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    1. The Army Tank Event on Loomis Street

      by , 12-01-1990 at 06:01 PM
      Morning of December 1, 1990. Saturday.

      In real life, I had been sleeping on the couch in the Loomis Street living room. My black vinyl-covered winter gloves with cloth cuffs were on the coffee table to my left. I was sleeping on my left side (facing north). The sun was already up and daylight was coming through the window on my right as well as the east window.

      In my vivid dream, which came after I had been awake for a short time and fallen asleep again, I was watching a battle scene with army tanks and running soldiers. There is some sort of distortion where the battle scene seems to become miniaturized and occurring on the coffee table. I woke from this very clear dream imagery to be somewhat disoriented by still seeing the moving tank treads. There was a very light dizziness and an atypically sustained waking transition.

      I had been gazing, open-eyed, before fully awake, at the open end of one of my winter gloves. The effect was a flawless transformation of what I had thought I was watching in my dream. The black cuff of my glove, the open cuff directly facing me, was still moving like a tank tread, and it took several seconds before the hypnopompic illusion faded.

      I found this waking illusion fascinating. Apparently, my reticular activating system was slower than usual this time (and I was colder as well), as I do not usually have sustained hypnopompic hallucinations (which are always caused by incorrectly perceiving a feature in my environment with open eyes yet while still sleeping and dreaming). (When I have watched vivid hypnagogia for typically an hour or more during the first part of every sleeping period since early childhood, it is never integrated into any real aspect of my environment and I always know what it is, using it to deliberately “step into” a dream setting of my choice. The first hour of hypnagogia is usually fully lucid whereas hypnopompia is not and rarely lasts more than a few seconds, with only some exceptions, such as this one, in my lifetime.)

    2. Giant boomboxes and Keystone Kop aliens

      by , 11-27-1990 at 09:48 AM
      Night of October 27, 1990. Saturday.

      I am on the north-side of La Crosse, walking along, I believe, Avon Street, although I go down different streets over time, mostly northbound. Over time, as I am walking at a slow, enjoyable pace, I notice that there is a giant boombox (most with a built-in giant cassette player - implying the usage of a giant cassette) near certain houses, quite a few, in fact, many of interesting different styles, but mostly silver and black with red and green lights in sparse areas on the surface - sometimes with a large bluish window representing the realistically rendered (dream-wise) radio bandwidth display. However, no music is coming out of any of the speakers, although at times there is a barely audible chiming sound. They are about a foot or two taller than I am in most cases. It seems to be very mystical at one level, yet almost reminds me of a potential “vehicle” of sorts to fly in (but only vaguely). The detail of these large objects is quite vivid. I do notice moving lights on some of them at times, creating a sense of mystery. In total (geometrical) volume, they probably match that of a pickup truck or van.

      For some reason, this weird scene does not instigate a response of questioning the unusual nature of it. It seems fairly late at night (but with an implied full moon) and there are no other people around anywhere, not even any cars being driven around. The boomboxes are always on the front lawn of a person’s home, but just a foot or so off from the sidewalk and perpendicular to the sidewalk in most cases.

      Eventually, I come to the more commercial intersection at Gillette Street, and am across from the IGA store. The two-storey house nearest the gas station across from the IGA store is hit by a flying saucer (which comes down at a forty-five degree angle from the west) with the word “aliens” in all uppercase glowing white letters along the side (there is a slight uneasiness about it being near the gas station but nothing happens in that regard). I do not even question the ridiculous nature of why a supposedly alien spacecraft would have the English word “aliens” on its side. All the lights in the house are suddenly on and a large number of small red aliens with their hands up (half the height of an adult person) rush around, out of the house and back in several times, but they do not leave the lot/property or pose a threat of any kind. It strongly reminds me of what ants do when their nest is disturbed or perhaps a Keystone Kops film. Therefore, there is a slight ambiguity here. I am not sure if the aliens came from the flying saucer that had just crashed, or if the ship had been piloted by a different race of aliens and disturbed the “Martians” when it crashed into “their” house.

      Mostly, it seems obvious that these aliens came from the saucer immediately after it crashed, although I am not sure if it was by accident or intent. It is hard to say. I rarely dream of aliens in any serious or realistic sense and even when my dream is somewhat realistic in some ways, the aliens are usually in hiding from humans.

