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    1. Day 0: Latex And Superpowers, The Amazing Future Smeargle

      by , 07-23-2012 at 08:01 PM
      Supplement Dose: 10 mg Melatonin, 50 mg Zinc

      Spoiler for Why I Took These Supplements:
      I've decided to start a new experimental regimen. I've been doing a lot of thinking about the connections between hallucinogens and dreaming, especially after doing a lot of research and testing with menthol, and what it's really brought me to is the relationship between dopamine and prolactin. As far as I can tell, dopamine is like the chemical of the subconscious.... It connects us to our thoughts and desires, brings our imaginations to life. Prolactin, on the other hand, controls how much desire we actually have, and I mean that on a rather deep, subconscious level. Dopamine and prolactin are normally inversely correlated, but they can both be active at the same time. My theory was that having both dopamine and prolactin going would make for a more general enhancement of a dream or hallucinatory experience, but it would also make them rather wild and uncontrollable, or at the very least impulsive. Dopamine, however, while it is very impulsive in its own right, would allow for an experience that more naturally formed around our desires when not inhibited by prolactin.

      For example, I recently decided to do research into the pro- or anti-prolactinergic effects of various psychedelics. The well-known ones that I've experimented with that I was able to find information on include DMT, psilocin (from mushrooms), and LSD. DMT and psilocin each give me trips that are totally uncontrollable, and often are alien and bizarre. Psilocin gives me me a considerably more "connected" trip than DMT, and is often very sexual and shows me amazing visions that do reflect my subconscious, but overall it's more like I'm going along for the ride than anything. LSD is a totally different story. Whenever I'm on LSD, reality forms to my desires without me even having to do anything; the world simply bends and twists until it's reshaped itself to explore my every fantasy. It's not a conscious method of control like using powers in a lucid dream, it works on the subconscious level in the sense that the dream-like state itself is formed in exactly the way that you would form it if you were doing it manually, and since it's just happening for you and your subconscious is creating it it's even better than you could possibly create with your conscious mind. Unsurprisingly (to me, anyway), DMT and psilocin increase prolactin levels, while LSD decreases them.

      So how does this apply to the supplements? Well, I got to thinking.... Menthol raises prolactin levels and potentiates D2 responses. This is why I believe it creates some of the same connection to desires as dopamine (like the sexual effects), but it also makes them more sensual than fiendish, and it adds lots of visual effects like RobStar commonly mentions. It also definitely does make me more impulsive while lucid, and there's certainly nothing wrong with this; the "pure" sexual feeling is one I've already grown quite fond of. However, I still have the desire to test my theories further and see what a high-dopamine/low-prolactin state of dreaming would be like. This is difficult to do normally.... Drugs that increase prolactin tend to increase REM (like menthol), whereas drugs that increase dopamine tend to decrease REM. However, that doesn't mean there's not a way around it. The plus side is that increased dopaminergic activity itself will decrease prolactin levels if unopposed, so all that's really required is to find a way to raise dopamine levels and increase REM at the same time.

      That's where the supplements come in. Melatonin directly opposes the effects of dopamine, particularly at D2, to suppress REM and induce non-REM sleep. Therefore, the REM rebound effect it creates later is the result of a direct increase in the dopaminergic activity of dreams to make up for lost time. So that's how that works. Zinc is another cool one, I think. Zinc is an NMDA antagonist, and this alone may add something to it but it's not my main goal; however, it does mean that chronic use of zinc will upregulate D2 receptors, and that should make for more enhanced dreaming overall. In addition, zinc appears to be a positive allosteric modulator of dopamine receptors, especially D1 and D2. This means that it doesn't actually provide any effects by itself and will not create a dopaminergic response (i.e., it won't wake you up), but it will enhance the ability of agonists at the receptor such as dopamine to create their response. So in other words, it makes the dopamine at those receptors more effective. It's also known to decrease prolactin levels with continued use. Together, I believe these two supplements, especially in chronic use, may be able to give me the kinds of effects I'm looking for. I'm also planning to add new ones to the stack to increase the effect, such as vitamin B6 to increase the production of dopamine where the brain needs it, and vitamin E to further reduce prolactin levels. I'm also considering going on the no fap challenge during this (which is why I've listed the entry as "Day 0", as I'm already unable to officially start today) so that my dopamine receptors become more sensitive and my daily prolactin levels drop. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a very successful endeavor and give me dreams that are more tailored to my desires without me even having to intervene!

      #1 - Latex And Superpowers [Non-Lucid]

      There was a lot going in this dream leading up to this point, but where my memory really comes in was at a cafeteria on a college campus. I was really late for lunch so even though I looked around a bit I didn't really get to eat anything. At one point I went and waited by a doorway for M who was apparently on the other side of the wall but being held up by something, and it randomly occurred to me that I was wearing something like this:

      Though, I can't remember if it was those colors exactly; I didn't pay much attention to myself. Two other girls walked up also wearing latex outfits and heels and I recognized them as more friends of M. Eventually the three of us decided to go see what was taking M so long and "get her out of trouble". (I wrote that in my notes, followed by "(they thought she was too young)", but I'm not exactly sure what it means now.) After a short talk I guess I forgot about M, and my friend J walked up and tried to kiss me on the cheek, which really weirded me out considering that it was coming from him. Our mutual friend S who was a grade below us in school was there too, and she claimed that she decided to get "happy and drunk". I randomly jumped up on her back so she was giving me a piggyback ride, and I told her that with me there we'd be able to phase through walls so she didn't have to worry about that. We started walking through walls randomly and talking about college, but around that time the dream was starting to become unstable, and soon
      I woke up.

      Visualization came extremely easily after this dream. I probably could've done a WILD if I wanted to, but I was sort of focused on something when I woke up.

