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    1. Compatability Problems, Can't wake up (LD #240ish)

      by , 08-12-2015 at 02:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was thinking about/visualizing a story that I have been working on lately and running through some plot elements. I was thinking about a part where the characters fly to space on a special spaceplane. I then decided that had best wake up, since I have to teach Taekwondo on Wednesdays. I brought myself out of the visualization but felt odd accelerations.

      I opened my eyes and saw that I was on the special spaceplane, and we were landing. I did a nose pinch and sure enough I was still dreaming. I sat up in my chair and looked around. I told myself I would regret this at some point, but that It was important that I wake up. All that managed to do at first was make the plane phase away and drop me on the runway.

      The runway morphed into a road and became narrower. I was now standing to one side of it, in a wheat feild. Across the road were several large industrial buildings. There was a stand selling bananas on my side of the road. I noted that what few cars there were were driving on the opposite sides of the road that I am used to.

      I went over to the guy at the banana stand because he was kind of blurry and I wanted to get a closer look. He turned out to be this huge hulk of a man with a balding head. He smiled and said:

      "Im the Supervisor, Can I get a taxi number?"

      (A cookie to anyone who can tell me what that DC referencing without having to look it up.)

      I saw the word 'Taxi' was printed on the side of one of his bananas.

      Second false awakening. This time I was in my backyard. I thought it was waking life for awhile. I looked around and all around me were digital clocks. But of course they all read weird times like 12:338 was one that I remember. This caused me to reality check. I became lucid and realized that this had happened twice now, clearly I wasn't getting out of this dream.

      I remember at this point in the dream I looked at my hands. People always talk about how your hands look so weird in dreams. Mine seem to look completely normal most of the time. I look at them. The skin tone is darker than I am used to but they look completely normal. I'm not wearing my bracelets, but I didn't make a note of that. I try to poke my finger through my hand. I'm simply met with the usual resistance and I can't do it. Just like a waking life hand.

      I guess I figured there was no point to continue to try to wake up, so I figured I would just see what the dream had to offer. I looked around the backyard. All of the plants/trees were gone. Not just the ones in my yard, but everywhere. Just the grass was left. I looked inside my house through a window and saw that all the furniture was gone.

      I tried to fly by jumping off the table on my back patio but I just floated back down to the ground. I also noticed that I could see my reflection in the window of my house. For some reason I had really long hair, like down to my knees long hair.

      "Hello?" I yelled and my voice echoed though the neighborhood. I became worried that this would be like one of my early lucid dreams where I was alone somewhere and no dream characters would show up. I was relieved to see. A group of identical people in the distance talking to one another.

      Out of the group came Marcus. Except he had a huge distracting beer belly. He walked over and I asked him something. I remember his voice very clearly when he replied but I can't remember anything having to do with what he said. Then Manei appeared as well. She was pulling a wagon and she looked to be about 10. Except she also had a mustache. (Okay, so not her funniest appearance mess-up to date.)

      She said she was excited because she was taking to see me a music show. She said something about it being a group from her tribe and their traditional performance. I didn't see any show, but I saw some people putting towels over a fence. I thought this was kind of weird until I figured out that it was a puppet music show. So the people were putting towels over the fence so you wouldn't pay attention to them, only the puppets then they had large puppets, too big for even a hand. They actually turned out to be costumes.

      Okay. So what are the towels for? So that the actors have privacy while they change. Pointless since we can see them from where we are sitting; and they're just putting the costumes on over their clothes.

      It was at this point that I took into question the reason my usual DCs looked different. In particular, I wanted to know why Manei was so small all of the sudden. I asked her and she replied, but I don't recall what she said.

      I then notice that once they put on the costume, their appearance seems to morph some. One of the actors changes into Manei, and the one sitting next to me goes away. Only this version of her is super vivid, and the correct age, except she was wearing beige/brown instead of the usual red, and had two braids. I remember the same kind of thing happened to Marcus only he didn't have a beer gut and he was wearing gray instead of blue. I remember both of these DCs really seemed to 'pop' from the dreamworld.

      Then, I felt myself getting pulled twoard the third actor. My 'soul' was forcibly pulled from my body, but I just let it happen, curious as to what would happen when I was absorbed by the costumed actor. I was then distracted when I noticed there was a fourth actor. But he/she wasn't turning into anybody.

      A computer error appeared.

      "Compatibility Error.
      Dream [1] character has incompatible drivers.
      Dream [4] character not found.

      Would you like to exit the dream or check online for a solution?"

      I lost the dream and woke up laughing.

