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    1. More Moons than I could Count

      by , 12-11-2014 at 03:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with trench warfare in WW1, only it seemed as though they were wearing some kind of armor over their head and body that could deflect bullets. A rush started and the dream was following the narrative of one guy. He took a couple of hits in the armor, then someone started shooting him in the arm. Five or six bullets went in and he fell behind the cover of a tree stump and started bleeding out. He wished that he had never joined the army and stayed at home with his family on a farm.

      Earth was now in orbit around Jupiter somehow all the moons of Jupiter were visible in the sky. (Mysteriously lacking the king of planets though.) I was pointing them out to someone that I was standing with in the parking lot of the supermarket in my town. I think that the moons were my doing.

      "That's Europa, and That's Io, and That's Ganymede and that's- also Europa?"

      There seemed to be slightly varied duplicates of each moon. I started to question why each moon was exactly the same size in the sky.
      They all orbit at different distances and are different sizes. Also why are there duplicates of some? How is earth surviving in the orbit of Jupiter?! Wouldn't everything freeze out this far from the sun?

      *Wakes up*

      Rats. Well I didn't fall asleep until pretty late last night, so I suppose that explains the sour recall.
    2. Weird ATLA Secret, Fraxnor Infiltration in cloud base, Anything goes at High School.

      by , 12-10-2014 at 02:09 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I guess that dry spell is broken...

      I was watching the final episode of Legend of Korra. In it, Aang appears as an old man and everyone asks how this is possible. He says that he faked his own death so that the world could actually have two avatars. (Um... okay, I don't think that it works like that, but it's a dream.) Also, elderly Aang looks just like the way he did as a child save for he has a long beard and bags under his eyes.

      He used this energybending move that caused all of these blue orbs to fly everywhere. It had something to do with focus. He would then select one orb that was the move that he wanted to do. He tries to teach the move to Korra, but she doesn't understand it and gets frustrated. (Of course.)

      He then decides that he wants to try it on me. The dream shifts to my garage and Aang is a real person now, only he's a kid now and he has hair like in season three. There is a mirror in the garage and I look into it to see what I look like. For some reason my hair is black has all of these dark brown highlights that look like stripes.

      Aang wants to try to use energy-bending on me to make me better able to lucid dream. He asks that I cast a magical field to filter off any negative side effects. I hold up my hand and concentrate on creating a feild and nothing happens, but he seems to think its there. Aang then creates dozens of orbs around the room and begins connecting them. He then fires a bluish white ray at me from his hands that causes me to wake up.

      I was walking around my subdivision by the lake when I nose pinched and realized I was dreaming. There was some sort of presence that felt very scary or dark in this location so I decided to fly far away. I put my hands down and turned on my flying jets, and focused on a cloud up above. The sky was a rainbow of strange colors going from crimson red to orange to a yucky shade of yellow, with bluish-gray clouds.

      As I got closer, I noticed that the cloud didn't look very cloudy. It looked solid. I slowed down and ran my hand along it. It was solid ice; a solid ice cloud! I then noticed what looked like a tunnel into the cloud. I flew into it and eventually met a high-tech looking steel door. I heard a voice on the other end and someone let me in.


      I was with Marcus, inside his ice cloud base. He explained to me that the base was actually a secret ship and coolant was pumped to the exterior so that the ship would be covered with ice and condensation to disguise it as a cloud. (That's actually a really good idea, assuming you have enough power to keep the ship aloft with all the extra weight.) He was fighting this alien race called the Fraxnor.

      Just then an alarm sounded. A fraxnor was in the base. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and started chasing him. There was a plot in play here that this ship/base was very secret and we didn't want anyone fraxnor who found it to get out alive. I started chasing him, he was about seven feet tall, walking on long triple-jointed legs and huge feet. He had two sets of arms, four eyes, and a small ball-gut style body, and he was the yuckiest shade of puke-brown with wrinkly alien skin. And he could run.

      He got to his ship, in the hangar. I jumped into a fighter spacecraft and Marcus followed me. We fired on the guy again and again, but his ship was just a hair faster than us and was getting away. A health bar showed up and it would take one more hit to kill this guy.

