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    1. Winter Comp Night 12: Gray Supersolider

      by , 12-14-2022 at 10:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment 1: I was in my old hometown, making my way up and down along a boardwalk that ran over a wetland area. I think I was on my bike. It was summertime, warm with green leaves on the trees.

      Dream 1: I am driving around, somewhat confused and disoriented. It is a large event like a music festival or airshow but the dream scene later changes to my university. I am driving when a large SUV gets into an accident and catches on fire. A police car has pulled over next to the burning SUV and the officer is holding a submachine gun. I must have been mildly lucid because the scene was rather horrific but I wasn't particularly moved by it. The guy in the drivers seat ejects out, like a jet fighter ejection seat. He is missing both arms and both legs and is covered in burning oil and his flesh is literally melting off. Another dream character (also burning and with flesh melting off but has all of his limbs.) He is panicking, running around screaming and trying to put out the fires on his body. The police officer with the submachine gun starts yelling at the guy with his limbs to help the other dream character get out of the seat to save his life. The limbed burning dream character just keeps panicking and screaming in pain. I begin to question the scene, wondering why the police officer doesnt help the limbless DC in the chair who isn't screaming but their eyes look at me. I had some layer zero lucidity because I remembered that I could reset this situation and prevent it from happening.

      Dream 2: I am a super soldier who has undergone cybernetic and genetic enhancements. I wear a suit of powered armor which looks like something out of Halo though it is bulkier and dark gray in coloration with a narrow sapphire blue visor and a big scary looking forked railgun for a weapon. At some point I am shown what I look like without armor to where I have numerous connection ports and scars over a heavily muscular body that looked somewhat androgynous. No reproductive parts, just a "waste removal port". The body had wide hips like a female but no breasts which made the upper body look male, especially with the heavy musculature. The details of my augmentations, armor and weapons are heavily elaborated on but I do not recall them now.

      I am standing in a plaza in what looks like a fairly normal town along with three other super soldiers. Two of us to each side of a president or military general who is announcing that aliens are invading earth and we are being deployed to fight them.

      I am shown a visual of the alien ships. They have several classes of varying design but share some basic features with a long, spindly hully with lots of complicated details, a medium sized warp drive ring and three or four large radiator sails that glow orange near the rear. The alien ships begin launching hundreds of missiles at earth, nukes or antimatter or something that makes a very big explosion.

      The dream then changes to me being outside a partially destroyed city. Most everyone is dead due to having been on the periphery of the blast, but my armor and genetic augmentations left me relatively unharmed. I find two children who managed to avert everything other than minor injuries and are mourning all the dead people. I then get informed through my radio that another missile is coming to finish the job and I need to save as many people as I can.

      I grab two children, carrying one over each shoulder and run into a building that looks mostly intact. I try to comfort them to little effect both are crying and pounding on my shoulders. Inside the building is laid out like a large shopping mall. Its lights are on and it looks utterly undamaged. Every store is a japanese noodle bar of some kind. There are hundreds of them arranged vertically and horizontally. All of them are closed. I am still frantically trying to find a bunker before the missile hits. I then see that behind the closed garage door type cage thing used to prevent theft there is a door that gives access to the building basement. I intuitively remember that connects to a bunker. Being a supersoldier I simply rip the cage-gate-thingy open with only a little effort.

      A security guard shows up. He looks like paul blart and even rides a segway and reprimands me for being here after hours and trying to steal from a store. I try to explain there is a ten-teraton antimatter missile going to hit the city any minute and we need to get deep underground ASAP. I decide to ignore him because he's either dense or has seriously been living under a rock.

      The nuke falls and I die. In the afterlife Marcus appears to me. He explains that the afterlife exists in quantum superposition like schrodinger's cat. It only materializes when one observes it and it becomes whatever they perceive it to be.

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    2. Unstable Dream Guide, Rocket Store

      by , 02-28-2020 at 05:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am by the lake at my old house, where I become lucid simply by virtue of being there, having instilled into myself that I should reality check every time I arrive at anywhere related to my old house or the town I used to live in. It is summertime, there are numerous lush plants growing everywhere. The sky is an odd mixture of green, brown and yellow with two suns. The dream is very unstable. It feels like I'm looking down a tunnel, things feel dark and things tend to shift quite drastically if I look away from them and look back again.

      I decide to summon Manei, having missed my longtime dream guide/companion in the time that I have not been lucid dreaming. I summon her and I hear a voice saying it will take her some time to manifest into the dream and that I should please be patient. I oblige and seat myself at the edge of the water. I observe the unstable nature of the dream and am quite pessimistic about the dream remaining stable and lucid long enough for her to manifest, growing irritated at how long it is taking.

      Eventually she surfaces near the middle of the lake and swims over to me, getting out of the water. She is short, bloated and completely naked and her physical form is convulsing strangely physical features change each time I look at them, undergoing all sorts of typical dream body horror such as extra body parts or missing body parts, the specifics of which I do not recall. She explains to me that she is unstable, though I am just happy that the dream held together long enough and that she was actually able to manifest. I ask her what I can do to help her become more stable and she says that simply keeping present in the dream will allow her to rebuild stability. I agree to do this, we begin to walk and talk, but something triggers intense anger and I fly away. I remember shunting the angry energy directly downwards for propulsion.

      The dream scene transitions to the interior of my junior high, specifically one of the stairwells. The dream has distorted to where the stairwell was many stories tall (it was only two IRL). Manei and I are jumping on the stair rails and sliding down them. The assistant principal shows up, and starts to yell at us for misbehaving but being lucid, I do not care.


      I am at a store that allows one to design and build rockets. It's very reminiscent of something from a game like Kerbal Space Program in that you can buy these prefabricated pieces that just click together and there is this computer software that lets one order custom rocketry components. I also notice they sell big cylinders of styrofoam and ask about this. Apparently, it has something to do with fuel pressure.
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    3. The Mundane and the Fantastic

      by , 03-07-2019 at 02:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My aunt told me not to pee on the toilet seat.


      I was sitting outside in my old neighborhood by the entrance road with some OTD friends from high school. They were talking about what careers they had wanted to go into once they got out of school. Some people were showing a large set of paintings they had made in the meantime. While I was sitting with them I took note of how cold it was and how I didnít actually recognize anyone present, and that the socialization was kind of meaningless.

      A nose pinch reality check was what got me lucid. I simply ignored the dream characters and took off flying. I donít know what i was looking for but I havenít been going into any lucid dreams with proper intention so I just tend to do whatever. I took off and flew over the swamp of my old neighborhood. At one point my flying puttered out and I came back to the ground in the middle of the marsh, but I was able to get it started again without much fuss. I flew into the woods behind my neighborhood.

      My intention had become to explore boundary breaking, the idea of getting outside of a pre-constructed dream environment, or the sort of mental map you have of a location such as the neighborhood you grew up in. I know (IRL) theres a woods to the north of the neighborhood but Iíve never been back there all the way and I donít have a good idea of the town in that direction since it turns into countryside. So by traveling there And Iíve got the idea that I have a harder time preforming proper dream control when Iím in an enviroment that resembles a place from waking life because my brain is fixated on reality.

      I came into the woods and started flying. There was a vaugely outlined dirt path or walking trail and above it on the right hand side was a large sakura tree. On one side the branches had grown (or had been groomed to grow) in a circular pattern, making a hoop that I could fly through. If ďtook the dreamís offerĒ so to speak and flew through it.

      I realized I was getting out of the dream enviro when the season started changing before my eyes from winter to autumn. Trees sprouted leaves which within seconds turned to reds, yellows and oranges. I continued to follow the path which turned into a wide dirt road that let out over two huge lakes in a sandy flat.

      To either side of me was a desert, dunes of sand rising in the distance. Huge mining excavator machines were driving about in the endless desert. Right in front of me were the two lakes. I noticed that vaguely, the resembled the shape of the ponds behind my own house, but upscaled and with sandy bottoms. There were even a few houses resembling the ones At one point I landed in one of them. I was barefoot in dream and felt the wet underwater sand between my toes, picking it up for some dream stabilization as I went, before taking off again. Sure there were still elements of a waking life environment but they were overruled by the fantastical ones.

      I took off again, finding the other lake drained into the ocean. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was warm. I looked out over the water and saw a cruise ship (old style, red, black and white with yellow smoke stacks like the titanic) way off on the horizon. I decided I would fly to it and land and explore what was there. I started to fly out over the ocean. I saw a submarine surface between where I was and the cruise liner. As soon as it surfaced it started to fire large missiles at me.

      I grabbed all of the missiles in a telekinetic grasp by holding my arms up, and I held them in place in the air; like Neo stopping the bullets in the matrix. I sent an electric pulse through them to disable the bombs and let them drop into the ocean. Iíve been taking a more passive approach to dealing with hostility in dreams, and trying to avoid fighting unless I have to or specifically want a superpowered dream fight.

      The dream changed, the sea turned into flat ground. I landed to inspect it. It was flat white ground of an arbitrary material. It didnít seem to be stone, wood, metal, or plastic. The ground was white and the sky was now dark and full of stars.

      I looked down and I saw these geometric shapes. Cubes folding around some kind of ring in a difficult-to-describe kaleidoscope fashion as though they were traveling across higher dimensions. These huge towers rose up out of the ground; reminding me something of stacks of mattresses, however they were covered in strange colors and symbols and seemed to be made of the same arbitrary material.

      I lost the dream and woke up.

      Thinking back its interesting how I had a desire to leave the mundane and enter the fantastical and the dream concluded in a fully abstract environment.
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    4. Multi-Night scifi adventure.

      by , 08-14-2018 at 04:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I dreamed I met some old friends in a parking lot at the Target near my town. We talked briefly about Toys-R-Us going out of business.


      I had been given a large tin of Yu-Gi-Oh cards for my birthday. I remember they came disorganized inside the tin in booster packs. The scene became like one of those youtube style unboxing/pack opening videos where I was opening the cards and looking through them talking about each one and my feelings on it and how it was useful in the metagame. I recall finding a card that looked like a blue-eyes-white dragon but looking at the stats of the card and it was called simply "Dragon" and had lower power stats and being somewhat disappointed.


      Several dreams from the past few nights following a somewhat consistent story line. The first one had to do with my old friend J. We were playing Halo (or something very similar) in a Mesh format. J's character had red and gold armor and mine had black armor and these V-shaped visors running down his helmet. We were fighting to control a dark and foggy room (OTD, not any map from the game, at least that I could remember) full of debris and dead enemies. Other players would continuously spawn and run into the room trying to attack us. They were a challenge, but not too much for us working together.

      Manei appeared into the dream. Her character had tawny brown armor and a bright green/cyan blue helmet visor. She helped us fight as the enemies got more skilled, numerous and coordinated. As we continued fighting, J asked who this was and what she was doing. I started explaining the concept of dream guides and lucid dreaming to him, but he didn't understand it. Neither did I grasp the concept that I was dreaming.


      The dream would continue later on. On one of the following nights, I would find out that that scene was a critical mission I had undertaken to retrive some data from the enemy base and then wait for extraction and then wait for someone to extract me. I was at the secret resistance base on a desert planet. It somewhat reminded me of Mos Eisely save for the whole city was a military and logistics center with ships coming and going and people and machinery moving around ordinance and repairing vehicles.

      A large ship shadowed over the two suns. It looked like the UNSC Infinity from the Halo games and was being escorted by some X-wings and Y-wings. Some of them landed near me and the pilots started getting out. For some reason all of the pilots had their hair dyed bright green and styled in Afros or ridiculously tall Flat-Tops. One of the pilots looked like Kanan from Star Wars Rebels and had the craziest hair, apparently he was the leader of the squadron.