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    2. Odd, Marcus

      by , 12-26-2014 at 05:14 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a very odd dream about Marcus, a persistent DC who I haven't seen in awhile. He told me that he had been practicing martial arts and wanted to spar with me to test his ability.

      We were fighting in what felt like a mix between a school and an office building. And we were on a very high floor as well. I don't recall the setting all that well, but I do recall seeing Marcus very clearly. His head looked a little too big for his body though. He was fighting pretty well, but he was doing so in business attire, and that was a little weird. The whole thing was pretty weird now that I think about it, a 50-something man who had shown no athletic ability prior to now was demonstrating proficiency in martial arts.

      I can recall he threw a lot of kicks, and I was having a hard time keeping up with him and blocking/dodging all of his attacks. He kept asking me if he was fighting correctly. I told him that it was taking all of my concentration to keep up with him.

      The scene shifted to my taekwondo studio at one point or another.
    3. Weird ATLA Secret, Fraxnor Infiltration in cloud base, Anything goes at High School.

      by , 12-10-2014 at 02:09 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I guess that dry spell is broken...

      I was watching the final episode of Legend of Korra. In it, Aang appears as an old man and everyone asks how this is possible. He says that he faked his own death so that the world could actually have two avatars. (Um... okay, I don't think that it works like that, but it's a dream.) Also, elderly Aang looks just like the way he did as a child save for he has a long beard and bags under his eyes.

      He used this energybending move that caused all of these blue orbs to fly everywhere. It had something to do with focus. He would then select one orb that was the move that he wanted to do. He tries to teach the move to Korra, but she doesn't understand it and gets frustrated. (Of course.)

      He then decides that he wants to try it on me. The dream shifts to my garage and Aang is a real person now, only he's a kid now and he has hair like in season three. There is a mirror in the garage and I look into it to see what I look like. For some reason my hair is black has all of these dark brown highlights that look like stripes.

      Aang wants to try to use energy-bending on me to make me better able to lucid dream. He asks that I cast a magical field to filter off any negative side effects. I hold up my hand and concentrate on creating a feild and nothing happens, but he seems to think its there. Aang then creates dozens of orbs around the room and begins connecting them. He then fires a bluish white ray at me from his hands that causes me to wake up.

      I was walking around my subdivision by the lake when I nose pinched and realized I was dreaming. There was some sort of presence that felt very scary or dark in this location so I decided to fly far away. I put my hands down and turned on my flying jets, and focused on a cloud up above. The sky was a rainbow of strange colors going from crimson red to orange to a yucky shade of yellow, with bluish-gray clouds.

      As I got closer, I noticed that the cloud didn't look very cloudy. It looked solid. I slowed down and ran my hand along it. It was solid ice; a solid ice cloud! I then noticed what looked like a tunnel into the cloud. I flew into it and eventually met a high-tech looking steel door. I heard a voice on the other end and someone let me in.


      I was with Marcus, inside his ice cloud base. He explained to me that the base was actually a secret ship and coolant was pumped to the exterior so that the ship would be covered with ice and condensation to disguise it as a cloud. (That's actually a really good idea, assuming you have enough power to keep the ship aloft with all the extra weight.) He was fighting this alien race called the Fraxnor.

      Just then an alarm sounded. A fraxnor was in the base. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and started chasing him. There was a plot in play here that this ship/base was very secret and we didn't want anyone fraxnor who found it to get out alive. I started chasing him, he was about seven feet tall, walking on long triple-jointed legs and huge feet. He had two sets of arms, four eyes, and a small ball-gut style body, and he was the yuckiest shade of puke-brown with wrinkly alien skin. And he could run.

      He got to his ship, in the hangar. I jumped into a fighter spacecraft and Marcus followed me. We fired on the guy again and again, but his ship was just a hair faster than us and was getting away. A health bar showed up and it would take one more hit to kill this guy.

      Then I looked below us. There was a huge war going on, and the original terrain of my subdivision and town had been replaced with a barren planet of craggy rock formations. The yucky yellow sky remained though. There were four or five space warships and hundreds of fighters on each side. Basically a full-on star-wars style battle. But our mission was to get the one who got away.

      "We'll never catch him now."

      My lucidity refreshed.

      "Not like this, we won't!"

      I pulled what I assumed was the eject lever and shot out of the space fighter. I broke away from the ejector seat's restraints with brute strength. I looked down at the escaping fighter. Flying jets on, and I shot after him.

      This guy was fast, and I really had to gun it to catch him. I've never flown this fast while flying before, and my booster flame sounded less like a flamethrower and more like the whine of a turbojet. I came down into the canyon, on top of the fraxnor's fighter. He looked up out of the canopy at me and opened his mouth. I could assume he was screaming, though I couldn't hear squat.

