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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. First deliberate OBE

      , 10-21-2021 at 03:24 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      So, I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos on mediatation, chakra balancing, heart-brain coherence, past lives regression, afterlife, OBEs and binaural beats on all of the above subjects.

      About a week ago I had a WILD with some Alpha GPC and galantamine.

      1. I asked to be shown something spectacular. At first I whisper the request, then I remember how interesting it feels when you talk out loud in a lucid, and I start shouting it out.

      After phasing through many walls through what seemed to be an empty underground garage/storage space, I enter a huge office room. Dozens and dozens of single seat desks with young people. The room is very colorful. Lots of blues and reds. I look closer, and everybody is building legos, lol. It's a "test kitchen" for legos, haha. People are building them to test them.

      I think the dream was caught by surprise by my request, because I sensed some hesitation, as if it didn't know what to show me, haha.

      2. After I walk through the lego room and the last wall, I end up outside. I ask to see my past life. I'm shown pictures that are displayed in front of me on a large old fashioned 35 mm film in the air. I see some images and to each of them I say No, no, no... Few pictures show a cemetary and I say NOPE, NOPE.

      But the dram is not really listening and I end up laying in a very shiny black coffin with the part by head opened, so I can see outside. I'm looking at this from above as the coffin is slowly sinking into soft mud.

      So, I think I'm done asking for past lives for a while haha.

      Deliberate OBE.
      This morning around 6 am my cat woke me up making noise with some plastic bags. I told him to stop and he did. Then he did it again, I had to get up and hide it. I was a bit annoyed because I had last hour to sleep and was worried I won't be able to fall asleep again.

      But as soon as I layed down I felt vibrations. Not very strong and they were not too concentrated.

      I start saying UP, UP, OUT and as I'm laying on my side with by back to the window, I start to feel headrush and I'm moving with my back leading the way towards the window.

      I remember I wanted to see my body, so with great effort I stop moving through the window and I walk back to my sofa. The room is same dark as in WL, illuminated with few night lights. Just enough to see that I'm not on the sofa. The layout is the same and I feel that it is my real IWL room.

      Then I remembered to check the top of the kitchen cabinet to see if the things I left there few years ago are still there and what it is. (I left there some things when doing OBE experiments).

      It's hard to move and I remember that I have to practice navigating and moving in the astral.

      When I get outside, I'm somewhere else, not in front of my apartment. Some kind of underground garage with thick concrete walls, well illuminated. Out of the room comes out a man, who I know is my husband. I'm all excited to tell him "I just had a first conscious OBE". I have a little bit of trouble pronouncing "conscious". He is happy for me.

      Then I look at my hands and I say "look I have no body" but I see my normal looking hands. Only one finger is a bit shorter, as if I lost the tip in some accident, but it healed already. I'm disappointed because in Astral, we don't have a body. I try this one more time later, and i have the same human looking hand. I can even recognize it as mine in WL.

      THANK YOU!
    2. WILD after talking about LDs on chat

      , 05-09-2018 at 02:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Yesterday I talked with nanosr on our chat about LDs and how to get a WILD and stuff. So last night after falling back asleep after going potty, I did what I suggested to him. Pushed my head to the pillow until I got a sinking feeling and a headrush. Next thing I know I'm standing in a room which I recognized then. I went to the door and exited by turning the handle. In a long whitish hallway, passing many doors. I again decide from memory of my goals to open a door and see what's there.

      I say "hello" and very clear voice of my brother and mom answer back. Third voice I didn't recognize. I'm looking for them, but I think I only see a figure of my brother, but from the place where my mom's voice is coming from, there is nobody. It mildly freaks me out and I exit.

      There was another dream, me visiting a friend. And some neighbors cats bringing their babies to play at our house with our cat and her babies, and then they took a nap. They were so beautiful.
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    3. Random WILD; Iran; Iceland

      , 02-15-2018 at 09:14 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Random WILD

      Last night, I realized something is going on. I started to rock on my bed. Just my dream body, ofc. The swing (or should I say it was motion from left side of the bed to the right side and back and forth, flat on the mattress) was getting wider and wider, and I picked up a nice momentum, when movement continued by itself. next thing I know I'm standing next to my bed, not in this room, but my childhood room, I think.