      Marcus (in robot ball thingy form) flew down from the ship and came to speak to me. He said that this was the flagship of our fleet that had come back from getting repairs at a hidden shipyard and we were ready to launch a major attack against the evil empire. A shuttle came down to pick me up and lifted me into the hangar of the Infinity. The ship flew into orbit and met up with some other ships. Some ships were just sort of random but the dream seemed to be pulling from a variety of science fiction franchises. Specifically one ship was (or strongly resembled) the Asari dreadnought from the mass effect series.


      I was called upon to lead one of the attacks in our new campaign with the flagship. The attack plan called for me to take a lone fighter to an enemy shipyard and disable the harbor guns so the fleet could attack and hopefully capture some of the ships the enemy was building. The enemy shipyard was a huge structure tens of kilometers long built out of a large asteroid. It was comprised of platforms and structures haphazardly added over time and it had a black and red color scheme. I started flying around the structure with my fighter. Security troopers in space suits came out and tried firing on my fighter but they were easy to shoot down.

      The big guns turned out to be heavily armored and couldn't be damaged by my fighter's weapons and I eventually managed to fire some missiles into the mechanisms controlling the rotation of the large guns on the station which locked their orientation. I then informed Marcus that the guns were unable to move and he could jump his fleet in and start the attack so long as he stayed out of their positions. I started to flee as the station came under heavy fire from the allied ships.


      Two of my original characters were fighting in the hallway of my old high school. One had a large sword and the other had zero friction states. The one with the sword used a future-predicting ability to determine if he could win the fight and he was told that out of 4 million possibilities he could only lose 13 of them. Then his sword got stuck in the zero friction skates, and the character with the sword was informed that this was one of the 13 possibilities where he lost and that it was just bad luck.

      Both characters wound up killing each other at the same time. Both of their dead bodies turned into dust and then reassembled fully healed. The character with he sword turned out to be the winner because of a random quantum event that had made an extremely likely possibility that the other character could have won possible and in theory he should have won because he had secured more possible avenues of victory.


      I bought an apartment in a location similar to my grandmother's old apartment. I headed inside to see what my new digs were like to find the layout similar to her apartment, only where the bedroom was there was a stairwell that wasn't there IRL. I followed it downstairs (into what would have been the basement) which contained a library and a large living room with a small bathroom off to the side and another set of stairs which led further down. These led through a locked door (like an exterior door to a house) which let out in an underground street with shops along both sides.


      I was with my mother sitting outside the grocery store in my town. The parking lot had been replaced with a large shallow pond full of Koi fish. Our cats were swimming through the water attempting to catch the Koi while my mother and I talked, laughed at the antics with our wet cats and ate snacks from a bag of groceries we had bought.


      Something to do with witnessing a solar eclipse from a park near my neighborhood during the wintertime. The sun was in the southern portion of the sky rather than the east or west and the moon was many times bigger than the sun. The strange thing that I remember was that the moon moved in front of the sun and then stopped briefly, then continued moving; far faster than the moon would normally move.
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    5. Getting back on top of things EP5

      by , 03-23-2018 at 03:28 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Had some lucid dreams last night, only two nights gap between the last ones, which is pretty motivating.

      Dream 1: I became lucid in some outdoor setting and attempted to fly but could not lift off.

      Dream 2: I became lucid in a very dark underground library setting. Manei was there and standing by my side. It was dark so I created a blue fireball and threw it into the distance. I didn't want it to impact anything so as it flew forward I ordered it to stop. I then ordered it to grow bigger and to follow just above me creating a light source. I recall the fireball had some very strange spinning rings and holographic runes around it.

      We walked around for a bit. The library was very large and full of old books written in an incomprehensible language. Manei picked a few of them out to study them but put them back on the shelf. We got to the end of the library and arrived in this bedroom/study. There was a large fur blanket on the ground. Manei crawled under it. I wanted her to stay in the dream but when I lifted the blanket she gone.

      Dream 3: I was in a large locker room/bathroom/shower room trying to hide from someone.

      Dream 4: Long and boring dream having to do with a school bus.
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    6. Fragments and Stuff

      by , 03-21-2018 at 03:07 AM (Lucid Time!)
      -I was staying for office hours after school at the arts building where I take my digital fabrications class. When it came time to drive home I found that my car was in the classroom. This meant that I had to carefully (without knocking over any computer desks in the room) and then drive the car down the hall and down two flights of stairs to get out the door, and then from there drive back to the main road. I had a false memory of how I had done so previously and managed to not damage my car but I was anxiotous as to how I would repeat this in reverse.

      -I was playing Spore, as some kind of blue and purple dinosaur looking beast. The creature then evolved (on its own) into the shape of a woman with large light blue feathered wings on its back (it retained the original color scheme). I wandered the lands and noticed the landscape was more high-fidelity than it normally was in spore. There were swamps and cave like structures dotted throughout the lands of my planet. I remember trying to find skeletons. (In the original game skeletons were a way to find parts to evolve your creature) and found some strange looking parts that were not present in the OG game. However most of the skeletons I found my character could not dig up.

      Later I came under attack by some monster and had to use my flying ability to escape them. I remember flying through dark and shadowed caves for awhile. When I landed I was near a lava pool and found more skeletons. When I tried to use them to get creature parts they came to life and wandered away.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Marcus' Homeworld, Fat 3-armed Darth Maul, Bikini Taco Delivery, Centipede Poodle, Italian Vampires

      by , 03-27-2017 at 04:00 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I know this is a really long entry. Truth be told I've been coming on here for like a week and a half and writing down whatever I remember into this giant draft entry; and I wanted to post it before writing all my dreams down in a single giant draft entry became a habit. Enjoy.

      I am taking a journey to Marcus' home star system. We are supposed to be on board some kind of spacecraft but when the visualization of the journey is given, I am simply flying through galaxies like I would when I was flying via my powers, though I can still sense Marcus' presence. We fly into a small star cluster outside of the milky way and head towards a star system.

      The peripheral of the spacecraft becomes present and Marcus explains to me that this was the star system in where he was created. He goes on to explain that his is a race of cyborg beings, and tells me their history. In his history, humanity fell into an atomic war and nearly destroyed itself, and the only ones that were left were those who did not think humanity should develop as a warlike culture, but rather a culture of science and art.

      As such his forefathers set out and colonized the solar system, made alien contact. The aliens they met were very different from humans in that they were very powerful, intelligent beings that lived for billions of years, but only a few dozen of them could exist in the universe at any one time. (When they were visualized, the aliens were a massive black being with six or eight eyes, as large as the earth, sitting on a decorative throne that acted as a spaceship.) The aliens recognized that the savagery in humanity was beginning to fade and that they may be ready for the gift of interstellar travel.

      As such humanity colonized the galaxy and made contact with other alien races. But the mentality of the survivors of the nuclear war on earth was inbred into their culture, the desire to self-preserve and to have a safehouse, but on a galactic scale. Hence the colonization of the Bastion-Remedy system.

      Spoiler for crappy sketch:

      The system was chosen because there were a lot of resources and the system contained smaller, longer lived stars than the sun. I sketched a crappy map to help expedite the details of the system but its not super important to the overall plot of the dream, just interesting that I was able to remember such a detailed system. I don't recall any of the names of the planets but I do know that every planet marked in green was terraformed. The only location of importance was the space station Gigatet.

      Marcus described it as a fortress system because of its extreme defenses, and remarked that a dyson sphere was too expensive and too vulnerable, but the entire system was protected from cosmic rays and unwelcome by the Gigatet projecting a shield. That was our destination. There was supposedly another larger structure nearby called the "Archive" that was the true archive of all the science and art that this civilization had gathered through the eons but the Archive's true location was known only to their most trusted members. However the Gigatet served as a sort of halfway point for information to be screened and collected before being prepared to be taken to the archive.

      He shows me a room in where his body can be upgraded and repaired. His civilization has eliminated death of the body. He begins to remove his skin, first on his right hand to insert a circular mechanical access key to the room. Then lays down on a medical table and loses conciseness. Robotic arms spring to live and begin disassembling his body very carefully. Past the skin layer, Marcus had a shiny metal skeleton. His muscles and organs were blue and they didn't look fully organic or fully synthetic either. His muscles looked sort of like fiber optic cables, and the internal organs were more like squishy plastic. In places there were little valves and clips that linked blood vessels and nerves allowing for modularity. Close a valve, remove that part, and put a new one in.

      He then proceeds to 'recompile extraneous data for download', essentially empty his brain's memory banks of information that he did not need. This data would be reviewed and either dumped or stored in the archive. I saw his brain inside of his skull and it looked like a blue glowing orb, like a blue sun with little solar flares on it.

      Marcus then talked with me about how people in this society have a choice to be human, machine, or something in-between, but each choice has its own pros and cons. One can make a fully robotic body that is more or less immortal, indestructible, and makes you highly productive to the society. Or one can be a completely normal human with only one implant; a device to move your soul/consciousness in and out of your body. Marcus lays somewhere in the middle of that his body is between mechanical and biological, and his body can still die, though that is very unlikely and he can go for many human lifespans without returning here to be repaired, but that he likes to play it safe and routinely have his systems checked up on just to ensure nothing sneaks up on him.

      He explains to me that his body still acquires energy from food rather than the power sources used by other more mechanical variants.

      But because they have the technology to transfer your conciseness, everyone in this society is basically immortal unless they are killed by violence or a sudden and swift failure of their body, with inadequate time to transfer their soul into a new body.


      At some point we are on the exterior of the Gigatet. This area of the station is like a city and has an atmosphere held in place by gravity projectors and magnetic fields. We encounter this group of two or three boba-fett looking characters. (in that their armor was similar.) They hit Marcus with some kind of paralyzer device that seizes up his more mechanical body, but when they try to use the same device on me I feel nothing more than a buzz like a mild electric shock.

      I became lucid and started fighting them. At some point I tried to fly into the air but my flying was not working because I was wearing a heavy cloak or cape and could not seem to take it off, and the cape was stifling my flying jets and weighing me down. I tried to think of another way to solve the conflict and thought that the dream was taking on a star wars theme so maybe if I played along my dream control would work. I reached into hyperspace and got a pair of lightsabers.

      This was really thrilling to me. I blocked some laser fire and some of the assalants retreated until one was left. She and I jumped into the air (her using a jet pack on her armor and we fought.) But at some point, with a fair amount of effort I was able to get my leg above her head and kick her down into the ground. I then released Marcus by removing the paralyzing device. Some police drones came and Marcus explained the situation and they arrested the one I had fought last.

      For some reason the dream got really dark and I spent a lot of time carrying her over my shoulder. Eventually the police came to us and there was closure to the plot line. The plot line somehow carried on to a point where I was having my birthday in an old warehouse. My birthday party was pretty big, all of my friends were there. There were aged up versions of friends that I had not seen in years, and some people that I only vaguely recognized.

      Amit from Infected Mushroom and Samurai Jack came out onto a platform and started playing rave music, Everyone started dancing. I saw my old high school crush standing on a table topless chugging a keg of beer. This guy with a handlebar mustache and a white suit coat came up to me and said that I had won a motorboat and a trailer came in with a big red and brown motorboat on it. He gave me some paperwork and told me that I had to sign it to get the boat. He then said I could also win fifty bucks if I could manage to roll two dice and get snake eyes.

      I somehow found myself at the base of the basement stairs in my house attempting to roll the dice, but it was too dark to see what my results were. I was worried I was going to lose my first prize.


