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    1. Gargoyle Bats

      by , 11-01-1986 at 05:01 PM
      Night of November 1, 1986. Saturday. (This would be a day after Halloween. Keep that in mind.)

      Even though this dream seems primarily impersonal and I seem to be disembodied for the most part in the majority of the scenes, there is a sense of eeriness throughout (but no direct physical threat at any point). It mostly involves a colony of bats that are somewhat anthropomorphic and of which that in turn suggests a link to gargoyles to some extent. They mostly seem to come from a hidden underground area in a fictional cemetery in La Crosse. This fictional cemetery is northwest of my sister’s house on Loomis Street. This location superimposed in reality would possibly seem to occupy the parking lot in what is now the Coulee Montessori Charter School and part of Roosevelt Park.

      There is an idea at one point that the bat-like creatures “escaped” from an unknown realm that people perhaps accidentally disturbed with mining activities.

      At one point, I watch more than a dozen of the creatures fly out from a west-facing mausoleum (which, through extensive research, is very similar to an Oakwood one in Troy, New York). My dream takes on that eerie stop-motion animation artificial feel very similar to the original “Jason and the Argonauts” from 1963, a movie I saw a few times as a boy and which influenced many of my dreams over time, specifically, in this case, the very similar harpies. The mausoleum is vaguely reminiscent of the White House, which is a bit curious (and perhaps relevant) I think, though the columns could be modeled after the harpies scene in the aforementioned movie.

      Again, I am not attacked or threatened but it seems there are other (unknown) people that are attacked and possibly killed during a picnic though I do not witness the events that closely or much gore.

      This is partially like a typical movie-like dream where scenes change (or “jump cut”) completely every several minutes, but still with the overall similar bats theme and still within a non-varying dream awareness for the most part.

      However, in one “reset” (where the awareness slightly increases), it actually seems as if I am one of the creatures or at least “in league” with them (which makes sense, as I, the dreamer, am their creator after all). At one point I get a very vague impression they may be robotic, but this is unlikely and my brief distorted impression as such was probably only caused by the odd stop-motion movement. There is no vampire association at any point, though there is a vague “church” association or feeling at one point, yet mostly undefined and unresolved.

      Most dreams with more detail involving normal bats (and importantly, I stress “normal” here) and additional but unrelated events to the main bat theme are long-term precognitive in nature even over many years (such as regarding my extensively documented and researched “Patches” recurring dream series). This clarifies how bats represent “messengers” from the “caves” of the supraconscious, often in a positive sense or personally good outlook (only incidentally because one does not ordinarily attribute birds to exploring and dwelling in caves or dark recesses of metaphorical mysteries). People who do not know any better might associate with bats solely in a negative sense, and this example in turn was probably influenced by popular media and the popular symbols of Halloween, unfortunately (or fortunately if you like meandering “monster dreams” which are not intense enough to be nightmares or with any feasible personal symbolism).

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    2. The Forever Ritual…

      by , 09-21-1986 at 04:58 PM
      Morning of September 21, 1986. Sunday.

      This is a shorter summary. My dream was much longer than it seems by this - but a lot of the time was mostly regarding some of the same visual aspects and conversations not quite recalled (seemingly in another language at times).

      I am on an unknown island, probably near Indonesia. I have no clue to what island it is as it seems very small and isolated from the rest of the world. I am not quite sure if my companion and I had been in the past and are later in the present in my dream, or started out in the present and came back to the location in the future.

      My male companion is somewhat like a composite of a Scotland Yard character and an archaeologist. He seems dressed mostly as a businessman at times. We find an isolated village that people said did not exist (supposedly being a legend). My dream is extraordinarily vivid but not lucid. We find a village where we make friends with three younger male characters. They have food served to us in mottled wooden bowels (I believe) and we become good friends. They are mostly spending time involved in rituals to do with fire and trying to call forth spirits.

      Because my dream is more vivid, the atmosphere is very intense in the semidarkness. The floor is of dirt but there are grass mats in a few locations. The random flickers of the fire eerily light up the ceiling within the one-room building. I would guess their ages to only be around twenty or so.

      We eventually leave the village and they seem somewhat sad. My companion and I go to a beach-like area. We seem to travel through time while just standing in one area near the ocean - into at least their future (but again, not sure if our future or our present). We go back to the hut and the same three men are there but seemingly ninety years old or more. They are still doing the same rituals in the smokey scene. They seem amazingly happy to see us and nod their heads lightly. A lot of emotion unfolds in this dream, a little more than many others of this time, and I had labelled it as a “breakthrough dream”. It colored my mood for about a week in a positive way, somehow.

