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    A World In My Head!!

    1. November Transformation: 20 Riddles To Solve

      by , 11-23-2010 at 06:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 14, 2010

      Synopsis: Two very interesting dreams. In the first I am told I have 20 riddles to solve. In the next, I transform, play around, and find a nightmare deep in the lowest levels of the staircase.

      20 Riddles To Solve
      I am in a dark misty place. It kind of reminds me of a movie scene from England. A DC tells me that I have 20 riddles and puzzles to solve, all regarding names. He tells me uncovering these riddles will span over several dreams. So I should take notes and repeat as often as possible what I discover so I remember my progress.

      I take out a flip book "Good idea!" and I start taking notes. This dream felt very long. I seemed to travel a lot in this misty place. And I talked a lot to, to so many DCs but I barely remember any of our conversations.

      All I remember was I solved the first riddle in that dream. And the name, a dream views member. But I don't remember who the name was! But I had a sense that this was a dream views member that I haven't really spoken with, but I should.

      Later on we are all watching TV. Wasting our time, I suddenly realize....was my time wasted? Here I am reviewing and going over these notes again and again. And for what? Lucid, I finally realize I can't take any of these notes with me! I'm gonna forget everything!

      I yell at the DC "Why did you make me spend an entire dream writing so many notes. Are you intentionally trying to waste my time?"

      He doesn't answer me. And I don't like his aura now, its obscured. Not dark as in evil. But dark as in, he isn't who I thought he was. The whole dream becomes obscured and fades away.

      The Dark Drumming
      I'm having a light adventure dream in a strange abstract city. But my friend disappears when I become lucid, represented by an inanimate toy in my hand. Oh well. Lucid, I transform into a lizard. And then even tinier, and tinier and tinier.

      I wasn't easy at first. I had to find a small bush, and imagine the twig was as wide as a tree. It worked! And my point of view flies up the twig, now the size of a tree. And I crawl over the fence.

      This simple stupid thing is something I've wanted to do for a year now. It's been a long time since I've been able to alter my size perception.

      I crawl away and under a door. It leads to an industrial staircase. I become my human self again and wonder what's down below. I vaguely remember my friend from earlier fearing this place. It's all dusty and gritty looking. And I can hear what sounds like construction down below, a constant banging. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I thought that maybe watching the construction men do their thing would be fun. So I climb two flights down.

      But as I get closer, I realize the sound I'm hearing resembles nothing like construction. No. Bang. Bang. BANG. BANG. The sound gets closer. Larger! Overwhelming! They're footsteps!

      As the footsteps climb up the stairs, the staircase gets darker and darker. Fear takes over me. The sound is like drumming.

      I race back up. But its so dark I can't see the door I came in from. So I have to run several more floors, with that noise approaching me, coming closer. Finally there's enough light coming from the door that I can see it. I rush out the door into the building.

      I don't understand. The sound. That sound is still coming closer to me. I can hear it down the hall now. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I find a group of emos who were probably up to no good. But I'll take vandalizing emos over this demon. They take a corner and almost leave my field of vision. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      Wait! Don't leave me!

      I beg them "Something is after me. I'm scared. Can I go with you?"

      They look at me making a funny expression . Probably because I'm way to colorful for their taste. "Ok, you can join us." Disdainfully.

      I'm so happy to be in their company. They head to the basement. Which does worry me that were going down instead of UP. We relax in a room with a lot of chairs.

      Suddenly the leader of the emo gang levitates a chair with telekinesis, and flings it at the wall. No one looks surprised, except me.

      "You have powers like the character Tetsuo!" I say

      "I hate Tetsuo! He's such a. . fucking. . emo!" Lol. Okay. I'm not even going to bother starting an argument with the poor confused man.

      I stand up and feel inspired to show off my dream skills. Suddenly were wall showing off our powers to each other, trying to prove were more awesome than the next person!

      Bang. Bang. Bang.

      We were so busy being silly I didn't even notice this whole time that we were next to a staircase. "It's him! The demon! We have to go!"

      "No" Says the leader "We'll beat the shit out of him together."

      We stand in front of the staircase. Bang. Bang. Bang. The staircase progressively gets darker. Darker. As if all the light is being swallowed. I'm scared! I'm terrified!


      The leader uses his telekinesis to hurl random objects at it. I gave it my best!

      I couldn't tell you if we defeated the monster. I always wake up during the battle. It felt like it was working though. If anything, just because I was in their company.

      But the sound still gives me shivers

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    2. Show Me Something Meaningful

      by , 10-17-2010 at 04:53 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 17, 2010

      Synopsis: For the past few days I wanted my dreams to show me something I should see. Small dreams with meanings.