      Then I looked below us. There was a huge war going on, and the original terrain of my subdivision and town had been replaced with a barren planet of craggy rock formations. The yucky yellow sky remained though. There were four or five space warships and hundreds of fighters on each side. Basically a full-on star-wars style battle. But our mission was to get the one who got away.

      "We'll never catch him now."

      My lucidity refreshed.

      "Not like this, we won't!"

      I pulled what I assumed was the eject lever and shot out of the space fighter. I broke away from the ejector seat's restraints with brute strength. I looked down at the escaping fighter. Flying jets on, and I shot after him.

      This guy was fast, and I really had to gun it to catch him. I've never flown this fast while flying before, and my booster flame sounded less like a flamethrower and more like the whine of a turbojet. I came down into the canyon, on top of the fraxnor's fighter. He looked up out of the canopy at me and opened his mouth. I could assume he was screaming, though I couldn't hear squat.

      The dream got blurry at this point, but I think I wrecked his ship. When it crashed, he tried to get out, but I punched him in the face.

      Spoiler for violence and bad things in a school:
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    3. Peanut Butter Wars, Semi Lucid

      by , 12-09-2014 at 04:48 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a new music building being added to my high school. It has all of this wood paneling and all of this bamboo growing out around the sides.

      There was some crazy war going on where two armies were fighting over a supply of peanut butter.

      The battlefield is this huge open meadow, surrounded by thick woods. There are a couple of mountains in the distance. The area sort of has a minecraft feel to it, though nothing appears to be made of blocks. I also recall seeing a cartoon drawing that was a map of the battlefield and contained the tactics used by the armies with drawings of cartoon soldiers killing one another. The map was drawn on very high quality parchment paper.

      The battle began. One army was clad mostly in steel armor and used swords. All of the men in this army looked really short, and they all looked the same. They appeared to be the more formal army. [Dream Logic]They also had trebuchets that were launching large jars of peanut butter at the enemies that would explode on impact. The peanut butter was sticky and supposedly would slow down the advance of the enemy. [/Dream Logic]

      The other army was a small band of tribal men with long dark hair who rode on horseback. They had a very native-american feel to them. They fought with spears and bows mostly. Although they seemed inferior in numbers their tactics and skill in combat was impressive.

      Somehow I got into the fight. A group of the steel clad men came after me.
      I became partially lucid. I started fighting with them; running at them and disarming one. I took his sword and used it to cut down a couple of others. One ran at me from behind, yet somehow I could sense him coming. (Partial lucidity?) I threw him over my left side, both stabbing him and taking his sword. Dual wield. I turned to see what looked like a lieutenant of the steel army readying a bow. (His armor was fancier, I assumed he was important.) I threw one of the swords and it stuck right in his face impaling him.

      I then see a couple of the tribe men charging at me on horseback. I throw the other sword, that for some reason becomes a spear when I throw it. It strikes the leader in the leg and also injures his horse who falls over and the whole group trips over him and falls down on him in an almost comedic fashion. A couple of guys manage to get out of the confused pile of horses and charge me. I pick up another sword and get ready to fight when the dream changes.


      Somehow or other I found myself in my living room. Manei was there, laying on the couch. And for some reason or other I didn't quite grasp that I was dreaming. I thought for some reason that I was awake and imagining that she was there. Something was amiss.

      For some reason I still had a spear on me from the previous dream. I was examining it a little, and spinning it around like a bo staff. (Not sure how, though, the living room in our house is tiny.)

      She told me that she was upset because she had gotten in trouble with her guide, and that she overall wasn't feeling well. I did my best to be understanding, but I don't think I've ever seen her not all happy and bubbly like she usually is until now. Not having the best grasp of dream/reality didn't help either. I didn't really know what to do, so I dropped the spear and sat down on the other couch across from her, and the dream faded out.

      I wonder if I could find Manei's guide and talk to him/her. That's either a really good or really bad idea. The bottom line is: I'm getting somewhere, albeit slowly.
      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Dogfight over New York, Lovers' Retreat, Real life FPS, Beach Tailgate with breif lucidity (LD#118)

      by , 10-05-2014 at 02:36 PM (Lucid Time!)
      New york is under attack by another nation, and I am assigned to pilot an experimental aircraft designed for combat in locations like cities where maneuvering and control are more valuable than speed. Their wings can vector the thrust from the engines in any directions, allowing us to fly between buildings.
      I don't remember much of the dream, but I recall doing fairly well in the dogfight and taking a dozen or so enemy fighters before being shot down myself. I ejected and floated down into the city. I also recall the city itself. Most of the buildings were still standing with small craters and damage likely caused by the initial attack.

