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    1. Backseat Driving

      by , 04-18-2017 at 01:17 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Safe to say after my few days of (semi) lucid dreams and very intense meditations I was expecting to return to having more mundane dreams. I meditated this morning but the meditation was not focused on a particular subject and more just on quieting down my stressed out final exams week brain and getting a moment of peace before what I expect to be a very hectic day.

      One thing I want to focus on in in a future meditation is the nature of a fair few (though not all) of my dreams to be very random and absurd. (Though honestly instances of this seem to have been going down.) Though there was a time where I was having extremely random and trippy dream scenarios occur. To some extent, I understand that all dreams will to some degree be nonsensical but these took it to a whole new level. I have a RL friend who's not a lucid dreamer but keeps a dream journal and does meditation and I would always tell her about the most ridiculous dream in recent memory. (I think last time we talked I told her about being chased by the flying centipede poodle on a Jetski while trying to deliver tacos.); and she would always tell me it was an indication that I needed to meditate more often.

      Though I'm tempted to say that is the explanation right there. Not meditating makes dreams less focused and more nonsensical. I suppose if I enjoy the madness I can always 'bring on the weird' once I become fully lucid.

      Regardless last night's dream is pretty mundane, and a good sign that I should get back into keeping a private journal. (Would be nice cause I could meditate on private things and journal them too.)

      I was driving the old minivan my family had when I was little and I had gotten lost. I was trying to use the GPS on my phone but as dream technology would have you it was only telling me about turns I could make to get back onto my route after I passed the intersection, and as contrivance could have you I couldn't stop the car. I saw that the van was running out of gas and figured that if I just kept driving eventually it would run out of gas and I could pull over and get out of the car and call someone.

      At some point I activated the cruise control and fell asleep in the back. Miles later when I woke up and I was surprised to see that the van was still steadily driving down the road though I was now in a very unfamiliar location that I am certain is nowhere in my state. I thought I should stop the van but figured I would have to climb over to the front seat and press the brake and wasn't sure how I had been driving from the backseat.

      I was in a small town by the sea. A massive fjord with a small town of colorful stucco buildings and patches of farmland built around the rolling foothills of a mountain range. Somebody was driving the van now, but it wasn't one of my parents. They pulled into a small hotel that had some semblance to that beach resort from every dream ever, but not very much. There was a beach along this part of the bay and even some palm trees. I presumed i was headed east when I fell asleep in the back of the car so I had no idea how I had so quickly found myself in a tropical location.

      Regardless the people from the hotel showed me to a small cabin. I saw Manei but didn't pay attention to her and met this tall guy who looked evil and was a vampire but turned out to be really friendly. I lost the dream and woke up.
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    2. Really long side notes + some random dreams.

      by , 04-12-2017 at 07:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Spoiler for REALLY long side notes:

      Random dreams from the past couple of weeks.

      I was in the show Naruto (An anime I have not watched and hold very little interest in watching.) Now I've seen somewhere IWL that there are two Narutos that exist at the same time, an old one and a young one, and both of them were attending school, albeit at different grade levels. The focus was on the young one who constantly got bullied by the other students because his hair was yellow and apparently that was an unlucky color. He was standing under a large oak tree outside of a building that looked like a small elementary school, maybe only big enough for three or four classrooms on the inside, with the other kids around him.

      I went over to one of the students who was causing the bullying, who happened to have black hair. I tried to talk him out of it, asking him how he would like it if he was the only student who had black hair and everyone picked on him for it. He then started crying because I made him feel guilty, and hitting my leg and I told him to stop or I would tell the principal. At this point I became aware that I was supposed to be the teacher and was responsible for all of these kids.

      Of course as soon as the anxiety about my responsibility kicked in the dream went haywire. One of the kids got stung by a bee and started crying, and I had to administer her epi-pen but she was kicking me because she didn't want the shot. Another kid stole cookies out of several kids lunches and got a sick stomach, and started crying. Once the other kids realized their deserts were gone, they all started crying as well. The kids reduced in age and kept finding more and more reasons to cry, and before I knew it I was surrounded by ~20 waling babies.

      I became lucid as the anxiety was about to climax and realized that this wasn't my responsibility, or anybody and acknowledged that it was just a dream about an anxiety. I started to walk away as the dream faded out, not wanting to be bothered to acknowledge each of the children's individual needs. I thought the crying children would vanish as I walked away and recognized my anxiety but they didn't. The older Naruto jumped in front of my path and confronted me for leaving them behind.


      I was with Marcus. I think we were at his house and he was playing Spore and I was watching. He had heavily modded the game to be better in many ways, explaining some of the dreamlike and nonexistent features of the game that I did not recall from playing the game back in high school. He started a new game as a cell, but didn't name the planet he was on the right thing, so he had to start over on another planet.

      When he did, I noticed the planet was around a binary star system. (Starting a game around a binary star is not something you can do in regular Spore, I recall that much.) Most of the mods he had created revolved around making the game cooler, more realistic and more in depth that the original.

      He showed me the creature stage where he was playing as this six legged monster. He was talking about how plants around different stars would need to be different colors to absorb the different wavelengths of light, and that planets around red dwarfs would have plants with black leaves because they could catch all available light. He then showed adding in this fern-like plant with black leaves.

      He then cheated his game to space stage where he had made the most mods. He showed me how the home solar system he was in now had asteroids and comets that you could visit and set up small bases to mine and research, planets could become tidally locked, and could have multiple moons. You could 'colonize' gas giants and harvest resources there.

      He started flying through space and went to a solar system around a small red star and colonized it, then zoomed out and showed me the galaxy. He showed me how there were some endgame items you could now unlock for your ship that allowed you to create custom stars and planets.


      I was playing airsoft with Jack but somebody on the other team was using a gun with real bullets and shot him in the head. Somehow even though there was a big bloody hole in his forehead he got back up like it was only a minor injury.


      I got a text from Manei and became semi lucid. She said that she saw a stray cat get hit by a car and that she needed my help to take care of her kittens until they could get into proper foster care. I drove over to her house which in the dream was in the same neighborhood as my friend A's house, and very close to it, but was only one story. In the hazy semi lucid dream logic I remember wondering to myself why I didn't visit Manei more often even though I always wanted to have more lucid dreams.

      I don't recall the remainder of the dream's plot because outside of her showing me how to bottle-feed kittens nothing else really happened.


      A very lengthy dream about me accidentally hitting a guy's car and making a dent it, and the other guy drove away.


      A long dream about installing a Kerbal space program mod that added a planet in orbit around the homeworld with an atmosphere.


      This was the dream from two nights ago that motivated me to get back into this.

      I had a dream that started of somewhat similarly to my very first lucid dream. I dropped from several stories up and landed on a beach, already reasonably lucid. Some false memory details about the dream came back to me in where Manei and I were going to the beach, and we had swimsuits, towels, a beach umbrella and the likes. Marcus was there too wearing a Hawaiian shirt and he brought a folding table and chairs.

      The beach was different though, it seemed completely original to the dream and didn't resemble any beach I've ever been on in waking life. I felt disoriented and looked only to find a small parking lot with some cars in it and notice that there were a few dream characters scattered about, though the beach was by no means crowded. I studied the dreamworld briefly reflecting upon how much I liked the fact that the dream had constructed an original environment rather than re-using my house or my college for the bazilyionth time.