      Hidden Treasure Locked Away

      My sisters are visiting me at
      school. After touring them around a bit, I decide we should head home. But first I have to empty out my art locker. I warn my sisters I have a lot of artsy junk so it can take a while.

      We get to my locker, which looked like a microwave in the middle of a brightly lit room. Sure enough its
      full of stuff! But to my happy surprise someone has organized everything for me. All the clothes are neatly folded into bundles, and all the papers are organized by size. I start handing all the art junk to my sister, when I noticed a hidden treasure!

      Its an awesome
      art bookI forgot all about. I bought it to give it to my sister, how could I forget? We flip through the book together admiring all the colorful pictures. I give my sister her belated present and then I wake up.

      Visiting My Friend Was Not So Much Fun

      I'm visiting a good friend of mine, who, doesn't have the best relationships with her parents. For some strange reason in the dream, they lived in a really crappy ghetto apartment. I mean, this neighborhood is so bad their
      windows need bars to protect them. I'm just minding my own business, eating dinner my friends mom cooked for me. When suddenly, my friend and her mom start arguing about something.

      It's starting to get really
      awkward now. I get upset, because as my friend argues with her mom, it makes me feel like an unwanted guest. But here I am eating their food! I try to find a corner to hide in before the mom takes it out on me and takes my dinner away. Sorry friend, this argument is all yours.

      No Space! No Time!

      I just want to do some
      yoga. I try to find a spot in my bedroom, but its crowded because my sisters are here blabbing away. I try to ignore them and just continue with my yoga. My mom comes in the room and now its really crowded. I have no space on the floor anymore to do yoga, so I try to do yoga on my bed. I whine, telling them, "hey I'm trying to do some yoga here, do you mind?".

      But they just keep blabbing away. Then, thinking we were throwing some sort of party, dad jumps into the mix. Now I'm really annoyed.
      "Damn! Can all of you get out of my room?"

      They snap back at me asking me what's my problem.
      "I'm trying to do yoga here, and I'd like some privacy for that!"

      none of them respected my wishes and kept blabbing away as if my bedroom is a party place. On top of that, my yoga time was all up. Now I have to leave for work.

      All The Cake Is Gone!

      My friends are throwing me a
      birthday party (my birthday was months ago!). It's not a very fancy party, it feels more like were in a run down soup kitchen. But I'm still happy that my friends are here and were all about to have some good cake.

      As more guests come, I decide to pull out some chairs for them. Half of our table is being used by random strangers. They were all black, which I thought was strange because we don't have such a large black population here. So I told myself I must be visiting my friend in NC. The strangers were nice enough to help me pull out more chairs for my guests.

      Wait a minute! My cake was here just a moment ago! And so was were the drinks!
      Now its all gone! The evidence was all over the strangers faces!

      "Hey, you ate my cake!"

      My friend comes up concerned "Whats wrong?"

      "Those jerks ate my birthday cake!" And even as I was speaking they were drinking the last cup. "Hey, those were for my friends! What are my friends supposed to have now?"

      The man pulls out his wallet as if to refund me "Man, woman or child?"

      My friend says "I'm sorry, it wasn't them, it was me. I was so hungry, I had the first slice."

      What is going on, and why are we throwing my party here! I woke up after that.

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    3. The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 18, 2010

      After so many years I finally learn why I dream of high school, years after I've graduated. Lucid, I tell my DCs that this is a dream, and they dissolve back into me. Later, I dream of a boardwalk with a spectacular scene of water

      The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      I'm back in high school, getting ready for a big colorguard competition. This is a familiar sight! I've been here before, years ago. I know I've graduated from high school, I know I shouldn't be here. But I don't realize I'm dreaming yet. My team assembles and we perform over a large audience. I'm freaking out! I only remember half of the routine, what do you expect? It's been years!

      After performance I talk to my captain "Lets go over the routine again". I know she's graduated too, so I'm sure she's having trouble remembering. She agrees! Were all rusty and could use some rehearsing. But right now it's break time. In the down time the team separates into their individual cliques and circle of friends. That's when I walk around and really realize something is completely wrong here.

      This team is composed of EVERYONE who I was in colorguard with. But that can't be right. How could this team have seniors from when I was a freshman, and freshman from when I was a senior? The two age groups never went to high school in the same time period! And why am I here? I start to do the math. When I graduated from high school, when I graduated from college, this is insanity! I'm dreaming!

      I quickly run to my closest team members who were off in their own room. I wanted to show them something amazing. To be honest, I was hoping in some way they weren't just dream characters, that I was some how dreaming with my old high school friends. I interrupt their gossip "This is a dream! Let me show you!". I start to levitate in front of them. At first they look at me as though I'm insane. But then they smile and giggle girlishly.

      "It's a dream!" I grab my friend by the hand so I can show her dream flying for herself. I take a quick turn around the room! But when I look at my hand, it's not my friend I'm holding, but some random object. I look around in the room, and all of my friends have turned to objects.