      I am at college, and I recall meeting this girl who was just crazy about me. She loved me. This was kind of a bother, because I found her to be annoying and overly-hyper. She wasn't very attractive in my eyes either, but I had decided to give her a chance anyway. I don't really recall what she looked like though...
      She took me to her home (that was somehow on the campus). There was a lavish duplex built on the shore of a beach. (Dream sign) Next to it was a pool and a hot tub. She also had a tennis court and a play-place. There were a couple of palm trees around, and the rest of the island was covered in small craggy hills, that looked like miniature mountains.
      This whole dream was set during the nighttime, and it was dark. In a strange way, I felt like the island was indoors. I felt like we might be inside a giant skydome or something, like on The Truman Show. Anyways my new girlfriend wanted to go in the hot tub. I told her I had to go change, and went into the duplex where I had a suitcase. And because it was a dream, I kept putting on my bathing suit and have it turn into something that was not a bathing suit while it was on my legs. So I must have removed a pair of jeans or shorts or boxers five times until I put on an actual bathing suit.
      Eventually I managed to put on a bathing suit and head out to the hot tub, but this girl was totally ADHD and by the time I got finished changing and got to the hot tub, there she wanted to play tennis. We started heading over to the tennis court (without changing of course) and I lost the dream.

      I am having this dream about a real life first person shooter, or some kind of combat training. I can't recall what exactly it was, but I know that it was not a real war. But dirty fighting is still allowed. There are huge teams, I think 16 on 16.
      I am geared up with all of this military gear, such as an assault rifle, pistol and some grenades.
      Me and two other guys who were much less experienced than me were tasked with guarding this pathway that led out of the woods. Supposedly bad guys would undoubtedly come up this path and into our base. Sure enough, guys did start coming. We used some big trees at the end of the path for cover. We ducked and covered for awhile and managed to take them down.
      Then one of the guys I was with started screaming because he saw the enemy commander. The enemy commander was this huge man, about 6'6" and very fat. He wore all black and carried two large SMGs. I told my teammates to give me cover and I ducked behind a fallen tree.
      Now what I did next was a bit strange. I dropped my gun, my grenades, my sidearm (a pistol), my body armor, my backpack, and my army coat, leaving only my pants, boots and the sweatiest, grossest tank top I had ever seen. I then ran down the path, dodging the commander's bullets and kicked him as hard as I could in the groin. While he was distracted my teammates shot him.
      There was this other part where everyone had stopped fighting. Apparently there was somebody else who had the same idea as me, this Chinese guy on the other team. He had thrown off all his gear and the two teams were now forcing us to have a MMA fight to determine who would win. We were fighting on a paved basketball court and both teams were watching us fight. I think the Chinese guy beat me, but he told me that I was still a good fighter.

      I was having some dream that somehow tied back into all of the previous dreams. I was in a gorgeous beach-side town, riding a bike, trying to find my way back to a hotel that my family was checked into. Most of the town was fairly low, with just a few cottages, a small downtown and a lighthouse on the beach. But at one point, I rode down this path and found this huge parking lot with all of these tailgaters parked in it and partying. Beyond that was a massive city composed of these mid-rise buildings and following that were these massive angular glass skyscrapers.
      For some reason, the thing I recall most about this moment was the sky. Okay, yeah there was a small second sun near the first, but the clouds looked gorgeous. I remember looking all around and seeing these amazing cloud formations. Layers upon layers of clouds.
      I began riding my bike into the tailgate lot. I asked myself why it seemed so hard to make it back to the hotel, why does the town seem to keep changing.