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    3. Where’s Mackenzie? (precisely precognitive)

      by , 11-10-1990 at 05:10 PM
      Morning of November 10, 1990. Saturday.

      This particular prophetic dream revealed the actual uncommon surname of my soulmate (twin flame) and wife-to-be, who first contacted me in March of 1991; about four months after this dream. That surname was Horvath. On the television series “One Day at a Time” (1975–1984), Mackenzie Phillips played the character Julie Cooper Horvath. I was not a fan of hers (and did not find her attractive), and this is my only clearer dream about her as far as I know. The tennis court in this particular case is likely related to a play on “love” as well as courtship and marriage. We were the only characters in my dream and seemingly isolated.

      In my dream, I had been playing a tennis match with Mackenzie Phillips. I am not sure of the location. It could be Florida, Wisconsin, or even California (or some sort of implied composite). I am eventually wandering through the tennis court somewhat randomly after something apparently interrupts our tennis game (such as a bottle or a rock being thrown onto the court, I think, though I am not directly aware of any other people at any point). I soon notice that she is gone or had disrespectfully (in the opinion of my dream-self) wandered off but we still have a game to finish. I spend the rest of my dream going around screaming her first name over and over, getting louder and louder, walking in a kind of zigzag pattern “MaKEEEEEHnzie! MaKEEEEEHnzie!” (possibly also a play on “I can’t see”?). I feel tense, irritated, and even abandoned. It almost seems like we are married and she had deserted me. Everything starts to turn into a mist. I get the impression that all of the other people disappeared (even though Mackenzie was the only other person I was aware of). All of the world is fading, very slowly and frustratingly (not a typical way to wake from a dream). I awake with a mild headache, seemingly having slept too long.

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    4. Tiger-Man and His Tiger Tales

      by , 11-06-1990 at 05:06 PM
      Morning of November 6, 1990. Tuesday.

      In my dream, I apparently have a pet tiger of which I am first vaguely wary of (though not fearful). I am walking north along George street on the west side of the street in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I notice that I am walking with a tiger on my left. It seems like a long journey at first, though I do not leave the sidewalk along George Street until I get to the IGA store. At times, I am absentmindedly holding onto the tiger’s tail. (It also seems like a couple unknown people are with me at times, but I am not focused on them.)

      Over time, as I am walking, the tiger seems less and less potentially threatening to people in general until I see him as a faithful companion. We end up near the entrance of the IGA store.

      On one level, this is a subliminal repeat of a scenario associated with “Calvin and Hobbes”, a comic strip that featured a young boy and Hobbes, his “pet tiger” that was actually a stuffed animal. The comic strip I read prior to my dream featured the following exchange: Calvin: “Another gorgeous brisk fall day.” and (next panel) “What a waste to be going to school on a morning like this.” - Hobbes: “What would you do if you could stay home this morning?” - Calvin: “Sleep right through it.”

      “What would you do if you could stay home this morning?” asks the tiger as we are walking in my dream. (I had forgotten “sleep right through it” as the potential lucidity trigger.) “Huh?” I think, as tigers cannot talk. However, as the scene seems to change, I see that the “tiger” is actually now Charles Bronson (with no sign of a costume anywhere), sitting with me near the entrance of the IGA store, with his legs out and vaguely reminiscent of a ventriloquist dummy. I do not contemplate the impossible transformation from tiger to man. I am sitting to his right. We are both facing the parking lot as other people come and go. He is saying more to me, though I do not focus on what he is saying. I start to think that Charles Bronson was not a tiger (even though the preconscious had been rendered as the tiger as such), but a large domestic tiger cat, by which I say without emotion, “wow, you’re the biggest cat I ever saw”, which makes me feel vaguely foolish as he is no longer either a tiger or a domestic cat. He does not seem to notice my mild embarrassment and still seems somewhat catlike, though mostly only with catlike whiskers.

      Around this time in real life, but before I met her, my wife Zsuzsanna had gotten a tiger cat she named “Mr. Bronson” (though she tells me she is uncertain of why she used the name). She wrote in her journal (before we were ever in contact) under his picture: “Mr. Bronson, the biggest cat I ever saw”. This is shown in the scanned image of her journal and is legitimate evidence of inexplicable events based on communication at other levels that most people are incapable of accepting or understanding.