      I had a dream I was at the beach resort in Puerto Rico. My mom told me I was in an alternate universe created by my imagination. I recalled something I told her a few weeks ago IWL as a joke. I said that if I had been born as triplets, one triplet would be an artist, another would be obsessed with Taekwondo, and the third would be an expert programmer. I then saw the three younger triplets of myself walking around in these yellow and black scuba suits.

      I remember seeing a big row of palm trees on a sandbar out at sea and thinking that that was not there last time I went to the resort.


      I was teaching my taekwondo class and the class was abnormally crowded. There were lots of kids. Most of them were kids that are in my class now or have graduated. The class was taking place in this warehouse with brown brick walls and high windows and it was kind of dark in the room.

      I became lucid and decided I wanted to summon Manei. I forgot to try the voice command and just tried to summon through intention, by focusing on the door and imagining her coming through. I was thinking about how it was a dream and it was just my imagination so I should be able to make anything happen. Instead, my characters Raiah and Alduir walked in.

      The kids got older and the room was even more cramped. They said they wanted to play dodgeball and everyone started pulling out red rubber balls and throwing them at one another. Raiah said she didn't like dodgeball unless she got to play her way and started throwing with her robotic arm but she threw the ball so hard she knocked a kids tooth out and we had to stop.


      The dream carried on at some point. I was at like a carnival peir with the two of them. I was getting a strange enjoyment out of conversing with two of my original characters. I remember asking them for advice on how to make them better characters that more people would like. Alduir replied

      "The pretentious pillbug's snakeskin handbag --FUCK! I FORGOT THE REST!! Thats a poem I wrote for you? Do you like it?"


      Coming off another dream that I don't remember, the dream was playing out the scene from the ending of Star Wars Episode I; The Phantom Menace, where Obi Wan and his master fight Darth Maul, and I was Obi Wan. I got kicked down the reactor shaft and grabbed onto the ledge. I remember thinking that I knew what happened in this scene, that I jumped back up and grabbed my lightsaber.

      When Darth Maul looked over the edge I saw that he was now shirtless with a gigantic fat stomach. (Though his upper torso and arms still looked really muscular, and of course all of it was tattooed black and red.) He also had two arms on his left hand side and was holding three lightsabers. The first one was a standard lightsaber. The second one had an unusual handle and the blade went backwards down the arm like a tonfa. The third one was his double bladed lightsaber. He started slashing at the edge of the pit and taunting me. He said that if I didn't jump up, he'd use his triple bladed lightsaber. I wondered how such a thing would work. He then showed me that when he pulled apart his double bladed lightsaber there was a third blade in the middle between the two handles and he could now prod at me while I was holding on, but I avoided him.

      Darth Maul then grabbed a woman I had never seen before. She had long wavy blonde hair and was completely naked but had gag tied around her and told me to try and come up and save her. I wondered how the Star Wars movie would keep a PG rating with a fully naked woman in it and I realized that the situation was different from the movie and became
      lucid. I flew up and summoned a green lightsaber and beat Darth Maul, and the dream faded out.


      I had a really long dream that was stylized. It looked like the animation style of Samurai Jack. In the dream, Manei was a small child wandering around a meadow. In the meadow were the hulks of gigantic derelict space warships. One of them was overgrown with grape vines and Manei was trying to get the grapes down from the top but as long as she couldn't get them, she had to sleep in a cardboard box.

      My character entered along with two other characters and I showed her how she could get the grapes down by using a long stick with a hook on the end of it. I then got mad that someone had 'ripped off my dreams in an animation' and after some figuring became semi lucid. I made an effort to converse with her to no avail.


      At some point I recall a very funny exchange in where I was dreaming that I was taking a science exam in high school and became semi lucid. I looked over to my crush.

      "Will you have sex with me?"


      for some reason I completely lost my sh*t and began using telekinesis to crumble the building around me. My crush disappeared and the other dream characters in the class began running away in fear and panic.

      I woke up a short while later and pondered my behavior. It seems as though, even in dreams we are more in touch with a more primal, animalistic and emotional side of ourselves that awakens these desires.


      I was visiting Florida with my cousins and my old friends R and J. We were at a beach. I decided to go for a swim but when I got there I found my cousin had somehow beat me there and was crying because I wouldn't play a game with him. I tried to comfort him and told him that I would play with him. But my friend J also wanted to play with me and the two started fighting. I tried to get everyone to agree to just do one thing and all three of us could do it together but it didn't work. I saw J's dad coming over and wanting to work out the conflict but I didn't want to be involved so I dove underwater and swam away.

      When I came back up I was lost. At first I was worried about not being able to find my family members or my friends family members and became very worried of what they would think that I ran away and didn't come back.


      I remember having a very long, 'realistic' and detailed dream about a zombie apocalypse. My mother and I were staying on a farm with Jack (the dream character) and his two brothers and father. Jack was showing us how to use guns to kill the zombies and gave me a long rifle with a scope.

      The dream ended when I started waking up and WBTBed wanting to re-enter and continue the story but instead got a dream about my cousin having an allergy attack and needing to be administered an Epi-Pen.


      I had an absolutely absurd dream about being at some kind of hybrid of a water park and marina. The setting is that in where there are boats parked everywhere, attended almost exclusively by bikini-clad party girls. Large waterslides and roller coasters arc over small islands and rock formations that are above the water.

      In the dream, I have recently acquired my first job delivering tacos to the partiers via Jet Ski. I remember thinking that the job should net me decent pay and tips but didn't seem to be doing so, and I was still learning to properly control the Jet Ski. I also considered that I needed a better means to transport the tacos than holding them on a large tray in one hand while piloting the jetski with the other.

      At one point I was tasked with navigating the jetski between two tight rock formations, only to attract the attention of a very large centipede-like poodle. From far away it looked like the dog had been fake but getting closer made it look animated and lifelike. Though its body looked sort of like it were made of papier-m‚chť and cotton balls, like an arts and crafts project.

      It began chasing after me, barking and growling. The dog was able to navigate through the air with a swimming serpentine motion. I attempted to lose it but it was too fast, and I was still navigating that narrow pass. I attempted to splash water in its eyes and some of the women on the nearby boat scoffed at me for mistreating the animal. It was at this point that I also recognized that I had gotten the tacos wet and that they were no longer going to pay me for them. Though upon inspection, it seemed as thought he Jetski had made it through the narrow pass without sustaining any damage.

      I ran into my aunt, uncle and cousins and lost the dream.


      I was stranded in the ocean at night after a plane crash sequence that I only recall secondhand. With it came the old drowning feeling that usually accompanies any dream involving swimming, as big waves came crashing down on me.

      I then saw my character Raiah appear in the dream. She was struggling to stay afloat aswell. The sequence played out similarly to one from my comic with her character in where, since she has metal legs and a metal arm she cannot float or swim and had to detcach them to stay afloat.

      Then Manei came and reduced both of us and helped us both swim to the shore of an island. We woke up on the beach and the situation reminded me quite a bit of the movie Castaway, except there were three of us now. We started planning how we were going to survive until help came and the dream faded out.


      The next thing I remember was all three of us were in a city somewhere in Italy. Raiah had her bionic limbs back and the three of us were sitting at a cafe. Raiah was complaining that Italian food in Italy doesn't taste like Italian food in America.

      People began approaching us. They had grayish green skin and vampire teeth. The dream had some confusion as to wether they were actually vampires or zombies. They moved slowly in a big group like zombies but had teeth like vampires and were out to drink blood. I became semi lucid and began helping to fight them. I summoned my weapon and turned it into a staff and knocked some of the closest ones away.

      I then converted it into a bow and stood on a table and started shooting arrows. I was able to create a wide variety of elemental trick arrows by simply calling them out as I drew the bow. When I called out "Fire arrow" a group of zombies got set on fire. I called out "Ice Arrow" and it froze one solid in a block of ice. I called out "Lightning arrow" and the bow shot a bolt of electricity that chained from several of the zombies taking them all out. I called out a "Plant Arrow" and when it hit the vamp/zombie vines sprung up from under the brick pavement and entangled around it preventing it from moving.

      I started running out of ideas for arrows after awhile. (I was operating on weird logic that I could only use each type of arrow once.) and in my semi lucidity got concerned about my mother. I false remembered that she was in a house on the other side of the town and took off running. I don't think I was able to fly because I wasn't fully lucid but I was able to run at a speed I would place around 30-50mph. I started running through the streets and saw more of the vamp zombies coming after me. I converted back to a staff and did a pole vault over them.

      I remember the sequence of me running through the city streets seemed to go on for hours. I recall thinking to myself that my dream body seems to have unlimited cardio endurance because it's not a real body and all I have to do is imagine running full sprint and preforming flips, and I can do that all night.

      At some point I go third person and I'm running along rooftops parqouring and doing gymnastic flips that no real human could do. I eventually climb in the second story window of the building that my mom is in only to find she is a vamp/zombie. I convert my staff back to a bow Agian and declare that I will fire a "Holy Arrow". It works and she converts back to a normal person. I tell her to barricade the door and windows and wait for me to come back.

      I then spot a structure in the distance. The structure is a massive mining rig built on top of a volcano. I get a sense that Manei and Raiah have made their way there but that they are in trouble. I then see a robotic policeman attempting to barricade the vamp zombies. I fly to the volcano rig that has a giant staircase running up the side. I decide that I will land there. But before I can blast off at full speed Manei yells my name. She is still running towards me and is all out of breath.

      "This is ridiculous- you start jogging a little waking life and now I cannot ever pace you."

      "You saved me from the first dream, call it even."

      I become almost fully lucid. I forget about my other objective. The city starts to look like the city from Attack on Titan. I then see a two-headed Naruto going to fight Titans, but we ignore it and just sit at a cafe again. We start having a conversation. I realize that I should include Marcus in the conversation and just by thinking of him he materializes out of a blue portal in the ground.

      [Removed The conversation was personal. It ended with Marcus saying this.]

      "The Progress of humanity is advancing at an unforeseen pace. From the wheel to the spinning wheel to the printing machine and the mushroom bomb, figure-8-DNA and the three-two-two hyperdrive, our species spreads with a like a tenacious disease traversing the cosmos. [The dream fades out as I see a visualization of the milky way galaxy.] One day all of this will be ours but we must ask ourselves if that is a good thing or not." [The dream then zooms in on a solar system at the tip of one of the spiral arms. It is a binary system and there is a dark black planet orbiting far from the two stars. Marcus somehow implies that we will find something really bad there and when people try to colonize that system we will awaken some ancient evil or something.]

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    8. Spell's Fall Comp Nights 5-6

      by , 10-21-2016 at 01:30 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Night 5

      had a fairly lengthy but bland dream. I was in my 8th grade history class and everyone was naked, except me. Class seemed to be going on normally, though. The teacher was giving a lecture, and we were all taking notes. He kept telling me to stop being distracted by everyone being naked with a very serious tone in his voice.

      Marcus came in (also naked) and said something about the dream failing to allow anyone to wear clothes. He then walked over to the teachers desk and made a valiant effort to craft undergarments out of computer paper and scotch tape.


      I think this was actually from the 3rd or 4th night of the comp and I just forgot to document it. There was a dream where I false-awoke. In the dream, I had a very long beard, reaching about halfway down my body. I tried to shave it but it perpetually regrew in new and strange ways. The dream went on for a few minutes.

      Night 6

      I am attending Hogwarts. (I knew a HP dream would show up eventually, since I've been reading through the books.) However it was disguised as my middle school. I remember they were having a beginning of the year celebration. Apparently I had been sorted into house Hufflepuff and, for whatever reason, we had to sleep outside on the lawn. They gave us yellow and black stripey scarfs that were really big and could be used as blankets.