      Don't remember how I got outside. But I'm standing on a rooftop of a skyscraper in a super modern city. I'm looking down and all around, no fear of height at all. I decide to climb up to the top of the tallest building. So i go through buildings, on the sidewalk. There are some new police recruits practicing climbing on the rope and doing some police actions. I get to the top, there are few more steps I need to take to stand on the highest point. The sun is setting and it's beautiful, I feel quite accomplished.

      Few nights ago.
      All I remember now is that I was in Iran.

      Another night I was in Iceland. We landed there on our way from Europe to the west. Walking around the airport, stores, luggage, my brother, food...

      I just remembered this cool part about the lucid.
      As I'm standing on the roof of this huge skyscraper, among other people milling around, there is a family with 2 year old boy. Sun suddenly shines through the clouds and everybody is so surprised and happy. I realize that in this future, there is no sun. Little boy gets down to the ground and is rolling around so happy to see the sun. I feel it's warmth on me.

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    4. Oh WOW

      , 10-11-2016 at 01:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 1:23am

      1:23 am - 2x300 alpha GPC.
      (It peaks 3 hrs after taking, so I went back to bed to sleep another hour)

      2:29 - Up for WBTB
      3:02 - 2x4 pure Galantamine and going to sofa

      Heard my watch ding at 4 am, just when first part of my lucid was over. It continued till 4:38 when I got up immediately after it ending.

      During first part I was aware of cats moving about and hearing sounds from outside.

      Started to sleep on my back, then turned to my left side. Didn't get up as usually to go potty.

      I fell asleep pretty fast and got lucid right away with WILD.

      First part (about 30 min long) took place all outside. There were no transitions between, just one long dream.

      - flying, looking at the skies, seeing stars and Orion
      (I started to really look at the skies in the morning when I'm leaving to work and wondering how come Orion is already so high up in the skies, it's not even winter yet)

      - losing vision in left eye, then opening it and having good vision again

      - all at night or foggy, grey skies

      - I tried to recall more of this first part before getting up from bed, but this is it

      Second part (about 38 min long) Again, don't recall any transitions between scenes, just one long dream.

      - all of it happened indoors with me looking for a way to get out, getting out for a bit then back inside

      - I was in this huge older building with lots of stores, bars, caffes, lots of people like in a mall before christmas. Lots of hallways, curved , straight, round walls

      - TALKING with DC - towards the end, I thought I always wanted to talk to DC, so I approached this woman with short hair in light blue sweater and asked her "Hi, how are you". She looked at me startled and said "window". We walked outside, her laughing nervously about what she said. Another woman came to us and said I can talk to her is I'm not having luck with the other one.

      - It was all incredibly detailed. I said a few times throughout in a dream "Look at the details" and I was inspecting people's clothes and other things with amazement. I realized this was more clear and detailed than my other dreams that kinda fade away in the later parts.

      - At one point I remembered the pull something out of pocket TOTM. Put my hands in but don't remember what I pulled out.

      - I YELLED OUT
      show me something interesting
      show me something I should know
      show me something fun

      I had a feeling I should wait longer for the answer before asking another one. After one of my requests, a female came to me, looked all serious and was asking me if I really want to. She took me by my elbow and there was this tall person in long black coat/cape. Looked scare and I didn't want to have nothing to do with them anymore.

      He pointed behind me. I looked and this older curly blond woman was coming. She had only her top on. They said she is gonna do a show with a pig. I was like "no thank you".

      - I kept walking at fast pace. Lots of interractions with other DCs, talking, looking at stuff, stopping to do things.

      - I started asking if anybody wants to do it. I figured it's better than to just grabbing the first person. Nobody responded except this one guys who said eww.
      -- Some females came to me as I was standing by some counter. Asked me if I really wanted it. They didn't wait for an answer.
      -- I'm outside. Guy wants to do it. His thing is so long, we have to sit on the ground, facing each other and inch closer till...
      -- Another guy with flacid thing askes me if he can get into action too. I felt sorry for him so I said sure.
      -- Another guy is sitting on the ground with a blanket sticking out about 2 feet. He tells me it's not his leg.
      -- Some other females.
      -- After 5th happy ending I thought I will lose count, but there was one more and that one was just wow.