      Manei turned to me and said in the voice of one of my old friends from grade school. "Aww man, I wanted to go skinny dipping, but there's a fat guy in the water." (she gestures to a man standing waist deep in the water who looked a lot like my maternal grandfather but fatter.)

      I said back to her, fully lucid "Skinny dipping isn't about your weight. It means you go swimming naked."

      The dream went into some scenes that I cannot recall particularly well of surfing on the water and using my fire jets to propel myself. I recall later on Marcus set up the card table to where it was so close to the shore that in sitting on the chairs around the table the waves would wash over our feet. The three of us began discussing why my lucid dreaming effort has dropped off since my meditation stopped. When I brought up the meditation,

      Marcus replied "Meditation has created 1,011 faulty dreams. Deficiency of applied effort 403 times pi percent."

      I entered into a virtual reality simulation where everything was neon green cubes and black, and things looked like the movie Tron, but I don't recall much else of what happened.
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    3. Three Pronged Approach

      by , 12-03-2016 at 07:28 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I have honestly done an atrocious job of keeping up the meditation and bedtime routine I set for myself, but last night still afforded me a lot of lucidity. The last time I did meditate, (was a very long meditation, three or four days ago now.) I was meditating on the idea of dream control. (Though the meditation was mostly focused on matter in waking life.)

      I got the idea that dream control could potentially be executed in a sort of three-pronged approach. Where one would use a verbal command, a body motion and an expectation. This gives you three different mediums in which your dream control has influence so even if one of or two of them is undermined in some way, your dream control still has a chance of working, and when all three of them work in tandem, your control becomes very precise and powerful.

      In fact, I've already had the opportunity to practice some of this control, but both of the dreams devolved into sexual fantasies rather quickly, hence the reason I didn't post earlier.

      The dream started off nonlucidly. I am playing Basketball with a group of kids in what feels like my high school gymnasium. The dream's interpretation Gymnasium is very barren, however. Most of the exits, the folded up bleachers and the banners on the walls and plaques are absent. The game is five verses five and we are losing. Jack is on the opposing team, and my crush from high school is on my team.

      At some point I sit down on the court. I have two right legs that are rather small, feminine and thin, and a large, muscular, left leg and am having complications taking my shoes and socks on and off and getting them on the correct feet. One of my teammates yells at me and tells me to get back into the game. I end up with one of the smaller legs being barefoot and having to focus constantly on keeping it bent upwards so that I can run lopsidedly with the remaining two legs.

      Someone tells me to play the "Wizard's Center Position" and I have no idea what they mean. I just kind of stand in the middle of the court as the rest of the game plays out. Nobody else seems to be yelling at me so I must have done it right.

      Somehow or other I manage to get rid of the third leg and even out the two remaining legs. The basketball game ends in a draw after I jump into the air and find myself unable to come back under the influence of gravity. I float over to the corner of the gymnasium as another game starts with someone else taking my place on the team. There are a group of parents and two other children. These children are explained to be 'Specials', because they have special powers. There is a young oriental girl who's left eye is a milky middle gray and she can see the future with that eye.

      There is also an older boy (late high school) who can ignite his body hair and is immune to his own flames. Rather humorously, upon demonstrating his power, he not only ignited the hair on his head, his developing stubble and armpit hair, but his pubic hair, burning a hole in his pants and showing his "glory" to the world. Apparently they suspect me being a Special because I am out of the influence of gravity.

      I suddenly realize that it is because I am
      dreaming. Though I was already hovering, I turn my fire jets on and fly upwards toward the metal rafters of the gym, weaving in and out of them. I find myself in my house, near the open patio. (There is a big glass wall here.) I try to open the door but it is stuck. I try to phase through the glass but just end up breaking it. The sensation of the glass breaking is unusual, I feel the bits hitting me but their sharpness is seemingly deflected by a shield I have around my own body.

      I rocket off the back patio and immediately find myself tumbling through darkness and gasping for breath. I try to refocus, to see something that I can anchor the dream and ensure that I do not lose it. Stars become visible, I am in deep space, and tumbling around uncontrollably. I manage to stop myself spinning and see the crescent of a planet or moon nearby. I look at the destination and attempt to rocket closer. Nothing happens. I decide to make use of voice commands.





      "I am a rocket ship!"



      I half expect this to happen because it's happened before but I get jerked forward at an absurd speed and smack into the moon with such speed and force the entire moon disintegrates into molten slag and mountain-sized boulders. Turns out that planetary body I saw was the earth's moon.

      The dream gets narrated by Marcus explaining that the moon's destruction radically altered the earth's climate, creating a ring of debris around the earth. There is a (rather humorous considering the implications) visualization of several large asteroid hitting the earth near Australia and India. Marcus says "Lighting might never strike the same place twice, but Six pieces of the moon hit the same spot in Australia, what do you make of that, hmm? It will take a million years for the earth to recover from such a travesty."


      I am outside the derelict facade of a grocery store in my town. Looks long abandoned and there are jungle trees growing out of holes in the roof and parking lot. The dream has suddenly taken on an absurd amount of atmosphere. It is raining and the dream is very realistic. I feel as though the implications of my brash dream control are being rubbed in my face by my subconscious, but I don't mind. Looking in the sky, through a hole in the raincloud, I see the ring of debris and shattered crescent of the moon. I know I should feel bad but this world I have entered is so intriguing.

      I have no body. I look down and see that I am a tiny "marble". It looked more like a miniature sun the size of a marble floating six or so feet above the pavement. I got to look at it very closely in swooping motions that pass over the surface, showing the detail. It does look like a star, with miniature solar flares and sunspots and everything. The star contorts and limbs stretch from it and with a sudden "pop" I'm back into my dream-body. My feet splash into a muddy puddle by the root of a large mangrove tree.

      The first thing I notice is that I have regenerated nude. But I feel much more confident in my ability to control the dream now. Time to try out some more commands.


      Sweeping gray robes hug me from behind and pass around my body, hugging it tightly. I was hoping for clothing with more pzazz but this will do. It's setting a positive trend for this control.

      "Semper Stabelem"

      I clap my hands together and then grab two of the tree roots. A shock-wave goes out, rustling the leaves and disrupting the rain momentarily into a mist. When it clears, the visuals remain the same, but I get more sound information from the dream. I can hear the rain falling now and hear a frog croaking. I decide to go inside the derelict supermarket.

      Inside I am immediately ambushed by these both horridly disgusting and intriguing mutated cyborg plant zombies. They all have several rows of sharp wooden teeth and seem to be made of knotted bark and wood. They have some kind of breathing tubes and a chestpeice with a grid of square blinking lights as well. Reacting quickly I resort to a dragonborn shout.

      "Fus RoDah!"

      This seems largely ineffective. For some reason the effect it has on the zombies is to turn them passive rather than blast them away. I make a note of the effect using 'gibberish' commands seems to have randomized effects though it's hardly scientific experimentation, given that I only used one command.

      I decide to exit through the back wall of the supermarket. I know I can't phase through. I decide to simply destroy the wall. Though I never meditated on a command for this so I have to make one up on the fly. I raise my hand to the wall to better indicate my target and visualize the wall breaking.



      "Crumblem Maximum"

      Still no effect. I try to go with it and figure that maybe the spell weakened the wall. I run and jump into the air and sort of kick the wall with both legs, going straight through it. The dream shows in slow motion the wall disintegrating in extremely vivid detail. I could count several dozen bricks all breaking from their positions and accurately following the laws of physics as a broke through the wall.