      I had this dream the evening (possibly into the next day) after reading a lot of other people’s dreams in a hardcover book. There was something on “breakthrough dreams” that connected with me somehow at the time. I do not remember the book title and did not write about the book itself. I have included the link for an older interesting but nearly 300-page PDF document that was based on some of what I read, though I do not agree with the work one-hundred percent by any stretch, especially now, but I used to really enjoy such works, mostly in the 1980s: http://elk.library.ubc.ca/handle/2429/26374

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    3. Carried Away on the Wind

      by , 08-30-1986 at 02:30 PM
      Morning of August 30, 1986. Saturday.

      I am on the front roof (that goes out over the front porch) of my King Street apartment with an unknown dark-haired female (”mystery girl” who was literally and visually precognitive of my wife-to-be since early childhood) under a sheet. It seems to be late morning. Eventually, there is a strong wind and it pulls us into the air, with a very strange sensation moving through my body, similar to when I am “too close” to the edge of a roof or cliff in real life but the feeling is augmented. The “flight” and “fall” transforms into a natural waking mechanism though without the usual hypnic jerk.

      Dreaming about anything related to a bed or sleep in most cases is just that, an obvious dream sign of the dream itself (and as is typical with any other native dream metaphor, with no “interpretation”), especially if the bed or bedding is in a different location than real life (though, even though it is very common, something I rarely catch in my own dreams as a possible trigger for lucidity, though this dream is very vivid). Being on a roof is also relative to a particular “band” of the dream state itself regarding a transitory state of consciousness (just on the threshold of the waking state). This is basically just a variation on the falling waking mechanism other than the visually precognitive reminder of my wife-to-be. Still, it is also a clever play on “magic carpet ride”, yet another flying symbol and analogous to the dream state itself. First and foremost, dreams are about dreaming and waking, instilled with precognitive and foreshadowing layers to prepare for what is to come (both immediate waking and potential elements yet to be). Wind relates to both the passage of time and long-term precognition.

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    4. Strange tadpole-like craft in the sky

      by , 06-02-1986 at 08:38 AM
      Morning of June 2, 1986. Monday.

      I am wandering about in a strange location that seems almost like Medieval times in some ways even though it is supposedly the distant future. A boy I know, Scott R, is there and other people are walking about.

      I am in “orb” form, that is, not a human but still present as a floating consciousness. I have posted a few others of this nature including one of my earliest dreams (which, as I mentioned before, could have stemmed from being carried around a lot as a baby, as the perspective is somewhat similar).

      Over time, I get these impressions of moving into people who are sitting near the bottoms of flights of stairs. There is an amazing sense of love. People are walking about and smiling but I do not think they are aware of me.

      Eventually, I look up and see this gigantic “spaceship” making a tremendous mechanical noise as it “swims” through the sky. It is like a giant robotic tadpole, much larger than a 747 and somehow staying up with no signs of wings, rotaries, or any other device as such. It has at least four sections that seem to counter balance each side-to-side “swaying” unit. It makes a tremendous amount of noise as it moves, possibly indicating rust and strain. I do not know what to think but it creates a very clear sense of awe and interest. I go back to floating about in various stairwells.

      I believe that a tadpole in a dream represents masculine power, due to tadpoles resembling man’s “seed” at the microscopic level and the fact that some women even refer to it as “little tadpoles”. In this case, it may represent a masculine force of energy that is a bit overwhelming, such as a stronger sexual desire that is “over my head”. In a childhood dream of a ghostly tadpole that was hovering above a bed, I believe it represented the development of mystery and curiosity about sexuality.
    5. The Mirror Event (validated paranormal)

      by , 05-11-1986 at 11:11 AM

      This event from the 1980s was just one more experience that all but abolished my faith in human credibility (as to why most people remain in denial regarding the paranormal, which, as I have stated, I consider more bizarre than the paranormal itself - or perhaps “paranormal” is not the right word in this case as it covers many things regarding the “unexplained” - many people seemingly completely lack the ability to either accept or relate to it - which seems overly “wrong” somehow, especially at my age now).