      There were some people running around the running track. (In-Dream, it was across the road from the middle school, instead of next to it, and I think there were quidditch goals set up at either, too.) People wanted me to run a race but the other people already had a head start. I started running anyway and (shame I wasn't lucid for comp points) went super fast. So fast I remember I would have a hard time turning tight enough around the bends in the track.

      It was getting to be nighttime and Dubledore came outside (He looked like a combo of dumbledore and my old Middle School principal.) He magically created a small carnival with a mini Ferris wheel taking up about half the field for us to celebrate. He also inadvertently created a forest of large oak trees filling the other half of the carnival. He said he might as well leave them there since they were not hurting anything and they were magically linked to the carnival so he'd have to clean up both of them anyway when the field needed to be used once more.

      I sat down under one of the oak trees and did a moon RC. I looked at the moon (it was full.) and looked down at the grass. When I looked back it was crescent shaped and the stars were brighter and more vivid.
      I became lucid, but I didn't think of my goals so I obviously wasn't too lucid. I just decided to fly around. (I think I was trying to impress some girl that I had met in an earlier dream by flying, but either I just saw her out of the corner of my eye or she didn't even notice.) In fact, nobody noticed at all when I took off. (I presume because this was a gathering at a magical school.) It took some forceful voice commands to get above altitude, and I remember seeing the spot where I took off, leaving a spinning orange/blue fire circle that expanded outward and faded as I flew away. I took off and hovered above the central area of the fair, examined my fire jets. The effect wasn't too flashy this time around. The whole dream was foggy.

      Due to forgotten lucid goals and generally not putting enough effort into this recently, I flipped upside down and hovered on a jet from one hand, and spun around like a top for no reason whatsoever. My phone buzzed in my pocket and then fell out because I was upside down. I had to dive and catch it right before it fell to the ground. I really scared this older woman who looked sort of like my maternal grandmother but with darker skin and a whole lot fatter when I flew down right in front of her face. I caught my phone in one hand and propelled myself back up to my original altitude with the other.

      I answered it. On the other end was who I presume was Marcus and he told me in a rather irritated tone of voice to stop calling my fire jets 'fire jets' that they are actually fire rockets because they can work in outer space. He then said that theoretically I should have the ability to shoot fireballs that home in on targets and explode when they hit, if I practiced more. I lost the dream abruptly.


      I revisited the scene. I was at the track with the oak trees and the carnival, but nobody else besides us were there now. Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe was there and we were laying on the grass stargazing together. The stars were even more vivid and bright this time.

      Night 5:

      NLD x2=2

      Night 6:

      Frag x1= .5
      NLD x1= 1
      DILD x1 =10
      Fly x1 =5
      Element Manipulation x1 =10
      Use electronic device x1 =5
    9. DreamCafe11's Dolls, Power Ranger Bikini, Half-City and Giant Bananas

      by , 10-13-2016 at 03:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Somethin to do with Crimson Skies.


      I had a false awakening. Smoky Quartz from Steven Universe walked into my room wearing lingerie and apparently 'in the mood'.


      I met DreamCafe11 in a semi-lucid dream, only I think she was very young. She was in the wood shop of my middle school at night making these wooden dolls of all my persistent dream characters. They looked sort of like those wooden figurine men you use for anatomy reference when drawing but she was sculpting specialized wood pieces to make hair and stuff and painted them to look like us.

      She then started making the Jade and Manei dolls kiss and she thought I'd be upset that she did it but I didn't care. I remember looking at the Marcus doll. (It had little glasses made out of wire and clear plastic that I enjoyed taking on and off.) I was telling her she was really good at making things. The glasses became full sized and I realized I had to give Marcus his glasses back because he couldn't see without them.

      Eye (fully grown) appeared and he put this reddish purple magic sand that came out of his sleeve on the dolls that made them into voodoo dolls that could control me and my dream characters. When he did this really dark scary music started playing for a few seconds. We were at my aunt's old house now. Eye ran into the basement.

      I got really scared and angry to the point of freaking out. I stepped on the dolls and broke them all. (So apparently a lapse in dream logic that stomping on the dolls didn't cause their actual versions to be brutally crushed by an unseen giant boot.) Cafe came back and she started crying because I ruined her hard work and she was hitting my leg.
      I started trying to make sense of my reality and getting more lucid but I forgot what happened after that. I think I might have woken up.

      I remember I was driving to college, but using a car that belonged to one of my teachers from elementary school. ID he had like a sky blue 1950's car that was really long and had big fins on the back of it. It was very hard to steer. I remember at some point I wound up driving off the road.

      It was like a video game. I was on a freeway that was high above this wasteland. (It looked a lot like something from fallout.) I couldn't stop the car and there were these red propane tanks in the road that I would crash into visibly damaging the car and causing a life bar in the bottom right corner of the 'screen' to decrease. I finally managed to stop the car, it was very nearly destroyed and there was only a small amount of life left.

      I came back onto the normal road. But traffic was stopped in both directions and somebody was riding a motorcycle up and down the road in a pink bikini and a pink power rangers mask. I met with this DC who had black hair and a big beard who was filming her on his phone. He said that he had a thing for people who rode motorcycles and dressed like power rangers, but he was really embarrassed about it. Apparently he would stop people he found attractive and pay them whatever it took to get them to wear his outfits and ride up and down the stretch of road outside his house on a motorcycle.

      I told him I wouldn't tell anyone if he helped me pay to fix my teachers car and he said he would.


      I was going on a run in evening/twilight time, passing the entrance to my neighborhood as I usually do about 1/3rd of the way through my route. I was thinking about how I wanted to make a movie about a lucid dream and I would film myself on a greenscreen and then put that against films of the background I wanted, and then use after effects to add my flying jets. I said I would need to have four layers in my after effects file to do it.

      Then I looked up and saw that in the direction of the downtown area of the town I live in there were three or four skyscrapers that were not there IWL. This made me RC.
      I got up onto the railing of the boardwalk trail that runs through the woods by my neighborhood and took off flying. I remember looking down as I took off to see if my flying jets were there, since sometimes they fail to appear and I just sort of hover, but they were there all right. I was thinking about how each time they seem to have different properties and this time they threw out these sparks like fireworks.

      I flew up over my neighborhood towards the direction of downtown. There were all of these concrete mid-rise buildings that were not there IWL. I flew by some of them and an old lady waved to me when I did. I then flew over a river that was mirror still and saw my reflection. But from the altitude that I was at I just looked like a little point of light moving across the sky.

      I wanted to go faster to get to the big city, but went really really high in the air by mistake. I looked down and saw the city was like a half-circle shape. Right in the middle where all of the biggest buildings were it just cut off and became a forest with no roads. I flew back down to the tallest building, a circular glass tower. I wanted to know what it was and I saw white hologram letters appear that said "kata towers". I looked around at all the buildings and they all had something that said 'kata' in the name.

      I started examining the buildings and noticed that some of them were only complete on the near side, and from the abrupt forest transition they were just like building frames and props with cutaways of incomplete interiors.

      Manei jumped off a building with a helicopter pad and grabbed my foot. This caused me to crash in the forest just beyond the cutoff of the city and when we hit the ground we slid across it and made a big trench in the dirt but didn't get hurt. She asked why I didn't hear her because she was yelling and yelling for my attention but I was too busy flying to listen. I told her I wasn't interested in having her in appear in every single dream and sometimes I just like to do things on my own.

      I saw in the back of the building had a giant bunch of bananas (~15 stories tall) built into the frame. I think I noticed other oversized groceries such as a giant bag of lays potato chips and oversized frozen pizzas still in the boxes.
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    10. Unable to say anything but 'Mountain', Soul Eater Movie, Jet Fighter Chase (LD #310)

      by , 10-06-2016 at 01:22 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Meditation is helping me to have better lucid dreams from what I can tell, at the very least longer and with more recall. It's not removing the weird factor of my dreams, but I think they're better with that left in.

      I saw an alternate world map at some point. I might have to draw it I don't remember everything from it but here were the basics.

      -There was a huge circular impact crater ocean filling up most of the southeastern united states and the Caribbean. The US was divided along the middle. Apparently the civil war never ended. There was only one island in the middle of the crater labeled 'puerto rico'

      -There was another landmass to the southwest of Australia, about the same size but a little bit more long and skinny. It was its own country and became important in the upcoming dreams. I forgot what it was called so I'll just call it Bobland.

      -All of the korean peninsula was labeled 'North Korea'. The Japanese Archipelago was labeled 'Regular Korea'.

      -Russia was divided up into three countries labeled 'Soul Eater' (to the west) 'Potato' (in the middle) and 'Amethyst' (in the east.) The country of Potato was colored brown on the map and shaped like a potato. It was known to be an agricultural breadbasket for this alternate world.

      -There were six or seven islands running between the tip of brazil and west Africa. Each one was its own country.


      I got to go for a walk on a nature trail in Bobland. Apparently most of the flora and fauna were similar to those in north America but there were some animals from other continents that had gone extinct everywhere else but here. Bobland was a very environmental nation. They only had one major city in the entire nation, on the southern edge in a big bay. Supposedly the city was still polluted due to being very industrial but all of the pollution was contained in a small quarter of the country. This industrial powerhouse gave them the power to preserve the rest of the country.

      I remember seeing on my nature walk they had two of these houses, they looked oriental, but they were up on stilts above clearings in the woods, and you had to climb high ladders to get into them. They were meant as lookouts for the park rangers There were also these animals called [something] kissers. They looked like little cat-sized kangaroos with anteater snouts and were red and white. They were really smart and used simple tools and if they came up to you and kissed you it was supposed to be good luck. I remember three or four of them followed on my hike on the nature trail and before I went back to my car to drive to the airport and fly back home they all kissed me with their little snouts.


      I was doing work for this political campaigner guy who was apparently secretly responsible for deciding who won the election; Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Apparently everything these people did and every speech they made etc was all a very elaborate setup to do psychological experiments on the people of the united states.

      He had this big hill in the backyard of his mansion that felt like it was my house in my neighborhood but it was bigger and made out of dark red bricks and had a black roof and all of these archways incorporated into the architecture. In his backyard he had this hill, well it wasn't really a 'hill'. It was like a stone wall on one side and on the other a grassy slope at an absurd incline (70-80 degree incline) but was flat a little bit on top. He planted two different types of grass on the hill to make the lighter color of grass with a five-pointed star on it. Apparently even though this whole experiment thing and his job were supposed to be a closely secret, he liked to advertise that he was an important part of the american government by having this huge beautiful landscape billboard thing in his backyard. *confused jackie chan face goes here*

      And I had to mow it. Gravity distorted in a way that when you walked up/down the hill, it was like walking on flat ground. But mowing it was hard work due to the sheer size of it (3-5 stories high and about as wide). Also I had to mow it in a very particular way as to only mow all of the grass inside of the star first, then move on to mow all the grass outside. When I had finished, (Dream time took care of most of the mowing) I went to put the mower back, and looked back to where the hill just was and this caused me to become
      semi lucid. For some reason I was thinking that I had to find a mountain first. (Maybe related to the disappearing hill, IDK) Internal logic and low level lucidity dictated that the easiest way to get to a mountain would be to fly to another planet with one. For whatever reason, I felt as though if I tried to find a mountain on earth, I felt like the dream would destabilize.

      I flew up into the air on yer standard issue flying jets, effortlessly and started flying through the clouds. I got some great sensations of flying, wind in my hair, cool, wet clouds, and good visuals. Then I saw two Jet Fighters and one of them said in a bull horn like police to stop flying because I was supposed to go mow that guy's lawn again. But I disregarded them because I knew it was a dream and they shot a missile at me. I remember I caught it and when I did I was surprised at how small and simplistic it was. It was about the size of a baseball bat and seemed to be made out of plastic. I threw it back and blew up one of the planes.