      I was now in some kind of meadow or park. It seemed as though we had abandoned the post - apocalyptic earth scenario now. I spot Manei and decide to interact with her but as soon as she sees me she giggles starts running away. She hasn't done this in years, but she used to do it all the time when I was just starting out, and it has always been very annoying. She never offers any explanation why and refuses to stop when I tell her.

      I run after her, but I pull my fire jets from my hands to increase my speed. We transition back to the overgrown abandoned jungle world and we are in my neighborhood. She sees I'm gaining on her quickly and telekenetically bends some vines and branches to block my path. As they lower, I slide underneath them just before her barrier can reach ground level. Somehow she covers a lot of ground, and runs through an overgrown frame of a house. I would follow but things are collapsing in my path.

      I start getting frustrated. In my first year or so of LD I wasted countless dreams chasing after her like it was some stupid game, mostly because I needed help getting even rudimentary control to work, that or dreams would turn up empty with her being the only other character, and if I didn't chase her down, I'd be left alone without dream control in a barren world. I figured this had long since been absolved. I quickly invented another command on the fly.


      I then jumped and in one leap cleared the entire house. While in the air I was able to preform various flips and twirls. I landed and she was still ahead of me but losing ground. I ran after her but she made to run through a burnt out, rusted, moss covered bus, throwing up more obstacles, this time a number of small quicksand pools. I leaped over that as well. It still seemed like she was getting away, so before I landed.

      "Coherte Bombad"

      I threw out a small fire missile, aiming in front of where she was going to be. This surprised her enough and made her stumble over onto a patch of moss and ferns. I landed in front of her.

      "I always hated it when you did that - Still hate it."

      She got up, but gave me this defeated sideways glance and almost humorous look, like somebody who had just been beaten at their favorite game. She then proceeded to explain to me that I would have to wait for the next dream to talk to her, but I cannot remember what her reasoning was. (Though I think her clothes had gotten covered with mud when I tripped her and now she needed to get them cleaned, or that was atleast part of it.) Whatever it was I took it as reasonable and understood if we couldn't talk now, but wasn't quite ready to forgive her for running off like that and thought that it would only be fair if she stayed for the rest of this dream. But she had to go.

      The remainder of the dream was me in another park or playground like area. I was impressing some random dream characters with the "Acrobatos" command, preforming impossible jumps and gymnastics, and leaping over trees and playground equipment. I was thinking I wanted to try some new ones I came up with, like possibly an animal transformation or sex change, or if I was feeling brave, make another attempt at teleportation. The dream destabilized and ended with me shouting "Semper Stabelem" over and over while tearing up handfuls of grass.


      I somehow managed reentry right into a lucid. I was with Manei once more. We were on the wall of a large castle. (Not a proper fortification castle, more like a magical fairy tale Disney castle.) I knew there was no reason to try and pin the running away thing, better to just forget that ever happened and not let the mental schema of it squirm back into my mind at all.

      I had fallen asleep with this troubling idea in my mind that lucid dreaming seemed to have lost its magic. When I started, I was so motivated to LD and it seemed so cool and mysterious and now the happenings of lucid dreams surprise me less and less as I've gotten more familiar with it. I'd foreseen this problem for some time, starting around when the fantasy of having kids and a dream family was a big thing with her. It was then that I realized that my dreams are sort of becoming too anchored to themes and ideas that are already there and not leaving enough new avenues of exploration open. (It's honestly in a similar vein as that post by Spellbee2 about mundane dream environments becoming annoying.)

      But funnily enough I was able to drop this idea pretty quickly when I considered the previous lucid dream. Manei went ahead without my prompting and explained that was why she ran away in the previous dream. Sure in one way it was a very stale, pointless and frustrating schema from a long time ago, but there was a new twist; I had caught up to her. But she agreed with me that maybe it wasn't the best choice to make in the end, recalling how early on our relationship wasn't that good as a whole, and modern references to that should probably be avoided. She still kind of seemed in a daze and mumbled something back to me but was obviously distracted.

      I replied by saying that I still feel like I've lost something over the years, some kind of "magic" to lucid dreaming. Though she grossly misinterpreted what I meant by "the 'magic' in lucid dreaming." and dissolved her clothing.

      I decided to excuse myself at once saying that I had to wake up and go to the toilet.
      My lucidity level dropped significantly remainder of this dream but it involved me semi lucidly passing about three dozen large amethyst crystal balls and managing to clog the toilet of one of the bathrooms of the castle. Manei came in (still naked) to see what the problem was and saw what was in the toilet. When she saw it she pinched her nose and reeled back like there was a bad smell.

      "Gross! What did you eat?"

      The dream faded out with her trying to unclog the toilet with an oversized conjuring of her malachite sword and me trying to sneak up behind her with "vestimente Manei" and get some clothes on her.
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    4. Spell's Fall Comp Nights 1-4

      by , 10-19-2016 at 01:20 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Okay so "Night 1" is from 8:00pm on the 14th to 7:59pm on the 15th.
      "Night 2" is from 8:00pm on the 15th to 7:59pm on the 16h.
      "Night 3" is from 8:00pm on the 16th to 7:59pm on the 17h.
      and "Night 4" is from 8:00pm on the 17th to 7:59pm on the 18h.

      Okay I just had to figure that out, since I slept a good portion of the day away.

      Nights 1 and 2 nothing happened. I was on holiday with family and way too busy and tired to even recall any dreams.

      Night 3 was better. Here are the nonlucid(s):

      I was sitting in a bar. When I stepped outside I was in a huge room with a checkerboard floor, white columns and walls and a black ceiling and approached by one of my original characters. (David). Only he looked large/stock, fat and more intimidating. He said he wanted to fight me. He said he was so confident that he would win that he would let me have 100 free hits on him before he fought back. (Exceptionally weird since one of the first traits I designed David around was to be nonviolent.)

      I started fighting him with no motivation or actual provocation. He started counting down the hits I made. Punching him was just like punching and kicking a big pillow or a punching bag. I lost the dream out of frustration. I still was allowed 83 more hits on him when I t ended.

      I remember Manei was the sole character of a dream set in Republic City from The Legend of Korra. I think the dream was even "animated" similarly, it looked similar to the show. She was in a disguise of a trench-coat, hat, and one of those joke shop glasses+joke nose+mustache things and pretending to read a newspaper. (Your disguise is just dripping with originality.) She waited for some people to walk buy, then threw off her disguise to reveal a red swimsuit underneath, and jumped into an open storm drain.

      She swam underwater for quite some time, navigating various water pipes under the city. She didn't seem to need air, even when she finally surfaced in an underground pool about a minute later she didn't seem out of breath at all. There was a meeting forming of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pearl from Steven Universe, and Batman. (Okay... Interesting choice of characters...) They all met at a round rusty metal table and started discussing plans for something.


      I was Jumping like a frog on large Lilly pads in a swamp (Dagobah Feeling), apparently as a part of some kind of physical training. Manei approached me and told me I was misusing my physical body and if I wanted to do whatever it was I was trying to do or train myself for (semi lucidity is the best), I should just transmute myself into an actual frog.

      She then showed me what she said was called a dream frog. It looked like a normal bull frog but it had a red button on its back that you would press. Apparently it was a very powerful dreaming artifact that allowed me to hop back to lucid dreams that I had already had and change what happened in them.