      #2 - The Amazing Future Smeargle [Non-Lucid]

      This entire dream took place in third-person, and thus a lot of it is hard to recall now. I had the feeling that I was playing some new Pokémon game, but it was just that the screen was taking up my entire perception. Essentially, the plot was about some insanely powerful Smeargle who was completely dominating all of the Pokémon in the world in the future, and so the legendary beasts sent it back in time to get rid of it, but as a result others followed it to continue trying to beat it while certain organizations were trying to capture it for themselves. By this point in the game I already had it on my team, along with a few other fully-trained Pokémon, but I can't really remember what they were now (but I do remember something about fighting the legendary beasts). The Smeargle really was kicking ass; I'm pretty sure its moves were Fire Blast, SolarBeam, I want to say maybe Earthquake, and something else I don't quite recall now.... A terrible spread, but it was doing pretty well in-game. X) Not long after a battle ended, I woke up.

      Also, thanks for the idea for this, RobStar. It's going to come in handy.

      Spoiler for Preliminary Reflections:
      Alright, so day 0.... The first dream interests me the most, though the second one is worth noting too. I haven't really had third-person dreams of that caliber in a while now, and I have to wonder if that was related to increased D2 activity. Melatonin has definitely given me some OBE-like dreams before. But, like I said, it's the first dream that I find really significant. First of all, this is the second time recently where I've felt that consequences weren't quite so important and just jumped on someone's back. However, in the first one I was trying to be playful, even if I was doing so in sort of an odd way, and I had reason to believe that nothing mattered because I was "back in time". In this one I just totally didn't care at all, and I knew that we'd be able to phase through walls easily. The rules of reality definitely didn't apply to me in this dream, and I was aware of it somehow. At no point did I become lucid, at least not fully if this counts at all. It was more of a... "this is my reality" type of feeling. Furthermore, there's the matter of the latex outfits.... It's entirely possible that this is just incubation from the sexy hawt females thread, but nothing of that sort has ever really happened to me before. I can say for sure that the incidence of myself and other girls wearing those outfits increasing definitely correlates with what I would expect from increased dopamine and decreased prolactin (and it in fact extremely accurately reflects some of my LSD experiences ).

      So, of course, this is only the very first trial, and it's far too early to say anything yet. However, those are my current thoughts. I can't wait to see what kind of dreams I have tonight!
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    2. Too Distracted, Broken Structures

      by , 07-19-2012 at 04:07 PM
      Supplement Dose: 2 York Peppermint Patties

      #1 - Too Distracted [Non-Lucid]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is that my dad accidentally chopped off his fingertip. (Though there was no blood throughout the entire dream.... Definitely didn't notice that until I woke up.) I ran all around the house looking for band-aids for him so we could graft it back on. But strangely, almost all of the lights in the house were off, and I tried four or five switches in a row and they wouldn't work! How odd! () Getting frustrated, I ran back out to the kitchen where the light was already on so we could see what we were doing. During all of this, including before my dad had injured himself, I was also trying to hide bunch of OxyContin that R had left on the living room table, easily at least if not more than a hundred pills. I ended up shoving most of them into a Ziploc bag and stashing it in a drawer in my room before I could be noticed though, but honestly I don't think my dad would have really noticed at the time. Not long after we got to the kitchen, I woke up.

      After this dream, until I finally got out of bed, I was getting very vivid hypnagogia very easily, just accompanying all of my random in-bed thoughts. One that I remember clearly is walking down a random street considering that previous dream, half knowing that I was really in bed but not really caring. I never sank into a WILD or anything because of them, though. I also remember something about Dexter's Laboratory... which I only remember right this second while typing it, and have no idea what it was connected to.

      #2 - Broken Structures [Non-Lucid]

      During this dream there was some kind of party going on at my house, and my house also seemed to be fused with a forest at... incomprehensible angles. That's really the best description I'm going to be able to give it. I remember that I was trying to find someone, but then I got distracted when I noticed that the door to my bathroom was busted and wouldn't close properly, but there were tons of people over and I had a very strong urge to masturbate. >.> I got fed up with it for a little bit and sat in the foresty part of my house, and some trees started turning sideways and then multiplying and drawing strange circle patterns with their copies, it was a very bizarre visual. Soon I decided to give the bathroom another shot, and I realized that I could get the door to stay closed but I just couldn't lock it. I decided it was worth the risk. X) I got in there and stripped naked, then I looked at my reflection in the mirror. First of all my reflection wasn't naked, but again I appeared to have taken on the form of a supermodel, and... well, as I stared into the mirror my vision was fractured into sort of a collage of seeing myself from different angles and apparently different situations, and it all had sort of a shattered-glass look to it. It's hard to put into words exactly, but it was very psychedelic... I've had it happen while tripping before. All of the different supermodel 'me's were writhing around in pleasure and making various sexy faces and positions, and there was sort of an overwhelming feeling of dissociation or being pulled into this. I was able to snap out of it and my libido was shooting up through the roof, so I tried getting ready to masturbate but the bathroom was arranged in a really ridiculous way that made it practically impossible, and the frustration of trying to figure it out made me wake up. :c

      Oh menthol, I missed you.
    3. An Unfocused Night

      by , 07-14-2012 at 03:53 PM
      Supplement Dose: 3.6 mg Hypericin (1200 mg St. John's Wort extract), 3 York Peppermint Patties

      Blahhhh.... So, the beginning of this night was rather unpleasant. Perhaps hastily, I ingested four St. John's wort capsules which were standardized to contain 0.9 mg of hypericin per 300 mg of extracted plant matter, as I've experimented with St. John's wort before and had very trippy dreams from it (though the active I'm more interested in is hyperforin, got some of that on it's way too ). However, four is a rather large dose, and though I was mainly aiming for the NMDA antagonist effects of the hypericin, I suppose I could've taken into account the other possible actives in the extract.... I had a good bit of insomnia and stomach pains (which the peppermint patties may have contributed to), and after a few hours of sleep with no solid dreams I had to get up and use the bathroom, which was... not fun at all. I was certainly feeling the effects of the hypericin as well, as when I woke up I was slightly dissociated. All of my senses were more euphoric than normal, but also more dulled or distant (this may be hard to comprehend correctly if you don't have experience with dissociatives). It felt nice at first, but didn't do much for me overall. It also stood in the way of my progress to help force myself to fall asleep again, with a little (perhaps menthol-assisted) help from my body's natural processes. I got started but the sensations weren't strong enough to keep me going, and I was slightly anesthetized so I wasn't able to get anywhere with it. *sigh*

      Eventually, I did fall asleep, and I started the night out with a strange fragment, followed by a fairly surreal dream with a slight hint of mint, so that's nice at least. I wanted to stay asleep for longer and try to suck more out of the dose, but my physiology wasn't putting up with it after I woke up from the last one, so I just decided to get up.