      - I asked a DC for a scooter like scuba divers have to propell them under water. I got one, aimed it at the ceiling, but it didn't pull me.

      - Went up to the ceiling to morph through as I remember ophelia does. I didn't want to at first because I usually get stuck or end up somewhere not pleasant, but I was desperate to get outside. Ceiling stopped me.

      - So I went throught the wall head first, while laying in mid air. I ended up in this underground cellar type of place that reminded me of the place I ended up when I went throught the wall the very first time ever.

      White washed walls, all banged up, paint chipping from it. As I was floating on my back going head first, there were some weird looking people trying to catch up with me. I tried hard not to get caught. I thought they are scary. But then I thought well I always think that and sometimes it turns out to be the opposite of what I think. So I let them catch me. They took me to next room where they held some females captive. One was on a desk and some of those scary people were having fun with her. They told me if I had some pills, now would be time to take them to make it easier on myself.

      Thank you, come again!

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    5. Morning nap WILD

      , 09-27-2016 at 04:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am (I'm off today, but wanted to keep my sleep schedule for a morning WILD)

      3:30 am 2x300 alpha GPC
      4:50am 2x4 pure Galantamine
      4:50 am - sofa

      Fell asleep withing 15 minutes. Cats didn't wake me this time. I got lucid as I fell asleep and was still lucid when heard my watch beep at 6 am. I estimate this LD to be 40 min or so.

      I will need to do this earlier, because by 6 am people in the complex were already up and about and it was distracting.

      I slept 2 more hours after that so now I remember almost nothing.

      I know I teleported at least 3 times by turning fast. Then I thought I add turning on my body's head-toe axes to the movement. It was cool and very real. At least twice I thought I finished being lucid but I tried falling down and I got the transition sensations.

      1. I'm in a house and want to get out. I tell myself to stop being chicken and open some doors. I open one with a sign hanging on the handle. It's a small narrow room full of boxes and items, like a closet. It's kinda dark and I don't want to get in.

      2. About half way through the event I find myself flying and I rejoice because it's awesome and I'm so happy. I try to go higher and I aim for flowers high on the tree and surprisingly I go higher.

      3. Lots of (looking for) sex. I remember thinking that I'll just have to finish it when I wake up.

      I can't remember anything else.

      Long non lucid after this about work ofc and me ratting on a douche, not feeling bad about it either.
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    6. ToTM - Read a book title 2. attempt - success

      , 01-16-2016 at 01:42 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Yesterday work 6pm-11pm. Stayed up till 4 am today. Slept till 11:30 am.

      Read the TOTMs thread and decided to do the Read the book title, meet someone from IRC and change gravity for a DC.

      900mgs of my new alpha-GPC at 12:30.

      Went to sofa at 1:34, woke up from a 40 min long event at 3:18.

      In less than 10 min I was already feeling it. Body relaxing, getting light, even with my cat sleeping on my legs.

      Then I realized I forgot to pull my hood on my eyes so I can see the HH better. I did that even though I could barely feel my body anymore, but I told myself that it will not ruin anything.

      I was very close to a lucid, when a dog int the neighborhood started to cry and I'm like oh no, coyotes. I thought my attempt is over, coz that got me out of the mood.

      I thought I'll stay for 2 more min. I realized I'm typing something and that I'm dreaming.


      40 min long event with 2-3 distinct entries. Rest of it was "i'm dreaming" "oh it ended" "no wait I'm still here" "it ended" "nope still here"...

      In one of them I started to move my dream arms in front of my face to see if I am dreaming. They covered my face and it was dark. Then I noticed a sliver of light between my fingers, so I put my hands down and it was a sunny day.

      I walked to the window to jump out but I remembered I wanted to see my room to compare if it's the same. The shape and size was the same, but furniture was different. I got to the window again, when I decided I didn't compare enough so I went back and said, yup, still not the same. Then left through the window.