      There are additional influences and threads that partially resulted in non-lucid dream control. This includes:

      Two songs my father performed in public venues, “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail” (a popular Buck Owens song from 1965) and “Tiger Rag” (“Hold that Tiger”).

      Two tiger-themed advertisements, the “put a tiger in your tank” advertisement from Esso, and Tony the Tiger yelling “they’re great!” about Kellogg’s Cornflakes. (Charles Bronson had a son named Tony and a daughter named Suzanne.)

      Exactly one year before my wife Zsuzsanna was born on September 13, 1968, one of the only episodes of “The Virginian” that I watched all the way through was aired. It was titled “The Reckoning” and featured Charles Bronson.

      Other factors of this dream, I have explained many times in past entries. This includes the parking lot as a common form of autosymbolism for a specific level of consciousness during the waking transition as a result of subliminal association with the physical body being inactive while asleep. The outcome of this dream is that the reticular activating system modulation factor (the tiger) transforms into the emergent consciousness factor (Charles Bronson) because of both non-lucid dream control and inexplicable communication with Zsuzsanna (my soulmate) before we met in real life. Note the similar template to many other dreams, including “Changing the Lion of Coalescence into my Wife Zsuzsanna” from December 3, 2016, where instead of a tiger becoming Charles Bronson, a lion becomes Zsuzsanna.

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    5. Day of The Blue Sun

      by , 10-08-1990 at 04:35 PM
      Morning of October 8, 1990. Monday.

      Three different postal addresses represented (over time) my childhood home in Cubitis in reality. There was was the original “General Delivery” where you claimed your mail at the post office by name only, without any identification. It was a small town, so I guess people trusted each other for the most part, although it was probably more realistic to say you were known by all (to a point). After this, we had “PO Box 29” at the post office. Finally, it was “Rural Route 4 Box 504”, established by a mailbox across the highway in front of Karen and Kenny’s house. I am “sorting” these memories out in my mind and moving into a different “realm” - “living in Cubitis in-dream” even though I was living in La Crosse at this time.

      Finally I settle on some sort of “new” connection with Brenda W. I had not seen her in reality since 1977. This was before I had done extensive dream work and discovered overwhelming evidence that Brenda W was, since early childhood, a “stand-in” archetype for my real wife-to-be, who was also typically represented by an implied tulpa or “imaginary girlfriend” (with every single unlikely aspect matching my wife-to-be exactly including the mixed Magyarorszagi Romak and Australian accent and heritage - the only girl I have ever directly known with this mix - though I am sure there are many others in the world). I am not entirely sure why Brenda W was “selected” (by who knows what forces in the universe) to be the “stand-in”. There was not that much of a resemblance, really, other than dark, somewhat curly hair and a loose association (on Brenda’s part) with Roma (or Hungarian gypsy) culture. Brenda was not Roma.

      There is a lot to consider - and it is a challenge to augment one’s attention towards several thousand dreams of a particular nature. Ever since I broke through into my realization of the “paranormal” (for lack of a better or more suitable term) nature of my life since birth with far more remote viewing and precognitive perspectives (eventually, even while awake) than not (as well as the continuous meaningful synchronicity), it has put me into a rather “unusual” life path (by typical mainstream perspective only - I no longer seriously associate the unexplained as unusual) as well as in regard to my continuous bafflement with humanity itself (which I consider far more unexplainable than the so-called paranormal). Before the “Blue Sun” dream, I could still ponder if Brenda had become a stand-in for my “imaginary” wife-to-be (that was validated to be real about six months from this dream) due to a (lesser or forgotten) conscious choice - simply to “fill the gap”. My “mystery girl” however, turned out to be real.

      In my dream, there is one scene where I see an adult Brenda W (or who I assume to be her as I had never seen her as an older adult) at the end of a checkout at Tinsley’s IGA. She smiles at me and I am aware that she is a poet and that we are apparently crossing paths again for whatever reason. (Brenda never really wrote poetry, though my wife is a published poet.) There are remembered lines in my own unfolding in-dream poem (not in any competition with her poetry but more like some sort of ode), one being “like blue lightning from your fingertips” which is directly relevant to Brenda somehow, seemingly related to her emotions and my memory. Reflecting on this line from the (fictional) poem seems to resonate with the real-life memory of when we played around with static electricity where you shuffle along and then touch someone to create the larger bolt of static “lightning” which more often than not is slightly painful. In my dreams, this effect came to be far more pronounced and was not painful and at times seemed more related to spirituality, even healing, than solely a physical effect.

