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    The Nomad Chronicles

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    by , 07-12-2011 at 07:24 AM (2703 Views)
    I vibrate, rolling around.... I leap up out of my body. AHA!


    I am a minotaur surrounded by my Minotaur brethren. Daygawn?
    “Yes, Solgawn, my brother. Tonight, we shall battle on the GREEN MOON!”
    “Who shall we battle?”
    All the minotaurs are masters of different elements... fire, earth, water, wind, light, dark, and love. We step outside. My yard... is as big as a park. There is a large matte black craft shaped like a predatory bird outside. We board.
    One of the female minotaurs is hitting on me, and I like it. I guess because I am a minotaur.

    The ship opens a portal, and we fly into the wormhole. Astral parasites try to stick to it, but they get electrocuted, and burn off. The Wyrm laughs.

    We arrive hovering above the Colloseum in the Outer Lands. There are a whole bunch of people randomly fighting below. They point at the ship and stop fighting. We descend on small silver disks. “We are the Gods of War. And we have come to kick some ass!” I shout.
    The warriors all cheer, and we leap down off of our disks, and cause earthquakes as we land. The warriors tumble about, and attack us.
    It’s pure chaos. I am spinning two hand axes. I shoot them out, and bring them back. I feel invincible. I hear Raven saying something to me. I see there is some nightmare beast in the astral plane in her room. I make a portal, and bounce the fuck out.

    Someone grabs my ankle as I go into the wormhole. I see it’s the female minotaur that was hitting on me. “I am your Selene, in another dimension, Solgawn. I am Moonlove.” We make out and spin in the wormhole. We arrive in Raven’s bedroom. She is asleep. Her astral self is backed into a corner, frozen with fear. There is some gross astral demon, like a slimy shadow in front of her. It gurgles something in some ancient dark speech.
    I shoot an axe into its back, and it screams in fury, and tries to turn to me, but I yank on the chain, and plummet my hidden blade into its back, slicing down the ribs. It screams again in pain, and tells me I am going to burn in Hell. I wrap chains around its neck and torso, crushing it. My chain becomes a steel snake. I look into the eyes of the demon. I see fear hidden by anger.
    “I am Hell.”
    I cock my fist back, and my witchblade forms over my fist. Tiny hinged blades appear on my fist, and clack against the armor in anticipation. I growl, and spiders and centipedes crawl out of my mouth and cover my body. I begin to cry, as if in grief. The demon is confused. I laugh, and the demon is angered. “So weak, so easily manipulated.”
    “I am evil incarnate,” says the demon.
    “lol,” I respond.
    I plunge a rotting cyborg vampire fist into the demon’s face, then remove the silver disk on my chest, and suck the demon through the black hole on my chest into another dimension. I then notice Moonlove has formed a shield over Raven, and is healing her. “Oh, you too, Solgawn. Covered in dark energy. Gross.” She sends pink and red healing energy to me. My symbiote eats the rest. I see Hetfield standing in the corner.
    “You are in 1982, Time Traveler.” I am shocked. “You summoned me. Therefore, the gods of rock and roll look down on you with favor. They have bestowed boons of thunder upon your very soul.” I look into Hetfield’s eyes, and I see the history of his soul... He was born the second son of Thor, god of thunder... Lightning is everywhere. I see him rock and roll through time eternal. He just gives me a knowing grin. “Your love for Raven, and desire to heal her soul, has brought you back to this time. See, this is the time when you were separate, after you rejected her as a Dream Character. You wanted to believe, but you were afraid you were crazy. Raven never thought you were crazy. But, that didn’t matter because you did, Ancient Sun.”

    The words “Ancient Sun,” give me a flashback in my mind...
    A tiny piece of a sun, solid light, spins out of a sun. “I am a soul!” it proclaims. “I am sentient! I am immortal! I will journey forth through this timeless place, and learn the mysteries of all! I love everything!” I realize I am that little light thing. I feel everything, every emotion in the universe... All the grief, pain, anger, desire, confusion, rage, passion, love, evil... It is all mine, and simultaneously belongs to nothing and no one... I am all, and nothing. I glow every color, and spin through the universe inhabiting beings to experience their being-ness.