      Man, I would love to be able to get some hypericin by itself and not have to go through that again! But, what're you going to do? Oh well, here's my dreams for the night.

      Dream Fragment - I was doing cocaine in the back of a high school class that had a substitute teacher with my old friend SN with help from PR, this guy I knew since elementary school. ("With help from"...? Not exactly sure what that implies now, but it's in the notes.) Afterwards I was disposing of the evidence (notes: "favorite tin") and dropped my phone in the trash by mistake, and then people kept throwing more trash in on top of it before I could get it out. D:

      An Unfocused Night [Non-Lucid]

      There was a lot going on in this dream, and I'm pretty sure I was with O for a lot of it at the beginning, but my first clear memory comes in at the top of a tall building in Las Vegas in some kind of suite with some of my family members and my dad's friend Px (I think?). Mainly what I remember is that we were smoking weed, and I had brought my own but they wanted to smoke theirs first, and I was telling them about how O and I had just come here to Vegas twice in the last three days just to relax and to take some extensive English course that was over in literally two days to get those college credits out of the way. I believe my cousin P then came up to me and started showing me some new Mario game that I had thought was just a port of Super Mario 64, but it turned out to be a legitimate remake with new graphics and features and all of this stuff, and it was on the Nintendo DS. The game zoomed in to take up my entire perception, and I could see now that it actually took place at a modified version of my old middle school. Of course, that didn't strike me as too odd at the time.

      Mario was basically just running around and doing wall jumps all over the place, and somewhere down the line (I saw a lot of the game but don't remember much of it now) the narrating voice changed from my cousin P to my other cousin (P's younger sister) K. I told her that she should go wall jump way up to the top of some tower which I was apparently aware of from the original game, even though there was no such structure in it. She gets up there and... it's kind of a weird area where you can see windows and a church bell or something outside and it was sunny outside, and where we were was waaaay high up above the ground on a floating platform, and around the rim of the room (with just a little space extending outward from the walls) there were lots of newborn babies in the kinds of cribs they get right when they're first born, at the hospital. Suddenly K and I were actually here in the room with them, and as the panel was small and she was the one who knew what she was doing, I was standing behind her and holding on to her waist as not to fall off. This is where the mentholy libido feeling kicked in, not because of my cousin (thankfully ) but because I was suddenly aware that I was wearing a sexy nurse outfit, and I was struck with that sort of "pure" feeling that's been discussed in the experiment thread and I just wanted to mother all of the babies in the room and make sure they were all happy. >w<

      I'm wondering if the feeling may have caused the dream to become less stable (since in all of my other menthol dreams it actually woke me up), because things unfocused for a minute and then kind of refocused at my house, in my parents' bedroom. I was apparently playing the game on the DS alone now, and some guy who I don't recognize came into the room. I told him briefly about the game and then asked him if there was anyone else (who?) left in the house, and he said no. We also had these sugary colored dough ball things that I perceived as being Japanese candies at the time, and they were delicious! We were eating them to just kind of pass the time and break the tension since we didn't really know each other, and he was watching something on my parents' TV (a sports game maybe?), and I asked him if he wanted to go out somewhere and get some real food, my treat. He said yes but in a way that made it seem like he thought I was joking, which I recognized at the time but I still went to change into a bit more formal-casual clothes. I went back into the room and said something like "Alright, let's go!" and he looked at me a bit surprised, trying to back out of it then but I told him he already said yes. He just seemed embarrased because he didn't expect me to actually pay for him, or something like that. I asked him where he wanted to go, and after much debating I believe he settled on "anywhere with cucumbers". We walked out into the kitchen briefly so he could grab his stuff, and while we were out there I saw a teenage mutant ninja turtle walking around. I don't know which one is who, but it was the one with the blue headband. We headed out the front door and I noticed that it was nighttime and the neighborhood was fairly covered in snow, which looked really nice. I ended up trying to lock the door with the wrong key first, but then I switched the right one. The guy started walking out towards my car, but then
      I woke up.
    4. What Is This Game!?, Back In Time

      by , 07-14-2012 at 04:29 AM
      #1 - What Is This Game!? [DILD]

      I was going to see my old, old friend from day care, CC, at high school (I did actually know him for that long, too). We were in my old junior and senior year history teacher's class, but the whole thing was being treated like college. I asked him if that was his class and he said no, so I just wandered out and started walking through the hallways alone. I don't remember this part very well but people were apparently playing some game everywhere in the classrooms I was walking through, because just as I was becoming lucid I half-yelled "What is this game!?", jokingly, and some guy tried to tell me about how in manga they're always eating food. Some really attractive girl started trying to say something to me too but I had other things in mind, so I just hugged her and then kept moving along, but the sensation had been too vivid... the rush was causing the dream to collapse. I tried to stop it as usual, but it was too late and I woke up.