      In the last scene of my dream, I walk out into my backyard in Cubitis and notice a huge blue sun in the sky, to the east. In this particular dream, it is several times bigger than the real sun (though it is not implied to be hotter in-dream). It seems almost like a dominant spiritual force and “blessing” of some kind from the universe itself and I feel very enriched and optimistic at this point. I seem to be the only one around at the time. I wake in near-ecstasy with the “blue sun” pulsating in my left eye - and I still see it to this day, usually only when awake and more alert, and it always brings an astoundingly peaceful essence. (Other people who have experienced this call it the “blue dot”, Blue Pearl, or “blue angel” though I now see it as the primary foundation of the Merkaba, which eventually begins to rotate in a cone shape.)

      This had interesting real-life continuity, though there were a number of other dreams that far more clearly defined what was coming in my life to an extent that was far more dominant than most earlier experiences (other than perhaps M’s death). I eventually learned the “mystery girl” aka “imaginary girl” was a real person and she became my wife, first making contact in March 1991.

      After my blue sun dream, and without having mentioned it, my brother-in-law Bob looked startled in the living room one day, claiming he saw a “blue flame” around my head and shoulders. This is especially curious since he had never said anything remotely like that in the past - and in addition - he could not have known of my dream, and there is also the fact that he never had the slightest interest in unexplained events or cared anything at all about dreams prior to that. His life was mostly factory work, television, and fishing, and little else - and he also could not read.

      Again, to this day, I still see the “blue sun” when awake, in the left field of my vision. Sometimes it is bright enough to “cancel” my real sight (and leave a whitish afterglow), but more often it is like a fleeting single blue “pulse” about the size of a star (though does sometimes repeat a few times at various “distances” and “magnitudes”) - it always brings a blissful sensation and has never been connected with anything negative. It seems directly related to some forms of telepathy and precognitive awareness. Again, I have learned that other people have experienced this, all with similar associations, and I have grown to call it “The Blue Pearl” as some others have.

      As written of before, its first main appearance was as a “blue flame” around Susan R, but this was mostly an isolated event. This was the dream where I “went off with Brenda W instead - to the east”. It does seem part of the “eternity bridge” association I had recently written extensively on. In the long run, it seems to be linked with a “higher dimension” that many are not aware of. The two more “extreme” experiences with it while awake was one where it transformed into two somewhat pyramidic “blue tornadoes” (one inverted over the other and turning in the opposite direction, curiously demonstrating the Coriolis effect and the fact my wife and I grew up in opposite hemispheres by both north/south and east/west references) and the other was like suddenly seeing a “giant paramecium” with the hypnopompic-like tank-tread effect - which was the “closest” it had ever been.

      Seeing this light or “flash” is not like seeing something in front of me. It is, in fact, like seeing a reflection of something that is behind me or more specifically within my mind in the reversed holographic reflection of the environment. The “blue tornadoes” event was seemingly triggered by just touching my wife on the arm. The essence of the Source is a true mystery - something that has remained primarily unchanged and which others have noted, though I still cannot say what the mechanism behind it is.

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    6. My Oscilloscope

      by , 09-23-1990 at 03:23 PM
      Morning of September 23, 1990. Sunday.

      I have an oscilloscope in my dream (though I have never owned or used one in real life). At one point, it seems to be more like a radio. The setting seems to be a larger variation of the Cubitis kitchenette but with the layout of the house mirrored east to west.

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    7. Omar Piper

      by , 09-22-1990 at 03:22 PM
      Morning of September 22, 1990. Saturday.

      This dream has two main but distorted sections. There is a scene where I am in what could be a composite of a pawn shop and record (or music) store. It reminds me vaguely of both Leithold Music (where my father worked at one time) and the pawn shop, both in La Crosse.

      There is focus on the name Omar Piper, who may be the cashier, although at one point, this is not certain. In fact, I may be perceived as this person who I had never heard of (though it may be an influence from a recent episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” where the name Omar is mentioned in a chilling and infamous arson video).