      I'm sitting on a floor of some room. Looks like a nursery. There is bunch of books around me. I pick up one and it's a small choldrens book with all hard pages. Nice green cover and it's about animals.

      I pick up another one, it's an atlas. I got excited and started paging through it. I thought what if I pick a place and teleport there. I'm looking at map of afrika and thinking NOPE. I look for north america, I know it's at the beginning. I think New York would be nice to visit. I find the east coast, but Los angeles is in it's place. Dangit. I put it down.

      Then I remember the TOTM. I pick up the atlas again and start reading the cover. As I do it, the letters flip and now I see the back side and it's also upside down. So there is the barcode, and ISBN# and bunch of tiny numbers. I turn it around and it's the back side again. I laugh. The page turned upside down like on a tablet when you turn it sideways.

      I pick up a childrens book and it's about animals. I pick the next and the next, all about animals.

      Then I see some book titles, not sure on what. I read like 10 of them. I think I better write them down. I reach for an empty envelope and pen that I prepared. I know i prepared it for real in WL too. But I know this is a dream and the envelope is not the same one. So after I write them down, I keep repeating 2 titles so I remember them. One I forgot, the onter one was "6 doctors laughing".

      Now I'm in a room, laying on a floor. I hear some commotion from the other room and there is a guy with a suitcase comeing by my room to the front door. He stops and asks me what the hell I'm doing there. I say I love there, even though I know I'm just visiting. And I know he doesn't live there either.

      He walks up to me and starts touching me all over. Then there is another duud and another chick. Fun goes on for good 10 min.

      In one transition I wanted to take it further so not sure how, but I got some really strong vibrations, strongest in over a year and a half.
    7. GM WILDs

      , 11-16-2015 at 08:17 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This was on my day (night) off, Saturday 11/14/15.

      Woke up in the morning after full night sleep. Atayed up for an hour or so, took one of my last 2 galantaminds and 3 Alpha GPCs. Watched some TV for 15 min, then wanted to give me enough time to fall asleep before GM kicks in in about an hour after taking.

      Fell asleep, then woke up and felt my familiar Head rush. The back top of my head feels ice cold and sensation of water rushing through the water hose.

      I knew I was awake, but I say what the heck, I'm gonna just stand up and walk away anyway. I did that then counted my fingers and I was lucid.

      I was in some kind of a urban canyon. Between tall buildings and carts full of boxes, just like those in my work. : ( I grabbed a red two-wheeler mid flight and started flying with it higher and higher, over the boxes on the next cart and next one. I was happy to be flying. but srs, c'mooon. Work, boxes, two-wheelers... work... work...work : ((( More like a nightmare. Doing it 6 days a week for real and then have a lucid doing it on a night off. Pathetic. And I did this few times, maybe 3-4 times.

      I appreciate the lucids and all. But...
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    8. WILD and DEILDs

      , 07-09-2015 at 01:22 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Still on night shifts. Day off.

      Slept from around 2-3 pm, then again later. 2 WBTBs, one around 10 pm and second at 2 am. Both times started out on the sofa. Second WBTB lead to a WILD and DEILDs.

      I started feeling vibrations and reminded myself to open my dream eyes, like what opheliablue does. Was also trying to "fall backwards" and roll out. Soon after I felt the falling backwards and I realized I'm already in a dream. I saw only from the center of my vision, the rest of it was blacked out. But I got up from the sofa.

      I was in a house with family. I chose not to interract with them but headed for the door. I opened it and again a door to the outside.

      It faded and I realized I'm still dreaming so got up again and headed outside. Don't remember much else, because slept another hour after that before getting up.

      Non-lucid before these - I'm on a racing bicycle riding on a snowy road. I have someone on the back of the bike. The snow is covering the whole road and it's all around. It's getting deeper and harder to pedal. We are out in the country, no cars. Now I see 4 cars in the distance coming closer. I hope we can get to the side of the road enough so they don't hit us. First car pulls to his side too much and sideswipes the railing.
      Tags: deild, wild
    9. 2 cats, 3 transtitions, 1 WILD

      , 12-01-2014 at 08:42 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night bed 10:20pm - 7:40am

      Back to bed 8am-10:40

      I put an extra pillow under my 2 and propped it against the dresser. So I was on my back, with head raised a bit. I was daydreaming and felt the falling asleep sensation few times and surprised me that it came that soon.