      I saw a huge white door (like the door of a house or a room) in the side of a cloud with a golden handle. I thought that it was a door to heaven and I said out loud to myself that I thought the dream was going to start having religious symbolism in it. I remember I had to flip around and fly the other way to get away from the fighter jets. When I came out the other end, I was in an office on a dock in an industrial shipyard. I jumped out the window and looked around. I recognized that this was the main city of Bobland. There was a huge harbor with lots of large industrial buildings, and big cranes loading up freight ships. In the distance, across the bay, I could see a very modern-looking skyline. I remember the industrial complex was between the mountains and the sea and built up onto the mountains with various mines and the likes on them. There were shipping docks and cranes up there and flying container ships with big wings sticking out of the bottom. Past that the industrial gave way to a few lower-class homes and eventually untamed wilderness and very tall snowcapped mountains.

      I was still obsessed with getting to a mountain. So I jumped out the window of the office and started running with super speed at an angle across the bay straight to the biggest mountain. The jet fighters from before showed up, only I think there were more of them. I somehow knew they had tracked me but I didn't want to waste my time in the lucid fighting them. I jumped into flying because it was faster than running and went supersonic, still flying just a few feet above the water. The thing that I remember was they shot machine guns at me and one the bullets went through my right forearm. It just made like a half-inch wide hole and the inside of my arm was just made of like pink Bologna and there was no blood, but it still hurt a little. I remember thinking to myself that these guys shouldn't be chasing me to the other side of the planet.

      Then what I assumed were the Bobland jets came. And there were A LOT of them. (Like 50sh) The country had these very futuristic jets with forward swept wings that had big turbines in them, and they shot blue laser beams rather than bullets. Supposedly they had been attacked by aliens in the past and fought them off but taken their technology to make their military very strong. (I remember an alien invasion was actually very important to the overarching plot of last nights dreams, probably explaining the alternate earth.) They were trying to shoot down the american jets but they could hit me too because of the way the chase was going, so I turned directions and went straight up. I was flying up twoards one of the flying cargo ships that had little turrets on the bottom started shooting with machine guns to try to kill the american planes. I said something like "Gosh, I just cant get out of the way." I tried to get out of the way and the american planes shot missiles at the flying cargo ship. (Though I think they were meant for me.) When they hit all of the cargo containers started falling off. I flew through them but they destroyed the american planes as they fell.

      I kept flying to the mountain. I didnt seem to be flying very fast or even able to get very high. It sort of felt like I was tired from flying. I don't know if it was because of all that action and maneuvering in the air or the fact that I was becoming aware that the dream was ending soon or what. But I eventually had to drop out of flying and start running with super speed to get to the mountain. I ran through a big quarry area that looked rather interesting but I ignored it. I ran down a long dirt road that led up the mountainside.

      I stopped about halfway up when I saw piglets running in the road. I remember they had two sets of front legs but the back set was too short to touch the ground. Both sets of front legs were bright red and lacked fuzz. When I stopped all the pigs started running away from me. They were apparently a product of genetic engineering and radiation poisoning. It was funny how they moved as squealed and ran away from me and I was thinking they were kind of cute. I wondered why they were here and could never think of any other time that I had dreamed of pigs.

      Manei jumped out from behind a dead tree and killed one with some kind of small axe or mace. I asked her why she did it. She held out a sandwich in a bag from a Subway and, sounding very angry, complained to me that they refused to give her both "Pig Meat" and "Fish Meat" on her sandwich and would only let her have one or the other. I told her that in waking life, we call 'pig meat' pork, and 'fish meat' is just fish. This incident with the sandwich was somehow supposed to be a more mundane everyday allegory for the epic adventure I had just had, but even now I have no idea how. I wanted to ask her about meditation but when I tried to speak, the only word that would come out of my mouth was 'mountain'. The dream went to black and I woke up.


      (After a short awakening)

      I was in a movie theatre with Maka and Soul from soul eater. (Only they looked like real people, not anime characters.) We sat down to watch a movie but Asura (from Soul Eater) gave a short speech first. Then this big judge guy with a powdered wig talked for a little bit.

      Then the movie started. It was some kind of 2D animated science fiction movie that reminded me of Titan AE. The main character was a high school girl who went to a space high school with aliens. There was a human boy that she liked but the boy didn't seem to like her back . Soul complained that the movie was boring because it spent all the time developing the girl's crush on a boy rather than showing the cool science fiction stuff. Someone in the front row threw an orange cat (yes, a living cat, like one that you would keep as a pet.) at the screen and stopped the movie. The cat then attacked the judge guy and pulled his wig off.

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    11. Galaxy God (LD # I don't know anymore.)

      by , 09-28-2016 at 02:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been experimenting with a written Dream Journal, but I had to drive to college in a hurry, and left the journal at home, so I wasn't able to write these down like I normally would. Figured since I haven't done a DV DJ in forever and I had a lucid last night, I'd drop this here.

      My cat was perpetually throwing up. No real reason to go into further detail about that dream.

      I was playing SC4. (Oh, hello video game I haven't played in months.) I was in my main region mentally planning some new cities. I wanted to make a row of three or four really big cities. I saw a triangle shaped city tile and decided to click on it. The game loaded for a long time and took me to a screen of a desert with a volcano in the background. A space shuttle with the orange fuel tank and SRBS flew by. (I think it actually had four SRBS, two on each side. I think it blew up and now I was now playing Kerbal Space Program. I clicked on one of the kerbals and made him go EVA from the cockpit.

      I was on my college campus, with my dad's sister and respective cousins. They were being generally obnoxious and complaining that they were bored. (Even my ~50year old aunt was complaining) I was supposed to drive them back to my house. I walked them across campus back to the car but the campus gave way to a collection of stores and office buildings. I thought I had gotten lost so I retraced my steps. (Family who had to follow me were not very pleased with this fact.)

      I walked back to the familiar part of campus and tried walking to the parking lot another way but it again gave way to stores and office buildings (and a video arcade) My annoyed cousins and aunt were at their breaking point and started yelling at me for my incompetence but I ignored them and I stopped and thought about the situation.
      I was pretty quick to come to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

      I took off flying, (generally family member DCs when they get like this are beyond salvaging.) I flew down the avenue and pulled up high into the sky. I saw a huge futuristic city off in the distance and decided to investigate. There were huge dark blue angular glass buildings at least a mile or two tall and flying cars, all surrounded by a more normal looking city. I decided I wanted to investigate the inside of the huge building so I would do the logical thing and land on the roof.

      I re-affirmed to myself that this was a dream and that everything that happened was just something that I was thinking of. I had some difficulty landing, flying was troublesome and I kept shooting off to the side, but I was eventually able to get myself to hover the roof of one of the buildings and kill my flying jets to fall the last few hundred feet.

      I fell through the roof and started falling through all the floors of the building. Curiously the whole building was like an empty glass shell with nothing on the inside. I kept falling and colors and shapes started to distort. I felt like I was sliding down a metal tube that went in all different direction. I didn't really care, it seemed like the dream was going to do something interesting so I just let it happen. I popped out the other end and I was in outer space. A huge golden spiral galaxy in front of me.

      Galaxy: (with a big booming voice like god) I have attained the highest spiritual status and the largest physical form. I am a galaxy! But you may call me... uhh...

      Me: Your name could be... bob?

      Bob: I AM BOB! Now tell me, why is your hair so long?

      Me: I don't know... I just kind of think it looks cooler that way...

      Bob: What would you do... If I were to cut it short?

      Me: My dream body is just a construct of my consciousness, allowing to have me a human experience in the dreamworld. Such damage could very easily be undone.

      Bob: F*CK!
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Spell's Comp Night 14: 3 Lucids; Stage Flight, Halo Battle, Bank Robbery

      by , 08-12-2016 at 03:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Now this is the kind of night I wish I'd be pulling off for the entire comp.

      I was talking to Manei and I said to her: "I like taking long hot showers and crying for no reason. It helps me get all my boogers out."


      I don't remember the first dream too well. I was with my cousins and we were going to see some movie. Then I remembered that the movie was in fact some play that I was supposed to have a part in. The movie theatre morphed into this huge coliseum with five stage curtains on a scaffold forming a pentagon in the middle. I don't remember if it was because there were five iterations of the same play being put on at once or because it was all one big play that made use of this unique stage. It also had something to do with my high school graduation.

      I remember leaving my family behind and going backstage to make preparations. I had no memory of being in this play or what part I was supposed to play. The director got really mad at me. He said that the play was a Porn-Parody of Harry Potter and made a penis joke about a "wand". I remember there was this big blue prop sign with white letters that said "Lucid Dream".
      I became lucid. Not long after I did, all of the dream characters except the play director vanished.

      I remember becoming lucid and thinking of my dream-goal to do do some kind of acrobatic/gymnastic maneuver. I was thinking about the olympic gymnastics and how very badly I wanted to mimic that in a LD. I also thought about how I might destabilize the dream if I do a flip or something because it would be like dream spinning. In more stable dreams it hasn't been a problem, and I've done it before. (Hence why it's a 10-point goal).

      I said I wanted to start easy. I saw this huge paper mache prop tree and ran up the side and did a parkour backflip. It didn't destabilize the dream very much. I then forgot about the goal and started flying and running through the branches of the prop tree. The play director ran and got a clipboard. He said he was inspired to write a new play about Peter Pan because I was flying. Then this really fat guy in a blue track suit came in. He said he wanted to enter me in a lucid dreamers equivalent to the olympics for agility flying since I had a natural talent for it. I told him I would like it, but I wanted to do proper training and not rely solely on natural talent.

      (Adds Lucid Dream Olympics to list of dream goals for after comp.)

      I remember I was playing Halo 4 (At least I think it was Halo 4. It felt like it.) I remember I had signed into the match by accident and it was 3v1. I thought to myself "huh boy, a 3v1, and I haven't played in awhile." I remember thinking that I should just quit, but that would be bad sport and I should at the very least try and fight them even if they stomp me. Also the place we were fighting in was the front yard of my house.

      It was at this point their personalities became apparent. The guy in red armor with the star on his shoulder had Steven's voice from Steven Universe and was the leader. There was a guy in white armor who was an idiot and a guy in pink armor who was a coward. They tried attacking me. I remember having three weapons avaliable to me (when in Halo, the most you can normally have is two.) I had a shotgun, assault rifle and the 3 round burst rifle from halo 3)

      It's not like I was playing to my fullest. In some weird way, (even though there the video game context was ignored) Controlling my character felt lethargic. Sometimes I would think to move a certain direction but wouldn't actually start moving half a second later. Aming was difficult too. More than once, I shot in a different direction than I was looking.

      I remember the white armor guy and the pink armor guy were pretty terrible and I was able to kill them pretty easily. For the most part they would just stand in one shot and try to shoot at me (and miss) The Steven guy was a bit tougher, he actually fought back and used cover. I know he killed me at least once. At one point the white and pink armored guys came after me driving a minivan they had stolen from the neighbors garage and I blew it up by throwing a grenade underneath it.

      When the score was about 10-1 the Steven guy said he was going to use a hack to transport us outside of the map. He did and we were now on a freight train that was moving. I killed the white and pink armor guys again and apparently when using the hack, they forgot to set the spawn points outside of the map boundaries too, so this was my opportunity to lose these guys.