      Another section of my dream relates to a tombstone that may display the name of Omar Piper. It has two cherub faces (three-dimensional reliefs) on each side. There is some sort of unusual impression as if the cherubs are alive or will be at one point (and a “reset” where lightning strikes the tombstone and partly splits it). There is a false “memory” of having a conversation with someone about whether or not there were really tombstones with engraved cherub heads as such. I hear “Is there such a thing?” as if hearing myself say it elsewhere.

      I am inclined to primarily see the cherubs as this dream’s flight symbols. There may be a connection to Valentine’s Day (relative to the cherubs), which was when my father died (1979). Still, I am inclined to believe that a headstone is sometimes a dream sign (relating to being asleep in bed), as the flight symbol pair appears on it in this case and is also unmoving, thus it seems just an atypical form of the waking transition, especially as lightning represents conscious activity and is implied to split the tombstone. References to flight in various forms seems to be one of my most common indirect dream signs (which represent the consciousness displacement of the dream state).

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    8. People of Powder (long-term precognitive)

      by , 09-18-1990 at 03:18 PM
      Morning of September 18, 1990. Tuesday.

      In my dream, I am apparently in the (theoretical) future, which seems to be not that long after major changes in society. There is not much drama or many events worthy of note, but my dream’s more vivid parts suggest at least some people becoming some sort of powder, like a “pillar of salt” in the Biblical sense except that it is not salt but seemingly some sort of toxic powder (perhaps rat poison). Two figures are seemingly in a basement, possibly on display, though they may only be unlikely remains (additionally covered with white dust from a building collapsing) based on the unclear “back story” of my dream. They are a man and a woman, possibly a married couple (still in their wedding clothes).

      There is a point at where a plane is flying overhead while I am in a basement or lower level of a larger building. I get the impression that there is some sort of threat or possibility of attack by another country and that some buildings had fallen or had been hit by airplanes about a week previously. There is also something about powder being “sent” to people somehow, though I am still not certain of how the people became (or are covered by) the light powder.

      Don Knotts, as he appeared in the movie “The Reluctant Astronaut” (from 1967) steps through the doorway. He is seemingly one of the only other people in the city (Manhattan). He seems to have been hiding in the buildings on his own for possibly a week or more.

      “Can’t be…” he says softly, seemingly looking at me and seeming very nervous on hearing the sound of the plane. More loudly and clearly, he says “There aren’t any airplanes anymore.” (This likely but loosely relates to his role in the aforementioned movie in that he always avoided travel by plane.) Only at that point do I start to suspect that I am dreaming about some sort of science-fiction theme, though Don seemed very sincere and truthful in what he was saying.

      This dream seemed to be somewhat precognitive of 9-11 and the anthrax attacks as well as my upcoming marriage (man and woman in white; not yet moving), although there were many other precognitive ones around this same time period involving my lifelong Roma “mystery girl” (who first contacted me in March of 1991) and a number of exact details. The anthrax attacks apparently began on September 18, 2000.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    9. The Eternal Fire (precognitive and life-enriching)

      by , 09-13-1990 at 03:13 PM
      Night of September 13, 1990. Thursday.

      This was a partly recurring dream a few months prior to making first contact with my lovely wife-to-be.

      The world is ending. Or is it only a play/movie from the mind of Ödön von Horváth? (who I had read of at the library, based on an earlier dream). There is supposedly a true story (at least possibly true relative to the quote if not the event itself) - Ödön von Horváth was once walking in the Bavarian Alps when he discovered the skeleton of a long dead man with his knapsack still intact. Von Horváth opened the knapsack and found a postcard reading “Having a wonderful time”. Asked by friends what he did with it, von Horváth replied “I posted it”.

      No, the world really is ending, apparently. There is a fire that is consuming the world. It is a fire containing the souls of all of the people who had died under Hitler - or so this seems, as some sort of epic movie-like plot. Their shadows move (walking about) within the fire as it spreads across the planet. It reminds me vaguely of certain concepts from “The Fog” from 1980. Though it has been a common theme since earliest memory to attempt escape from something by going around the world away from it, in as straight a direction as possible, and sometimes back from the other side, this particular scenario is new and unique to this dream series.