    “Raven often called you, but you refused to come... and then when the demons came, you couldn’t help. You wouldn’t accept help, and you wouldn’t fight. We let the monsters make you lucid, but still all you did was call out to Jesus. That would be you. When your love chakra burst open, your love for Raven opened your ears to hear her cry for help from the past. You are a Time Traveler, naturally, and this is what you will do. You will go into the past dreams of your close friends, and heal them and battle with them, from the future, just as your half-soul came to this timeline to help your friends, your family.”
    Raven takes her hand away from her face, and looks around. She first looks at Hetfield, then Moonlove, then me. “You big minotaur-man. You remind me of Nomad. Are you his uncle... or...?”
    “Something like that.”
    “You are him. Hey, you’re from the future!” I can understand a lot of things adults talk about, you know. I am smart. So, don’t try to pull any fast ones. Nomad is not talking to me. He keeps telling me I am a figment of his imagination. IT SUCKS!” Raven starts crying. I kneel down and turn into my human self in my white desert clothes. She runs to me, and I hold her. She is so tiny at this age. “Can you please tell him? Tell him I’m real. You’re a Time Traveler, now we will Place Travel. Let’s go right now.”
    There are some little fairies hovering around Raven’s head. Raven holds my hand, and stands looking straight ahead. The fairies make a mirror portal. The mirror is blank. Raven says to the mirror: NOMAD!
    My boy self appears on the mirror. (This is the age I went crazy for a year when the Greys contacted me in the forest.) I am trying to fend off a gang of imps with a cardboard shield and sword.
    “Goddammit! Attack them boy! You can form greater weapons!” I urge my boy self. I turn into a great black warbeast, boar, jaguar, and wolf. Raven leaps upon my back, and summons a white and blue sword. Hetfield places a winged helmet on her head, and she grows angel wings. I roar, and Raven laughs. I leap into the mirror.

    In the wormhole, I let my toungue hang out like a dog, as I glide on invisible currents to my past boy self. We descend from an epic sky portal on a silver disk, and alight on the ground in a cloud of dust before my boy self. Raven leaps off my back, and spins her sword into a double bladed staff. She grins, and lightning forms around her teeth. I growl, and my hackles raise. Some of the imps cower, other ones scowl at us. We attack. Raven becomes a white blur, and slices the demons in their guts. I run around and toss them around like a terrier tossing rats, breaking their evil necks. I summon the caduceus, and become an archangel. I summon my winged helm, and large angel wings grow out of back. I summon the flaming sword of Michael. I separate the sword into two, then levitate the swords vertically above my wrists, wielding them with invisible indestructible astral tentacles from my hand chakras. Fuck. Yes.
    I whip the swords around like fucking toys. They slice through the demons like a hot knife through lard. An army of demons attacks us from all directions, swarming around us. I summom the Moonblade and toss it to my boy self. “NOMAD! WIELD THE MOONBLADE IT IS YOUR DESTINY!”
    “But, I can’t-" my boy self says as he catches the blade. Suddenly, white light crawls over his body, then beams from his eyes. He floats off the ground, and white light shoots out of his mouth, eyes, and pores.
    Hetfield descends from the sky, and the gods of rock and roll bless us with THUNDER. BOOM! Raven thrusts her arm to the sky, and her robe becomes black as a winged obsidian sword descends from a thunderhead.

    She siezes the sword, and it is struck by electricity. There is a dark red gem like a ruby, which absorbs the lightning, then it crackles up the blade. She leaps upon a rock and proclaims. I am THE RAVEN KNIGHT, AND I WIELD THE RAVENSWORD OF AGES! I laugh at how amazingly epic she is.
    My boy self slices a demon in half, then a portal floats up out of the eye of the blade, and pulls it into another dimension.
    My boy self roars, and becomes a spotted jaguar-mandrill creature.

    He summons a shield, then beats it with his sword, screaming like a crazed banshee demon. We kick ass and take names as the demons come at us by the hundreds. Selene flies around, as a portal, transmitting all the ones we slay into another dimension. Hetfield floats above, laughing and charging our weapons with lightning, and our strikes with thunder.