      In the morning of this day, I continue to have false awakenings from a few dreams and am focused on a section of the east wall of my King Street apartment when I lived in the smaller L-shaped room where the pinhead’s closet had a blocked-off doorway westerly to my room. There was a strange, shiny part of the wall whereby there were very odd shadowy figures I couldn’t quite account for. It gave the impression of both miniature demonic human-like forms and wayward fairies. The vividness of this perception was astounding. I couldn’t work out what I was looking at and later thought the dream was related to some sort of implied portal in the wall. Still, it created the impression of a reflection from somewhere else, and there was also a sort of reddish hue in some areas. The detail was quite precise and did not change in orientation. This was the only time to that point that I had such a vivid dream of focusing on the east wall and seeing the weird shiny seeming reflection from elsewhere. It almost reminded me of Hot Stuff the devil in an enchanted forest scene with a plane flying above.

      That evening, in real life, I walked to the north-side of La Crosse. I stopped at sister Marilyn’s house. She wanted me to get something for her at the store, so I walked north, then west down Gillette Street. It was the night that the garbage was set out on the boulevards. I passed near a house a few houses east from the IGA store (“Skogen’s” at the time) and noticed an object sitting freely atop the garbage can on a smaller box. Looking at it, in the dark, I saw it was a Pink Floyd “The Wall” mirror, which I had never seen one of before. I decided to take it home, as it was in seeming good condition.

      The next morning - you guessed it - the dream repeated - except it wasn’t a dream this time. I had absentmindedly placed the mirror on my desk near the south window whereby the reflection on the wall was identical to the precognitive dream of the day before. This really baffled me, even considering the thousands of similar experiences I had already had. It almost made me feel “dislocated in time”. Included here is the photo of the same mirror as what I had.

      As usual, about paranormal dreams with validated follow-ups such as this, there are several layers, with at least one layer being almost like a “cosmic jester” at work. In this case, it was related directly to the wall in my apartment as well as the movie “The Wall” (that I hadn’t even seen). In addition to visually exact precognition (which couldn’t possibly be coincidental in any way), there was the additional feeling of remote-viewing, yet somehow “displaced” in time - yet another variation of the unexplained.

      One more thing - I didn’t like the song “The Wall” at all (in fact disliked it quite a bit and often made fun of it), because they sang “We don’t need no education” - which implied that they did need education - because they were using a double negative…

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    6. Small War and Up and Out of Body

      by , 04-05-1986 at 10:05 AM
      Morning of April 5, 1986. Saturday.

      I had apparently been “sleeping” or resting in my dream in an unfamiliar room, but which is like a composite of the front (northeast) first floor bedroom on Loomis Street and seemingly a hotel room that is on a higher floor (at the same height the airplane is flying). I become aware of a very loud percussive sound, which gets clearer and clearer and seems to be getting closer to where I am. (I am unsure if this dream event was caused by real-life noise.) Looking out the window (implied to be a fictional window open to the north when using the layout of the familiar Loomis Street bedroom), I see that it is a 1940s military aircraft of a greenish gray color (which resembles a Grumman F8F Bearcat) that seems to be shooting at something (though I perceive that it is apparently present time in my dream, not the 1940s) and there are associations with Tripoli or Tipperary. Even though it is heading for the building I am in, even seemingly shooting in my direction, it does not crash or pose any actual threat now or later. I am not sure what happens to it after this as my dream shifts to where I am then outside. I assume that there is a small war going on in the region, though I am not clear on the location. There is confusion with Germany and Turkey as well as Libya and vague terrorist associations. Logically, it is probably meant to be the Middle East.

      Later, I am standing outside, still seemingly in present time. I am one of the first people in a line of several hostages, which includes mostly older men and women. I am soon well aware that I am not me, though. Instead, I seem to be a much older male civilian or at least occupying his body somehow, perhaps a journalist. A hostile male facing the line, seemingly in charge, and holding an AK-47 or similar, is possibly going to shoot us all, though this is uncertain. At this time, I feel a strange vivid sense of both fear and growing relief and quickly rise up out of this character as if I was only inhabiting his body temporarily and do not want to be him if he is killed (which seems impending at this point). I rise higher and higher, looking down on the scene which includes bombed-out buildings. Meanwhile, I feel as if I somehow legitimately had been in this situation but am now escaping and “returning” to my own body, the presumed possibility of this remaining in fleeting conscious afterthought.

      For new readers or inexperienced dreamers: This dream is autosymbolic of the natural vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep, biologically resulting in associations with falling, flight, or both. Therefore, it has no relationship with waking life or interpretable factors. An airplane is often only an autosymbolic extension of the physical body during the vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep. Therefore, it is usually unrelated to waking life. Despite the overwhelming transpersonal essence, the unfamiliar “terrorist” in the last scene is a personification of RAS, in RAS modulation, establishing links to my conscious self identity for the purpose of consciousness reascension (waking), using fear as a WAF (waking alert factor) in this case. This is validated by the emergent consciousness in flight factor, where I deliberately leave my dream by “flying up and out” of it in semi-conscious recognition of RAS modulation, an event that terminated many of my previous dreams (including in early childhood, when I first began to understand the true nature of the dream state). Obviously, the knowledge of dream state transition has nothing to do with waking life or the bizarre belief in “interpretation” of typical RAS modulation.