      For some reason, they are moving in the United States towards Wisconsin (from the west), where I am living at the time of my dream. There is great awe and fear near the seeming opening of my dream, although not quite nightmarish. Also, for some strange reason, only my brother Dennis and I are actively planning to get out in time.

      There seems to be enough time to get away at first. They seem about two blocks west of where I am living (but the fire stretches north to south, as far as the eye can see in both directions).

      My brother and I get on our bicycles to leave. We start to ride south (not really away from the fire, but parallel to it for some reason).

      Suddenly, as we are riding our bicycles, with knapsacks as well as a bit in the back bicycle baskets (I am even aware of the “Having a wonderful time” postcard in his knapsack), my brother somehow immediately has a glass of water which he throws in my face from his left hand (while still steering the bicycle with his right hand). As it splashes my face, I become much more aware and my dream more vivid, but still not fully aware that I am dreaming. This, in turn, causes me to think a little more clearly…why in the world am I riding with my half-brother who has a swastika tattoo on his hand? Wouldn’t that “attract” the supposed entities in the fire in a negative sense? However, at the same time, I get the strange impression I am “leaving” my girlfriend (”mystery girl”) or wife and am starting to question the nature of the setting.

      We come to an area on the south-side of La Crosse where there has been some sort of earthquake damage. It is too hard to ride a bicycle there, so I get off and walk. There are “brittle” burned plants everywhere even though the main fire is still behind us.

      I turn and look at the fire, which is about as high as a five-storey building. One of the “souls” in the fire is female and now seems quite alive and passionate, seemingly having spent her lifetime looking for me as I, her. I stop and decide to become a part of something I could not possibly have “escaped” from, anyway.

      Then it seems that I got it all wrong. These people were not the “ghosts” of those who died under Hitler, but the energies of spirits looking for their partners in life or “twin flames”. Fire is life. Ashes are death. Should I tell the world that there was nothing to fear after all? I wake…

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    10. The Persian Princess and the Towers

      by , 09-11-1990 at 04:29 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1990. Tuesday.

      Of all the continuous precognitive dreams I have had since early childhood (many of which were specifically linked to my wife-to-be, though some of that is now considered as “sent” impressions from her long before we met), this one stands out a bit more as it has several layers of precognition relative to a particular time period (though I have had many like this since childhood, including the “Patches” series which even foreshadowed the exact but highly unlikely imagery from how the house in Cubitis would look many years later). The mood was somewhat similar to the more impersonal missing Malaysian flight dreams I wrote online just prior to the actual events (and one post which still has the original server date for the “cop out” mentality crowd that pretends to have an answer for such things that really could not even begin to be explained in human terms). The odd thing about the missing Malaysian flight (in terms of my precognitive dreams) is perhaps related to the fact that Malaysia also has buildings called the “twin towers”. This is something I have only pondered fairly recently. Pop culture synchronicity and foreshadowing may be more relative to some world events than how my own mind is differently wired.

      Before I get into the more summarized details of this dream (only the more major scenes), I should mention possible (but vague and very early childhood) influence from the May 1952 issue of “Imagination”, one of those digests leafed through before I could read much (in 1965 at age 4) and which a brother-in-law (sister Carol’s first husband) sometimes dried out on a wood stove after retrieving them from the dump. As mentioned in other entries, this cover featured a dark-haired woman with her arms raised and two skyscrapers coming apart in the foreground. This featured the story “Tonight the Sky Will Fall”, which also happened to coincidentally be in the same edition as a hard-to-find book I had in my youth (a particular print of “Space Opera”) but which inexplicably a copy (same edition, even) was on the top of a pile in the Maryborough library - in fact, the first book seen in the first trip to the library after meeting Zsuzsanna my wife-to-be and the last place I would expect to find such a book. This event made even me do a double-take and once again think “what in the world is going on” for a week after, even though I was used to unexplained wide-ranging over-the-top synchronous events by that point. April 9, 1994 was also a relevant date to this dream concerning the “rise of the tower” and seems directly related to the concept of the 99th day: "Jerusalem literally fell on Tam. 9th, 586 BC, which was the 99th day of that year.“ Without intending it, we got married on April 9, 1994. It just worked out that way due to time and VISA concerns. (In my "Kingdom” story, which used details from this dream and others and written during this time period, the date of the event was also associated with 11-9, though Australian month and days are indeed reversed this way. This dream was also partly influenced by Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky” video, regarding a scene after the supposed apocalypse and my dislike of older video games.)