      The train began going around this large lake (actually I think it was a bay) following a curved path. Because of the way the tracks curved I could see the Steven Guy way down at the end of the train across the lake. There was a (googles Halo vechiles) Banshee on one of the last train cars. He got into it and flew across the lake towards the front of the train where I was. I started shooting at him but kept missing. He shot a missile at me and blew apart the train car. I very nearly fell off but I grabbed this bar on the end of the train car and held onto the side. I swing around to the backside hiding from him.

      Dangit I'm lucid! Can't I just use VATS?

      I swing around once. I tried to stop time and target him, but nothing happened. (Well I got hit with a few spare lasers) I tried a second time and it worked. I focused in on him and got a HUD just like VATS. I set all my shots to target him (Think I had about 5 shots) I even got the 3rd person movie style of me shooting them and blowing the guy out of the sky.

      After that the train stopped, presumably because the match had ended. I think my armor dissolved and gave way to my regular dream self. I still had the gun but I threw it down in the sand and sad "gah! I hate using guns!" I saw one of the little ATV things from Halo and decided to hop on as an easy means of transportation. I got stopped by this fisherman guy who said that the ATV was his and it was a present from his mom and had been stolen from him by the Halo team that I had fought. I said he could have it back and he was very thankful.

      I somehow found myself in a parking garage looking through the back of my dad's old van and I found a fluffy white blanket. I was talking to my dad about something and said that I had to return the blanket. I went back to the fisherman's house and gave him the blanket too. When I did he hugged it and started crying. He asked what he could ever do to repay me and I said that it was nothing and I was just trying to be a more positive influence on my dreams.

      The dream phased from the beach where the train and the fisherman had been to the family beach resort. I wanted to go back and talk to my dream dad but I wanted to move in a way that wasn't flying. I remembered how in old lucid dreams I would move my feet like I was ice skating and gain super speed across the ground. I tried it but nothing happened. (Maybe because I was in sand... )

      What if I tried actual ice skates? I looked down at my boots. I felt like I could feel a button where my big toe was and wiggled my toe in to press it. (I also noticed, when I focused on the sensation of my feet that I was wearing no socks and had a lot of sand in my boots.) But when I pressed the button, an ice skate blade popped out of the bottom of my boot. I was a little bit awkward at first because I couldn't get the one in the other boot to come out because there was no button. Eventually intuition made me realize that I had to press the button in the right boot twice.

      I started skating down the boardwalk at high speeds. I remember thinking that I should use these more often and call them the "zero-friction skates".

      I arrived in this collection of oriental style buildings and a boardwalk. I find the fisherman character again sitting and eating a basket of fish and chips at an outdoor eating area next to a buffet bar. He thanks me again for returning his things to him. I think he was actually in tears this time. I thought it was funny. This guy really looked like the tough sailor type, even though he wasn't very big he looked tough, but here he was, balling his eyes out for me. He said he didn't like french fries because they were potatoes and the association with the phrase couch potato and laziness, so I ate some for a realistic taste, but no salt, and I couldn't find any, and didn't think to reach into hyperspace and grab some.

      He asked me how strong I must be to return two of his most important stolen belongings and beat up a gang of supersoliders that were apparently local bullies. He said he wanted to arm wrestle. I remember I accepted but it was this weird form of arm wrestling where we were standing and we tried to pull away from one another with our arms bent and whoever's arm went straight first would lose. The fisherman struggled and struggled, eventually cheating at his own game to try and bend my arm straight. I told him that "I'm the Dreamer." He didn't really understand that so I explained briefly that it was my lucid dream.

      I then remember making a point that my strength doesn't come from musculature because in the dream realm, that's meaningless. What's more important is your level of confidence. I decided to test something by using spear finger on a tree. (There was a large tree growing up out of the boardwalk several feet from our table.) I expected my strike to reduce the trunk to wood chips, but I don't think I was fully confident. (I was in the same mindset when I'm doing board breaking in martial arts classes.) I still drove my hand about halfway through the tree making a sizable hole and coming out with a fistful of wood shavings. The Sailor guy had a fish stick in his mouth and it fell out when he saw me do that. Priceless.

      I then saw the sky getting dark and decided I would do some flying. I said goodbye to him and activated fire jets out of my hands. In the reduced lighting the blue and reddish-orange contrast of my flying flames was exceptionally apparent, the colors really popped against the DW. There was even a "fwoom" sound as they came on. Sometimes my flying jets are very small and compact (or nonexistent), but this time they were like big bright colorful blooms of fire. I didn't take off right away and I was worried I'd set the boardwalk on fire. I took off and did a spiral around this pagoda building as the dream faded out.


      I went into something about driving with my dad, in the van again, going camping. I think it was actually a false awakening, explained that I had been asleep in the car this entire time and just woken up now as we were arriving. (We're actually going camping the day after the comp ends, no wonder I didn't catch this.) He said something about father son bonding.

      I woke up. I seriously thought about just getting out of bed and starting my day. (I did get up to go pee though.) I've had foul luck with reentry and mostly mucky WILDs. But I realized I was tired enough that I just might be able to pull of another short lucid and started doing counts.

      I was with my dream-mom. I remember telling her that this was a lucid dream and it can be utilized as a playground to do anything, even things that are not necessarily acceptable. She said she wanted to rob a bank. I remember also there was a plot about me being some kind of secret agent and I walked into a bank when there were robbers in it and everyone else was running away. The dream got scrambled pretty quickly where I was someone else and I saw my mom running out of the bank pushing a baby me in a stroller.

      I went into the back of the bank. I think I was with Manei now and we were planning how we would do this. Marcus had given us this little baseball sized shaped charge that we could supposedly use to destroy the vault door in the back of the bank. We walked in, climbed over the counter and went into the vault. I remember I tried figuring out how to make the bomb detonate. There was a really long red string wrapped around the bomb with a little pink plastic toad on the end of it.

      I then decided we would hack the computer instead. I remember trying to log in on the user account of somebody from the bank but I didn't know any passwords. Then I went to another computer terminal and saw that without logging in I could just enter the password to the vault directly. We tried a couple different passwords. The only two I remember us trying were "HoneyMoney" and "BigBenjamin31". I think Marcus was talking to us over radio giving us more password suggestions, but I ignored him since none of them worked.

      Me: "Alright. If I was in the prim and proper adult culture of banking, and I wanted to pick a password that nobody could guess, you wanna know what it would be?


      GLADOS sounding computer: "Password Accepted. Opening Vault."

      A woman came out of the bathroom and saw the two of us. She said she had been woken up by the Glados voice and had fallen asleep on the toilet. She was a little bit suspicious that we weren't supposed to be here even though the bank was closed, we were dressed like ninjas, and the dream guide behind me was stuffing money into a bag (Humorously stupid and oblivious dream character.) She somehow became convinced that we were a husband and wife pair and Manei was username "HoneyMoney" in the bank's employee registry.

      I woke up.

      Scoring: Since I've never had multiple lucid dreams to score I'm not sure how to do it. I think you can count dream control twice if you have it in multiple dreams. (But not necessarily a chain, like what happened last night.)

      Frag 0.5pt*1=0.5
      NLD (counting the nonlucid portion for each DILD since it was substantial.) 1pt*2=2
      DILD 10pt for first +5pt subsequent*2=15
      WILD 10pt for first=10
      WBTB 2pt*1=2
      Old Personal Goal (Gymnastic Maneuver)=10pt
      Basic Flying=5pt*2 different dreams=10pt
      Time control=(I'm counting my use of VATS as this.)=10pt
      Use an ordinary object to preform dream control (I guess it isn't 100% normal to have ice skate blades that pop out of your shoes, but I'm taking it and running.)=5pt
      Super Speed (From the skate blades)=5pts
      Eat Something (A few Potato Planks)=5pts
      DC Interact 2pt*all 3 dreams=6pts
      Super Strength=5pt
      Elemental Control=(Them big blooms of fire in the second dream should count. Such pretty colors (◕‿◕)) =10pt
      Use electronic Device=(Bank computer system)5pt

      Total: 100.5!

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    13. Spell's Comp night 13: Unstable WILD

      by , 08-11-2016 at 12:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I did another one of my accidental WILDs. (Not expecting it to happen either. In the WILD, I false awakened on my bed. The thing that tipped me off that I was dreaming was the fact that it was sunny out (in fact, I think it was snowy). I did stabilization by touching blankets on my bed, but I was thinking about waking up and the dream was really not that stable at all. I went downstairs and got ready to go outside for dream control when I woke up.

      I could feel myself back in bed. But I didn't open my eyes, or move, or anything. Reentry was easy and happened very quickly.

      I was in a basketball court, but it also felt like I was in my kitchen. I think the fridge and stove from my kitchen were in the corner and there was a window where there's a window in waking life. I took off and flew around. At one point I thought it would be funny to try and fly through a basketball hoop but I figured I'd probably get stuck. I looked down and saw my flying jets weren't visbile. Weird because I was hearing the 'flamethrower' sound that is usually attributed to them.

      I had a second awakening where I returned to being in bed. Reentry was just as easy and happened just as fast.

      I was still in the basketball court. I figured this time I had to think quickly to get points for the contest and thought of my dreamcatcher shield goal. I thought of making one and I actually got one to appear on my right arm, just like I had imagined it to look. (It was kind of small.) For some reason I was disappointed that it didn't make a cool sound effect when it appeared. I thought about testing it out but I would need someone to try attacking me.

      I woke up bigtime after that. I couldn't get back to sleep for a long while but I guess eventually I did because I remember this:

      I was asleep in the back of my grandmother's car. There was a 6" rat walking around on my body and there were a lot of flies and wasps in the car. I woke up when the rat started crawling on my face.

      Chain 2pt*2=4
      Basic Flight: 5pt=5
      Basic Summon=5pt=5
      Old Personal Goal: 10pt=10
      Frag 0.5pt*1=.5

      Totes: 34.5

      I feel kindof dirty taking points for such a bad attempt at a personal goal, but I've been kinda hard on scoring myself up until now...

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      lucid , dream fragment
    14. Spell's Comp Night 11: Not Agian!

      by , 08-09-2016 at 08:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with Legos. There was a building challenge where you had to buy five or ten of the same set and build something cool with it.


      I was in the park in my neighborhood. It was cloudy/overcast. There was no grass, the ground had just been replaced with hard, dry topsoil, and all the trees were there but they were dead husks of what they were originally. I remember seeing my dream self there. Somebody was talking about tattooing an arrow onto the forehead of my dream-self. I shooed them away and said "That's mine".

      Something weird was going on here. I was my waking life self, but my dream self was in the dream too. I remember I was periodically phasing into my dream-self's body and becoming more lucid, then returning to my own body. When I was in my own body, my dream-self would still be present, but he was like a robot. He had a very blank expression and would just follow me around and obey basic commands, and moved with a very robotic demeanor.

      But when I phased into my dream-self, my waking self would completely disappear. I remember thinking to myself that my phasing in and out of my dream-self was indicative of my level of lucidity. I remember thinking how normally I do 100 counts in meditation, but yesterday, I stopped around 50. I thought to myself "Huh, half the meditation, half the lucidity..." (Without realizing that at that level, if I would have just been able to realize what was actually going on, I could have broken through to full lucidity with basically no effort...)


      Something to do with these seven girls from my college. They had this ritual of, every Thursday, spending their paychecks on beer. They would go to a subway station and play this Jeopardy-type trivia game. There was also some reason that we were in a subway station, it was somehow related to simcity 4 and I was building too many subways in the city that nobody would use. (This is actually a bad habit of mine when I play any simcity game is to go a little... overboard with my mass transportation.)

      Each time they got a question right they would chug a can of beer. This meant that the game was balanced, so if someone was doing well at answering questions, they would get more drunk and start to fall behind, and the game essentially ended with everyone wasted, and for whatever reason, I was the host of this competition.