      I got into a transition, which consisted of a mild wierd head sensation, as if falling forward or backwards, but very mild. More just a head sensation. And at that exact moment my cat jumped on my bed. The other cat was already asleep by my left arm. So this one took up position on my right, plopping her body on me and purring up a storm.

      I continued falling asleep, but when he changed position third time, I turned to my right side so he is behind me, rather than on me.

      Very soon I got into another transition. Again, just a wierd feeling in the head. I tried to make it bigger by pushing my head backwards. Then decided to start getting up, even I knew that transition is not finished yet.

      It was very hard to get up. I couldn't. I could barely sit up, but I was almost like held down by gravity or something. I tried to levitate up desperately, while also trying to sit up. I finally levitated out over some guy asleep in red shirt. I stood up and started walking away in what looked like a large warehouse. I saw my steel ring on the ground but walked by, didn't want to waste time. But ofc I couldn't leave it there, I turned back and picked it up. I looked at the inscription as I always do before putting it on. There were some pictographs on it, instead of word.

      That's when my cat behind me moved again and I got out of it.

      Had one more transition within minutes, but nothing came of it.
      Tags: wild
    10. Wanting too much left me without a chair

      , 05-08-2013 at 10:33 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday, 5/8/13

      Last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      DR: With my best friend M on a train. Arriving to the bus depo and going from there. Bying some newspaper and checking out books. (I do love newspaper and books in WL.)

      Something about being with a group in mountains.

      Didn't want to take a nap today. Last few days couldn't pull of a WILD, perhaps because I'm so used to morning naps, it's just like another normal sleep time.

      So I read some OBE articles and got so excited, that I decided to take a nap afterall. I go on sofa at 12pm. Got some weightless sensations very soon. Did some rhyming mantra and breathing. Started to feel as if rotating on axes, but couldn't make it stronger. So I tried to get the falling feeling, in which a succeeded little later on.

      Got some gorgious HH images. A huge, colorful wasp on light burgundy background and two other images of two more insects. But I had my heart set on OBE.

      I got some vibrations and tried to open my real eyes to see if I can see any hallucinations in my room. I managed to open left eye and I saw myself laying on sofa, same position as I knew I was. I had same pants on I did in WL. I noted my hand was in strange position, but I knew that's how I had it IWL. I couldn't move my head, so I had limited view to my right, where the window is. Room was fully lit, as I knew it was. Tried to pry open my right eye and succeeded for a moment, but almost immediatelly lost sight in both eyes. (So, it wasn't my WL eyes, but my dream eyes I had opened.)

      Before I lost sight, I tried to get up and I felt myself getting up and it was the strangest feeling, because at the same time I saw my body not moving. It was almost as if I was saying to my body "I'm going, are you staying?" I got up and ended up in my aunties bathroom. I was still trying to have OBE, so this experience ended, because I was not trying to keep it alive.

      I'm back on sofa, saying "up, up". But I realized I'm getting too needy and I shouldn't. Can't help it, I really want it. I have to prepare myself better next time.
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    11. In before noisy neighbors WILD+2 DEILDs

      , 05-02-2013 at 08:55 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Thursday 5/2/13

      last night bed 12am - 7:30am

      DR: Lots of dreams in the morning. Didn't get up to write them down, just replayed with words. All I remember is that there was an Earth Invasion with some bots. (Watched the Iron man yesterday, scene where huge robots are shooting at crowds)

      Nap 8am - 10:15am
      So happy, because 15 min after I woke up, cleaners came to neighbors apartment to clean the carpet.

      WILD+2 DEILDs

      As soon as I felt it, I pushed my head back and got some intense falling sensation that ended in LD. I did this twice. One entry - as I'm laying, I think about looking at my hands, so I raise my dream hands and they are so cool. Black swirling, shiny fog. Then I decide I can get up now.