      The dream got blurry at this point, but I think I wrecked his ship. When it crashed, he tried to get out, but I punched him in the face.

      Spoiler for violence and bad things in a school:
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    4. Triple Lucid Night (LD #134, #135, #136)

      by , 11-13-2014 at 01:32 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Now this is what I'm talking about!

      A nonlucid dream about a story somewhat paralleling Jack and the giant Beanstalk. I am with this boy who must climb this massive, twisty tree trunk like tower through this cloudy, foggy sky.
      I became lucid in this and flew up the tower to observe him while he climbed. He was doing so rather quickly, jumping from platform to platform; the entire outside of the tower was covered in gnarled spikes and branches that could be used as platforms. The dark, stormy clouds seemed to be in layers. Lightning cracked all around me and the rain was coming down heavily. He eventually reached the top, above the clouds. The wind was blowing very strongly here it was hard for me to keep myself stable while flying. I landed atop the tower; we were basically in outer space now, with just a thin band of blue on the horizon and the sun, moon and stars ahead. The storm clouds below us seemed to be swirling, centered around the tower we were atop.
      I grabbed onto a small ridge to fight the wind. I was correct in the fact that the tower was made out of a wooden material.
      The boy had no trouble standing up while I was squinting to look into the wind and see him. He was a big, chunky boy but looked young, younger than me, and had either orange or blonde hair, I can't remember. He turned to me and thanked me for giving him the chance to climb the tower, and then rocketed off into space on a golden flame.
      The scenario repeated at least once. In one other version, he failed to reach the top of the tower.

      Something to do with parking an airplane at the airport. I passed through a narrow area between two buildings and I was afraid that the wings would not fit, but somehow they did.

      Something to do with purchasing an absurdly small container of chocolate milk at the airport convince store.

      Something to do with the fact that a PG rated movie isn't allowed to kill more than two people.

      I am walking with my family on the path by our house when this blonde girl runs by. While running, she tells me that I am in fact dreaming.
      I turn and say something to myself about how gravity only exists if I want it to. Flying on, let's go.
      I begin buzzing around the general area, impressing my family and what not for awhile. I flew between some tree branches and power lines. I recall my foot brushing up against one of the power lines, I was afraid that I might get shocked but then remembered that I wasn't grounded.
      I eventually decided to see how far I could take my flying. I looked into the clear blue sky and saw the moon. Oh, yeah, I'm going there! I began heading up, and at first I was moving very slowly. Once I got above about 200 feet I started accelerating very rapidly, making a sort of jet turbine sound. A shock cone forms around me as I break the atmosphere and look back to earth. I can see the curve of the planet below me.
      I try to recall the first lucid dream where the boy flew away from the edge of space and do the same thing. I begin to rocket toward the moon

      Dangit. Somehow I forgot what happened. The dream ended with me becoming some sort of lucid dreaming superhero, like superman in New York. I had a sealed apartment on the top floor of a building that could only be accessed by me flying. I was currently working on stocking the fridge and pantry with dream-food.

      I am a part of this plot about a secret society of fuel miners. They have lived underground inside of a mountain mining this rare fuel and selling it to buyers on the surface world. There is this scene where about four guys managed to escape though ore chutes in the main compound. The leader of the group drops a bomb down the chutes but when it explodes it doesn't bring them back up, it just pushes them along faster.
      A brute of a man moves a decommissioned mining robot and blocks the ore chutes so that nobody can escape.
      The miners live in this mall-like underground area, mostly constructed of scrap metal. They have a whole society with a school, doctor, barber, and stores. All of their supplies are earned by trading with the upstairs world.
      The leader manages to find someone who was in on the escape in the med bay. The would-be escapee fibbed that his injuries were from a mining accident. The leader character was angry with him to say the least. He grabbed the injured man by the jaw and started asking him questions about where the others went.
      Meanwhile, I am with Marcus and this female DC. She wears square glasses, like Marcus but has long black hair in a ponytail and all of this backpacking equipment. She is a local guide who is going help Marcus find this fuel-mining society. And of course I'm there because... reasons. We are in the parking lot of a chuck-e-cheese in a small desert town supposedly not far from the underground mine. The female DC takes out a hologram device.
      "Now then, we have reason to believe that the center of their operations is about four clicks east... probably in a natural lava tube system...."
      She continues showing through a hologram how fuel deposits have emptied in the years and surface drilling companies have not come across any fuel where there should be.
      "There was 1100 units of fuel directly below us, but in 2003, it just vanished. My theory, underground miners selling to the highest bidder." Look how the cave collapses in 2007, four years later."
      We strike out, and of course the first thing we have to do is climb a plateau. We start climbing, and the only one who is getting anywhere is the guide chic. Marcus is struggling. I'm struggling.
      We were about halfway to the top when the guide chic made it. She started urging us to hurry up and for some reason this made me
      lucid. I let go of the cliff and started flying up to the top. When I reached the top, I told myself Marcus would appear in 3...2...1. And just then he climbs up the top of the cliff.
      I look out over the desert and the small town at the base of the plateau. Its hot. Clear day. I've never felt that much heat in a dream. I should do a scene change to someplace where I can beat the heat.
      It doesn't take much, now I am on a beach, but with red desert sand. I am on a small, crescent shaped island with a dormant volcano on one end and a large beach populated with dream characters.
      Marcus and the girl continue on their quest to find this society as if nothing has changed. I tell them that I am going to fly off on my own devices. I run towards the water and think of the previous LD where I was flying. I manage to 'catch' for about five seconds before I fall into the ocean.
      Sooo good in the heat of the dream sun though!
      I get out of the water. I can't see Marcus or his guide anymore. I somehow spot Manei out of the crowd of people on the beach, asleep on a towel, and run over to her, recalling everything I have to do with her.
      She must have been asleep because she didn't stir until I got close. She sat up and lowered her sunglasses. (Note: Manei wears often sunglasses when she blends into the background.) She looked really confused that I was there, lucid and standing in front of her.
      "Come on, I have a lot to ask you..." I gestured my head to one side that we could walk away from the crowd.