      I think the dream frog wiggled out of her hand and hopped away in the swamp. I tried to go after it but it disappeared.


      We were back in Republic City from Legend of Korra and we had to fight agianst Mako, Bolin and Korra who were trying to stop us from getting into this building. (Presumably a town hall, it looked nothing like the town hall from the show, it was much smaller and looked more like a miniature version of the US capital building. It was also built by the coast.) The battle took place at sunset with the sun setting over the water.

      Manei had a truly brilliant combat strategy. She charged in and got their attention then proceeded to chicken out and hide behind a parked tank as boulders and fire missiles shot over us. I remember poking out of cover and nearly getting pelted with attacks myself. I tried to encourage her to run out of cover on separate sides and maybe we could split their line of fire and flank them, but she had completely lost it.

      I jumped up and started flying above the battle. Bolin and Korra worked together and threw a barrage of giant boulders at me. I kicked one of them and my skate blade popped out and sliced it in half (cool.) I flew over and landed, standing on one foot, on a flagpole atop the building. Mako shot lightning up the metal flagpole and killed me. For some reason when he killed me the scene became animated much more simplistically and I saw myself in third person. I turned into a giant cooked turkey and fell on the ground.

      Its interesting to me how naturally the Zero-friction sakes have worked their way into dreams. I don't post every dream I have anymore so you guys don't get the full picture, but they made their first true appearance in the last comp, and since then they've come up 10+ times, mostly in semi lucids. Something tells me if I was to try to summon them in a lucid dream, I'd have no difficulty whatsoever.

      I feel dirty classing these as four separate NLDs since they share plot threads, but since there was some semi-lucidity in there, and because I'm down two days completely due to circumstances outside my control, I'll call it for four points...


      On the actual 'Night 4' I only had a nonlucid dream.

      I was going to work with my mom. For some reason she worked in this big castle built out of Minecraft blocks built by the side of a realistic lake. Apparently she was studying how to make Minecraft educational to college students. (My mom works at a college IWL). I remember there was a door that was supposed to operate with redstone and pistons but it wasn't working and my mom wanted to call the groundskeepers and have them fix the door.

      The dream changed plots to a story about a 44 year old man (age specifically given) who wanted to be 'young and hip' and decided to quit his desk job and become a DJ. He was in a recording studio recording a song called 'Bang, Bang, Cowboy'. It was like a hip hop/dance song that used some country instruments. I know that sounds musically impossible, but somehow in the context of the dream, it sounded really good.

      I must say as far as Dream Music goes, this was probably the second best song to 'Robot Disassembly'. I even remember the dance move you would do to it where you would point at your dance partner with two fingers and then on each utterance of the word 'Bang' in the song flick your hand up as though you had shot them, alternating hands each time. A rather unusual implication for a dance, but apparently it caught on as a trend.

      Then it showed another scene of the guy trying to come up with more songs and he couldn't. The country singer walked into the recording studio not wearing a shirt, having a comically oversized cowboy hat on and a huge case of beer. She started chugging all the beers and the DJ guy started dancing to the cowboy song and other people came in and danced with them and drank beer. Then they got in trouble for ruining all the recording equipment.

      But later in the day I napped for two cycles. (I know this because I fell asleep at 12:30, awoke from a dream at about 2, then slept again and woke up at about 3:45)

      In the first lucid I false awoke and rather groggily walked into my parent's bathroom. In it I saw the cabinets under the sink were missing and there was a gigantic cluster of amethyst crystals on display. I for some reason recognized this as a dream sign and did a nose pinch reality check. This caused me to become lucid. I lost the dream and woke up.


      The second dream I was preparing to go to work with my mom. I remember off in the east there were these huge black mushroom shaped buildings with a purple energy conduit running around the edge of the 'cap' of the mushroom. There were white glowing windows, along with what looked like bits of technology, exterior pipes and conduits and power boxes.

      There were also these very tall (clouds wrapping around 1/4 of the way up, so probably many miles tall) buildings that shared a similar color palate. They had these huge sideways facing cylinders with purple energy conduits along the edges built into their superstructures.

      I became lucid rather randomly. It wasn't because of the buildings. I just remember saying to myself "I'm dreaming, aren't I?" and proceeding to launch myself into the air with enough force to crack the cement driveway. I launched up into the cloud but a moment later a dull, but strong pain in my knees and thighs registered and the dream pretty quickly disintegrated.

      DILD x2 = 15
      RC =1
      WBTB =2
      Fly/Super Strength/Super Speed (I launched myself, it was really like a big jump.) = 5

      Totes: 24
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    5. The Calm Before the Storm

      by , 04-11-2016 at 02:37 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Spell's comp begins tonight (For me, it's meditation, big glass of water for wee-back-to-bed, and bed). I still sort of can't believe I actually am trying a competition. (Well if I don't like it, I won't do it again...) Anyways, since I tend to reside in the dream journals section more often than the forums, I'll drop these here so I don't lose them in the gatling gun of posts that are abound to happen on Spellbee's thread.

      And as my crappy luck would have it, I came down with a fairly bad headcold the day the comp starts. So I might be a couple days late before lucidity kicks in.

      OLD: Waterbending
      OLD: Firebending (Outside of flight)
      OLD: Become Female

      NEW: Earthbending (Reasonable Scale, move a boulder at least as big as myself)
      NEW: Airbending (Reasonable Scale, Strong Gust of wind, Mini Tornado, etc.)
      NEW: Encounter/Confront tsunami dream. (May overlap with Waterbending)
      NEW: Teach Manei (My dream guide) how to defend herself/fight. I will consider any length of instruction (Even if it's just a single move) a success.

      Three Step Task: (Mmmk I wanna challenge myself with things that haven't worked in the past. But doing all of these in the same LD... whoo...)

      -Element Manipulation (There might be overlap with personal goals. If there is, I will take whatever score gives more.)
      -Teleportation. (I think there's a dream spell that I can use. Tesser-A-[Destination])
      -Basic Summoning. (I've done this before, but I'm out of practice...)


      Also, dream frags and stuff. This is from the morning of the ninth:

      I vaguely remember something to do with a pair of mice or mice like characters. They lived in a large castle lived by an evil greedy king. There were these two mice with long fur, that looked like little fuzballs. They had tiny swords too. Supposedly the mice were actually enemies of the kingdom that had been transformed into mice by an evil wizard. This was a punishment for attempting to rebel against the kingdom. There were more and more of the long-haired mice over time. Eventually they plotted to poison the kind and all of his men, and were successful.


      And from this morning:

      I remember I was walking outside with my dad. I remember looking up at the sky and noticing that it was yellow and green, with a huge anvil shaped thundercloud. This prompted me to do a nose pinch reality check and become lucid, but I forgot what else happened after that. I was happy I got lucid though.

      There was more from this morning. Some of it was sexy. (I think I'll be omitting all sexual dreams for the comp.) Some of it was just bland muck about school and an old bully.
    6. When the monsters are scared, Stop making me a character on a TV show!

      by , 09-08-2015 at 11:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was on a beach at night. Lucid now. I remember feeling like I was on a rather small island. There was a strange dim light emitting from all around me. I didn't really take notice of that. I remember I felt a menacing presence, like some kind of monster was coming to torment/attack me.

      I saw two rabbits come out of the woods. One of them was considerably smaller than the other. It had light brownish fur. There were patches of fur missing and what looked like burns. The larger rabbit was spotted and had its ears clipped clean off and was bleeding from them.