      I pet one of my cats, it was MM. I could tell from the way she looked - just like in WL, and her coat felt exactly the same. I was gonna take it easy and stabilize by looking at the wall in my brothers bedroom. As I'm zooming in on details, I start floating backwards to the window, but I stop it, because want to look at the wall some more.

      They were short, just 20 sec each.
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    12. WILD - early realization

      , 04-24-2013 at 09:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 4/24/13

      last night bed 1am - 8:50am

      Today nap 11am - 1:20pm

      Nap WILD

      I was getting close to WILD, so I imagined I'm flying upwards and I started to feel sensation of flying up, then I imagined falling down, and got that strong sensation.

      Here I thought, that I must be already dreaming, no need to wait for any clues and decided to get up. I payed attention to my body standing up and it felt as my real body.
      Went out on my balcony and thought I better confirm, before jumping off. I did a thumb/palm and it was going in easily. Didn't push it all the way through, because I was a little grossed out. Then I pinched my nose and I could breathe. I didn't do these RCs in a long time. Even so, I was just climbing down on the outside of the balcony instead of jumping off, just in case.

      I'm walking through neighbors yard. Looks like it's winter, trees are without leaves, maybe with some yellow, spring flowers. I walk over to our yard and neighbor is looking at me and waving, calling my name. I yell back, yes, you can see me, because you do meditations (he does IWL). But he can't hear me, so he stops.

      I perch myself on top of the fence and start singing. Beautiful voice, melody, cool words. I'm very happy with myself. (As WILDing, one of my requests was let me hear some beautiful music. So I guess this was it? I guess I need to specify "not sung by me")

      My dad and my mom are in the yard and it's so real, as if I was there for real. Dad in red tshirt, cleaning vegetables.

      I don't know what to do, so I say this is also nice, visiting family. Then I remember I wanted to go to starship Voyager. So I say when I turn around, there is starsip Voyager. I turn around all smiles, but there is only open field.

      I walk through the fields with a little girl and we are finding lots of toys in bags. I ask her if she would like them. Principal walks by.

      As I get out of this LD, I start to iniciate another flying/falling sensation and it works. At some point I can feel both up and down falling at the same time. It was awesome. When it was over, I smiled to myself and said ok, now we can go and have a lucid dream. Again, I said to myself no need to wait for clues, I just get up. The moment I got up, neighbor came home with such a ruckus, sounded like she is moving or something. Damn. Then I just got up and will continue tomorrow.
      Tags: backyard, family, wild
    13. Police chase - nonLD; WILD+2 LDs nap

      , 04-20-2013 at 04:19 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 4/20/13

      last night bed 1:30am - 8am

      Had a few dreams about being chased by police. There ia about 4 of us. We are trying to escape from a house, where we did some bad things. We are going up and down the ladder. Then outside, it's late evening, dark. I'm crouching and walking to a corner to hide in a dark shaddow. As we go by a window, I hear a dog from inside of the house. A little puppy comes to where I'm hiding, but doesn't start barking. Police are walking nearby, looking for us. (Was watching manhunt for the Boston marathon bomber all day yesterday IWL)

      This wasn't a fun chase dream I normally get. There was something sinister about me. I did something bad.

      NAP: around 8:45am -12pm

      Started getting vibrations while on back, got up to turn of sound on laptop and layed down on left side.

      WILD: Suddenly I'm looking at my laptop screen and I see there is a new registered member. I can read everything very well. I think, that this is a great time to prove that I was seeing through my closed eyelids. So I wanna open my eyes and look at the screen to prove, that what I saw was real in WL. But I can't open my eyes. I realize, I'm sleeping and dreaming. I think to myself, well, if I'm dreaming, I may as well get up, because then I'm lucid. (IWL, I have been watching new registrations pretty closely. If you reading this venn99, it's becasue of you. Thank you for getting me lucid)

      I get out of the window and start walking through the backyard in my parents house. There is a toll column made out of concrete bricks with two openings. I keep telling myself "I'm dreaming" and I'm confident I can keep my awareness, but I lose it suddenly.