      Maybe it's because I'm dreaming. I do a nose pinch just to confirm. I'm dreaming. I decide to get off the bike. I tell myself that I will hop off and begin flying. I leap off to the side. I don't start flying. I just land on the ground.
      I begin walking out toward the beach. I stomp my feet on the pavement trying to get a feel for the dream. I find that the feeling of stomping (and the 'shock') that runs up your leg makes for good dream stabilization. The clarity begins to increase. I rub my hands together and further the clarity.
      I look around at the tailgate, but now it looks more like a school cafeteria setting, but outdoors. I think to myself about how all the dream characters in that setting are just aspects of my subconscious mind. I look out over the coast, and see the waves rolling in. My lucidity seems very clear, and I think to myself how I haven't felt this lucid in awhile.
      I think to myself about what happened last night; the unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. I begin heading toward the beach thinking that I can somehow use the sand to transport myself.
      The dream clarity falls through very quickly and
      I wake up. I try to WBTB, and nearly get it. I recall some hypnogogic imagery about a robotic claw moving these long, square cardboard boxes. I think the robotic claw was made out of cardboard as well. I recall some kind of designation number on the end of the box. I try to latch onto it and form a new dream. It doesn't seem to work. I give up, and just allow myself to wake up..
    5. The Black Rice Farmers

      by , 09-26-2014 at 07:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I can remember fighting for lucidity during some dream about driving down a dark road at night. I could also tell that I was partially awake as I could feel my waking life body back in bed. I was flying, and doing pretty well. I could feel my DG's presence as well. After a few minutes the dream ended and I woke up.

      I am watching a history program, something to do with a man who was famous for leading an army and conquering a large area of land. The man looked a little like king Henry, but I was told that he was not in fact king Henry.
      So anyways, his army is cutting a swath across the countryside when they come across this small tribal village that grows some kind of black rice. The village is in this river valley surrounded by these tall exotic trees.
      The king Henry conqueror seized the village instantly. The women were raped, then killed. The children were taken to be brought up as soldiers. The men were enslaved and forced to continue farming the black rice as it was very nutritious and helped the conqueror's soldiers fight better.
      I can recall the narrator of the show talked about how the slaves were actually paid in dirt. This was a joke done by the conqueror's soldiers as more dirt meant that they could farm more.
      I can remember some shots of his army being stationed in the village. They have this massive wooden tower on wheels that the conqueror rides in. The tower is also equipped with catapults.
      The dream glitches and I become one of the conqueror's soldiers who is responsible for watching over the slaves. I guess the dream made a mistake there, because unlike the conqueror, I actually had morals.
      I come up to one of the men while he works in the feild. I think he was the leader of the village. If not, he was important to the farming village. I 'Remember' there is another village that we did not conquer because it was high in the mountain, and did not normally make contact with the outside world. I tell him I will lead him to a safe village high in the mountain. He says he wants to gather the rest of the men in the tribe and escape with whoever is still alive. I tell him that it is too dangerous as the other soldiers still want control of the village.
      I recall seeing some of the black rice in my hand. The dream glitched a little here. I can also recall that for some reason, there is this big mound of sand in the middle of the black rice farm.
      The man tells me that I have somehow 'worthy' of his trust, even though we haven't gone anywhere yet, and I begin to lead him out to the edge of the fields. Once we make it into the jungle, we can feel a bit safer because we are not as easily spotted. We walk along the edge of the river, following it upstream. At one point, there is a massive stone bridge/dam that we must cross in order to continue. The bridge is broken at one point, and we must jump across. The man I am helping goes first. I am a little afraid that I cannot make the jump, but I manage to do so as well.
      After I land, I am taken OOB and see myself and the man. We begin walking upstream again. Faster now, and knowing that soon we will be climbing a mountain.

      I become partially lucid and realize that I am losing the dream but am fascinated by the story that is playing out, and I really want to see what happens next. I manage to hang on a little longer.
      Some of the conqueror's men are heard coming, on horseback. It's just a random patrol. We duck behind these standing stones that are nearby, hoping that they do not spot us.
    6. Not lucid, but epic mecha war

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I really had the cards stacked for a lucid last night. Went to bed at 9:30, attempted 3 WBTBs, all of them failures, and lets not forget the brute force autosuggestion.

      I can recall some dream where I in photoshop was retouching a photo of some beautiful woman standing on the beach at sunset.

      I can recall that there had been a house developed in the soccer feild by the middle school. I later discovered that, In fact there were a couple of small buildings homes connected by a dirt path. I was walking around them looking for my bike or something.
      I thought that the houses were abandoned, or waiting to be bought, but I eventually I found that there was a big group of people having a party inside one of the houses. A few of them came outside and nagged me about being on their property.