      I then swiped my hands across the two rabbits trying to heal them. It didn't work completely. The burns on the small rabbit looked smaller and less severe. The larger rabbit had one of his ears back. It was then that a wite cat came hobbling out of the rainforest. Also injured, it was missing its leg. I then did the same thing to the cat and gave it back its leg. I felt that the monster was getting closer. I could tell the animals were on edge.

      I saw the monster emerge from the woods. It had yellow eyes and a sort of horse head, with a mouth that hung open and sharp teeth. I think something on its shoulders was on fire. It had a sort of centaur build, with a humanoid body becoming that of a horse.

      I could feel its negative presence was very strong. It was somehow able to re-injure the animals just by emitting some kind of wave of negative energy. I felt the wave too, but it was too weak to affect me. I could also tell that the monster wasn't particularly interested in scaring/hurting me, though it's presence was still frightening. It merely wanted to torment the animals.

      I thought about fighting the monster at first, but then remembered my 'scare them off' technique.

      Spoiler for Spooky Scary Face:

      The monster made a yelping sound and ran back into the woods.

      I just scared off my own nightmare. Oh, how the tables have turned... (Though granted, I should have asked it what it represented.)

      I looked back at the animals that I was protecting and healed them a second time, at least to the best of my ability. I then decided that I would bring good fortune to them. I reached into my pocked expecting to pull out something useful. I only felt a little peice of paper. When I took it out and unfolded it, I thought it was a one hundred dollar bill. Closer examination revealed that it was a one hundred thousand dollar bill.

      I tried to give it to the smaller rabbit, who still had the burns to some degree. It looked at me curiously, as if to say 'How's that supposed to help?'. I figured animals wouldn't have much use for money. So I just tried repeatedly wiping my hand over the rabbit, completely healing it. The dream fades out here.

      Once I use a dream power three times, I count it as a persistent dream power. This means that scary face to scare off dcs and avoid conflict is a go.

      I was a character in an anime/TV show. It was a school show that took place in a floating school inside the atmosphere of Jupiter. The school was a number of very high tech looking white boxes suspended by some kind of gravity particle technology. They were connected by exterior platforms and there was some kind of field that kept a breathable, non-corrosive atmosphere in the vicinity of the school. The overall look of the location was exceptionally well rendered.

      The characters however, looked flat and cartoony. Like poorly animated flash characters superimposed on a realistic and beautiful environment. Many of them had rather bland and forgettable designs or were characters that I recognized from either my own creation or any animated series that I have seen.

      For a time, I was one of the characters. I was just walking around quietly. Curiously observing the surroundings.
      I had some inkling that what I was experiencing was a daydream. I recall seeing that one character was trapped in a small white floating box with a similar aesthetic to the school. I remember thinking that this was some kind of bullying tactic.

      I then was booted from controlling myself, and forced to observe in third person. A couple of characters approached mine, asking if he would like to stay after school and help them study. 'I' said no, justifying it with the idea that the other characters were ugly and therefore not worth spending my time with.

      My character then left the scene. It then explained these characters had made underwent some kind of change at night. Where the ugly nerd characters would become beautiful and the beautiful characters would become ugly. It had something to do with the machine/box that the one character was sitting in earlier.

      The dream had some kind of moral having do to with how you should not judge a book by its cover.

      I became lucid at this point and decided that the dream was pointless. This was projected by my character getting a cartoonish rage face and screaming. "Stop making me a character on a TV show!"

      I am getting a bit bothered by these 'character in a TV show' dreams. Maybe I should start getting to the bottom of why they keep occurring.

      I also recall part of a dream where I was at what felt like my old high school. Only it was spread out across multiple buildings and there were beautiful outdoor areas with gardens and fountains. I was walking with my some random people who I felt were my friends, and talking about lucid dreaming. Naturally, this led me to actually become lucid.

      I remember I came outside because I needed to explain something to them. I tried to use dream control to create a world map for some reason, though it failed to alter the environment in any way.

      I then remember I started eating a rather large chocolate chip cookie. Though the cookie had a sort of unnatural yellowish color to it. It tasted really good, and I knew it was a dream so I could chow down all I wanted, but for some reason, I started getting a sickly feeling in my stomach anyway. I stopped and pondered what I was doing for a good long time.

      Manei approached me, though she had taken the form of a young boy. Not sure if it was on purpose. She asked me what I was going to do now. I threw the cookie into the grass and said that I knew what was important here and now. She started to energy sync with me and I lost the dream.


      There was a large section on nonlucid dream before this that I have forgotten.

      I was again with Manei. This time we are in a bog and there are some other DCs present. Though they are not actively attacking us, they are exceedingly and intentionally annoying.
      I became lucid and I flew the both of us away.

      I flew up over a forested ridge. There was a beautiful and expansive oriental city spread out in that direction. The city had green and gold rooftops with a sort of beige construction. The buildings had a very ubiquitous look to them. Though there was some variation in height, size and shape, they were all so similar in design and none of them had any defining characteristics.

      I then made the mistake of asking myself how the heck I was carrying her. Last time I tried to lift off with her on my shoulders I didn't get more than six inches off the ground and flew backwards into a tree. Just as I thought that we started going down. I thought to myself "It's a dream! She doesn't even have any real weight!" but I was plummeting toward the ground anyway. The thought had entered my mind and now it was not going to leave. We fell into a dirt street at speeds that would kill anyone IWL and rolled across the ground. Not a scratch on us, of course.

      For some reason this was absolutely hilarious to her and she wouldn't stop laughing. I knew she knew how I let the thought of failure into my mind fully aware of what the end result would be.

      "Fine then, maybe you should start flying me around."

      She had to ponder that for a second. Apparently this was a new idea to her.

      I got up. The dream went in third person for a moment. It had become very foggy and I took note that there was nobody in the city. There was a wind chime hanging from the corner of one of the roofs that made an odd sound.

      I got bored and instead began thinking of ways we could travel together. I considered a glider staff, like from Avatar. Or perhaps a hoverboard. Or what about some kind of pocket dimension thing that I could put her inside. Nah. She wouldn't like that...

      The dream faded into waking daydreams. I was awake now, but the final portion of the dream continued to play over and over for sometime.
    7. (#229) Midget Captian, My own Fan Club(s)?

      by , 07-25-2015 at 06:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      All of this actually took place in a Wake Back To Bed. I had another non-lucid dream before this, but all of its content is lost to me now. I only vaguely remember something having to do with Marcus saying something about math. I recall waking up at around 6:30. I woke up from this dream at 8:00 so I guess that was my last sleep cycle.

      I was at a country resturant, eating out with an old guy in a ship captain outfit. He was really short with this big beard and all of these curls coming out of it. I remember thinking, even as I was talking to him that he reminded me of the captian crunch mascot. He even had the big hat.

      I remember he had this monocle or sighter device over one eye, kind of like an eye-patch with three lenses that would rotate depending upon what distance whatever he was looking at was.

      I can't remembered what we had ordered/were eating. The food was fairly good though.

      I held the expectation that he would be an unpleasant character, but he was actually extremely nice and had interesting stories to tell involving giant space monsters and the likes. (Yeah, giant space monsters. Turned out he wasn't a boat captian, but rather he had a spaceship that looked like a boat like the ships from Treasure Planet.) He had his quirks though. I told him some of my stories too.