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    7. Soul’s Union of the Quetzal and the Silver Sebright Bantam

      by , 03-30-1986 at 08:41 AM
      Morning of March 30, 1986. Sunday. Easter.

      This dream has very strong imagery and is of the highest importance to me. This is actually two dreams, with the more vivid one I will detail first that actually seemed to literally interrupt the other dream (which has only happened a few times more clearly in my life), like suddenly changing the station on a radio, so to speak. (Hypnagogia has a tendency to do this with a very similar effect of a soap bubble suddenly whirling and changing, but I have not experienced it hardly at all in full sleeping dream states.)

      This “second part” was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had, I was aware of every atom and there was a sense of total timelessness (as if the universe had completely “stopped”), yet with a sensation of looking through the clear surface of a pond. I see a silver sebright bantam rooster strutting about in the front yard of my King Street home. I am somehow fully aware that it is a resurrected pet of my youth. (I believe he may have suffocated when he fell asleep near me and then I fell asleep so I felt really bad, but it may, according to my mother, have been from eating brown recluse spiders, velvet ants, and fire ants that there were a lot of around at the time, including ones that died from pesticide).

      I feel a strong sense of joy seeing my resurrected pet in this “eternal, frozen pocket of time”; there is no more guilt or sadness of any kind. This energy is “alive” everywhere. I am frozen in the atoms themselves and the watery, ripple-like motions of the air around me. It seems that way for an unknown period of time. Eventually, I hear a strange musical sound from above. A male resplendent quetzal bird comes down and sits on a hedge and makes very unusual (almost metallic and layered) sounds. The sebright rooster acknowledges the bird on the hedge by walking closer to it and stands in seeming expectation, almost like a ritual devotion. I have an awareness that either the quetzal will remain earthbound for its partner/“spiritual brother” for as long as needed (even forever) or that the rooster will soon learn to fly in a more viable way than the eagle. The amazing, multicolored quetzal and the “plain” black-and-white sebright look at each other as I wake slowly, feeling a sense of Yin and Yang uniting (even though Yin is technically female).

      Although the first part of my dream (below) was so accurate in precognitive aspects as to be undeniable, I also got a fleeting idea that the rooster was my left side and the quetzal was my right side (though in my dream, the rooster is on the right and the quetzal on the left - however, left and right are supposed to be mentally reversed relative to physical control of the body according to sources I have seen).

      The details of my dream that turned out to be correct always gave me a deep feeling of the absurdity of certain people I knew relating such things to coincidence. For example, in my dream both I and a girl I had not seen for over a year were wearing blue long johns. Before walking to my sister’s house, I had assumed this was just some sort of odd dream association. In real life, when I went to my sister’s house, the people from my dream were actually there, and the girl was, very oddly, wearing blue long johns on the outside; never saw this before or since. In my dream, the girl had a Casio digital sampler keyboard (CASIO SK-1) of the same model that I had in real life that I had bought a few months before (which I had also thought was only an in-dream association). In real life, that was also correct; she had won it in a radio promo. In my dream the two older people (one being the girl’s mother, the other being the girl’s mother’s boyfriend at the time) as well as the girl, had a single red welt on the right side of their face, all in the same spot. This also turned out to be true. In my dream, the man I had only seen before as thin was quite plump, and this also turned out to be true. Several other minor details turned out to be correct, including the plastic from her keyboard being in the middle of the dining room table. When I walked into my sister’s house, I just sort of stood there in total puzzlement for a few minutes - I could not even speak for about an hour or so. I had not known these people would visit my sister - let alone on Easter (they came from Chicago, Illinois to La Crosse, Wisconsin).

      Even so, I was still at a stage where I rarely mentioned such things to other people, before or after. Since my childhood, the more intelligence or awareness I expressed, the more “different” I was seen as. I even stayed back by choice at my “proper” grade level (the school always wanted to put me two grades higher) but I did not want to leave my friends and I also felt out of place around a lot of much taller kids that I would have been classmates with.

      The other important connection is that my wife’s mother painted such a bird quite some time before our real-life contact in 1991. This bird was also in a special syndicated cutout published on the day of my birth, which I did not discover until August of 2014.
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    8. The Lens

      by , 03-10-1986 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of March 10, 1986. Monday.