      But by far the best of what I can recall was a dream about a post-apocalyptic world. Me, A and some of my other friends were a part of a mech fighting corps. In this corps, there were squads of 5-10 pilots. Missions were often very difficult so an entire squad was needed. Also, every squad had a matching emblem and a unique coloration to their squad.
      Our squad, I think had a skull and crossbones emblem, and we all used an ice-blue digital camo best suited to missions in arctic. In fact, I think our squad had a reputation for our effectiveness in tundra and arctic missions.
      We geared up for our mission in a huge hangar bay. My mech was actually out for repairs, after having taken heavy damage on our last mission. A was injured and unable to pilot his. so I had to pilot A's mech. Our squad was deployed to a foggy mountain valley area, and from what I can recall it was only me and S, piloting his own mech. S was also the commander of our squad.
      I think that our last mission had involved heavy losses on the part of the squad, many of our members had been killed and/or had their mechs destroyed. But the nation we were working for was deploying the two of us out of desperation.
      I can recall our mechs walked for some time. A's mech that I was piloting was a medium weight design that could 'run'. It had huge missile racks on either side and two machine guns for back up. I can recall the machine guns were designed for long missions and had a large ammo stockades mounted on them. I was grumbling a little about the design choices in his mech, having been more used to my own custom design.
      We arrived at the rendezvous point. My view went into a 3rd person chase cam, like I was playing a video game. We were in a mountainous region with huge boulders and steep cliffs creating a maze of passages. There were rivers in the canyons, but they were shallow enough that our mechs could easily traverse them. It was foggy and visibility was low.
      Our mission is to defend a vital communication outpost from enemy forces. The outpost is a huge satellite dish based atop one of the mountains. There is also a large derelict concrete pyramid that used to function as a base and and had room for a single mech inside. I had 'flashbacks' to the early days of the war. Before entire squads of mechs were common. I had been one of the very first pilots, and I had been stationed at that pyramid structure.
      S went inside of it and explained that the concrete channeled his radar and he would be able to easily pick up incoming enemies.
      "You got two scouts coming from the east!"
      "We just got here!"
      I turn. The enemy has very simplistic mechs. I get the feeling their technology must not be as advanced as ours. I open fire, testing the weapon systems on A's mech. I make a note that the rocket pods do not carry much ammunition. Their armor sucks too, I tear them both apart with a few good hits.
      S calls out more enemies coming from another direction. I turn and see what I 'remember' being called accelerator tanks. They are large four wheeled vechiles with their wheels on long struts that can bend and compress thanks to springs and joints. They are designed to go fast, even in rugged environments like this. They do not however have very powerful weapons or thick armor. I dispatch them rather easily as well.
      S calls out more enemies. I turn back the way the first group came and see both enemy mechs and more accelerator tanks. I unleash a hail of missiles thinking this is their main force and take them down just as they come over a nearby hill.
      "Uh... we've got a problem..."
      I turn and look. Cresting a hill nearby are about three dozen enemy mechs and several more accelerator tanks. They open fire. I run behind the pyramid and S backs out of the hangar bay. His mech has some type of mortar weapon. Using the pyramid for cover, we are able to hold our own. The enemy is advancing on us, but just as it looks like we are about to turn the tide, there is a blinding flash of light and a huge explosion, knocking my mech over.
      I turn to see where S's mech once stood there is now just a pair of mechanical legs with burning stump atop them. A glowing plasma trail highlights the air. I follow it to see an advanced enemy mech, a huge six legged beast, painted all black with a massive rail gun mounted on top.
      My mech gets up and the rail gun resets and prepares to kill me. I'm already pinned by the enemy squad we were fighting, and am pretty much doomed to die by the hands of this enemy.
      Just as he is about to fire, an artillery round strikes him, causing him to miss. An allied squad of 8 or 9 custom mechs from our nation enters the fray. This squad has a red and orange camo and uses a yellow falcon with a gun in it's talons as their emblem. This is another squad, one that I 'remembered' being very famous. The commander of the comes on the radio, who I think was a female, and asks if I could use a hand with these guys. Of course, I say yes.
      What followed was a full on battle. Now I'll admit that the dream up until this point was pretty cool. But a 10v100 battle in ten story combat mechs. What could be cooler?! The battle was insane, and this red squadron is really good. Some of their mechs have these advanced laser weapons that are cleaving the enemy mechs in half and cutting their legs off and such. I am more than holding my own though, using the machine guns to take out as many as I can. I think I may have started to get too overly excited after awhile. I can remember the dream fading out to a chaotic crossfire of machine guns, rockets and lasers.