      Anyways I asked some $100 question about renewable energy in Europe and everyone got it right, so they all drank beers. Immediately after the first beer, all seven of them were drunk and it broke down into a "who could stomach the most beer before throwing up" contest.

      There was also something to do with the seven sins and each of the girls was representing one of them. I'm not sure if this was some kind of symbol or just a part of the characters they put on when they played this game.

      I did a WBTB after waking up from this dream and went to the bathroom.


      I remember going online and finding a comic strip that I had started drawing in 2009, and worked on again in 2012. Someone told me that I should finish it and publish it to make money (reason being that I had to pay a toll to drive a crappy tugboat that I also lived on through the panama canal...?)

      I remember looking through the old comic that was in a big thick hardcover book. The cover was plain red but the first page was left blank. After that was a really detailed waist-up drawing of an anthropomorphic moose woman with a quilted scarf around her neck. There was no diaolouge bubbles in the comic (I think there might have been some notes scrawled in the margins on what the story was about, but I didn't read em) I was able to figure out parts of the story just by reading it.

      The moose woman seemed to be in progress of infiltrating an island fortification protected by these large cube shaped robot sentinels with disproportionately small legs and numerous searchlights in order to steal some kind of teapot. The robot sentinels were painted bright yellow with red polka dots on the cube parts but were gray and mechanical in the searchlight mechanisms. The teapot was kept deep underground in a vault. When the moose woman reached the teapot she was caught by a character who looked like Marcus. There were several secret service guys around her pointing strange weapons (Looked like laser pistols from the fallout series). It seemed to be a dialogue scene but since there were no speech balloons I couldn't figure out what the characters were talking about.

      The comic seemingly cut off. It changed to a more simplistic cartoonly style. It was something Steven Universe related and I was wondering how I could have been ripping off of Steven Universe in a comic strip that I supposedly drew before the show ever came out. I then came to the conclusion that somehow the person who made SU stole from me. I turned the pages. There was what looked like a page from the Avatar Comics spliced in there, and a few pages of weird hybrid images that seemed to be depicting a crossover between avatar and SU. It seemed to be a diaolouge-heavy scene but there were no word ballons.

      There were several pages of sketches and 'storyboards' of comics, and . I skipped over them wanting to get back to the beautiful, full color comics from before, even if there were no word bubbles I was enjoying looking at the pictures and trying to figure out what on earth the story was about. I think I found a few more pages of completed comic art but forgot what the subject matter was. I flipped back to the earlier pages promising to make more of an effort to decipher what happened in them, but when I turned back to the pages they were reduced to an incomprehensible mess of scribbles and sketches.

      I said something to the guy running the lock about my tugboat. He said that the boat was hardly worth a penny in the condition it was in. I said that I wanted to clean up the boat and repair it to make it worth more. I remember getting this rush of motivation to clean it up. I began looking through the rooms of the boat (that had been sort of a makeshift house of mine) and finding piles of junk in them. The guy charging me to use the lock sat down with a calculator and started calculating how much the junk items I sold him would be worth.

      The first thing I threw out were two tricycles meant for very small kids. One was princess themed and the other was slightly larger and teenage mutant ninja turtle themed. I then threw away a broken umbrella, a box of old newspapers, etc. I cleaned out the main living room on the boat and then washed the metal walls with dish soap and repainted them. I remember there being some moral about taking good care of where you live, because chances are it will take care of you.

      Dream carried on with my life in the room on the tugboat. I lived there, but it was also where I worked. Now I had a nicer place to live not full of junk that I had collected.


      I was on my college campus. I remember the campus had experienced something strange, that tectonic activity had apparently acted on a particular mineral below the ground of the campus. The mineral caused there to be pockets of negative gravity. They weren't dangerous because if you stepped inside of one, you'd float up for a bit, but hit the top of the negative gravity bubble then be moved off to the side by wind currents or imperfections in the field and be moved to the border of the field where normal gravity would slightly rule out the negative gravity and force you downwards slowly. In other-words the

      These were fun to play in. People made up games where they would throw rocks into the negative gravity wells and they would shoot upwards and they would try to get their rock the highest just by throwing it forward.

      A female and male scientist pair were sitting there with a computer and some scanning equipment (their scanning equipment looked like several electric guitar amps wired to a fancy laptop) and they showed me computer visualizations of the gravity bubbles. They were just that, bubbles, sphere shapes. But they talked about how the gravity bubbles would increase exponentially because as they spread, they would activate more of the mineral and align the crystals to expand and join the bubbles until they formed a massive bubble hundreds of miles wide.

      I remember going inside of one of the buildings. Parts of the building had gravity bubbles inside of them. Campus workers had built plywood ramps that slowly inverted students and staff to walk on the wall and ceiling as they passed in and out of bubbles. I had to go to the advising office to talk about something. Everything in the office had been moved from the floor to the ceiling. I had had a boring conversation with the advisor (don't remember it.)

      I went back outside to meet my friends S and C. They asked me if I wanted to play with them in the gravity bubbles. I would have said yes but my Taekwondo Instructor appeared and said explained a plot about a guy who was an executive of this corporation who wanted to mine the gravity mineral and use it to power something for his corporation. He was supposed to be banned from it but there was a loophole in the law and if he could make it across campus and turn in a certain form before a certain time that day he couldn't get the permit to open his mine.

      I remember we began chasing after him. Then the scientists approached me again and informed us that we shouldn't try to get across campus because the gravity bubbles were cascading out of control faster than they had originally anticipated. We went after the guy anyway.

      We eventually tracked him down to this part of campy that does not exist in waking life. It looked like we were somewhere in Venice or this Italian city. There were these large white brick houses with red roofing tiles and vines growing up the side, and this big archway structure. We saw the corporate guy who looked like Amit from Infected Mushroom. He had his son with him and his son had a bodyguard. We tried to confront him but apparently the guy, his son, and his bodyguard knew martial arts too. He tried to warn us to back off and he did all these flips and kicks and stuff but we didn't back down and we started fighting everyone.

      I got stuck fighting the son's bodyguard. He was a big guy, suprisingly agile for someone of his size and he seemed to be getting the upper hand (dag nabbit if I was lucid this would be a different story). I kept stepping back and avoiding his strikes. I remember stepping back into a wall and walking up the side of the wall. (Not congruent with how the gravity bubbles were explained to work earlier.)


      I don't recall how but we managed to turn the tide of the fight. We tied up the son and his bodyguard with vines but the businessman got away and signed the deal to mine the mineral. Somehow, even though this had only happened over the span of a couple minutes there was already a huge mining complex with chutes, hoppers, a large tower, and a railway linkup constructed where the dorms should have been on my college campus. The man was standing on a stage talking about how he was going to use the gravity-defying mineral to create flying cars.

      Then the scientists came and said that the gravity bubble had collapsed (despite the fact that we were not all floating) but it was now pulling all of the world's oceans towards this one spot. I could see a big tsunami (about 50 feet tall) coming through the trees. I climbed to the top of a building. The dream blurred out there.


      I remember false awakening and signing on to dreamviews. I wrote up the first three dreams of this entry, with time skipping most of the actual writing and it being me just remembering key details of them hoping and refresing them in my mind, probably the reason I come to you all with four nonlucid/semilucid dreams, and posted them as a dream journal entry.

      DreamCafe had commented on my entry almost the moment I put it up. It was a link to my art thread where she had posted a picture. The picture was of her and all three of her regular guides sitting on the end of a bed. From left to right was Dawn, who was reading a newspaper, Cafe herself holding a cake with a birthday candle, Eye, in boxer shorts and sleep deprived looking, and Kiro with a cone party hat and a big present. There was a heart-shaped foil balloon tied to the bed post by Kiro that said "happy birthday".

      I remember the picture was also done in a style that resembled her art. The color pallate was interesting too. The background was grayish/purplish, and each of the guides were outlined in a dark shade of their respective color. The foil balloon was the only thing that looked different since it had full colors and looked realistic rather than drawn. It looked like it had been cut out of a photograph and photo-shopped into her drawing.

      The internal logic behind it being a birthday was that it was the anniversary of the day she had first managed to lucid dream.

      I remember downloading the drawing and opening it myself in Photoshop. I wanted to see what was on the newspaper. The headline said something about a famous white racing horses head that had been replaced with a bird's head. I thought it was funny. I tried to zoom in further to read the actual text but it became too pixelated. I could read the headline on the back of the first page that read "Scientists have confirmed that energy from renewable sources is the same color as regular energy." This had something to do with the question that I asked to the drunk girls in the second dream.

      1,000 words short of that other really dream journal. (Maybe I should give up on LUCID dreaming and try to see how many non-lucid dreams and fragments I can recall in a single night.)

      LD 1pt*5=5
      Frag 0.5pt*1=0.5
      WBTB 2pt*1=2

      Total: 7.5
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Spell's Comp Night 2: Nonlucid Spam

      by , 07-31-2016 at 07:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So this is going to be an exceptionally long entry because I have to bundle dreams from a nap I took yesterday with dreams from last night. Yesterday I took a nap from about 3:00pm until 6:00pm and had these dreams:

      Something to do with a fat Minion. He had stolen some macguffin crucial to the plot of whatever movie I was watching (I think it was minions 2, but I can't be sure.), and was weighing the three options he could do for it. I remember he had three ideas. One that he could come clean and give the thing he had stolen back to its original owner and face the consequences. The other was that he could keep it and sell it on the black market. He had a third option but he had a very limited window of time to carry out this option, whatever it was, I forgot.

      I remember he was in a restaurant setting and he was squirting blobs of mustard and ketchup to represent the good and bad things about each of his possible plans trying to weigh the pros and cons. The scene was supposed to be funny but I found he was making a mess. He got kicked out of the restaurant and these secret service guys took him away and interrogated him. When they took him to the interrogation chamber he played dumb and kept saying something about a banana.


      I was walking with my mom. My dad was cranky and didnít want to walk with us but still wanted to be with us so we could know how mad he was aboutÖ uhhÖ I donít knowÖ something. so he was driving along very slowly in a car with the window rolled down next to us while me and my mom were talking.

      My mom said something about the sky and I looked up to see some turbulent looking clouds (as well as a missed multi-moon dream sign) There was a very pretty sunset.

      Iím fairly certain that there were little kids who looked like Cafeís Dream Guides who were buying ice cream from the ice cream truck. There was some subplot where all three of them had a crush on her and were trying to impress her by buying her ice cream that she liked. But none of them actually knew what kind of ice cream she actually DID like, since none of them had the courage to approach her and ask her, so they were all making their best guesses. I remember just thinking about how the ice cream truck always comes so late in the day. (Accurate to WL, the ice cream truck in my neighborhood always does come very late in the day.)


      There was also a false awakening where I woke up at about 9:30pm, when in reality I fell asleep around 3:00pm and woke up at around 6:00. I remember a very large orange cat sitting in loaf position in the door of my room and I couldnít get out of my room because of it.

      Onto the dreams from last night: Between two WBTBs and my final awakening I had a lot of dreams, all of them completely non-lucid. A plot-line or two even transferred over the first Wake-Back-To-Bed.


      I was having lunch in the cafeteria of my elementary school. I said that I was having "Pickled Bento" and got some weird looks from some friends.
      I attained some level of lucidity and chuckled at the idea of a bento box inside of a giant glass jar of vinegar, and one appeared.

      A fragment involving Bismuth being a sacred element. There were either three, four or six bismuth crystals that needed to be slotted into some alien device in a particular way. I think the bismuth crystals became contagious due to improper handling and began spreading across the surface of the planet. (I remember the planet I was on was not earth, it was some kind of alien planet, like mars, with dusty red soil.)