      I know this, I've seen this before dozens of times in dreams. Suddenly I'm talking to a dream character, half way in our conversation I become lucid, I want to continue the conversation now that I'm lucid, but the dream character transforms into some plain old object. Sometimes I ignore the dream transition, and keep talking to the object. . . . . But then it just feels like I'm talking to myself. . . .

      I'm disappointed that my friends aren't dream characters anymore. I just wanted to fly with them.

      I run into the hallway where the rest of the team was assembled. My captain starts talking about our next performance. I shove my way right between all of them, and I levitate.
      "Ahem. . ." My captain seems annoyed that I'm interrupting her all so important lecture. "Look at my feet!". I dangle my toes wish were freely in the air! The freshmen start shouting "Wow!! That's so cool!" But the older members who've known me longer seem really disturbed. Angry, confused, terrified.

      "Whats going on?" The older members ask

      "This is a dream! Don't you see! It's a dream!"

      I wanted so much to dream with them, to make them all lucid and we could all go on some colorguard dreaming adventure together! They look at each other, and suddenly they seem to understand this dream nature. Maybe more than me.

      My captain asks me "If this is a dream, and you're the dreamer, then who are we?"

      The room gets quiet. The whole team waits for my answer. Quiet faces. Happy faces. Anxious faces. I looked into their eyes. My throat tightens up, I could barely say what I'm going to say.
      "You are the part of me that will never forget you."

      The room lightens up! Everyone seems happy! It didn't matter who, or if they were members I didn't get along with, or superficial cliques. In this tiny fraction of time, we were all here together and happy! I wanted so much to dream with them, to have a dream adventure with them. But then instantly before my eyes, they all turn into dolls and animal plushies. 'They' were 'gone', and I was all alone in an empty band hall. With no one to talk to, or be with, except maybe the only person who I have ever talked to or hanged out with in a high school dream -

      For the first time, I understood why these dreams seem to haunt. It's simple, I'll never forget them. And these dream character are the part of ME that remind that.

      I leave the band hall and fly outside to find a new lucid dream adventure. But I was still sad at the lonely nature of my dream. My dream becomes a black void, and I don't remember after time.

      The Boardwalk
      After what feels like a long time I'm in a new dream. I'm walking along a huge boardwalk. Water takes on a spectacular scene in front of me. It's as if in the middle of the ocean, there's a water fountain the size of an Egyptian pyramid. The water was pouring from this structure. I can't make out the structure, because the water is pouring from the very top, and veiling it. I watch a giant bird land on this watery structure. Then I realize that's no bird but a dinosaur! I watch another spectacular scene, as a massive boat sails right through the water-pyramid. The boat, still submerged under water, sails right under the boardwalk! I run to the other side of the boardwalk to see it as it passes.

      It was moving at such an incredible speed for such a massive ship, the water around it bubbled up and moved out of it's way! A dream character shouts "Did you see how fast that ship was moving? That was unreal!". It was unreal, it defies the laws of physics!

      I woke up shortly after.
    4. The Dream Pipes

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 20, 2010
      Have you seen, the Dream Pipes?

      Synopsis: I dream of a massive pipe-like construction connecting all of the dream worlds.

      The Dream Pipes

      don't remember the beginning of the dream. Only that eventually I walked into a room that looked like a forest. But after looking at this room some more, I realize it's fake and the walls are just painted to look like a sky. One of the walls was like a garage door. It opens up revealing this huge factory complex on the other side. A black man in a bright blue jumper was busy tinkering away with machinery on the other side. The door was closing, but I could see beyond the factory was a rich green forest! With REAL sunlight.

      "Wait! I just want to cross through!"

      He has a real happy voice and says "Okay! You can go through. Watch your step"

      The place was cluttered with, I dunno, things, industrial things. If I knew anything about mechanics I could probably tell you what they were. Just imagine a giant airplane threw up all over the place. In fact, this place was more like a hanger. I'm outside! I can see the rich green forest just beyond this vast courtyard. . but then. . .the scene quickly morphs as I take a step closer. The forest was just an illusion to allure me to what this place really was, the Dream Pipes!

      The Dream Pipes is this huge steel construction floating in space. Giant massive pipes, interconnected, and then funneling out in all directions towards the infinite horizon. I was facing the entrance way, gaping holes sitting along each other in a neat row on the courtyard. It was as busy as an airport. And like an airport a bus load of people would walk in and off the dream pipes. They all seemed to know where and what they were doing. I was the only tard who looked lost. Honestly, I was just taken back by the scene and the scale and scope of these Dream Pipes!