      There is something found in a special small cardboard box covered with fabric, like the type some wristwatches are purchased in. It seems to have been hidden in an additional compartment inside. I seem to be a different character, seemingly a young version of Ray Milland, also having his voice when I speak, this being before or during his death in reality, though I had not seen any of his movies for some time. This seems important, as although my dream does not precisely reflect the plot of any movie he was in, it does have similarities and some of the same mood throughout to the movie “X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes” from 1963.

      The box contains a special lens. It allows the person who looks through it to “see forever” and has different ways of displaying and revealing the otherwise unseen, not always consistent.

      As the other character, I become addicted to this new way of viewing the world. Over time, my eye begins to bleed. I have similar opportunities as “X” (from the Ray Milland movie) in seeing through things, as well as having the telescopic perspective. At one point, I hear a seemingly ominous line from my character that goes, “when I look through the lens of evil, I can see myself looking back” and this seems to be the case. I look through the lens, and in the supposed far distance, is a scene of me sitting on a bed and looking back at me through the same lens, like some sort of distant mirror-like reflection. This seems to be some sort of extreme point, where the lens is now functioning in a different way.

      In reality of course, because the world is a sphere, seeing everything on the planet would not be possible and would be cut off at the horizon (more so, there would be no potential for a distant mirror-like reflection). The lens seems to bend light in a way where you can see all the way around the planet and back in either perspective. (There is also a point earlier where I see myself looking through the lens, but from the back. This was an influence from a scene of the same concept from the original “Land of the Lost” television series.) I can also see into distant space, infinitely.

      Eventually, my eyes become larger and bleed more, being very bloodshot, though one eye is much worse, implying some sort of side effect, as I use it more for the lens. Over time, I grow scales on my arms and legs and eventually gills on my neck. In my dream’s last scene, I become a mooneye fish and do one last vertical leap from the water’s surface. The fish’s eye is also bleeding, seen from a distance, followed by a dramatic zooming in as if from a movie.

      Ray Milland died on this tenth of March, after my dream. Additionally, my mother developed a severe eye infection where one eye looked extremely bloodshot (and she had never had such an infection before). Because I wrote this dream out as a short story after I woke, it later seemed very strange for my mother to read it when one of the lines read “the eye looked awful”, followed by other related details. I felt embarrassingly inconsiderate (though I had written it out prior to her condition). Additionally, I had caught a mooneye fish later, which is a type of fish I rarely ever caught.

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    9. Miniature Motorcycle Cop (Intersection Autosymbolism)

      by , 11-08-1985 at 05:08 PM
      Night of November 8, 1985. Friday.

      I feel as if I am in a southwest area of La Crosse, possibly near Third Street, although the area is not rendered correctly and is not fully recognizable. I am riding my bicycle very late at night, probably past midnight. At some points, there is a mist with an interesting eerie glow. As far as I can tell, there is no other traffic.

      I am enjoying myself and I pedal faster and faster even though I cannot see what is ahead of me that well, though I am aware that I am dreaming on one level, though not directly focused on lucidity. At one point, I am aware that I am moving very fast through an alley, heading west. Suddenly, I see another vehicle approaching from the north as I am exiting the alley into a more open area that seems adjacent to a small parking lot to the north as well as a nearby intersection. My dream becomes even more vivid, though my lucidity increases in only the last few seconds.

      As I watch closely, the vehicle is a small motorcycle with a police officer riding it. I cannot see his eyes because he is wearing dark sunglasses or a face shield under a light-colored helmet, though I can see his mouth, which holds no implied expression. I suddenly slow down so as not to draw his attention with my speed (especially as it seems we might collide at first). Even though the scene is otherwise very vivid and seemingly realistic, he and his motorcycle seem scaled down to about half the size they should be. I watch and continue slowly as he continues to head south, to my left and beyond, without seeming to turn his head towards me at any point. I wake after he passes out of sight.

      A key factor of understanding this dream is that an intersection is autosymbolism for the neural gating of which represents the RAS preparatory factor of either continuing to dream or wake.

      The motorcycle cop is a form of RAS mediation, which becomes modulation and the emergent consciousness factor. Whereas my bicycle is an autosymbolic extension of my physical body of which is linked to the vestibular system ambiguity that naturally occurs in REM sleep (the same biological process that causes both falling and flying dreams), the motorcycle represents coalescence into consciousness as it has in numerous other dreams, and greater awareness of the real physical body and mental processes to trigger waking awareness. This is all validated by the fact that the RAS personification caused my dream self to slow down and soon wake by crossing my dream self’s path, rather than sustaining the dream state or eventually falling deeper into sleep. Every detail of this dream validates that it is autosymbolic of the dream state itself and thus unrelated to current waking life.

