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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Dreamsphere Chronicles: The Chaos Assassin Guild

    by , 11-26-2013 at 06:14 PM (492 Views)
    I am running across huge boughs of trees and leaping from tree to giant tree in a great forest, wearing my Chaos Assassin gear. I feel like I do this for about half an hour before reaching a certain branch on a certain tree. I stand with my back to the tree, then give the 2-3 knock. A voice in the tree says "Nothing is true." "Everything is permitted," I respond. I am suddenly flipping backwards as a door against my back spins me inside. I tuck and roll, then am suddenly standing before a council of Chaos Assassins. "Welcome to The Tree. Welcome to the Chaos Assassins Guild, Dethgawn of Cardia. Did you come here by Destiny or Free Will?"
    "Possibly my destiny was to become a Chaos Assassin ever since I took a Soul Oath to war against the Templars for aeons in a past life 800 years ago. Perhaps, with my Free Will I chose to come here."
    The man who asked the question throws a knife, aiming just two inches left of my head. I leap forward, tuck, roll, then jump on to the table, and flip over the man as I unsheath my hidden blade, and place it against his neck as I land. I have twelve weapons pointed at me, throwing knives, mini-bows and arrows, blowguns, short swords, and mini-spears.
    Suddenly, the scene morphs, and I am in some strange Hell version of my surroundings. All the assassins are now green demons. Who the hell are you? I shout at the dream. Alter?
    "No, Mylynes, a voice answers back. Since I've been gone, I've been training, and I've been increasing in power."
    "What are you, some don juan interrupting my dreams?"
    "What do you mean? Some creepy ThisMan romancing character?"
    I take advantage of his temporary confusion to burst out of the dream.
    Mylynes and I are in Outer Space.
    "This is something I learned-"
    "STOP!" I shout. "I am going to continue my original dream. You can be a character in this game if you want."
    Mylynes shrugs.
    "You have to limit your abilities. No god-mode."
    Mylynes grins deviously, then disappears.
    I am suddenly back in The Tree, my knife at the throat of the man who questioned me. Suddenly the Assassins clap, and i release my knife. They suddenly shoot and throw all their weapons at me. I swing my light mail cape around me, knocking all the blades and projectiles to the floor. We all bow, then I toss all the weapons back to the original owners at the same time.
    Suddenly, Mylynes sends me some kind of tormenting mind wave, a vision of him incarnating into the world as Baphomet, and building a huge Templar army of worshippers of him in Constantinople.
    "I'm here, I'm here... for training..." I grab my head, and feel dizzy, then vomit.
    I awake in a bed mumbling to myself madly, "Templars march on Cardia... they want the Key of Cardia, but it was stolen 300 years ago, by a Goblin Thief. Fools..."
    "Huh? What?" I sit up, asking myself. I feel dizzy and hot. I am soaked in my own sweat. So... thirsty. I drink from a glass on a nightstand. I am in a small room in The Tree. My wife, Winter is wearing all white ninja gear. She is tying a belt on, looking out window, then turns to me.
    "Oh, you're awake!" She runs to me, and kisses me. "You've been sleeping five months. This is the second snow of winter.
    "I have to go out and patrol the forest now, there is word of spies in the forest. There is food stocked in the cupboard, and a loaf of bread on the table."
    She opens the door, and a chill breeze blows in. My sweat feels like ice. She blows me a kiss and leaps off the bough to another one below. The door slams shut, and I sit on the edge of the bed, and wipe my forehead with a towel. I hear a voice in my head: Nomad, what have you been doing for five months?
    "Sleeping I guess. Who are you, and how are you in my head?"
    "I am Baphomet!"
    "Ok, whatever." I take a drink, and throw a log on the fire my wife started on the hearth. I change into some dry clothes, and step outside. The wind is cold, but my training has taught me extreme cold resistance. I pee downwind, then go back inside. I sit down, and eat some of the bread. It's deliciously flavorful. Walnuts and raisins.
    "This doesn't feel like a dream."
    "That's because it's not," says Baphomet.
    "Will you leave me alone? I'm tired."
    "Of course you are, you've been poisoned with a demon."
    "Damn, you Baphomet."
    I stumble to the bed, and pass out.
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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      WOW - crazy dream Nomad! awesome!!

      So is Mylynes a dream demon? Is this the first time you've dreamt of Winter as your wife? Is she from a past life do you think? Do you still dream of Selene?