      Unfortunatley, My roommate wins the award for comedic timing. HIS ALARM WENT OFF RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!

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    5. Interdimensional Travel with DG, Krista and Adventure Time

      by , 10-09-2014 at 01:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am OOB, and remained out of body for the entire dream. I was watching myself like I was just another character. Everything is 'tooned. Myself, Manei, Marcus, Krista (Yes, Kristanicole07, a long time reader of my DJ) and Finn and Jake from Adventure Time are preparing to go through a transportation pad that will send us to another world.
      Marcus is an inventor and a scientist and he explains the inter-dimensional transportation machine in the most scientific way possible.
      "It breaks down your particles and then shoots them into space at a million trillion bajillion miles per hour! And then you wind up somewhere else!"
      I false awaken. I get up and go on DV and start reading Krista's DJ. She has written this really long entry and by the looks of it there is a big chunk of lucidity near the end. Somehow or other, the DJ entry she wrote is actually the continuation of the dream. I begin reading it and the dream sucks me back in.
      So we step on the transport pad and this white ray shoots off. We then see that we are materializing on another planet. We are in a tunnel constructed out of these black metallic bricks with blue glowing cement in-between them, like something out of Tron.
      Krista explains that this was a dream world that she created where humans and animals are in conflict with machines. The world was supposedly created for a novel that she was writing where humans had stopped polluting the earth, but machines that couldn't be harmed or bothered by the pollution kept on building and advancing without them. Humans had returned to their natural roots and teamed up with the animals to try and stop them, but were losing.
      This location was one of the machines' bases. It didn't take long for some evil machines to show up. The machines said something about stealing oil. Apparently humans often came here to steal oil or disconnect the oil supplies of the machines because they were reliant on fossil fuels.
      The Orgasm of Lucidity.-matrix-sentinel.jpg
      Finn and Jake want to stand and fight. Me and Krista decide to run. We begin running through the Tron tunnels until we got to a subway station.
      Krista explained that the machines perfectly maintained human cities because they wanted humans to return to their old way of life. We get on the subway. I look back to see if Finn and Jake are coming. They are not.
      The subway starts moving and I notice that inside everything is painted white. Krista then explains that the 'master' machine is like GLaDOS from Portal. She then says something about cake, and chocolate cakes manifest in every seat on the subway. I go to try and eat one when they phase away. Apparently they were just holograms.

      ...The cake is a lie. ._.

      I wake up.

      Edit: This DJ entry has just inspired me to make a new DJ cover and a new title!

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    6. Glitchy Dream House Tour (LD #115)

      by , 09-18-2014 at 01:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This dream was long, not very vivid, and pretty glitchy, but stuck to the higher levels of lucidity for me.