      I remember I told him I had to leave because I had to go to my taekwondo class. I walked out of the restaurant and found I was in the hardware store near my friend S's house. But the one big hardware store had been replaced with several smaller stores. One of them being the country restaurant.

      I went to the taekwondo studio that turned out to be in a grocery store. We decided to practice by the freezer section since there was a lot of open space, and the freezers would help to keep us cool if we got too hot and sweaty.

      Everyone lined up. Right before my taekwondo master started class, he decided instead that I should teach. (Something that happens quite often in real life). He then told me that when I taught I had to remember something:

      "When is a number just a number, and when does it mean more? What does the number 9 mean to you? Also, try the fried chicken. It's good."

      I had a false memory of him saying this before and it being some kind of trick question. I tried to remember what the correct answer was.

      He then opened the freezer door and walked into a big pile of boxes of frozen fried chicken and disappeared. I tried to follow him in. I thought I found him but all I found was his disembodied floating head. He smiled at me then receded behind some boxes.


      I had finished teaching class without anything interesting or memorable happening. I had to head home. It was a beautiful summer night. I started to walk toward my friend S's house. In the dream, I was living in his house because my house had met with some kind of disaster.

      I walked a good distance and remembered that I had left my wallet at the country restaurant. I turned and started to walk back. I walked into a flickering streetlight and saw something move. I wished I'd had my hidden blade gauntlets because I thought it might be a criminal or something.
      I then looked at my wrists and realized I DID. Knowing it was a dream, I locked the blades out and advanced on the threat ready for a fight.

      It came into the picture. It was just a small, skinny, feral black cat. It hissed at me. I locked the blades back in and realized it was no threat. The cat calmed down and walked into the light, where it proceeded to begin rolling on the concrete and purring loudly. I gently petted the cat for a minute then
      (partial lucidity talking here.) realized I still needed to go back and get my wallet.

      I headed back into the hardware store. I opened the door to the country restaurant and...

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      I tried to go back outside but instead find myself in another room. The entire room looks like a large square sauna with mats all along the edges. There are four big square pots filled with bamboo in each corner. There is a step or terrace all along the wall with mats layed out it. There is a back door that is well hidden in the motif of the wall, but I can see it there.

      Three more girls approach me in the same kind of formation, but they're actually wearing clothes this time. What they are wearing actually looked like a version of Manei's tribe outfit, only white with blue details. Or at least two of them were. She too had blonde hair and blue eyes and looked like a younger version of the girl who's boobs I had removed a minute ago.

      The one on the right was very short and had buzz-cut hair. She couldn't have been more than 13 or 14. The one on the left was short, but she looked much different. She had black hair and green eyes.

      "Hi, we're your fan club. I'm the president." Said the tall one.

      "What are all those other people out there?"

      "They're your other fan club. We are better because we celebrate you for your philosophy and beliefs. They only celebrate you for... well... other reasons. "

      The black haired girl got cheery and said she wanted to show me something. She pulled out these paintings she had made of me on parchment. They were really good. All of them had chinese/japanese/koren characters on them. I asked myself for a moment why dreams seem to associate me so closely with oriental culture.

      I then rememeber while we were along the back wall someone opened the not-so-secret door. It was another blonde haired blue eyed girl. She had some black hair in her hand.

      "I have some of your hair." *giggles*

      She slowly receded back into the shadowy room that lay beyond and slowly closed the door.

      "Okay, you're not creepy at all..."

      The short haired girl came over to me and started tugging on my arm. She was much shorter than me, to the point where I had to get down on my knee to look her in the face.

      "If eyes are windows into the soul, then what do I see in yours?" She asked.

      I was about to say something back and I woke up.

      Spoiler for Long Side Notes:
    8. Madness

      by , 06-05-2015 at 02:43 AM (Lucid Time!)
      My sleep has become very irregular and my dreams have become very mucky and difficult to comprehend as of late. This doesn't feel like my typical dry spell.

      I think that I mentioned at least once before what seems off about my sleep, but I'm going to go into detail and talk about it once more. For some odd reason, I've been very tired when I go to sleep. Usually, (ever since I started lucid dreaming) there is a sort of waiting period for falling asleep. Like I didn't just lay down and immediately pass out until now.

      I don't seem to have my natural awakenings any more, (or any discernible sleep cycle either. I recall before this began happening I would frequently go to bed at 10:30 or 12:00 fairly regularly I would have one awakening at about 3:00am and another at about 5:30 before awakening at 7:00.

      Waking up is probably the worst part of it. Now I'm no early bird in that I'm usually not motivated to get out of bed, since this new sleep pattern emerged, I feel downright miserable when I get out of bed, and it seems like I want to just stay in bed all day. (One morning last weekend, I slept from about 10:00 at night until 11:00am the next morning, and still felt absurdly tired after sleeping 13 hours straight. However, about half an hour after I do manage to get out of bed, I rested.

      Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night dying of hunger or thirst, or desperate to use the bathroom. Something else that I am not accustomed to happening when I sleep.

      The though definitely the strangest part of this is the way that I dream. My dreams have been, for the most part, fragmented, indescribable and extremely mucky. (Really the best way to describe what I dream of is just madness. There is, for the most part a lack of any logic or reasoning.) But that's not the weird part. The weird part I recall getting lucid several times each night, though due to the fragmented nature of dreams my lucidity is usually lost very quickly.

      Whatever shift has happened to my sleep cycle, I wish only that it can be changed back.
      side notes
    9. I feel like I should post these Dreams :P

      by , 05-24-2015 at 03:51 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I can't recall what dream goes with what night since I haven't felt the need to post. A combination of lousy dream recall and the fact that my DJ is becoming ridiculously big has to do with that.

      I recall a quite elaborate NLD where I was touring rural china on a bus. There were all sorts of absurd things on the bus such as people with chickens and goats. Though I got off at the wrong stop and got left behind in some random village, where I found an exact duplicate of my own house from home.

      I went inside, but I was followed by twin criminals/bandit boys who I fought with martial arts. I remember I was trying to call the police since they were stronger than me and I couldn't fight them off.

      Now these next two dreams were both 'Lucid' in the fact that I knew that I was dreaming. But I still didn't feel like I was all there. Kind of like lucid dreams that I sleepwalked through. Something feels off about the way these LDs were, so I'm not counting them as proper LDs.

      The first dream involved conflict with some sort of monster. If I recall correctly he was called my someone a 'Lucid Demon' He was all black made of armor plates and spikes and had two long flail like weapons and chains. He kind of had cartoony proportions with huge shoulder plates, a broad, bulky chest, and a tiny head, but was made of real-looking material.

      I was fighting him in third person perspective. It was a really intense and destructive battle and we were punching each other through houses and I was using my fire to its full extent hurling huge swirling red and blue fireballs at him. (Shame I couldn't be more lucid than I was for that kind of control.) I think I beat him eventually.

      I got more lucid, but I still wasn't perfectly lucid or completely there. I was now in my parents' bedroom. The walls were painted orange though. Manei walked in and tried to feed me some kind of chocolate truffle she had on a plate. I told her she should eat it instead, she deserved it more. I also said something sarcastic about not eating enough chocolate in WL. She ate it then started trying to tickle me. I told her to stop bothering me because I thought the lucid demon might come back to life and attack her.

      ^You see this really irritates me that this can happen to me sometimes where I am interacting with my dream guide and mentioning waking life, but I am not properly lucid.