    I see young Nomad fling his shield like a boomerang, and it decapitates mofos.
    Raven’s blade dances around her with telekinesis, as she spins and casts thunder spells.

    missing time

    The three of us are sitting in a field of wildflowers on the Mountain in New Eden on the Moon. “...and so you can come here anytime, me!” I find myself saying to my boy self.
    “I want to know everything you have to tell me. I want to know the truth about everything. I want you to train me. I hate these nightmares. I am tired of being afraid of everything in my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE!” my boy self says, and cries. I hug him. It feels very very strange. Raven runs to us, and hugs us.
    “The most important thing,” I tell my boy self, “is that you realize that I am real, that Raven is real, Xaphor, everyone. We are your friends, and we want to help you and protect you.”
    He nods, and says, “I will never forget you, man.”
    “I am you,” I laugh, but for some reason, I am holding back tears.
    Raven’s fairies open a portal and they hold hands and walk through. Raven blows me a kiss as they fade away.

    “Oh my god, that was insane.”
    “Yes, it was,” says a voice from behind me.
    “Sar-” I turn, and see a reptilian red skinned snout protuding from a brown hood. “Xaphor, greetings, brother.”
    “Did you forget I am your High Priest right now?”
    “Sort of.”
    Xaphor grumbles in annoyance. “And I supposed I am supposed to tell you what you are supposed to do next.”
    “No.... Yes.”
    Xaphor sighs and doesn’t say anything.
    “Well, that’s what Sarnox always does.”
    “I am not your dog, I am your dream guide. USE YOUR MIND. REMEMBER!”
    I sigh in annoyance, and sit down and meditate.
    I see Xaphor’s red dragon-gargoyle face float in front of me. “Use your mind! Use your mind!”
    (right now there is a song playing, the lyrics: I won’t forget who I am. I won’t forget you.)
    I see the Temple of Nothing, and open my eyes.
    I stand up, shouting exuberantly, “TO THE TEMPLE OF NOTHING ON THE GREEN MOON!”
    “You and your theatrics,” Xaphor rolls his eyes.
    “But, OMG SO EPIC DUDE!” I say creating a portal.
    “Uh... it’s not that far. We can fly.”
    “And fly we shall!” I shout, turning into a sky blue dragon. “Climb upon my back, brother!”
    “I have wings.” Xaphor tosses the robe aside. “I am a dragon, remember? I can fly.”
    “And so you are, and so you shall!” I say, leaping into the sky.

    The Temple of Nothing
    We fly over the forest canopy until we arrive at the Temple of Nothing. There is no one there. We alight on the landing pad. I look around, confused.
    “Oh yeah.”
    Xaphor flashes me an image of a meditation in a dream where I told him I wanted to do that.
    “Remember now?”
    “Dude, yes.”
    “Alright good.”
    “Thanks for the ‘hint,’” I laugh.
    “Smartass. Look! Here come the dreamers! Quick, change into some more recognizable form, or you will confuse anyone who has any semblance or remembering you from a previous dream!”
    I watch the dreamers float down the dark rainbow road. “Huh? Oh right.” Hyu appears next to me.
    “Nomad, I think I did it! Am I here? I think I am.” I transform into a catgod. “Why did you do that?”
    ‘I don’t want to confuse people.”
    “No time to explain. Here come the other dreamers, Hyu! This is going to be a massive shared dream. Unfortunately not too many people will remember it, but we are trying. And more and more people keep showing up. The momentum is building. Atras sparked something... something like dry tinder.”
    “Astral? Astral ass?”
    “No,” I laugh.
    Suddenly a bunch of dreamers run up the steps of the temple. “Oh shit, where are we? Oh shit! Oh my god! Is this a shared dream?”
    I quiet my voice and broadcast to all their minds. “Calm yourself. Do nothing. You are dreaming. Sit down, wherever you are, and touch the dream, touch the ground with you hands. Pick up the dirt, and look at it. Stay here with me. Inhale nothing to know that you are dreaming. Take a deep breath of the dream air.” I quit broadcasting.
    Surprisingly, a lot of dreamers listened to me. They seem to be calmly meditating, maintaining their Delta or Theta state. I can tell which person is which. Some of them stand up, and walk around. They look at the flowers, and smell them. I give people pomegranate juice. I float up to the top of the pyramid. Atras is waiting there for me.
    “Dude, how can I remember this dream?”
    “Hmm... how about wake up right now?”
    “But, I don’t want to do that. This dream is too epic.”
    “Okay, then when the dream starts to fade, wake yourself up.”
    “I will try it. For now, I want to smell a flower in a dream. Atras floats down, and starts smelling flowers, then eating them.” I laugh and the dream fades.

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    1. superchaz's Avatar
      WOW this is amazingly vivd. what made you think you were lucid?