      I was still several yards away from entering any of these steel tunnels leading off into space. Above each one was a digital sign signifying its destination. I tried to carefully read them, to make sure I would go to the right place. But reading was hard in the dream. That or the symbols were just alien to me.

      I get a flashback of the last time I tried to ride the Dream Pipes. It didn't go well! First, you have to select your pipe wisely. There was no turning back, and if you choose the wrong destination, well its the same as getting on the wrong airplane, you're in it for the long ride. But after you choose a pipe, I just remember you are taken to a long glass corridor floating up in the sky. This was like a security check point where they examined you. I just remember I didn't like it, and found the whole process annoying, time consuming and confusing. I remember last time the employees were so useless they didn't even set me up with the right Dream Pipe and I was stuck in limbo.

      And then, there is one Dream Pipe I am terrified of the most. You can think of this Dream Pipe as taking you into the astral. But you've got to fly on your own wings. What the pipe does is shoot you out into empty space towards your destination. There is no actual pipe to guide you. If you don't start flying on the path it sets you on, you can just fall into the dark abyss these Dream Pipes seemed to emerge from. Not to mention you have to fly at the same speed it spits you out in because that destination door isn't staying open forever! So if you can't fly as a speeding bullet, you aren't ready, turn back.

      There was just something indescribable about these Dream Pipes, I felt like, they really do connect all dream worlds. At the time that frightened me!

      When I woke up I didn't remember these Dream Pipes at all!! As far a I am concerned, this is the first time I've ever seen them! But in the dream I 'remembered' them. Oh and, riding the Dream Pipes is a total psychedelic vortex trip!................ZOOOOOOM!!

      There is a Dream Pipe connecting our heads, did you know?
    5. I Am Half Krakin!

      by , 06-18-2010 at 11:15 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 28, 2010

      Snyopsis: It's a bleak future. Atomic bombs and mutants. I'm a cat mutant! And I find my home in the countryside.

      Night Time Note: I recalled the entire day backwards, my little Dream Yoga practice. I fell asleep faster recalling my day!

      I Am Half Krakin!
      (say it out loud it's funny)

      At first my dream starts off very random. I'm playing a game in the hallway! I have a dual perspective. On one hand I'm riding a black bird, the largest mount of the entire game, larger than even the dragons! And on the other hand, I'm just a kid holding this black bird toy, a very small and tiny thing, running back and forth through the hallway. I give a friend of mine a ride on my black bird mount! Well, more like my black bird swooped them up from mid fall! They were terrified! But I told them there was nothing to be afraid because this is the most awesome flying mount in this game.

      At some point I stop playing and enter a busy room. My dream is becoming more stable and vivid. This room is large, with a several story tall ceiling, giant windows, and an open round center with spiraling stairs leading to the level below. It's definitely a public space, it was crowded with people.

      I fly out the window and my dream morphs on me again. I get the impression this is the future, judging by the tall super 'futuristic' buildings. Maybe even a space ship or two. I'm in an inner city courtyard/park. The atmosphere is gloomy here, depressing really. I see two guys speaking Spanish and I tell them "I've been asleep since 2009! What year is this and what's happened?" With thick heavy accents they tell me it's been about a hundred years, and a lot has happened.

      I get a bad feeling. . . Something bad happened to New York? I ask them about it and they say "Sorry, New York is gone. A bomb one hundred times-" And I finish their sentence "More powerful then Hiroshima" There is nothing left of New York! They tell me not to even bother going there, unless I want to become a mutant! (that sounds fun actually)

      More refugees pour into this mega city, some of them aren't human. I don't think I'm human either! The sky is very gloomy. The aftershock of another bomb maybe?

      I think about going home, away from this depressing city. Suddenly I find myself floating down the streets of an old city. Very old! The buildings in comparison looked ancient! Which I liked actually. Grass and wild flowers had overgrown the sidewalks. After each street name were two letters, CO. I figured that the CO stood for Colorado. But this Colorado was right next to the former New York state?

      After flying through the city I fly through the countryside. I realized this was my home! All the houses were gnome like, possibly cob homes, with grass and wild plants growing all over their roofs. The grass was so perfectly green, I knew this had to be my home! It was a little slice of paradise in frightening future with war and suffering spreading.

      I ran into a group of people who were just having a good time on the streets. I don't know any of them, but they seem to know who I am. One girl rubs my nose! What is she doing? But by rubbing my nose she made me realize the bridge of my nose wasn't normal, it was more cat like. She asks me if I'm half Krakin, and I say yes. Sure I am! I don't even know what that is but I guess they are cat people. Another girl sees me, and I guess she has a thing for nekos - she grabs me and hugs and squeezes me real tight as if I were her pet! I purr anyways.

      My dream slowly becomes nonsense with a game of animal paper dolls, and an alien drawing I made that actually creeped me out......(why did I draw it??)