      One Christmas when I was a young teenager, my father had bought me a remote control police motorcycle with an officer on it even though I was probably too old for such toys. This is probably important in context here. Although RAS modulation often renders authoritative figures, sometimes aggressively, its essence here was otherwise uneventful, as the RAS personification did not need to direct attention on me, as simply crossing in front of me initiated the waking alert factor.

      At one time, La Crosse broke a Guiness Book record with the most bars/nightclubs located on one street, which was Third Street in downtown.

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    10. Whale Man

      by , 11-04-1985 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of November 4, 1985. Monday.

      This is a somewhat distorted dream in terms of activity and themes. The main aspect of this one more vivid section is seemingly running from an area where there may have been a shooting of a president or mayor, though I am not sure if the person was killed. It first seems like I am in Wisconsin and then suddenly in Florida, running from the southwest to the northeast through my Cubitis backyard. It almost seems as if I had been involved somehow though I am not sure of my dream’s backstory.

      At one point, where we used to have bonfires (a little more towards the southern section of the weedy area prior to the railroad tracks), there is some sort of implied epiphany of a “whale man”. The “whale man” is actually better described as a typical merman, I suppose, except that the bottom half is like a killer whale or orca, and the top half is a man. The theme is seemingly relative to the phoenix (only very loosely). Perhaps the politician was shot and returned as this being, or he was always like this (and thus I cannot be guilty of any possible crime), I am not sure. It also seems as if I am looking at a political poster for a short time. The part that is manlike reminds me of a young version of Walter Mondale. He seems suspended above the water with the whale tale in a slight arc. I think he actually may be running for president and as a Republican. He seems friendly and cheerful. I am not certain of his political values or standing. (In real life, I hardly ever thought about politics.)

      There is probably a rhyming association with “whale” and “Mondale”. It is also possible that the whale represents a new political party relating to better ecological policies.

      This dream is type ECA (subtype acc: parallel accompaniment). Here, the emergent consciousness is already coalesced into the last segment as the hybridized “whale man” (or merman implied to be aggressive on the bottom since the tail is of a killer whale or orca, but cheerful on the top; an atypical ambiguity). However, the phoenix essence is also very clearly implied as the reintegration of full consciousness, especially as the merman rises from the area in my Cubitis backyard where we had bonfires. The ambiguity of the hybridization was caused by dream events involving, firstly, the death of a politician (bottom layer - aggression) by the transition (top layer) of the phoenix concept - or politician’s “resurrection” (conscious self emergence as a cheerful epiphany)

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    11. The Jacuzzis

      by , 09-09-1985 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of September 9, 1985. Monday.

      Watch out…for the horrible vampiric monster…the…Jacuzzi!

      I have said before that I have had hardly any serious nightmares in my life. The more vivid one in my young adult years was during an early afternoon nap. This was the first version of a short series of dreams (only the first one being an actual nightmare), where the name was semi-lucidly altered to something like “Chalcosi” (from “chalcosis” - or chronic copper poisoning), relative to their skin having a paler copper-color when dying.

      It was of a horrible legendary creature that supposedly only lived seven weeks. They liked to eat people. They were to blame for the majority of missing people cases. I somehow fell in love with a “teenage” (in appearance only) version of the vampiric creature who I spent time with on a couch in the middle of the night as the rest of her family went out to eat people. This creature was born as a dangerous albino snake with boa-constrictor-like potential. It then changed into a killer albino tree-dwelling rabbit that sometimes leaped upon people at night. It then becomes a larger lemur-like creature (still albino) - becoming more monkey-like in some ways, and eventually an albino human-like creature with somewhat shark-like teeth (and growing as such, a lost one always being replaced, but almost immediately). As they neared death, their skin became a slight coppery color. Their hair was always white. I guess sometimes they wore wigs and sunglasses to hide their true identity, as their eyes remained snake-like. They lived in groups of a dozen or so at various ages.

      Of course, again, this horrifying creature was known as…

      A Jacuzzi! Watch out for the Jacuzzis, they are coming to eat your neighbors!