      #2 - Back In Time [Non-Lucid]

      I was with JRE and ET, and I somehow knew that we had gone back in time to what was technically I think my junior high school years, but we were treating it like senior high. He started out in some empty lab classroom and started messing around with stuff, though I don't recall what now, until some teacher got mad at us so we walked out into the hallway. There was the strangest sense of freedom here... everything was so vivid and clear and I had an underlying knowledge that none of my actions would have any consequences whatsoever. Essentially, I had everything that a lucid dream has except for the actual lucidity; I still believed everything around me to be real. One of JRE's old teachers saw him in the hall and yelled "An enemy!" in a joking manner, which JRE hesitated for at first but then laughed at when he realized what was going on. There was a very surreal feeling to the environment, and near a classroom I ran into this girl who looks absolutely NOTHING like my most recent college professor for a summer class I just finished, SJ, but I immediately recognized it as her and perceived her as just a younger version of herself, since we were back in time. She was thin and really attractive and had a curly blonde ponytail, and I was instantly smitten (of course). But before talking to her, we walked into the classroom and I saw EC, an old friend of mine who I haven't heard from in years. She asked us about our senior year and told us what she's been up to lately, claiming that she's "Japanese now". She then wanted to ask us more about our lives but her class was starting, so I made the excuse that I had to go and walked back out in the hallway to meet up with SJ, abandoning JRE and ET. Even though I had no idea who SJ was before this past summer class, she somehow recognized me as I approached her, even as a student from her future class, and said that I "look much better without the robot head", or something like that. Apparently she was headed to a theater class, and she invited me to come see a "play on words" (I didn't catch that until I woke up and was writing it down ) that they were going to be performing. Still consequence-free, I leapt up on to her back and latched on tight, and she carried me to the class. When we got there I playfully told her that I wasn't going to let go, and she said "You have to!" (or something like that) and I say "Nope, I'll come off easily, but I'm not letting go." She barely brushes me back, and I make a joking breathy "oooooh" sound as I slowly fall off her back and into a nearby chair. She gives me an amused smile and goes to get ready to perform. >w< I just waited their for her class to start from that point on, but soon the dream ended and I woke up.
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    5. Childhood Memories?, The Perfect Lawn, An Old Goal Completed By Chance

      by , 07-12-2012 at 06:39 PM

      Dream Fragment - This one was technically more than a fragment as it was fully developed, I just don't really remember much about it now, so I can't fill in the details for my notes. "I go to a book/department store-based event, like A-Kon or something, with old [my senior high school] people at it. Walking around, not giving a fuck what people think. Yeah, look at the food."

      Childhood Memories? [DILD]

      I was driving my old jeep and my old friend JRE and I parked it somewhere deep in a forest. After we got out, we walked to where there was some bus stop and got on the bus, which then took us to some downtown area. Though I'm pretty sure I experienced all or most of our downtown adventure, I know there were tons of people that I potentially know. All I really remember of it now was wandering around a parking lot with JRE, and he was getting annoyed at me for acting childish (in a playful way), or something like that. Eventually we end up getting back on the bus, and initially JRE sits far away from me but he eventually moves up to where I am. The bus is traveling through the forest, and somehow it turns into the legs of an AT-ST (the two-legged robot walkers from Star Wars) with a tiny couch seat on top, where JRE and I are sitting. Of course, this all seems perfectly normal at the time. I was just admiring how vivid all of the forest surroundings were, and I had the sudden sense that JRE and I might be having a shared dream. Oh snap, this is a dream! I looked over at JRE and started doubting whether or not this was really shared, and I decided to slap him on the back to see just how stable he was. As I did he exploded into sand, and my hand continued to move straight through where he had been sitting. As the AT-ST legs took me back to where the Jeep was, I had the strangest sense that this dream was connecting me to my childhood memories, though it's hard to explain the sensation now. As I was approaching the Jeep, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing what appeared to be a transparent white one-piece bathing suit. It did make me happy, though. I got in the car and grabbed the wheel, which was now invisible, as the dream was sort of falling apart around me. I either drove or just phased forward through some kind of "wall" which I can't even describe that was in front of me now, and then everything went black, and soon I woke up.


      #1 - The Perfect Lawn [Non-Lucid]

      There was a family party going on at my house and my aunt C and cousin S were there at least (and I think probably my uncle N as well), and all I remember is that I was relaxing in my bedroom and I knew that they were spending a lot of time in my parents' bedroom for some reason, and then they walked out and went into the guest bathroom, where my other aunt D suddenly walked down the hall trying to get to and was mad that it was already occupied. I think my mom was with her, too. Somewhere down the line (I think the dream may have skipped forward a bit), I decided to go swimming out back. I also became Jackie (Mila Kunis) from That '70s Show. Donna (Laura Prepon) was also there and I was trying to get her to swim with me, but she didn't want to get in the pool. :T I believe it skipped forward again and we were walking down the street that extends directly outward from my house (we're centered at a three-way intersection), and I was looking around for lawns that had sprinklers covering them with water (sometimes even sprinklers shooting water on to them from the middle of the street ). My aim was to find a yard that was so wet... that the grass and dirt had entered a complete liquidy consistency, so I'd be able to swim in it. ._. I even found one that I thought might be good, and I dipped my toes in it and saw it ripple. I turned around and said something to Donna I believe, but then I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I was hanging out with N and I think R on my back porch, and suddenly we were in the pool and N was talking about how he found some amazing ecstasy tabs recently, claiming he'd taken only a third of one and ended up rolling really hard. I ended these notes with "Me disappoint." Not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean here. >_>

      Dream Fragment - I was with NS, this guy I knew through my entire public schooling career but then never saw again after we graduated, and we were walking around at some kind of Star Wars convention... or something....

