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    A World In My Head!!

    Show Me Something Meaningful

    by , 10-17-2010 at 04:53 PM (574 Views)
    October 17, 2010

    Synopsis: For the past few days I wanted my dreams to show me something I should see. Small dreams with meanings.

    Hidden Treasure Locked Away

    My sisters are visiting me at
    school. After touring them around a bit, I decide we should head home. But first I have to empty out my art locker. I warn my sisters I have a lot of artsy junk so it can take a while.

    We get to my locker, which looked like a microwave in the middle of a brightly lit room. Sure enough its
    full of stuff! But to my happy surprise someone has organized everything for me. All the clothes are neatly folded into bundles, and all the papers are organized by size. I start handing all the art junk to my sister, when I noticed a hidden treasure!

    Its an awesome
    art bookI forgot all about. I bought it to give it to my sister, how could I forget? We flip through the book together admiring all the colorful pictures. I give my sister her belated present and then I wake up.

    Visiting My Friend Was Not So Much Fun

    I'm visiting a good friend of mine, who, doesn't have the best relationships with her parents. For some strange reason in the dream, they lived in a really crappy ghetto apartment. I mean, this neighborhood is so bad their
    windows need bars to protect them. I'm just minding my own business, eating dinner my friends mom cooked for me. When suddenly, my friend and her mom start arguing about something.

    It's starting to get really
    awkward now. I get upset, because as my friend argues with her mom, it makes me feel like an unwanted guest. But here I am eating their food! I try to find a corner to hide in before the mom takes it out on me and takes my dinner away. Sorry friend, this argument is all yours.

    No Space! No Time!

    I just want to do some
    yoga. I try to find a spot in my bedroom, but its crowded because my sisters are here blabbing away. I try to ignore them and just continue with my yoga. My mom comes in the room and now its really crowded. I have no space on the floor anymore to do yoga, so I try to do yoga on my bed. I whine, telling them, "hey I'm trying to do some yoga here, do you mind?".

    But they just keep blabbing away. Then, thinking we were throwing some sort of party, dad jumps into the mix. Now I'm really annoyed.
    "Damn! Can all of you get out of my room?"

    They snap back at me asking me what's my problem.
    "I'm trying to do yoga here, and I'd like some privacy for that!"

    none of them respected my wishes and kept blabbing away as if my bedroom is a party place. On top of that, my yoga time was all up. Now I have to leave for work.

    All The Cake Is Gone!

    My friends are throwing me a
    birthday party (my birthday was months ago!). It's not a very fancy party, it feels more like were in a run down soup kitchen. But I'm still happy that my friends are here and were all about to have some good cake.

    As more guests come, I decide to pull out some chairs for them. Half of our table is being used by random strangers. They were all black, which I thought was strange because we don't have such a large black population here. So I told myself I must be visiting my friend in NC. The strangers were nice enough to help me pull out more chairs for my guests.

    Wait a minute! My cake was here just a moment ago! And so was were the drinks!
    Now its all gone! The evidence was all over the strangers faces!

    "Hey, you ate my cake!"

    My friend comes up concerned "Whats wrong?"

    "Those jerks ate my birthday cake!" And even as I was speaking they were drinking the last cup. "Hey, those were for my friends! What are my friends supposed to have now?"

    The man pulls out his wallet as if to refund me "Man, woman or child?"

    My friend says "I'm sorry, it wasn't them, it was me. I was so hungry, I had the first slice."

    What is going on, and why are we throwing my party here! I woke up after that.

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