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    7. Semi-Lucid: Government Drones and LDing Crystals

      by , 08-14-2014 at 01:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Boy is this a cool one.

      Me and S are invovled with something lucid dreaming related. We need to find all of the lucid dreaming crystals scattered around the globe to prevent um... something bad from happening. I can't remember what. We have already collected two of the crystals, a green one and a blue one. The crystals themselves are tiny but they go in these oriental metal storage boxes with open sides, making their apparent bulk considerable. The crystals we have collected are actually hidden at my house.
      We are on a school bus, the only ones. Somebody had to be driving though. (And they were driving like a crazy person, crashing into cars and such.) I didn't even think about that until we got off. Also, it turned out the government wanted to control these crystals to make weapons. So they had sent a drone to kill us.
      A copter drone comes down. It is perhaps 8 feet wide with four rotors on the sides and an assault cannon on the bottom. It shoots into the side of the school bus and we duck down. Broken glass and metal goes everywhere.
      S tells me to get the Minigun. I look and see a large armored box, open it, and sure enough there is a Minigun inside. Now IWL, I probably couldn't even lift a Minigun much less use it effectively, but supposedly as a part of finding the lucid dreaming crystals, some of our powers carried over into the real world. Thus, I had the power of super strength and could lift it. I battled the drone back and fourth. I would fire, and it would pull out of view. He would fire, and I would duck and hope I didn't get shot.
      The driver pulled into a woods with a high canopy. The drone couldn't follow us there. We got out of the bus. I then learned that the driver was in fact Manei (My DG) and apparently as part of finding the crystals, now only had my powers carried over, but my DG as well. But she looked a little strange. She looked like my DG blended with my crush from sophmore year HS. Whatever. No time to ask her out on a date, this is way more exciting anyway.
      She says she is going to hide the Minigun under some branches and leaves in the woods until we need it again, and walks off leaving me and S. We walk into my sub very nonchalantly, as if we are no longer being tracked by the government. One power that carried over from S's dream is that he can fuse two objects to get a better one. He says he will fuse the bikes together for me to use since I am faster on my bike. He does so and makes this really cool looking racing bike. S then fuses our cars into a sports car and says he will take this.
      S drives off.
      I start flying after him. Supposedly at this point we were supposed to go our separate ways to look for more of the crystals.
    8. Fragments

      by , 08-07-2014 at 02:25 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So I was in my kitchen. There is some strange man there trying to convince me to eat a cold eggo waffle with chocolate chips and cheddar cheese on it. I tell him this is the single most disgusting thing that I have ever seen and that I refuse to eat it.

      I was in some kind of zombie apocalypse, driving in a Jeep-like vehicle with another man. He ends up driving into a wall, crashing and dying. I get out of the car and see a zombie horde coming down the hill. The world we are in looks like fallout.
      I start running back the other way we are driving. I have a large machine-gun like weapon that fires some special type of ammunition. However it seems as though I can only harm the zombies when they are within say, 50 feet of me.
      I retreat under a highway overpass, where I end up getting cornered. My machine gun runs out of ammo and I switch to my secondary. A small handgun that fires some kind of special bullets. Supposedly it was supposed to be used by the president for defense during the zombie apocalypse, but the president had died and I had found the weapon.
      There were only a couple of zombies left by this point, so I figured I could finish them off then hopefully find some more ammo. I started shooting but realized that the pistol was completely ineffective. The zombies pushed me onto the ground. One of them started talking, saying that it was going to take a lot more than that to kill them. He has one of the special bullets stuck in his head. The special bullet has these radiator fins on the side.