      #2 - An Old Goal Completed By Chance [MILD]

      I was lying on my bed with my old friend D, and for some reason we were lying extremely close to each other, with our faces almost touching (but it wasn't supposed to mean anything, it was just taken as totally normal at the time ). Though I'm not sure if there even was much dream content before this, I had an underlying knowledge that we were in a Heroes-like world. Derek had the power of cryokinesis (ice generation/freezing) and I had the totally broken ability of absorbing the powers of anyone around me. Since we just happened to be right there next to each other, I grabbed his cryokinesis for myself. I suddenly had the knowledge of how to use it and everything. The dream skipped forward to he and I standing at an intersection, like actually in the lanes where the cars would be, waiting for the lights to turn so we could keep walking. I was in the left-hand turning lane, and D was arguing with me about something, though I can't remember what it was now. I was getting fed up with him, and when the light turned I flew off into the air and turned left down the road. Realizing that I was flying was enough to make me become lucid, and I knew immediately what I had to do. I thrust my arm out at a nearby plant while flying by and made the same kind of psychic-power-hand-gesture pose I make while using telekinesis, and the plant instantly froze over. It works!!!! Now I'll know how to do this from now on! I decided to freeze a car too, and it worked, but then it almost immediately just turned into a different white car and kept trying to drive slowly. Clearly the skill needs some work, but it's good to know that I can at least use it now. I wanted to try to freeze a human, so I looked for a DC and noticed a girl walking on the sidewalk not too far ahead of me. I pounced on her, expecting it to be playful... but apparently I put a bit more force into it than I meant to, because it killed her. O_O I was disappointed for a second, but then thought I'd give something else a try... and with one more psychic hand gesture, she came back to life! That's two new abilities! I ended up rolling around on the ground with her trying to get her into focus because my vision was fading away and I was having a tough time saving it, and finally I was able to freeze her, but I only heard it because my vision had already faded to black. Oh well, there's always next time! Shortly afterward, I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I was with D again and we had ordered pizza at his house (which wasn't really his house), but we were having them deliver it to my house so that we could drive over there to get it. We got here and ended up working on some homework on my dad's computer for some reason, but the pizza never arrived. I kept staring out the window for it, but only some girls I vaguely knew in middle and high school drove up but never got out of their car. I wanted that pizza. :C

      Dream Fragment - My mom was asking me if the ball at the end of my poi was actually just a gigantic Skittle.
    6. Temporary Apartment, Make Yourself At Home

      by , 07-10-2012 at 05:48 PM
      Supplement Dose: 3 York Peppermint Patties

      #1 - Temporary Apartment [Non-Lucid]

      This dream is sort of hard to remember because I was distracted for most of it, but I was at some new apartment with my parents that I think we were moving into, but only temporarily. We might have just been staying there for a bit, but it was only us (i.e., we weren't staying with someone). I remember that my mom was looking for my cat to feed him, and he was eventually found to be hiding under the coffee table in the living room, and I was kind of narrating this all to myself and making a log of it in my phone. I think I was also posting on DV somehow, but then I woke up, really horny for *cough* some reason.

      #2 - Make Yourself At Home [Non-Lucid]

      I was staying in some pretty big house, housesitting for the owners. My libido was running pretty strong in this dream. There were two dogs there that I was supposed to be looking after but I needed to get them out of the way, so I put them in the laundry room or something and closed the door, then spontaneously decided to masturbate on the kitchen floor. o.o I decided to have the lights off for it, but I think turning them off caused the dream to skip forward to the next scene. I vaguely remember the blackness and feeling myself on the floor for a second, but then my memory picks up again later where I had apparently invited J to come over and hang out with me there. While I was talking to him about something I had the random urge to look down at what I was wearing. If I remember correctly, I had on what appeared to be a small, fancy black dress skirt paired with a totally ordinary orange t-shirt. For some reason, this only increased my horniness. (I think it was the skirt that did it. >w<) Somehow, around this time the plot changed to be so that there was a family party going on at this house, which also contained a buffet restaurant in it now. I sampled a ton of different food which I felt and tasted completely, it was all pretty delicious, except for some guacamole at the end which is unfortunately the only one I vividly remember. X) I recall my cousin AB asking me about it, and I told her it wasn't very fresh anymore. Before that too, at some point, I was talking to my grandma about different foods I was looking for, and she told me to try to find some sausage but I told her I'd rather get some bacon. (Oh man, that would be great right about now....) Shortly after the guacamole thing, though, I woke up.
    7. PSO2 Just Got Even Better, Taking Off My Robe

      by , 07-08-2012 at 04:01 PM
      Supplement Dose: 1 cup Peppermint Tea

      #1 - PSO2 Just Got Even Better [Non-Lucid]

      All I remember about the first part of the dream was JRE asking me if I was checking him out, because he said that he could tell when people had "the eyes", or something like that. I wasn't checking him out, though. My memory skips forward a bit, and now I'm hanging out with JB. We're talking about Phantasy Star Online 2 (though it's not even remotely correct in its design) and playing what I believe is a demo. It has all the same menu structures as the original Phantasy Star Online, and I ask JB if he transferred over his character from Phantasy Star Universe. (Which isn't how it works. ) I was looking through my character's inventory during this and noticing that I had tons of really badass weapons, especially swords, and one of them was called Snake Beater, which I thought was pretty cool at the time. (A Phantom Brave reference.) We're apparently playing the game in some kind of warehouse, and the cool part is, whenever I was looking at these weapons they would actually spawn right next to us. They looked soooo cool, lots of them were dark neon colors or had black shadowy auras, and stuff like that.... So awesome. >w< JB takes all of this in, then turns to me and asks if I've been laid yet. Fuck you, JB. Then I woke up.

      Soon after I rolled over to get to sleep again, I heard a somewhat loud banging noise. I actually used to get these a lot, whenever I would be entering sleep paralysis, but they haven't happened in a long time and it startled me awake. I was also getting very vivid hypnagogic stuff. Very mentholy.

      Dream Fragment - Someone else and I were out back at my pool, and as we drew in the water with our hands, waves of glowing rainbow patterns would burst out from where we touched and hold their form for a minute. Whoever I was with (I think it was a guy, but that's about all I can remember) drew a heart shape in water, and I watched it as the patterns formed together. It looked so romantic.

      #2 - Taking Off My Robe [DILD]

      I think there was something going on this dream before I became lucid, but I don't remember much of it. I was housesitting for someone, and I decided to go out front. It seemed to be about the middle of the day, and while looking down the neighborhood road I became lucid. Three for three! My senses were pretty clear and vivid too, so that's cool. Somehow I got worked into trying to fly in third-person, and it was kind of working (and I remember watching a car drive down the road from a perspective slightly off the ground as I was doing it), but it was also making the dream rather unstable, so I stopped. At this point the dream shifted to nighttime, but I was still in front of the house. The shift was somewhat disorienting, and so, though I didn't really fully lose lucidity, for a minute I was just kind of going along with what was happening. I sat down on the curb next to the driveway (which was in front of the house), and it suddenly occurred to me that I was wearing nothing except a bra, panties, and a pink robe to cover myself with. Hmm, good to know. I actually felt pretty attractive in it. At around that time, a couple walked up and started pacing around the driveway. It was dark and I wasn't really looking directly at them for most of it, but I want to say that they were Hispanic. I had an instant attraction to the girlfriend, and I wanted to go up and tell her to ditch her boyfriend but it didn't feel like the right time. I just kind of listened to what they were talking about for a minute or two (though I don't really remember what it was now), and then they went into the house. They had been acting like they knew the owners or something, and could go in freely. Once they went through the door, now regaining full lucidity, I got up and followed closely behind them, deciding it was time to make my move. I could see them sitting on the couch through a window, and they turned to look at the door as I opened it. As I walked through it, I stripped off my robe to reveal my sexy lingerie and got blasted with a wave of libido. I felt curvier and like I was radiating beauty, like I was some kind of supermodel. I went and sat down in front of the girl, who was now white with blonde hair and wearing a blue bikini top and cut off jeans, I believe (though I barely noticed the switch at the time). I reached one of my arms around her and started running my hands over her skin, massaging her breasts, and basically just stroking her all over. She felt unbelievably soft, it was great. I could tell that she was enjoying it, and I grabbed her and went in for a kiss. All of the sensations were extremely vivid, including that last bit, but then the dream started collapsing around me, and I woke up, still extremely horny.

      Oh menthol, what am I going to do with you?
    8. Random Fragments

      by , 07-04-2012 at 05:11 PM
      Dream Fragment - "SA, M maybe?, and someone else... reminiscing."

      Dream Fragment - "Humanoid ants made of shit taking over the classroom, Mrs. K and R (from that class) and such."
      Tags: high school
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. The Lust Returns

      by , 07-03-2012 at 02:02 PM
      Supplement Dose: 36.4 mg Menthol (Cough Drops)

      #1 - The Lust Returns [DILD]

      There was something going on in the beginning of the dream that I can't quite remember, but we were in a huge auditorium with multiple floors of seatings, and I was up on the second floor (which was kind of like a balcony overlooking the stage). There was a massive amount of people there, which is perhaps notable because I'm usually not in crowds this big unless I've taken some kind of dream enhancer. All I really remember about this part of the dream was that we had some kind of instructors or someone who was watching after us, I'm pretty sure my old friend S was there, and someone had pissed me off and subsequently was moved closer to the edge of the balcony, further away from me. Somehow, I think when I was turning to face the crowd behind me, the scene turned into a classroom. I almost want to say there was some strange 2D video game screen that flashed in between this, but my recollection of it is very hazy.... Anyway, once I was in the classroom I pretty much immediately became lucid. I looked at the screen which was pulled down and had the projector turned on, and there were very readable words on it but it was entirely gibberish, and I didn't really make an effort to remember any of it, though it was funny. I surveyed the class and noticed that everything was in extremely high detail, and the dream hadn't required any stabilization at all. That's nifty, usually things are falling apart for me by now. A bunch of the kids in the class had drinks, so I decided to do a taste test. I tried three different drinks, all of which were delicious. I want to say that one of them looked vaguely orange juice-like, and I think at least one or both of the others was/were soda. I return to the front of the classroom and say "Someone go get me lunch!", deciding that I wanted to try some food now too. This girl in the back of the class stands up and cheerily says "I'll do it! " Awww, she's cute. >w< I say that I'm going to hug her first on her way out and I basically jump up and wrap myself around her. So warm and soft. Suddenly my libido starts shooting up HARD. Oh no, this again! It was much stronger than last night too, so maybe it is a normal menthol effect for me.... The feeling just keeps rising and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it, I'm honestly afraid that I'm just about to explode. I squeeze the girl tighter... and then the dream fades, and I wake up. Intense. X)

      Dream Fragment - Apparently I said something on DV about how not everyone wants to be rich, and tommo was doubting if it was true.
    10. Memory Skips, Fake-Out, Controlling The Professor

      by , 07-02-2012 at 05:41 PM
      Supplement Dose: 18.2 mg Menthol (Cough Drops)

      Weed was smoked and half a beer was consumed a while before going to bed. This probably had a slightly detrimental effect on my recall, but overall didn't seem to influence my dreams.

      #1 - Memory Skips [Non-Lucid]

      The beginning of this dream is harder to recall as I believe it happened in third-person, but there was a group of people searching for something.... A time machine? Special documents? It's hard to remember now, but something important along those lines. This group of people was the bad guys, but a couple good guys had infiltrated their ranks and was planning to sabotage them. My memory skips forward a little bit, and I remember lying naked in bed with a friend of mine. o_o I want to say it was... well, that's not important. >w< But we were just cuddling and I was getting lost in fantasy. My memory jumps forward again a little bit and now I'm walking around a store with my dad, and he's talking to someone about how he always eats all the Ritz crackers and cookies at our house and I get mad that there aren't any left, which isn't even remotely true.

      I woke up after that. The naked cuddling thing was definitely interesting... my libido was running strong in this dream, which it almost never does (unless I'm lucid). Was the menthol to blame? Hmm....

      #2 - Fake-Out [Non-Lucid]

      For this one I was actually just lying in bed for a while, and noticing that my visualization skills were REALLY strong. Everything in the previous dream had been incredibly vivid, and these mental images were no different. I was hoping it would go somewhere, but it didn't seem to be... so I sat up in bed, not realizing that it was suddenly a different bed, and opened my laptop, not realizing that I didn't have my laptop with me. I started typing stuff about the dream I'd had in, and slowly the screen started getting further and further away... until it faded out, and I woke up again. Damn! :O

      #3 - Controlling The Professor [WILD]

      Now I was just lying in bed again, still exploring the visualization. But I was also really tired still... my consciousness was drifting, but not fully fading away. Suddenly it occurred to me that there was some strange wall of bars and electricity and words that were impossible to read in front of me, it was all very confusing. Finally I decided to look away from it, and noticed that I had fully entered a dream. My second ever WILD! If that's not a testament to menthol's potential, then I don't know what is. There was a TV in front of the bed I was in that showed what looked like a Futurama video game, with the professor riding a motorcycle. Everything was extremely vivid and not unstable at all. I focused myself intently on the game trying to let it consume the whole dream, but it never happened. However, I was able to feel everything on the screen as if it was happening to me. I felt the motorcycle engine beneath me and all that stuff. I had the professor drive up all these crazy wall angles and up on to a person's back, that was fun. But then he accidentally drove off of a pier he was on and into the water, abandoning his motorcycle and swimming into a vortex of psychedelic-like mermaid faces as he did so. My libido was starting to shoot up and becoming really intense, and then the vortex consumed my entire perception, and I woke up.

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    11. Salvia Fragment

      by , 07-01-2012 at 05:46 PM
      Dream Fragment - Some guy was telling me and a couple friends about how much he loves salvia, and I agreed with some of what he was saying but he was making it sound way more controllable than it is, much more like a normal psychedelic like shrooms....
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Drugs Are Bad, Mkay, Some Kind Of War, The Weed Restaurant

      by , 06-30-2012 at 03:29 PM
      These are just a few old dreams that I haven't taken the time to log yet, figured I should get them out of the way. The first two happened on the same night, but the third one was a different time. Unfortunately I don't remember them very much, but it is what it is. :T

      #1 - Drugs Are Bad, Mkay [Non-Lucid]

      O and I were in class, and apparently the class was about how bad weed is for you.... We ended up staying after class and smoking weed. But what I do remember is that the teacher was so adamant about how terrible drugs are and so on and so forth, and then out of nowhere she suddenly started acting all fiendish and talking about how she needed her OxyContin to get through the day or she'd go insane, and she yanked the pill bottle out of her drawer and popped one. At the time I thought it was so funny that I started laughing like Shion except happy. I honestly couldn't stop, I had to grab on to nearby objects for support because it was knocking the wind out of me. Later on the dream gets a little hazier and less structured, what I wrote down was "something about a hotdog, a boyfriend, and a gay manager or producer or something?" Hmmm....

      #2 - Some Kind Of War [DILD]

      This one I really don't remember at all, which kind of sucks because it sounds really interesting. This is what I have written up on my phone: "Shopping district bomb supposed to go off but doesn't, the country backed out of some political thing, families are fleeing and I'm with O and others. Lots of active DCs like PZ but can't remember much now, stealing A's (self-hint: old) car (supposedly) that we found abandoned, with some pretty metallic orange heels for me to put on right next to it. ^_^ The dream fading away in the car made me lucid and I tried to save it, but it was too late."

      False Awakening - "Transitioned to a false awakening where I wrote the whole thing down in a notepad."

      #3 - The Weed Restaurant [Non-Lucid]

      I was in Las Vegas at a casino with O, and we were going to some in-casino restaurant where all of the food was made from weed. SD (game shop) was out front somewhere, and PR was sitting at the table with us. When I sat down I accidentally moved the table, which was on wheels, and a girl who was sitting there also spilled her water and got mad at me. Afterwards O showed up again and started telling me how he broke his leg or something making a really stupid decision. If I remember correctly, he tied his leg up with an American flag so that it was always being held back in the air, and then with his one remaining leg he leaped off of a cabinet or desk on to the ground, and his leg gave out and he slammed into something, injuring the other one. ._. Though he looked perfectly fine at the time, and was walking with both legs. In the meantime, he was totally chowing down on all of the food. We had water and fries and cheese sticks so far I think, all with weed in them. I wanted to order some mini-churros, but I never got to try them. >w< Also, I'm pretty sure that the cheese sticks were just like the basic thing they bring out and refill over and over whenever you run out, like chips at a Mexican restaurant or bread at most Italian places... which is pretty awesome. Basically, my last thought before waking up while listening to O's story and watching him stuff his face was "Oh god, we're going to be so fucking high."
    13. Not The Safest House

      by , 06-30-2012 at 02:40 PM
      Not The Safest House [Non-Lucid]

      An old friend JRE and I were going to a party in some random neighborhood and we parked a ways down the street from the house it was at, for some reason. I was about to tell him something really important... but then suddenly a house across the street caught fire. It went up in flames really fast, and there didn't seem to be anyone inside so I called 911 and then we started running down the street, to where the party was, to get away from the danger. I don't remember much about the party itself, I think it might have been one of those moments where the dream just skips forward but you feel like you experienced everything in between. What I do recall was that there were lots of my family members there, including my late grandfather. JRE and I were smoking weed or something, and when we were leaving I had stuffed a bunch of pot brownies down my pants to sneak them out of the house with us. I was also carrying a TON of things, but I can't really remember what they were now. JRE had walked up to the door to open it when someone knocked on it loudly, but when we opened it immediately after there was no one in sight. We looked around and closed it again, then said our goodbyes and I hugged my grandpa, and then we headed out. When we opened the door this time there was a small stack of pizzas sitting outside, so we figured it had been a pizza delivery guy who had knocked before. JRE and I left and started walking down the street back to where the car was, and when we were approaching it I had kind of a sense of foreboding. He started walking across the street to check out the now-burnt house, and I told him I just wanted to get in the car and go but he wouldn't listen. I walked across the street after him and some cops pulled up out nowhere, I knew that was going to happen. From my understanding of the situation, they were going to arrest us for not being drunk. And they didn't give us any time to respond, they instantly pulled out Gatling guns and started unloading on us. We ducked under this tiny, destroyed walk way leading up to the house, and the house EXPLODED behind us. Somehow, this caused us both to suddenly have liquor bottles that each contained just the tiniest amounts of alcohol... made from anandamide. Now this really asshole-ish cop with a cowboy hat and deep black sunglasses comes up to us and starts saying that now that we have alcohol what we're doing is perfectly legal, and he starts giving us some tips for drinking it (though I can't remember what they were now), and then he drives off. And after that, I woke up. ._.
      Tags: family party
    14. Hanging Out With Family, Shady Diner, Taking A Vacation