      LD1: Probably a DEILD. I get a headrush and hear someone dusting bedsheets few feet away, which turns into a chain saw soound right next to my head. I keep telling myself "I'm not scared, no matter what you do". And I really am not scared. Again, I'm getting out some window, this time it has consistency of liquid glass, but I still get out. I jump out of the kitchen balcony on first floor. As I'm falling fastand enjoing this awesome roller coaster feeling in my stomach, I'm determined to hit the ground and see what happens. But just before I hit, I get the smallest thought not to, although I still want to, but I switch direction and few inches above ground start flying paralel to the ground.

      LD2: Not sure what type of LD this was. Wow, I even forgot, what it was about. I didn't get up after, just replayed it im my mind with words and went back to sleep hoping for moar. Oh, I just remembered. I was trying to summon Linkzelda. But someone else walked in through the door at fast pace.

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    14. Longest chain of WILDs, DEILD and 1 FA

      , 03-18-2013 at 07:58 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Monday 3/18/13 bed around 1am -7am. Nap 10:45am-11:30am

      Holy smokes, this was a good one. About 30 min of chaining. First WILD, rest a mix of WILDs a DEILDs + 1 lonely FA.

      I was really torn between getting up and writing it down and between continuing, and that got reflected in FA in which I got up and wrote stuf up, only to ralize 5 min later in next DEILD that I didn't do it.

      The entries were absolutely amazing. More energy oriented then ever before. Othere times I used to get up with my getting up or rolling out.

      My mantra was "slow down, look around".

      List is not in order of it happening.


      1. Vibrations, which i managed to make stronger by thinking "energy, energy". Boy, did they ever got stronger. Incredible massage. All I could think of was how can anybody not like vibrations.

      2. At least 4 times I got out by rocking my body lengthwise, from feet to head. Incredible real feeling. Once I continued the motion and started floating out like from my head. Once I got out by falling backward head first.

      3. One exit when I realized I can feel the papers on the desk I was WILDing at (not there in WL) so I started touching papers and desk and saw my arms and got up.

      4. One exit - I kneeled on some stairs (like for older pets to be able to hop on bed) and tilted my head forward and down to get the falling feeling.


      1. I'm walking through one story house in tropical spanish style. (watching too much House Hunters international IWL). Lots of big, bright rooms. Come to the patio with huge flower pot with big leaf plant (like a banana tree) in shape of a casket. I'm about to freak out but I don't alow myself to do that. Instead I think "no, that's not it, just a flower pot".

      2. I'm sitting with mom and I'm writing something. She doesn't like that so I ask her if I should rather carve it into my arm. She likes that even less. I pick a ballpoint pen and "carve" write 4 - 4inch letters on my left inside forarm. The ink is not sticking everywhere. Mom comes back with a first aid kit.

      3. In one of them I remembered the "slow down, look around" mantra and actually looked around 360 degrees around me. I usually never look around, just move forward.

      Added 4. On two occasion, I was blind and thought about wiping my eyes clean, but then decided to do it the easy way and take off my sunglasses instead. I think this happened after exit by falling sensation, not by getting up. If that's so, that's great, because I don't remember having success with this type of entry before.

      Added 5. On one occasion I counted my fingers. Left hand had more than 5 fingers, and they looked dirty.

      On both occasions it got brighter. In one LD I started to see a wall infront of me. It was grey and textured. I normally don't like going to places I don't where I'm going, but said to myself to stop being a chicken and something nice will be there.

      So I went through the wall pushing it away with botm my hands, as you would push away spiderwebs in your way.

      Man, I hope I remember more. I'm so stoked. They were all short, most of the time just a few seconds, but I had such a good time.

      So after almost all this, I thought it's over, so I changed position but got vibrations again and was thrilled about it. Then I said I need to get up now if I want to remember any of this but got weak vibes again.

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      lucid , memorable
    15. WILD+bunch of DEILDs

      , 03-04-2013 at 01:09 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Sunday 3/3/13 Bed on 3/2/13 sat 12:20am - 9am

      Nap - 11:50 - woke up at 3:20pm

      I started feeling body relaxing almost immediatelly and I wondered if it's because it knows I want to WILD. Waves of vibrations start washing over me, I count at least 4 or 5. At the second one, I wonder if I should just get up already, but I know it's too soon.