      Then the zombies came down on me and just as they were about to rip me apart and eat me, I lost the dream.
    9. Epic Fantasy Battle.

      by , 07-03-2014 at 02:17 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Setup: There is some conqueror traveling across the land taking over land and calling it his own. He looks like Genghis Khan and rides around on some kind of reptilian horse creature. His army consists of:
      -His sorcerer wife that can raise a skeleton army.
      -Roughly 20 human lieutenants.
      -Roughly 100 large ogre-like creatures clad entirely in invincible armor that leaves only the face vulnerable.
      We are the native tribe looking to defend our homeland. Everyone in the tribe has tan skin and dark hair. We have roughly 200 warriors, mostly armed with spears. We also have roughly a dozen 'leopard men' on chains. They look sort of like Tai Lung (The villain in the first Kung Fu Panda movie) if he were a bit more realistic looking. Now I am not the leader of the tribe, more like second in command, or some high ranking position close to the chief who wore a large headdress. Every warrior had two blue stripes painted under their eyes.
      We are hiding in the woods on the edge of a farm field. The enemy army is marching perpendicular to us, through the field. The chief gives the signal and we release the leopard men and run in. We expected to catch them off guard, but the ogres didn't go down by our spears. (Well nobody hit the face) The ogres kill all of the leopard men in a matter of a few seconds, and knock out a few of our tribe members too.
      And about 30 seconds after the chief gives the order to attack, we're all running the other way.
      I run back into the woods. I get about 50 feet in and see an ogre positioned in the woods.
      "Surrender! Drop your weapon!" The ogre has a deep thundering voice.
      I had a bow. I was the master archer in the tribe. I drop it on the ground. The ogre steps on it, breaking it. He laughs briefly.
      So me and the remaining tribe members had been taken prisoner. We waited around for some time, and we were forced to watch the conqueror's army ransack a civilian town. (Not the home of our tribe, which was supposedly in a secluded location.) He was merciless and tortured all of his prisoners, including children and the elderly. I don't really want to harp on this, but it was the WORST torture imaginable, not by a long shot, but it was pretty nasty.
      Then the conqueror and the tribe chief meet. The chief gives one of those numbers about how the conqueror does not fight with honor. The conqueror gives and evil laugh and makes a deal with the chief. If they can defeat his skeleton army, then they are free to retreat to their home. That or he can just kill us all now. Given no better option, the chief decides to take the fight with the skeletons.
      So the conqueror makes this setup. He puts us in a square field with a large hill in the center. He surrounds the edge of the field with his ogres disallowing anyone from escaping. Then the sorcerer comes out and throws blue fire on the ground. It burns away all of the grass in the field and skeleton warriors bust through the ground. Thousands of them. The conqueror orders them to attack.

      At this point about half of the tribe turns and tries to escape. The ogres positioned on the end of the field kill about 80% of the escapees but a few manage to slip by. Okay, there is No way we are going to beat ALL of these skeletons, we're outnumbered probably 50 to 1, and that was before half of our guys tried to escape. Plus we're unarmed.
      Then I got an idea. I charged at one of the skeletons, dodging the arrow he shoots as I get in close. And do an epic kick of doom to his face. He breaks down into bones and I pick up his quiver, but his bow is broken from my kick. I turn to another skeleton. He is about to fire at the chief who is fighting the conqueror. The conqueror has a katana-like sword with a magical green energy conduit going up the side. The chief has a rusty iron sword that he likely picked up from one of these skeletons.
      The skeleton turns to me at the last second and fires. The arrow just glances the left side of my chest. I don't feel any pain from the wound, so I charge at him and kick him down anyway. I pick up his bow and pull the arrow out of my chest. I turn to the one of the ogres and line up a shot.

      And then my dad shouts 'I'm going to work!' and wakes me up.

      Fragment: I lived in Atlantis. My mom, who had left me when I was a baby had just returned. I was showing her new building around the city. For some reason, Atlantis has an art deco construction style, Kind of like New York used to be.

      Fragment: I am partially lucid and climbing to the very top of a sand dune. It is covered in cacti and other exotic plantlife Sand dunes must be a new dream sign.

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    10. Trying to get back to lucid dreaming:LD #91: Semi lucid adventures in ... Skyrim?

      by , 06-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Lucid Time!)
      My god this dream is groggy and fragmented.