      I was playing Minecraft with this kid that I sometimes babysit. (IWL, our favorite activity is to play Minecraft.) I had built a large, detailed castle that he was very impressed with. I remember the castle had a large network of tunnels and rooms underneath it spreading almost all the way down to the bottom of the world. I was in the basement of the castle expanding the tunnels. But I had run into a lot of lava and the moment I remember most clearly was when I was mining some diamond ore blocks.


      I am at my college. My creative writing professor is there and she says we are going to watch some surprise children's cartoon and write a poem about it. She talks for a bit about the context of a children's cartoon and how we are adults and shouldn't be able to get much out if it. But apparently that's part of the exercise, that we have to re-invigorate this childlike sense of wonderment and fun from watching a cartoon and that's part of the exercise, then, while it's fresh on our minds, write a poem about it. The professor reminds us to not be late for the viewing of the cartoon.


      There is a jump in time to the night that we are supposed to be viewing the cartoon. At some point somebody figured out that it was going to be Episode 19 of season 2 of the original Avatar Cartoon. Then I remembered the professor had told us to take lots of notes before, during and after the viewing of the cartoon. Apparently the context of how we were feeling before and after viewing the show was important to our poetry.

      For some reason, we were viewing it on a projector screen in the yard of the house next to mine, and I was in a hurry to get there because they were about to start. (I think I was hurrying back from a Taekwondo class, but I'm not sure.) Also, it is late at night, the sun is down, but there is still a little bit of twilight at this time. I am driving down the road in my subdivision backwards, mostly navigating with the rear view mirror. I remember I pulled into my yard backwards and ran out of the car to the neighbors yard where the class was. The professor was happy to see me and told me she was worried she would have to put a bad mark on my grade for not showing up.

      I then remember my dad came out and told me to move the car off the lawn. (Surprisingly not very ticked considering I had done a pretty considerable lawn job.) I figured I could, since it would just take me a minute. He went back inside and started up the car. I started to pull into the road to park by the side of the road but a car drove past without its headlights on as I was pulling out and hit the rear passenger side of the car. It drove off without stopping.

      I sighed and thought "oh great, now the car is damaged too." I started to orient it to park but I was facing down the road the 'wrong way', but then I saw another car (this time a big white pickup truck) drive out of the darkness without its headlights on. It rammed into me and I went third person as I saw the car roll several times onto the opposite side of the road to my house.

      I went back into first person and saw a large cut on my left arm that was bleeding. I looked out the window and saw three moons (missed that dream sign again) and things went black.

      I wake up in the hospital. The doctors said I had no permanent damage from the car accident, that I just lost consciousness from getting knocked around too much. I saw a bandage on my left arm. I then remember some police came in to talk to me about the car crash. I told them that there were two people driving without their lights on that it was their fault for hitting me since I had no chance of seeing them. They asked for more details on what happened.

      I wanted to draw a picture for them but I didn't have a notepad, since I thought it would be the best way to explain it. I got out of bed and stood in the hallway with the police. One of the police went back to the car to get a notepad, but when he got back, I had lost the pen. I tried to walk back to my room to get it, but a doctor told me to sit down in the other room, since I was supposedly still weak from the crash. (Though I felt fine.)


      Somehow related to the previous dream. (I think I had been recruited into a secret agency after surviving the car crash, nobody thought the crash was survivable, but apparently I had unwittingly employed some advanced technique for surviving car crashes, and they had wanted me to drive a car and chase down criminals.) The car wasn't like a police car but a black sports car.

      I was chasing some criminals in a remote country road. (I think it started out as the dirt road that runs behind my house, but as I drove it became an original creation to the dream with big hills and a railroad crossing. It was a beautiful, remote wooded road.) But they turned the tide on me because it turned out that the car I was chasing was just bait and their real plan was to capture an agent (me) and use me as a hostage. Two armored trucks came behind me with machine guns on top and started shooting at me.

      I saw the railroad crossing was flashing so a train was coming. I thought this was how I could lose the armored trucks. The second one was hit by the passing train but the first one was still following me. I remember I turned and drove down another railroad track for awhile until my car got stuck. I got out and was walking by the side of the railroad track. I think was trying to call the agency for help on this little black star-trek communicator spy thing but the enemies had jammed my signal.

      I came across these hillbilly people who were walking along the railroad tracks. It turned out they were all other agents. They said that a train shipping valuable supplies for the agency was going to pass through here but the bad guys had cut down trees and put them on the tracks.

      I helped the redneck undercover agents by telling them to use a tree stump and a small log to make a lever that could be used to roll the bigger trees off of the train track. We got the last tree off of the track just as the train was getting near.


      I remember I brought the agents back to my house. They told me I was a good agent and I should keep eating my kid nuggets to stay healthy/strong/a valuable asset to the agency. I asked them what 'kid nuggets' were. They said that they were like chicken nuggets but made with the meat of little kids. I went up the stairs and saw them all eating what looked like plain timbits but they had meat inside of them and I figured those must be kid nuggets. Some low level of lucidity possessed me and I was able to convince myself that they were not really eating children, but rather just timbits.

      4:30am WBTB

      I am inside what feels like my cousin's school. (I visited my cousin's school once.) I remember I was re-taking the class from before and I was the assignment where we had to watch Season 2 episode 19 of Avatar. But this time we just had to walk to another classroom with a working video projector to do it. I remember the professor left and told us to take a ten minute break and meet her in either room 114 or 119, I forget.

      I didn't need a break from the class and was actually rather excited to get on with the assignment. I walked down the hall to a room marked with the number I had to be in but when I went in there was a different teacher/professor teaching me math. There was a misunderstanding because the numbers 4 and 9 looked really similar when they were printed on the room numbers in the building and I had gone to the wrong room.

      After the professor let me out, I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I went in to find ten gray urinals of increasingly large size. (The smallest being about the size of a sheet of letter sized paper, The largest being about 25 feet tall and so large that I had to slide along the opposite wall to get past it to the stalls.) There was only one bathroom stall. It had a black privacy wall and the toilet was elevated on a concrete slab making it very awkward to get on top of.

      I went and did my business (sparing the details of this, other than saying that going to the bathroom here was surprisingly normal as far as dream bathroom trips go.) The bathroom was pretty dirty and it looked like somebody had peed on the floor. (Or... er... several people judging by the amount of urine.)

      When I came out there was this girl with short blonde hair and a cheerleader outfit and I realized that I was walking out of the woman's bathroom. She took a picture of me with her phone and laughed because I walked out of the women's bathroom. Apparently she had switched the signs as part of a prank. I didn't get that right away and was convinced that I had been in the men's bathroom because there were urinals. She said she was going to start a rumor about me and I kicked her in the groin hard enough to lift her into the air and shouted:

      Spoiler for for those of you who aren't used to how I talk when I'm angry in dreams:
      Thanks nonlucid dream-me. That was a totally valid reaction to that situation...

      I don't remember the visuals/etc, but I remember the remainder of the plot that I ended up getting in trouble for kicking that girl because she was the daughter of the principal of the school and I got sent home early. My professor (who apparently saw the her switch the signs and defended me) said that I should come to class next time having watched the episode of avatar and taken notes for my poem.


      This was somehow also tied to both of the first two dreams. I remember my dad said that I had been having a hard time because I had either crashed the car or gotten in trouble at school or both. (The timeline of this whole thing was now nonlinear, this dream somehow took place on multiple timelines. In one timeline, all of the dreams from the night were supposedly happening in a linear sequence, and that he thought I was down on my luck because I had both failed to do the class assignment two times and I had been in the car accident. In another timeline, only the first dream involving the car crash happened, my dad assumed that I was only down on my luck because of that, and in a third timeline, the first dreams of the night had not happened and my dad thought that I was down on my luck only because of the incident in my cousin's school and the other dreams had not happened.)

      S was there too, curious about what my dad was about to show us.

      Anyways the thing he wanted to show me was his vinyl record of songs that he had recorded. Apparently, in dream my dad had secretly worked as a DJ at a disco deck around the year 1980. He had recorded this album called 'dark matter disk' of early electronic/techno songs. Apparently he was famous enough as a DJ to get this science fiction movie with the songs from his record as the soundtrack, and he was this sort of flash-Gordon style movie star to his own movie. But apparently the movie majorly bombed in ratings and didn't make enough money to pay for itself, and my dad was really embarrassed about the corny acting and poorly written story, but he decided to overcome his embarrassment and show me and S.

      He put the movie into the video player. It started off with the backstory saying that in 2077 Nasa built a telescope powerful enough to see planets in orbit around other stars. But when they looked at what seemed to be an empty patch of sky they saw the Dark Matter Disk.

      It was an alien spacecraft but in the shape of a record, a huge disc with a hole in the center. There were energy conduits glowing green running out from the center. The NASA scientists said that the spacecraft was twice as big as the distance of the sun to Neptune, but very thin, only a few hundred miles thick. I remember very good for 1980 computer CGI of the spacecraft using gravity waves to collect gas planets, apparently planets that were rouge and didn't orbit any star. There were dozens of planets originally arranged randomly, but they were arranged by the ship's gravity waves into a row perpendicular to the spacecraft, passing through the central hole.

      Then two smaller spacecraft detached from the main, and each flew to the end of the row of gas planets. They were originally thin needle like spacecraft but they unfolded into these parabolic dishes facing inward toward the middle. They then fired an energy beam that forced the row of planets to collapse right in the center of the main spacecraft. They formed a black star, but it created white light along the edges and a few spots in the middle. Apparently they called it a black hole star.

      I lost the dream here, but the plot of the movie had something to do with the aliens trying to steal all of the gas planets in our solar system to make their next star.

      6:00am WBTB, Wee back to bed, Nose Pinched upon awakening, suspicious of a false awakening, but it was real life.

      I was walking out of my high school. I think this was on a timeline where only the dream involving the cheerleader in my cousin's high school had happened but none of the other dreams had not happened.

      I remember I got to the room in the stairs under the wing by the bus loop and these four guys stopped me. They started talking to me like they were going to bully me. I got ready and as I expected one of them came at me and tried to attack me with a knife. I didn't want to get in trouble for fighting in school so I tried not to kick him too hard. (Also, my martial arts felt sluggish. Usually even when nonlucid, I'm very light and nimble and can attack quickly. In this dream they felt slower than real life) I did kick the guy away into the wall and he dropped the knife.

      Then this little but still muscular guy came up to me and I grabbed his hand and twisted it causing him to fall over and took him down. This big burly black guy then came at me with brass knuckles. I ran around and avoided his punch, then jumped and kicked him in the stomach. He just laughed it off and told all of the other guys to stop trying to attack me. Everyone else got up, uninjured.

      The black guy explained that these four were a part of some fitness club and they wanted to remind people that fitness was good for self defense, and that if this had been a real fight, most people would have lost. Apparently they got clearance with the school to pretend to assault people to convince them to go to this after school fitness thing, since apparently violence was a big problem at my school in-dream.

      I told them I already did Taekwondo, but that I would consider coming in if I found time in my schedule. I also told him to probably rethink the marketing tactic though and the guy said that it was probably a good idea since not a lot of people appreciated being pretend attacked. My friend S appeared saying he saw the fight happening at the other end of the hall and came to help, but I explained what was going on.

      The last thing I remember was the power in the school going out. The black guy said that some antagonists were doing it and now the six of us had to work together to take them on in a real fight.

      Nonlucid Dream: 1pt*7=7
      Fragment 0.5pt*4=2
      WBTB (fail) 2pt*2=2

      Night Total: 11

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