      In my dream, the only directly familiar character (aside from the “mystery girl”) is my older brother Dennis (from my mother’s side). For some reason, we seem to be in New York and enter the ground floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings. I find myself gazing intently on “A Young Lady Reclining After a Bath” (Muhammad Mu’min). The painting is covering nearly the entire upper half of the wall. However, it appears mirrored to how it actually appears in reality and at one point seems to become far more lifelike, displaying the familiar “mystery girl” of hundreds of past dreams. The image shifts to where she is also more on her side and seemingly eating a fig. Dennis also looks at it but seemingly for a different reason, as if he is uncomfortable. For some reason, I get the strong impression that this is the “Persian princess” I will marry (even though the “mystery girl” also had Hungarian Romani heritage on her father’s side) and it will be within less than a year that she will make contact (which it was, in March of 1991). I “explain” this to my brother Dennis, though he seems a bit awestruck by other unknown concerns. We go up to the top at one point and it seems to be like the Lake Placid Tower (although it was Carol and her husband that took me there, not Dennis). I feel a strong sense of urgency that we need to get back down to ground-level and so we do.

      From here, a dramatic event unfolds. I start to feel a very strange and unexplainable awareness of motion and change, and a powerful sense of “something coming up from below”. A large tower rises directly from the ground and knocks aside the World Trade Center towers. They collapse suddenly but then seem to vanish. The “new” tower is multicolored but otherwise ancient-looking and I sense that it is Persian. Dennis leaves the area and my dream shifts slightly.

      From there, I see hundreds of people wandering in the streets, seeming confused and some in shock, looking at the “new” unusual skyscraper. The people are looking at numerous posters of missing people on various fences and such (this part being identical to imagery I saw on television after 9-11). I spontaneously say, “Well, it was a nice planet while you had it”. A young male looks at me oddly and somewhat angrily. I look up into the sky and notice two large objects, seemingly pillars of green fire that move horizontally and then arc upwards. They make a sizzling sound and I am not quite sure what they are. I get a sense of something Biblical and cannot quite think of them as spaceships even though I seem to resolve them as such as I wake.

      The missing Malaysian flight was another extreme and unlikely world event which I did manage to post online at least part of beforehand from a few precognitive dreams (and since did not edit - the server date remaining as prior to the event for the typical “cop out” crowd). As I am certain I am not the only one that has experienced this continuously, I have to wonder what is going on with the rest of society (and in fact have wondered this since I was about four).

      Precognition often has extreme and layered detail in terms of overall accuracy, yet is often skewed into unlikely composites linked with one’s own life (but which may also be linked to books or movies you have not yet seen in an artificially personal way as if the fictional event was actually integrated into your own life somehow in-dream), which is why it often seems “wrong” or not correctly “seen” (not counting visually exact remote viewing and similar perspectives). I have been studying the nature of this since childhood. It seems to be a combination of true precognition, skewed metaphors, and visual associations that are more relative to puns or other types of plays. It is also often so trivial and impersonal as to be ridiculous (such as dreaming with more precision about a television commercial or comic book before you see it). The 9-11 pop culture foreshadowing has been more significant and examples of it can be found all over the Internet, which tells me that the majority of people can “see” yet somehow do not acknowledge or express it more socially (but through art, stories, comic strips, and so on). It seems that only long-term dream journalists are the ones the most open and honest about it (and of course for entries already written such as my Malaysian flight going missing, the point becomes moot anyway, I suppose).
    11. Comet Girl

      by , 08-15-1990 at 02:15 PM
      Night of August 15, 1990. Wednesday.

      Prior to contacting my wife-to-be for the very first time in waking reality, I had a very vivid dream of two comets orbiting each other in a very close spiral pattern and becoming the Yin Yang symbol for a time. The feeling of Fall/Autumn seems slightly enhanced. The pattern of the two “comets” eventually turned into a Paisley design after moving apart again. I am also aware of one-half of the Yin-Yang symbol floating out over the ocean (seemingly from another country far away), like a sort of intelligently guided swirl - and I feel a sense of peace. It moves in a circle, but at times becomes comet-like again - leaving a trail of subtle sparks and brilliant wavy lines.