      I awoke from the first version of this in a strange hypnopompic state. I felt dizzy and out of place and was hearing applause and disembodied voices, including the impression of a cheerful announcer talking about someone winning a Jacuzzi on “The Price is Right” - this as I saw the faces of the creatures fading in disorienting spirals. It was only then, after I was waking, that I slowly remembered hearing the word “Jacuzzi” on “The Price is Right” (which I only caught parts of now and then at a sister’s house during this time). I looked it up and finally remembered that it was a fancy whirlpool bath and not a dangerous monster.

      Updated on Tuesday, 28 June 2016: I can now look at this and easily recognize an unusual atypical and subliminal form of water induction (since “Jacuzzi” is a hot tub brand and in fact a whirlpool bathtub implies an essence of the Merkaba as a tornado does) and the strong metaphorical references to circadian rhythms (and even evolution). Albinos also symbolically represent moon induction (which is often linked to water induction relative to the symbolic “tidal” shifting of consciousness in dreaming and waking). Even more curiously, “Jacuzzi” rhymes with “Suzi”, the anglicized form of my wife Zsuzsanna’s first name, more relevant here as I have a relationship with this female Jacuzzi. The unlikely rabbit stage is a symbol for something emerging from the unconscious mind as a rabbit lives in a burrow and even this was a Source clue, as Zsuzsanna lived in Maryborough when we first made contact. Not only that, the age of the girl matched Zsuzsanna’s age from this time period - and to add to that even more curiously, she had a period where she drew vampire animals (and certainly not everyone has an interest as such). This is all very interesting and in fact, validates yet again that most dreams have precognitive layers of one form or another.

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    12. Around the world...

      by , 08-17-1985 at 06:02 PM
      Night of August 17, 1985. Saturday.

      This was probably one of my most common dream themes during certain time periods as a young adult. It usually involves either erupting volcanoes or meteor showers. I would say the volcanoes are a bit more common.

      I would not call them nightmares for the most part (depending on the particular dream of course). They are more like some sort of meandering exercise in futility while under a sort of odd stress - yet sometimes turn out very nice, actually. The usual idea is, volcanoes are “approaching” (or rather more and more are growing and becoming active) and it is that way from north to south and no way to escape except by going, say west or east as fast and as far as possible, with no option to go back. Somehow, I and others manage to do this (do not ask how we get across the ocean, no logic in that, really, as this is not usually the type of dream I perform the act of running over the water in as is common in other dreams).

      There is some sort of idea that when we go all the way around the world and come back from the other side, the volcanoes will be cooled off or inactive by that point. I used to think this type of dream was fairly common with most people, but really have not read about it that much. It is almost humorous in its implication if not seemingly futile regarding some scenes.

      Strangely, there is almost always a group or two of people who believe that going towards the danger is somehow going to be better than running away, something to do with getting to where the danger has “already been” (but also usually still there or very close-by, to be honest), which is similar to the logic of going all the way around the world and coming back from the other side but perceived as far more risky even in the dream. I am not quite sure how it would be done, and do not recall dreams that revealed what happened to these people with alternate views.

      Sometimes, the world is “safe” again, but mostly barren. Other times there is an uneasy feeling that the danger is growing in both directions and we may eventually reach where it is approaching from the opposite direction and be caught in the middle (which is often only related to fires). In one dream, with meteors, the large meteorites (all bigger than basketballs) rolled along the ground for a considerable distance, which of course would not happen in reality.

      In some versions there is a weird notion of whether to run straight away or to go at some sort of angle, say forty-five degrees, due to “covering more distance”, which of course, in this case, is a ridiculous concept. Covering more distance does not equate to getting farther away in a continuous straight direction. You might as well run horizontal to the line of destruction using that logic, until it reaches you. This is similar to the idea of running in a zigzagging pattern to escape a tyrannosaurus in a few childhood dreams.

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    13. "Eat me…eat me…" and animated birds

      by , 07-06-1985 at 01:06 PM
      Morning of July 6, 1985. Saturday.

      Probably one of the most unusual clearer dreams I have had involved thinking I had awakened (in a very vivid “realistic” false awakening), only to find myself in persistent sleep paralysis (where I believe I actually did open my eyes at times). A box of Kraft macaroni and cheese (single serving) danced around in the air, screaming “Eat me! Eat me!” in a rather high-pitched raspy voice and it was shaking about like a loud rattle in my ears and face.