      -Another Day-

      The other lucid involved me flying around on a magic quilt in my neighborhood. (The Quilt is actually one very specific one that I have in my closet right now.) I was flying around my own subdivision where the woods trail is.

      I came across these two douchebags. (Literally they looked just like douchebag type of characters, with shutter shades, baggy pants not pulled up all of the way, a shirt that said 'YOLO', you name it, they had it. So I have every right to call them that.)

      I became lucid and the magic quilt lost its power and fell on the ground. I caught myself in the air and started flying on my fire jets and impressing the DCs. I could tell they were looking for a way to insult me, but it's kind of hard to insult someone who is flying around on a column of flame.


      I was trying to get the characters to become good people by talking to them while we walked together on the woods path. But these little white dogs appeared and started barking at me when I tried to talk. I tried talking and telling them to be quiet to them (knowing to some extent that it was a dream and that I should be able to talk to animals.) But they kept barking and started trying to bite me. I tried to swipe them away by moving my hand over the spot in my field of vision where they were, but they didn't go away. I woke up from frustration.

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    10. Childlike Subconcious (LD #178)

      by , 03-05-2015 at 03:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:20

      Well, I guess bedtime doesn't determine everything.

      It started off with some dream about driving and walking through an urban area trying to get my cousins to a baseball game.

      Somehow or other, I wound up in what felt like the woods behind my neighborhood. It was tropical though, and everything was green. The dream was very clear despite being nonlucid. I was showing them houses that had been overgrown and abandoned many years ago. We were talking about how we would have liked to live in them in their prime.

      We came to this one house, a huge four story mansion. (Or the frame of one anyway) A massive tree, about 20 feet in diameter and easily 500 feet tall had cleaved the entire frame in half, leaving only two smaller sections standing. Myself and the party of DCs (there were two or three of us total.) were hypothesizing about how the middle must have once looked.

      We made our way around back, climbing over fallen trees. We saw that a river ran along the back of the house. There were waterfalls flowing from the cliff-side into the river.

      "How cool would it be to live with 3...4 waterfalls in your backyard?!"

      I then made an observation of some of the tropical flora. There were fern trees all around us.

      This for one reason or another made me become lucid.

      I stabilized briefly. I then decided that I wanted to go and see my subconscious and tell him/her/it that I wanted more lucid dreams. I shouted "I want to see my subconscious right now!"

      I saw that there was a small double door between two large boulders on the forest floor. The two DCs that I was with walked through it.

      I opened the door after them. It was nothing but blackness. I let myself fall in. I fell for awhile before arriving at this location suspended in the blackness.

      There was a throne chair with a small child sitting in it. Built up around us was the back wall of the throne room, made out of castle stones, and the floor, made up of tiles. This crumbled away about a hundred feet from the chair in every direction, as if this one slice of the castle had been removed from the rest and placed into this void.

      The child (who I guess was supposed to be my subconscious) was wearing a red king robe, golden crown and had a long scepter. Though none of this quite fit him because he was so small.

      There were a couple of guards in strange white armor positioned on either side of his throne. I think Manei and Marcus manifested into the room behind me. I could feel their energies.

      SubC "I am your subconscious, and I am very busy! Each time you say something to me, it's gonna cost you [some kind of special money]. You have 1,800 of it. Go!"

      Me "How come so many of my efforts to lucid dream fail?"


      SubC "Because you didn't do the work I gave to you. Remember Jonathan? Why is he not dead?"

      Me "I did the right thing. He said that he wanted to go peacefully, so me and Manei agreed to let him go."


      SubC "But that wasn't what you were supposed to do!" His tone of voice started to sound a bit whiny at this point.

      Manei "If there is one thing [my name was garbled] taught me, it's that you shouldn't let other people decide who you are. You should [follow your own path or something.]

      I saw that Manei had some kind of money counter for talking to this guy too. She only had about 600 of it. Marcus had no money and therefore wasn't allowed to speak.

      SubC "What? You're taking his side?"

      Manei (mad) "I wish I was never on your side to begin with."

      SubC "Guards, show of force."

      Me "Look at you. You try to control people and [mold them into what you want or something.] And when they start rebelling against you, you threaten them. [If you want people to respect you, you have to earn that respect, not force it out of them or something.]" (My ability to recall dialogue is horrible.)


      SubC "Stop it! Stop it! It's not true! Guards, Seize them!" (He started sounding more and more like a whiny child.)

      The two guards began to advance on me. The dream started to fade. I saw my 'money' was starting to tick down.

      Me: "The way you choose to remove me from your presence rather than learn from me proves just how weak and immature you really are. When you [grow up a little], you will see that I was right about everything. I see no way we can come to an agreement if you are going to act like this."


      The dream cut to black here. I had an FA, but somehow still remained semi lucid. I was on the steps of one of the dorm complexes at my college.
      Spoiler for Sexy Toys:

      There was also a part where I dreamed that I was trying to send one of my cats away in a cardboard box that would float like a boat on a lake. I felt like the lake we were at had taken the place of my old middle school.


      I really don't know what to make of this. I don't know why my subconscious was so childlike and closed-minded. He wanted things done a particular way, his way. He wanted no part of anyone else, and didn't want to earn their respect. (Sure, sounds like a much younger me, but I'm sure a lot of us acted that way as children since we simply didn't know any better.)
    11. Backlog

      by , 03-03-2015 at 02:19 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Despite heavy effort in MILD and earlier bedtimes, I have had a very foul last couple of days.

      I've decided to start tracking my bedtime with each DJ entry to see what bedtimes seem to work the best for lucid dreaming.

      Sun-Mon: Bedtime 9:40

      I remember some dream about replacing superman, in every sense of the word. I had all of his powers, all of his responsibilities, etc.

      I remember I had to wear his costume. It wasn't as tight fitting as it was to him, since I'm smaller and not totally buff. The costume looked more like the one from the old Superman movies with the more vibrant colors and less texture.

      I think I ended up tripping over the cape at one point.

      I got tricked into going into this hotel room/apartment where there was Kryptonite or something that made me lose my powers. But the Kryptonite was somehow dissolved in to the air, and I had to try and hold my breath. There was this bad guy in there who was a big black floating orb with one eye who was attacking me.

      I lost consciousness in the dream.

      Mon-Tues: Bedtime: 10:50

      I had a couple of dreamlets last night, but they were really messed up. I don't feel comfortable sharing them. Skip.

      There was something that I was comfortable sharing. Something to do with Attack on Titan. I remembered it when I woke up, but have since forgotten what it was about.

      Interpretations: The Superman probably means something about having big shoes to fill or being poisoned by something. I don't make any immediate connections to things in my waking life though.

      If my recall were to shape up, I'd have more to work with.
    12. Nonlucid Bits&Bobs

      by , 02-24-2015 at 04:52 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a full beard/mustache. I was trying to shave it off with my electric razor. (Strange cause IWL, despite being 19, I hardly have more than a few stray hairs on my face.)

      Something to do with the boardwalk behind my subdivision. I was exploring it. Everything was overgrown, however. There were huge fern/palm trees growing. The creek (normally polluted and full of garbage) was running crystal clear. It was very foggy and somewhat dark. I also remember being very hot and being partially lucid. I think I was flying around.

      I was at college. I had wanted to take this girl out to lunch after she told me about how here scholarship stopped paying her and now all of her money was going into paying for her classes and she couldn't afford her meal plan anymore.

