I am actually somewhat enjoying myself, now that we are out of harms way.

      When I ignore her caustic remark, she continues, "Anyway, it's too dangerous for this to continue. I'm officially revoking your vow. You shouldn't be involved in this anymore."

      I glare at her. "Vow or not, I'm still helping you. Besides, the enemy already knows what I look like. It's too late to quit now." Before she can protest, I look down at my broken foot, which is now becoming too painful to walk on. It appears as though my toe is broken as well, judging from the grotesque angle at which it is bent. I shudder, more in disgust than pain. "Now, I need one of you to carry me to a doctor."
      ((I wake up shortly afterward.))

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    10. Let The Fear Begin

      by , 11-22-2012 at 03:30 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Night of 10/8/12

      I am lucid, though it seems to be a very low level.

      I have accidentally awakened an evil Goddess, who is sending horrific atrocities to torment me. A large, disturbing deity has risen up from the ground, among other horrors. Narration claims there are Holy Books at my disposal to get rid of everything, but I cannot see the books.

      I flee and somehow end up with a talking sheep as a companion. We enter a building and are given a riddle that has something to do with a certain "Flor." I'm assuming that it's some sort of Earth Goddess reference. Somehow it ends up being a demented Silent Hill version of my friend Amanda who crawls from a stained glass window toward me.

      All sorts of creepy people whose eyes and mouths are stapled shut appear. They start shooting needles at me, which hurt A LOT. I try to escape, but they swarm me and drag me to the ground. Even though I know it is a dream, it is still very freaky. I am considering whether or not to classify the dream as a nightmare while the creatures proceed to pile on top of me. I force myself into a false awakening.

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