      Anyways I cannot recall the exacting details of what was going on, the surroundings were very blurry in the beginning of the dream. I was in what felt like the basement of my own home, but it felt larger and more spacious (That or I had become smaller). The basement slowly began to mesh with a dungeon looking space.
      There were a couple of dream characters leading me away from some supposed danger. We get to the 'upstairs' that looks like an open tundra, just like Skyrim. But strangely it still feels like my own home as well. A kind of crappy groggy mesh the dream had created. Furniture was scattered about, and the hills and valleys somewhat mimicked the shape of the rooms.
      Some attacking army came upon us, composed entirely of archers. They unleashed a hail of arrows. (Hey I thought those dream characters were leading me away from danger, not twoards it.)
      I see one of the 'helpful' dream characters take an arrow to the knee. ._.
      The dream started to get much clearer, and became the interior of my house. The feeling of the meadow was gone, but the general of the army, some barbarian and a handful of his archers were still present.
      Manei (My dream guide) appears next to me, and just seeing her makes me partially
      lucid. Also something weird, she usually has really long black hair, but it was buzzed really short in this dream. The workings of my dream guide will probably never be fully understood.
      Anyways, we are ducking behind the kitchen counter and the barbarians (for whatever reason) are not merely flanking us. Manei says she can execute some spell that will take away all of the soldiers, but she has nothing to deal with the general. So she does the spell.
      The barbarian general approaches. He announces that he has only one arrow, but that he will make it count. He fires it and it ricochets around the room bouncing off of several objects before flying past Lia, slicing the side of her face. It looked kind of like that scene from 300 with King Xerxes. (Hangon, I thought dream guides were supposed to be immortal and unable to be injured. I saw her get punched through a concrete roof by a giant robot and she shrugged it off like it was nothing. But an arrow, Kryptonite!)
      So it is at this point she tells me that I am in
      factdreaming. (Oh now you tell me.) Okay, so I guess I have to fight this loser. He pulls a pair of small axes from his cuirass. I merely stand and allow him to charge me. Once he is about 10 feet away...
      FUS RO DAH!
      The barbarian goes flying, smashing the front door of my house. I look out the door to see him land and tumble around in the street outside my house. I am suddenly awoken.

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    11. Random Bits

      by , 05-18-2014 at 03:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was missing all of my fingers on both hands save for my thumb and index finger.

      There is a war going on in outer space and I am watching it unfold. The war is over this tiny cube-shaped planet, no more than a few hundred meters across. The planet has a blue and grey marble texture and orbits another, much larger planet similar to mars. Various factions use spaceships to deploy ground units such as tanks and mechs onto the tiny planet to do battle.

      I am in some valley or canyon feeling area, inside of some cartoon. There is a villainous snake with a mustache that I am fighting.I become lucid while fighting him and try to use some dream control but most of it seems to fail. Our battle seems to repeat over and over.

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    12. Random Recall: Kinda Cool

      by , 04-30-2014 at 01:30 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Somebody is pitching an idea for a children's show to me. The show I think was called "Freedom Riders" and it's set in an alternate World War 2 universe. The show follows four young women who wear these skin-tight red and yellow suits and ride around on motorcycles through this industrial wasteland fighting the show's analog for Nazi Germany. The show makes use of some really cool animation techniques, such as sometimes going for a graphic/poster look in critical scenes. The animation looks like the paper cutouts done in South Park, but the characters look almost anime-esque. The show actually has interesting plots and complex themes, though I question if it is really appropriate for a "Kids Show", as some of the characters swear and there is a lot of blood shown. Whoever is pitching the show to me gets very upset. I tell them that they should simply change their target audience and run the show that way.

      I join some astronauts on a moon mission, but end up getting left behind on the moon. But the other astronauts leave me behind. There is some AI that states that I may be able to use the moons' missile system to fly back home by targeting a missile at earth then riding it back. At first I'm like "what missile system" All I see are a couple of supply crates and burnt-out landers, but I spot the missile system amongst them.
      Normally, I would like to get to earth more or less, I don't know, ALIVE. But my dreams are not set in any kind of logical universe so I grab onto one of the missiles and the AI fires it.

      I Become lucid as we begin flying and lose the dream.

      Something to do with this "demon" entering the house. It is a floating talking head with red skin and white eyes. It commands me to make a fire in the houses' fireplace, and run the bath water upstairs. It says I should continuously run between the fire and the water and check on both.
      As the monotony of tending to the fire and running the bath water sinks in, I become partially lucid, but wake up before becoming fully lucid.

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