      I get my first head-buzz when I think I have had enough. My leg is crooked begause cat is sleeping at my feet. So I turn to my left side and try again.

      I got a WILD and at least 7 DEILDs, but I don't remember them all. Whole thing lasted for at least 30 min. Was not rushed through them as last time. I remember thinking in one LD wow, this is so long, I know I'm not gonna wake up. I hade this strange calmness and confidence.

      Each transition was extremely mild. All I did each time was I realized that I'm still sleeping so I rocked my head (dream head) back and forth to start some dizzy motion thing and that usually get's me lucid.

      Only at one transition I saw a large insect on my wall and as I was rocking back and forth, more and more spider webs appeared on the wall. I thought about just getting up then, since I knew I'm dreaming. But I got some nice falling down sensation and went with that.

      Dont' recall all DEILDs.

      1. WILD - I'm flying towards some futuristic city with skyscrapers on background of stormy clouds and sunny skies. On the way there I stop to investigate a beautifull sport arena. I say "take me there" while looking at the wall and I get zoomed in fast. I figure I better remember this new mode of transportation.

      Can't tell if its football or baseball, so I'm making my way to the top to see the field. I'm desperate to see the sign on top to know what city I'm in. I thing it says Brewers.

      2. DEILD. I'm walking in the back yard of RD10. I feel awareness slipping so I keep yelling something, but it keeps slipping. I realize, it slips anyway, and as i do, I get snapped back to it. This happens a few times.

      In the very back, by the fence, there is a small patch of tropical sea of size of maybe 2 bathtubs. Incredible beautiful blue see-through water and white sand. I pick it up and let it run through my fingers.

      3. DEILD Same backyard as in #2, only the whole backyard is tropical sea. Lots of white sand, sun, warm, shallow, blue water.

      4. DEILD I'm standing on a shore line. Small waves are splashing over concrete shore. I look almost straight up and tovering over me are huge waves. I smile and say "take me there". After my first mouthfull of water I realize I should have said "take me over the wave". I'm bobbing on top of the tsunami waves, while collecting some kids taken out to sea by these huge waves. I pick a girl and a boy and maybe their mom.

      I'm walking through the hotel and I get nasty looks from some people. I learn that I am in bikiny and I'm a young girl that she is obviously hated in this hotel. I think to myself damn, why did I have to transform into this girl for?

      I make my way through corridors, looking out the small windows, trying to see which way I should get out. I come to a balcony. Beneath me is a tropical sea with beach. Incredible georgeous blue water, not see through, more milky, like some places in Hawaii. Only blue.

      I jup in next to something I think is a school of fish. But it's a lobster and sea turtle. I say "turtle details" a few times. Turtle turns to me and asks "what do you mean turtle details?". I say I would like to see more details on him. It looks like whoever built him, didn't finish him, because skin and shell was missing in some places. But the green color was spot on. I feel the warmth of the ocean and atmosphere of a resort.

      I lift myself out of the water to look beyond the sea wall. There is the angry ocean with tsunami waves. Ok, I decide to stay in my small peacefull sea and go explore the sandbars of blindingly white sand.

      5. DEILD I'm with somone and someone says "invite her to?"

      6. DEILD Here I"m at the house I was invited to in #5. A girl I used to know as a child now has children of her own. The little girl running around is not my friend, but her granddaughter. A doctor comes to give here a shot and while I watch, I start rocking to induce LD. I wonder if he notices if I fall asleep while standing up.

      When he is done, I ask him if he wants to "do it". Sure thing, but I guess we both fall asleep. We wake up and he says we slept for half an hour.

      *I feel like I could be doing this forever. But my big toe hurts like hell. My whole foot is crooked because of a cat sleeping at my feet. So i wake up and cat is not there.

      *I watched "The Contact" again and was really obsessing about that alien beach with tropical blue seas. I guess that reflected in this batch of LDs. Thank you, come again.

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