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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Creating an HUD

    by , 12-05-2013 at 02:43 AM (443 Views)
    I am on the Moon, what looks like the Grey Moon, and I form my armors together in layers to make one suit: mech armor covered in my witchblade, covered in my symbiote. I merge bits of the AI of the mech armor with the Witchblade's intellect, and the symbiote's intelligence to create an HUD interface hovering in front of me.

    Firstly, a transparent green light zips around the edge of my field of vision, making a kind of a curved rectangle. In the upper right hand corner is a circle in which "You are Dreaming" is spinning around constantly. I then use my hands to bring up more displays:
    In the lower left, three bars,
    Life Energy, Magick Energy, Time Remaining in Dream.

    In the Upper left, a radar, with green, grey and red blips for enemies, neutrals, and allies. In the lower right, an astral parasite indicator, which says: Infection Level: (none/some/high)
    A Place Indicator is in the Upper Center:
    "The (Grey) Green Moon" with some strange swirly heiroglyphics on it,
    and then Dream Time Remaining Indicator: some strange numbers which are also hieroglyphs, but I know what they mean somehow.

    Then, I make a holographic button in the lower right hand corner which says: Press for Holo-Terminal.

    I press the button, and a holographic transparent blue-green keyboard appears with a giant interactive 2D to 3D screen. I organize menus: Places, People, Constructs and Servitors, Armor, Weapons, Shortcuts, AI, Forms.

    I choose:
    Form: Juargawn, black werelion
    Servitors: Jo AKA Octononagawn
    Weapons: Chaosblade, psiblade
    Armor: Blood Red, Dark Knight

    A hologram of each thing appears, then forms in reality.

    Jo transforms into a giant six-legged black dogbeast, and I leap upon his back, and slam my Chaosblade's staff end on to the ground. A portal opens, and we leap through.

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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      This is an awesome idea! You should also have a kind of Cerebro device (from xmen) integrated within the HUD but instead of locating mutants it locates other (this world) dreamwalkers!