      I got distracted though. There was some kind of drawing competition where you would trace around a person and then texture their body. You were rated on the creativity of how you textured the body. I remember that my group was upset because I hadn't been there for the competition.

      They had traced around the girl that I was supposed to be taking out to lunch, but the legs were very out of proportion and very small. The texture they had chosen for her body was fish scales. She then got very angry with all of us for drawing her with fish scales.

      The RA came and told her that it was just an art project and was supposed to be fun, but she lost it.

      There was something to do with the bottom floor of our dorm being converted to an art supply store.

      There was also a complex plot about the girl that I was supposed to take to lunch. I think that her scholarship was made void by her controlling boyfriend, who was able to pull strings in order to keep this girl with him out of need, even though she would have broken up with him long ago...

      I think I need to hit the autosuggestion notebook and set some proper dream goals before tonight. I think that the reason for my sludgy recall and lack of lucidity might be lack of organization and clarity. It's basically a put-good-in, get-good-out kind of thing. If I organize my thoughts in my autosuggestion notebook, then becoming lucid, recalling dreams and accomplishing goals should be much easier.

      While I'm writing side notes, last week, I started a daily journal on my computer. I've heard quite a few dreamers recommend this for dream recall and clarity. So far, I have only noticed a slight improvement.

      I like to use the daily journal to also track things that I would normally not track in my dream journal, but can still pertain to lucid dreaming, such as my bedtime and daily activities.
    13. Too normal for lucidity (LD #148)

      by , 12-27-2014 at 04:19 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I seem to, ever so slowly be getting back on my game. My recall was sour last night, but in terms of lucidity, I was right on the money.

      I started to become lucid when I looked at myself in the mirror. I seemed to have the saggy, wrinkled body of an old person. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I looked away and looked back. I looked mostly normal but had little star stickers all over my body.

      I questioned if I might be dreaming and did a nose pinch RC. Yeah, I could breathe, but not very well. I decided to look around for other clues to the state of reality that I was in. I walked around the house, everything was normal, not a hair out of place. My mom was the only other one home, and she asked me if I had recently seen her car keys.

      I was still tackling the puzzle of my reality. I went outside and saw a green 50's pickup truck and a very odd orange sports car in our drive. This didn't seem too weird or dreamlike. There weren't any huge planets or multiple suns, though leaves on the tree in the front yard should have been a dead giveaway. I repeated the nose pinch RC. Still confusing results. I thought that maybe I wasn't pinching hard enough. I pinched as tight as I could, and I could still breathe a little.

      I made my way back inside, and looked down at myself. I was still shirtless and covered in star stickers. My mom was still looking around for her keys. There was a green truck in our drive.
      I finally came to and became lucid. I manifested a white tank and thought to remove all the stickers and started to head outside. My mom asked where I was going. I told her that I was dreaming, and that I had to go. She followed out the door and yelled to me that the last time that I said I was dreaming, I had left her alone. She said that she needed her car keys and a hair tie, and she seemed sort of irritated.

      "Okay, Look! This is my dream. You don't seem to get that." I put my hand behind my back then held it out with a black hair tie in it. "Here's your hair tie." I put my hand behind my back and thought of car keys. I held out a key in my hand. "Here are your keys." I then put my hand behind my back a third time. "And here's a book, I heard it's a good long read that will keep you busy for awhile." I handed her a thick beige paperback novel with a blue rectangle on the cover. She seemed really happy to receive these items.

      Yeesh. Dream characters can be so annoying.

      I got down to business. I thought that I should perhaps find Manei and talk to her. I got some good lucidity going. Then I got the dream ending feeling. I knelt down in the grass and tried to hang on to the dream, but it didn't do me much good. I woke up.

      The thing that I have come to notice more and more about my lucidity is that it is not particularly dependent on how many reality checks or mantras I've been doing lately. Heck, it doesn't even appear to be very dependent on things such as bedtime or the day's activities. (That's not to say that these things don't impact it.) This could explain why on nights that I charge in, Mantras-A-Blazin, I get nowhere. And on other nights where I don't even give a crap, I can wind up with a rather long and effective lucid.

      Instead, it seems to rely to a degree on simply being in the correct mindset for lucid dreaming. I can't really put my finger on what it is, because I only have a rough idea what I am trying to explain. But I do know that it is something akin to mindfulness. In essence, I need to be mindful of my true reality, that I am laying in bed and that what is occurring is a product of thoughts.

      I've also found out how goals can be a little finicky, especially when you're not working with perfect lucidity. I've got quite a list of goals, and I've been completing them all out of order. It's best to just pick one (or at the very most, two) goals to focus on per night. I've also found that visualizing completing the goal is rather pointless because it is guaranteed that they way you complete the goal in the dream is going to be vastly different from what you imagined.

      The mental state that I am trying to achieve, in general can be a little bit tricky. Staying away from tv/movies/computer games seems to help with my mindfulness. Drawing or writing seems a good way to organize thoughts. Meditation seems a step in the right direction, but overdoing it can throw me off. Same goes for Mantras.

      The hardest part about this is falling asleep. I can charge in hardcore and try mantra myself to sleep, but that seems fruitless. I can just throw in the towel and just allow myself to think about random stuff, and that's about as useful as it sounds. I guess I have to go back to my old tactic of the 'cut off' technique.

      I am also experimenting with polished stones and crystals that have been sitting in my drawer for years. Some people might see that as a wonderful idea, and others may see it as quack new-age spirituality. I made a small crystal grid back before Christmas, and constructed it around the idea of lucid dreaming. I'd also like to try placing crystals under the pillow or bed-frame. The only way I can really know if this is crap or not is to try it out myself.

      In other news, my friend S made me a new avatar picture. I will be using his. I like it.

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    14. Power Wheels

      by , 12-08-2014 at 06:30 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had joined the army. They are teaching me to drive around on these little Jeeps that are so small they are basically like Power Wheels toys and they only fit one person, save for they seem to run on gasoline and have metal parts, like a real jeep. At one point, one of my tires burst and I was able to just push it on its side and change the tire.

      Goddang dry spell. I got some lucid dares, but other things take priority. Though it's nice to have a solid list of goals to take care of.

      Here is a rough outline of my goals:

      1.) First of all, get this lucid issue worked out with Manei, see if I can take down this dry spell. I don't see how I'm gonna go anywhere if I can barely get lucid in the first place. So this takes the #1 Priority.

      2.) Then I would like to get on to manifesting Dawn and Eye in my dreams. I've had a couple snippets, but I gotta get all three of them in a good long LD.

      3.) Then I got two lucid dares; both holiday themed. Sensei dared me to meet Jack Skellington. (Think i'd better re-watch Nightmare Before Christmas... ) and the other, Percylucid dared me to deliver presents as Santa Claus. (Fifty bonus points for a full on Nightmare Before Christmas LD where I complete both dares.)

      Thanks for the lucid dares, guys. I'm pumped! This dry spell is goin down! :tropicalboxer:

      Lower on my list of priorities; long term goals are:

      -I would also like to manifest my old dream nemesis and properly defeat him. (Even better, befriend him.)

      -Dream meditation. Has to happen at least once.

      -Visit the world from my comic strip while lucid. Get some ideas.

      -Manifest my friends S and C into my dreams.
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    15. No recall

      by , 11-29-2014 at 02:56 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I seem to have hit another mini dry spell. Dangit.
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