      Anyways, I recall being on a small tropical island. There is a large mountain made of a tan-colored rock in the middle and a wavy coastline of coves and peninsulas circling the island. There are a large number of palm trees, of course. The sky is clear and the sun is coming down on us, but the sky had this kind of yucky yellow tint.
      I am sitting on the beach, talking with Manei about many different things. I can't recall most of them, but I remember (and this is very strange) one of us was talking about programming an MMORPG game, something like World of Warcraft, and we were talking about the creatures that you could mount on in the game. The only mount was this huge eagle, like the ones from LOTR.
      But the creature has customization. You can change different aspects of it such as the wings and the head to make it look more like a dragon or another creature, but no matter what you do the graphic model is the same and the mount always looks like a bird.
      I can recall this one option for the creature that makes the wings look distressed. Some of the bird's feathers will be missing. This is supposed to be a very rare option to unlock.
      At this point, one of the large bird creatures comes down and lands on a large rock on the island. It has the distressed wings and looks like some kind of zombie or demon because of the other options that have been picked.

      I tell Manei I want to explore the island. It seems rather small. So I start flying, but hover no more than a foot or two across the ground, and float along the beach attempting to circle the island.
      The dream glitched and I recall telling her that I was leaving to explore the island, and actually leaving twice. The second time I nearly circled the entire island. I recall there being another, smaller island offshore that I wanted to go to.

      I also recall looking in the water. There were thousands of these smooth brown round stones just out past the shore. Each one was about two inches across. They all looked the same. For some reason, I thought that they were actually eggs of some kind.
      I also recall there were huge wooden chairs on the island. They looked like sculptures that somebody had built out of fallen trees and bamboo found on the island, and tied together with vines and grasses. Some of them were overgrown by other plant life and collapsed, or had sunk into the beach due to erosion.

      Just as I was going back to ask Manei about the giant chairs and what they meant a huge dream glitch occurred. I was now in a completely different location.
      There was a huge home made out of dark red bricks in front of me. The front end of the home was built into the top of a steep hillside. Manei followed me through to the new dream.
      Marcus was there. (Hey, long time no see...) and he seemed thrilled to see me. He told me that this was his latest work. It was a dream house for me and all of my dream characters to live in. He told me that he has a tour all planned out and wants to show me everything the house has to offer.
      So we follow him in. The front room goes through two floors and doesn't seem to be decorated at all. It also feels like the front room of my grandparent's house. Marcus states that he isn't quite done building the house and the interior still needs some work. He then states that the house has (between 4 and 8, cannot recall now. I think it was 4 at the time, but was supposed to be 8 in the future) robot butlers. One of them is in the front room and it looks as though he is getting ready to paint it. There are a couple of human workers in here too.
      He then shows me the kitchen. It is huge, with a walk-in pantry and refrigerator. It feels like my friend K's kitchen. He says that there are three floors above this and five floors below this. (it was a huge house.)

      Marcus then took us downstairs. There was a huge three-story deep room here. There were two levels of walkways circling around a huge multilevel courtyard. On each of the three levels there are ten doors. He states that this area allows room for thirty people to each have their own private bedroom and bathroom.
      I ask him if perhaps this is a bit much, given I only have three two recurring dream characters and they are both right here. Perhaps a more modest dwelling would suit us better. He doesn't really respond.
      We actually get into a bit of a scuffle here. I tell him that having such a huge house is wasteful. He tells me that this is just a dream and there is no such thing as wasteful. Well I suppose the only way it could be more wasteful is if we didn't live in the space.
      I see where there must have been an error with construction. There is a place where the walkway doesn't connect and some of the bedroom doors open out over nothing. I use dream control to construct the part of the walkway. Marcus thanks me.
      We continue downwards. There is a saltwater pool down here, and the room lets out onto the lower side of the hill where outside there is another pool. There are two hot tubs, one outside and one inside. There is also a sauna. The entire room is covered in tiles save for one corner, where a robot butler is hard at work tiling the wall. This one is actually wearing a butler's clothes and I think that it looks funny.
      Marcus tells me that the bottom most floor is where the laundry room is, along with most of the utilities, and that the robot butlers work down there.
      Then I see that my parents are swimming in the pool there. I 'remember' that they are visiting to see where I am living. My dad gets out of the water and stands next to me. He starts giving me this big grumpy lecture about living on my own and being responsible. I just ignore him, because I really didn't get enough of that in WL.

      Yet another dream glitch. We are back at the front of the house. I notice three very sporty looking cars parked in the drive. One of them has large wheels, no top and is black. Another is a large white hummer limo. And the last one is a sports car that was either orange or yellow.
      There were a couple other massive houses nearby, some even dwarfing mine. I recall one made out of tan bricks next door. I recall there is a stepped waterfall running between the two houses that leads into the outdoor swimming pool on the low side of the hill.
      The rest of the tour happens very fast. I almost feel as though the information is being 'downloaded' into my memory. I see flashes and am bombarded with loads of information before waking up.

      Spoiler for Giant House Recap: