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    32nd Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

    by , 09-17-2011 at 11:21 AM (1003 Views)
    Vesterguard's Dreams

    non-lucid - Notes - lucid

    17-09-11 Some wizard is channelling a spell into a prison, controlling some inmates and guards, they are casting a black magic spell that will make one of the wizard's enemies' hart explode.

    I can't help myself, I am somewhat addicted to the magic and I continue. I hear a voice telling me it is dark stuff, but I am too intrigued.

    I am not supposed to be in the prison I am walking down the stairs to the right until I get down to the bottom. I then look over my left shoulder where the target is standing on a platform surrounded by 6-8 people who are helping with the black magic.

    Someone on my team is apparently releasing the other prisoners from their mind control. I think it is too late.

    Something about Bradley Cooper and Bob Downey Jr. We are part of a movie and it somehow involves a road trip. We are sort of re enacting a film and at one point a I get this comment, “no we shouldn't be holding still here, but rather arrive spontaneously from the other side”. Something about how awesome, yet unexpected if Bob Jr actually comes, but he ends up saying yes.


    A discussion takes place with Bradley Cooper who on drugs has seen a naked man shave his penis that looked more like a Christmas tree (or an elf). Then I see the vision and think there is nothing to be worried about.

    I am in some sort of resort I think, close to the beach and with trees all around and a shopping centre. My family and I are there.


    The dream jumps to me in the house of a private investigator that is following me for some reason. I meet an Asian woman in the house who after a little while, I think I threaten her a bit tells me where I can find this private investigator.

    I find him and now they are two against me and he is quite a bit bigger than me as well. He is Caucasian with broad shoulders and fairly long blondish hair.

    I start punching him in the face and alternate a bit between hitting him and the Asian woman while thinking something along the lines of “Evil bitch, you want equal rights? face equal consequences!”. Doesn't actually take a lot of rationalisation to justify punching a woman in the face. I think I get the message across that he should stop following me around


    Back at the supermarket it is daytime and I notice the small van of the PI. I see him standing next to it and start running towards him, I notice he has a knife in his hand but I don't care. I charge him, think punching him I the stomach and he stabs me high in my right arm.

    I briefly think that the pain is far milder than I expected, before I pull out the knife and look at it and notice the blade is fairly short. Then I charge further into grabling range of the PI (where he should have the advantage over me) and bury the blade in his throat.

    He doesn't resist for that long and I push him down to rest in an elevated bed of flowers knife still in his throat. Then I take his van, I wonder where my family has gone, but I need to get away. I get inside the van which is very small with only one seat and hope the key is still in, which it isn't but it can still start.

    Then I start driving up the pavement and people move out of the way (think the car can only drive about 10 MpH anyhows. The dream ends when I get stuck trying to drive into a tunnel, though the scenery returns in a latter dream and maybe even the pesky PI.

    I am by the same spot of land with the PI story line and now it is night time and windy as fuck.

    Someone is already in a plane waiting for me to return. The area has to be evacuated and has been a long time ago. I notice the PI's van is there and there is a man trying to get in it. He is no ordinary man though. His legs are gone and you can see his spine and guts hanging out. Besides his facial features looks slightly skeletal, maybe more like his has been flayed from his face.

    He doesn't seem to mind too much, he can still leap a good 10-15 metres and is shouting in a mad voice. I explain something to him or one of my companions that it will probably take him about 10 years to fully recover due to his innate mutant healing factor, but that he will recover none the less.

    He notice us and become interested and shout out cackling “You have a means to get out of this place?” He starts making his way towards the plane and I hope we make it before he reaches it. The dream ends.

    In said plane it is more or less on auto pilot and Bob (the actor version from the Dresden Files series) is guiding a child who is flying the plane.

    The kid has to dodge quite a lot of obstacles in the form of hangar ships out on the water, and sometimes he is selecting quite dangerous routes through tunnels and barely avoiding parked planes.

    “That is why we say Cari..Bou” emphasising the break in the middle of the word that is the name of the plane. The kid has a habit of pulling straight up or straight down and Bob wants him to focus on softer turns.

    I find two ducklings that are tiny. They can both fit in the palm of one hand. I decide to raise them so I grab a big bowl of water for them to swim in. After putting the first in and looking at it as it realise that it is pretty much a natural boat the other one loose both it's legs, which terrifies me.

    I grab it and put it in the water and the legs seem back.

    The entire dream is oriented about the trouble I am having raising these ducks and my family doesn't seem to care.

    I return and the water is being brought to boiling point and I find the small duckling on the stove without its legs again. (actually I remember writing down this fragment in a FA from the lucid I had).

    I return and the ducklings are now swimming around in minestrone soup.

    I am lying in my bed after a brief moment of being awake. I start talking to myself, just let the HHs roll. They don't really intensify that much, but instead I am faced with the feeling of starting to fall deeper into my bed and shortly after I wake up and immediately look at my hands. Surprisingly they look human, though something is off, they might be too chubby or something, but it is difficult to describe.

    I can't really trust it, but I am positive I was just falling asleep so I find a pot and drag it towards me telekinetically. Nothing happens the first second, but then the pot falls to the floor as I continue the mental pull.

    Chess! dream confirmed. I walk to the window and bump against it, but walk through it with a bit more effort and trust in the fact that it is possible. Right what do I want to do, “Blasting rod” I decide and walk over to some bushes and start rummaging through the shadows.

    I think I better not find some sort of lame drumstick like the televised Dresden series, but this is of course exactly what I find. I keep looking through the shadows of this bush and find scorched furniture wood that seems promising at first until I discover it is made of plywood.
    I feel the dream wobbling a bit and I start touching the grass and leaves towards the ground and trying to see if I can smell something. The leaves look fairly detailed, though I notice they have a tinkling spark to them that seems a bit off. Otherwise the colours of autumn are represented in the leafs green, red, brown and yellow.

    Rasmus B, an old school friend comes walking towards me from the direction of the house I was just in. I look up and point the blasting rod towards him to see if I can make fire. I wake up.

    FA: My flatmate comes back from holiday, his face looks weird, but I wonder if it is just because he is tanned.

    I look down and see my new blasting rod, though it is a bit more curved and have some semi-scorched colourings “Oh would you look at that” I think to myself “My blasting rod has manifested from the dream world” (DOOOOOOH!!! XD)

    I start carving in it and is amazed that I can make markings like a hot knife through butter, though the material seems as hard as ivory. I start cutting a small sigil that eventually becomes a big rather deep “V” to indicate that it is mine.

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    1. Windhover@'s Avatar
      hey, check my DJ. I think you met me, and I think I met you with that tall caucausian man with long blond hair... (I'm Asian girl.)
      I dont remember the private investigator... is your hair blond? did you punch me?
    2. Vesterguard's Avatar
      Could very well be, and I appologise if I did, also check out the sync with flying airplanes over military ships in the water.

      I am Caucasian and blonde, though not with long hair. The guy (PI) was tall with long blonde hair though