      by , 06-29-2012 at 05:12 PM
      The Other Day

      Dream Fragment - R and I were just standing around in the middle of nowhere, and I was vaguely aware that we were both supposedly watching some kind of sex tape, though we could only hear it and not see it. There were people making lots of "-uh" sounds like, "fuh", "wuh", and "buh", and as I was hearing them, I could see, in a separate but equally full field of perception, an empty black space where these words would suddenly appear in large, white Times New Roman font (and all with their first letters capitalized, too), and then they would just slide off to the side and disappear.


      Dream Fragment - A friend of mine, I want to say M but I'm not totally sure, and my old acid dealer, S, were working as cocktail waitresses in a casino in Las Vegas, and all I really remember is that S's outfit was oh-so-flattering, omochikaeri!~


      All night I kept having these half-awake/half-asleep thoughts about the 5-HT2A receptor, but I can't remember what any of them were now. The other night it happened to me about D1 and D2, also. Strange... but anyway....

      #1 - Hanging Out With Family [Non-Lucid]

      My cousin P and I were at my aunt and uncles' house for most of this dream, and we may have ported here from a card shop or something but I'm not entirely sure.... I just remember that for a good deal of time the dream was dealing with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. At one point I got really excited because I found a normal monster card with (I think) 10 stars and stats that read ATK/42 DEF/1000000. (In fact, at at least a couple different points in the dream I'm pretty sure it had gone up to 1000000000. Though, I think the (incredibly odd, for Yu-Gi-Oh!) 42 had also dropped down to 0. ) I couldn't stop thinking about how easily I could screw someone over by placing it in face-down defense position and having it get attacked. X) At some point P and I had ordered a pizza that looked like it was just cheese, but I recall taking a slice that had pepperoni and roma tomatoes on it somehow. I was really confused because I realized that I didn't know where I had put that card down, and I was pretty sure... pretty sure that it had now become a part of the pizza. ._. I was actively searching the pizza for signs of its ATK/DEF stat, but to no avail. I was saddened and walked off, and (still not having eaten it), raised my slice of pizza to my mouth but the toppings fell off. I reached down to the floor and picked them up, grease and all, and wiped them off on my clothes and put them back on the pizza and ate them. WTF, me! It did taste good, though. After that I walked down the hallway and briefly talked to my cousin AB, though I can't remember about what, and then when I went down the NEXT hallway I ran into her husband PB. He asked me something about the way that I was acting, and I pointed out to him that I wasn't really super drunk but I had been earlier, so I was still feeling pretty buzzed. After that he left and my cousin AD (P's mom) came in to the hallway and walked into the room through the doorway I was standing by, and started saying something about the lighting, but then I woke up.

      #2 - Shady Diner [DILD]

      Unfortunately I don't really remember much of this one because I'm pretty sure I never fully woke up after it and before the next dream. :T I was at some kind of a food restaurant, it looked like one of those tiny roadside diner places, and I remember that everyone was giving me weird looks. I don't recall much else aside from having either a tiny purse or a brown paper bag (or possibly both on different glances) and becoming lucid and realizing that there was food in front of me. I want to say it was a brownie or something...? Well, whatever it was, I ate it and it was delicious, but that was the end of the dream. >w<

      #3 - Taking A Vacation [Non-Lucid]

      I was on vacation, I want to say with M and ND (though I only saw them at different times, I believe). ND and I were walking around trying to find some guy and his girlfriend who I think was ND's friend who lived in the place where we were visiting, so they were going to show us around a bit. I remember that when we found them we started walking through these long halls of what seemed like tiny, tiny living rooms that people were living in like apartments, and we were waltzing right on through. I only really remember the last two, with the first being filled with people playing Wii Sports bowling, and a girl sort of half-heartedly saying "Let's play!", and the second being a room with just a guy sitting in what looked like a comfy sofa chair and clearly holding in smoke as to not seem suspicious. After we got out of there ND and I broke into laughter, and I told him that if we stayed there long enough I might try to find some weed myself since it seems like it'd be pretty easy. He says we might not be, but I say I might try to find some anyway. Somehow it suddenly started raining really hard outside and magically we all had hoodies or jackets on, so we ducked into this big building right next to where we were standing, which was I think by some kind of mini train tracks or something. Inside the building there were lots of those kids rides where it's the horse/rocket/tiny car/whatever (these were all various tiny cars) that you get in and it rocks back and forth as if you were actually riding it/in it. We were just inspecting them for a minute, and then I woke up.
    15. Chair Fight, Just Another Family Party

      by , 06-25-2012 at 05:52 PM
      #1 - Chair Fight [Non-Lucid]

      I was with AB, an old friend from high school, and some random girl. I think she said something about her named being Andon... hard to remember now. All I really remember was that it was the girl I was just meeting for the first time, but AB was the one who acted like he didn't really know us, and we were in some kind of high school classroom and we got into a fight with random objects. I was holding a chair up to defend against attacks and AB pulled out his wallet and threw his credit card at me, and it bounced off the chair and then flew straight (and slowly) into the ceiling where it got stuck, and then I proceeded to laugh my ass off at the absurdity until I woke up.

      #2 - Just Another Family Party [Non-Lucid]

      There was some kind of family party going on, and I was on the deck out back. I was actually swinging around the roof on some kind of rope or wire for part of it, too. A family friend, ME, was doing coke on the back table (which was awesome to witness ) and my uncle and I were laughing at my cat, who was actually speaking English with this funny high pitched voice... but just saying random gibberish, kind of like a parrot but even less developed, just repeating word salad phrases rather than structured sentences. I woke up laughing from this one, too.
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