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    A World In My Head!!

    November Transformation: 20 Riddles To Solve

    by , 11-23-2010 at 06:49 AM (2207 Views)
    November 14, 2010

    Synopsis: Two very interesting dreams. In the first I am told I have 20 riddles to solve. In the next, I transform, play around, and find a nightmare deep in the lowest levels of the staircase.

    20 Riddles To Solve
    I am in a dark misty place. It kind of reminds me of a movie scene from England. A DC tells me that I have 20 riddles and puzzles to solve, all regarding names. He tells me uncovering these riddles will span over several dreams. So I should take notes and repeat as often as possible what I discover so I remember my progress.

    I take out a flip book "Good idea!" and I start taking notes. This dream felt very long. I seemed to travel a lot in this misty place. And I talked a lot to, to so many DCs but I barely remember any of our conversations.

    All I remember was I solved the first riddle in that dream. And the name, a dream views member. But I don't remember who the name was! But I had a sense that this was a dream views member that I haven't really spoken with, but I should.

    Later on we are all watching TV. Wasting our time, I suddenly realize....was my time wasted? Here I am reviewing and going over these notes again and again. And for what? Lucid, I finally realize I can't take any of these notes with me! I'm gonna forget everything!

    I yell at the DC "Why did you make me spend an entire dream writing so many notes. Are you intentionally trying to waste my time?"

    He doesn't answer me. And I don't like his aura now, its obscured. Not dark as in evil. But dark as in, he isn't who I thought he was. The whole dream becomes obscured and fades away.

    The Dark Drumming
    I'm having a light adventure dream in a strange abstract city. But my friend disappears when I become lucid, represented by an inanimate toy in my hand. Oh well. Lucid, I transform into a lizard. And then even tinier, and tinier and tinier.

    I wasn't easy at first. I had to find a small bush, and imagine the twig was as wide as a tree. It worked! And my point of view flies up the twig, now the size of a tree. And I crawl over the fence.

    This simple stupid thing is something I've wanted to do for a year now. It's been a long time since I've been able to alter my size perception.

    I crawl away and under a door. It leads to an industrial staircase. I become my human self again and wonder what's down below. I vaguely remember my friend from earlier fearing this place. It's all dusty and gritty looking. And I can hear what sounds like construction down below, a constant banging. Bang. Bang. Bang.

    I thought that maybe watching the construction men do their thing would be fun. So I climb two flights down.

    But as I get closer, I realize the sound I'm hearing resembles nothing like construction. No. Bang. Bang. BANG. BANG. The sound gets closer. Larger! Overwhelming! They're footsteps!

    As the footsteps climb up the stairs, the staircase gets darker and darker. Fear takes over me. The sound is like drumming.

    I race back up. But its so dark I can't see the door I came in from. So I have to run several more floors, with that noise approaching me, coming closer. Finally there's enough light coming from the door that I can see it. I rush out the door into the building.

    I don't understand. The sound. That sound is still coming closer to me. I can hear it down the hall now. Bang. Bang. Bang.

    I find a group of emos who were probably up to no good. But I'll take vandalizing emos over this demon. They take a corner and almost leave my field of vision. Bang. Bang. Bang.

    Wait! Don't leave me!

    I beg them "Something is after me. I'm scared. Can I go with you?"

    They look at me making a funny expression . Probably because I'm way to colorful for their taste. "Ok, you can join us." Disdainfully.

    I'm so happy to be in their company. They head to the basement. Which does worry me that were going down instead of UP. We relax in a room with a lot of chairs.

    Suddenly the leader of the emo gang levitates a chair with telekinesis, and flings it at the wall. No one looks surprised, except me.

    "You have powers like the character Tetsuo!" I say

    "I hate Tetsuo! He's such a. . fucking. . emo!" Lol. Okay. I'm not even going to bother starting an argument with the poor confused man.

    I stand up and feel inspired to show off my dream skills. Suddenly were wall showing off our powers to each other, trying to prove were more awesome than the next person!

    Bang. Bang. Bang.

    We were so busy being silly I didn't even notice this whole time that we were next to a staircase. "It's him! The demon! We have to go!"

    "No" Says the leader "We'll beat the shit out of him together."

    We stand in front of the staircase. Bang. Bang. Bang. The staircase progressively gets darker. Darker. As if all the light is being swallowed. I'm scared! I'm terrified!


    The leader uses his telekinesis to hurl random objects at it. I gave it my best!

    I couldn't tell you if we defeated the monster. I always wake up during the battle. It felt like it was working though. If anything, just because I was in their company.

    But the sound still gives me shivers

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    1. nina's Avatar
      I love drastically altering my size in a dream...it's amazing how everything changes when you are so tiny. How time changes...and everything in the big people world becomes like slow motion. It's beautiful. I'm glad you were able to transform into a tiny lizard.

      The demon sounds terrifying...I wonder what he was doing there. Why do these dark "beings" just show up in the middle of our lucids to ruin our good time? Is it just fear being manifested? Do you think it could be something more?

      Congrats on the lucid.
    2. juroara's Avatar
      Thanks! The transformation was so brief, it would have been fun to be small much longer.

      As for the demon, now that I think about it, it's happened before. In another dream I wanted to go down the staircase. But when I looked down the endless staircase, all I saw was darkness below, and strange noises. There was also heat rising up. I didn't understand what the noises were, I mean I can't even tell you if they were mechanical or organic. Scared, I turned around and left the staircase alone.

      Maybe one of these days I'll be brave enough and go down there. Or maybe out of sanity I'll just leave the whole issue alone!