      I feel great discomfort yet also feel the mildly pleasant body-wide tingling. I try to cover my head but it does not work very well. It seems to torment me for several minutes. As I finally begin to wake more fully, I notice a smaller moving silver engraving (like a photographic negative) of a heron and a bittern dressed up like elderly gentlemen (though the birds incorrectly rendered as being around the same size), with one in a top hat and the other in a derby, and with canes and fancy shoes, in a position moving away from near my door (King Street boarding house - the L-shaped room), on a table. Although they are implied to be walking westward, the imagery mostly remains in one area, as if I am seeing it on some sort of implied projection (as if on an unseen television otherwise).

      As soon as I woke up, I went into the kitchen and cooked and ate that last box of macaroni and cheese. (Well…what would you have done?) I was not “starving” but I had regularly been eating a lot less at the time. I do get a vague impression at one point that the birds may be coming back from “celebrating the Fourth of July” in a partial or subtle anthropomorphic manner.

      I have finally decoded the macaroni and spaghetti symbolism, I believe. It relates directly to the energies of the human brain (as a bowl of cooked macaroni and cheese resembles the brain to some extent). The box (in its potential but not utilized form) was trying to get me to appreciate the nature of using my brain in my state of sleep paralysis and the two birds represented my conscious and subconscious finding freedom in “walking together”.

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    14. Frog Pond

      by , 04-06-1985 at 10:06 AM
      Morning of April 6, 1985. Saturday.

      I am sitting in cool water with my knees up, the level of the clear water about six inches down from my knees, though it is not completely gone by the end of the waking stage. A very large number of very small green frogs are present. They hop around on my knees and shoulders, making little chirping sounds. I hold some of them carefully know and then as they leap around.

      Although the location is unknown, there is a vague sense of bilocation with my King Street bed (in the L-shaped apartment) which I discern as being in its real-life location). Still, I also seem to be in an outdoor area in an actual large pond. No one else is around. There is a very intense feeling of happiness as well as relaxation. I very slowly become lucid but only just prior to waking. It is almost like taking a morning bath outside.

      Although this is a typical water induction (most common induction factor since early childhood), the frogs are possibly just incidental since I associate them with water. However, they would still be on the upper end of the dreaming stage, more so than a fish, which represents the downgrading of conscious self identity in being less active in being unconscious (asleep). This dream though, is very vivid, so the tiny frogs, which are very active, probably relate (in real time) to neuron activity and dawning awareness in coming out of sleep (whereas tadpoles and fish would be more relevant to the dynamics of the temporary dream self identity).

      Water symbolizes sleep and the dynamics of sleep in real time. As such, a beach or shore of a lake (and similar locations) is the liminal space between sleep (water) and the more viable land or waking life beyond the beach. The clarity and depth of the water relate directly to circadian rhythm factors and real time sleep dynamics, something I was already aware of at age four from dreams such as “The Angler” (1965).

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    15. Id Money

      by , 04-03-1985 at 10:03 AM
      Morning of April 3, 1985. Wednesday.

      I am in an unfamiliar store that sells miscellaneous items. (I get the impression the cashier is oriented east of me). I am not fully sure what I am going to buy. There is an association with smaller paint-by-number kits (that come in sets of two paintings each) as well as bathroom supplies (such as shampoo).

      The main focus is on puzzlement over my wallet and the money I have. It is not all actual money at first and eventually there is no “real” money in bills at all.

      Instead of twenty-dollar bills (and other notes), which is what I thought I had more of, the cash is actually cut out comic strips of “The Wizard of Id” (that are slightly larger than normal). This of course is quite embarrassing but surely the “money” is not realistic enough to be associated with the idea that I am trying to use counterfeit money deliberately. There is no drama or eventual threat from anyone else based on my actions or possession of “funny money”. I mostly just search through my wallet without finding any “real” money and become quite puzzled. I believe there is also some Monopoly board game play money which has appeared in other dreams as such. I am trying to remember why I put all these cut out comic strips in my wallet or maybe I did it absentmindedly.

      My sister carol always pronounced the “Id” in “The Wizard of Id” as rhyming with “ride” (as in being like the contraction for “I had”) though I always said it as rhyming with “rid”. This particular dream may be a reflection concerning the idea of id and ego (see “Why Freud Still Matters, When He Was Wrong About Almost Everything”) though more as being rendered comedic (as a comic strip) in hearing about and associating with such ideas.

      I cannot presently recall a dream about wanting to buy something and seeing my paper money as it should actually be. I do not believe that having distorted paper money (often printed on only one side in dreams) is symbolic at all just as many things in dreams are clearly not symbolic but solely an artifact of the dreaming or waking process itself. It is not because of the unconscious mind being unable to render print or numbers or letters in a certain way either, as I have had numerous dreams with very realistic comic book pages (on both sides) and other printed materials.

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