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    The Nomad Chronicles

    You again

    by , 08-07-2013 at 10:21 PM (337 Views)
    I am crying my eyes out, in bawling convulsively. Where the fuck am I? I a hospice center? Raven is dead on the bed. Who killed her? Wait this is bullshit! Get lucid! dammit. this is not real. but is it? I see this evil demon float up, in a vertical position outside the window. "This is the most real shit, ever, Nomad. We just killed your best friend, and now we are going to see to it, you never make it to your precious Moon, AGAIN!"

    I feel a bite in my shoulder, it's a zombie-Raven, no its a goddamn archon-templar-wraith-fucker casting illusion. I roar with an ancient rage from the depths of my being. "This is not real!" I shout. I cough. I am on a warehouse floor. There is no one here with me, no one... but The Scarecrow giggling madly like a small boy burning caterpillars on the sidewalk. damn you, Scarecrow.

    I lunge at him, but am weak from the fear drug. I hear a rush of wind. Winter rockets into the warehouse with her fist out, and slams the scarecrow into a wall of the warehouse. She stomps on his throat, and twists. "This is the Dream Plane, so I can kill you, fucker. I declare myself, LUCIDITY!" She rips off Scarecrow's head and a pale gas comes out and dissipates. She cleanses herself and I with pink flame, and kisses me. Then, she wraps her arm around my waist, and points her wand at the sky. We go flying.
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