      After several minutes, the swirling light becomes of human form and “lands” on the shore, near the ocean. (The original objects appeared to come to me from the south.)

      It turned into a girl named Amelia (wearing a Paisley dress) possibly of about seven to nine years of age (no older than twelve), standing on rocks a bit out from the shore. I “knew” she was my future daughter Amelia (in complete contrast to when my “mystery girl”, that is, Zsuzsanna, appeared in a dream). She is seemingly wearing an old-fashioned dress with a blue and gold flower design.

      There is also a curious feeling of peace and assurance that seems to be coming from some sort of “superior force” (of nature?).

      The Paisley design represents another subtle form of the Yin Yang symbol for me. This was a fairly common “pre-anniversary” dream, where the date prior to the precognitive link matches (in this case, my real daughter’s birthday). My wife-to-be, without any clues or cues from me, told me that she liked the name “Amelia” and thus we decided on this as a first name before we even met.

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    12. Invisible Teacher

      by , 05-02-1990 at 09:13 AM
      Morning of May 2, 1990. Wednesday.

      There is an unusual sense of rising into the air and moving towards the television in my brother Earl’s house while sleeping on the couch. It is a typical sense of disembodiment but of the type that usually only comes near the end of certain types of dreams.

      For some reason, I get the sense that someone else (unseen) is present. Supposedly, it is some sort of teacher (or an entity interested in my development) that is trying to get me to understand something. It has something to do with a parade being shown on television and seems important, but nothing else is known, only that my name is called and I need to learn about something during this time. It took me a little by surprise because it actually seemed like another “real” character or external persona trying to “teach” me something. Maybe it had more to do with the direction or focus within my disembodied in-dream form than the parade on the television, but I am not sure.
    13. The Were-Hyena

      by , 04-07-1990 at 10:07 AM
      Night of April 7, 1990. Saturday.

      I remember only one more significant dream of a hyena to date thus far from before I came to Australia and even that one was precognitive in at least three separate layers. A mentally ill woman my sister knew had a birthday on this day and I did not want to be around her house at the time. However, it seems a relative of hers (named Martin, which makes me think of Mad Magazine’s Don Martin, thus part of my dream seemed vaguely linked to “Lena the Hyena” - the contest winning image by Mad Magazine’s Basil Wolverton that supposedly led him to fame) lives across the street and is out hunting or some such, but is actually a “monster” pretending to be hunting deer. There is some sort of plot relating to a hyena-man, who is like a “were-hyena” (similar to a werewolf) and going after people. I see “suggestions” of his shadow moving about on a few different walls of unknown locations. I wake slightly, but fall back into sleep at least once.

      For some reason, I am thinking of the movie “Eraserhead” that I had seen about twenty times or more by that time, but never dreamt about much of the imagery before. I am thinking of the “little girl in the radiator” (from “Eraserhead” - but is actually listed as “the lady in the radiator” in the movie - she always reminded me of a young chipmunk or mutated child (or perhaps a seriously odd version of Betty Boop) - yet is here young Effie Elmer from the “Mourning Picture”). There is a scene similar to in the movie where the radiator is implied to open like a door onto a stage, but in this case, it is an actual carousel with balloons and lights (Effie is a “happy ghost” here just needing a friend and for the radiator to generate more heat).

      I then seem to be having two dreams at the same time, the “Eraserhead-like” one and the “were-hyena” one. Eventually, I am aware that the “were-hyena” is in my street, near the house across the street. He goes after one of the college girls in the large house across from where I live and soon starts “laughing” insanely (like a hyena), the girl screaming (but the “laugh” being much louder). This was the only time I have ever heard such a disturbing sound. The image of Effie’s head, looking slightly to the right, superimposed on the radiator, changes into that of the monster “hyena man” in a sort of ghostly effect and is then staring out at me. I am still seeing it as I am waking, and it actually takes about 20 seconds or so for the hypnopompic hallucination to fade completely. The terrifying sound (in real-life) was caused by a horrid car tire sound skidding near the house across the street, with the tire seeming to actually be stuck in part of the street at the time or stuck in partially melted ice and dirt. I had never heard the sound before. This was followed by a girl yelling in real life about the problem.

      Three precognitive layers discerned thus far:

      1. My dream had already set up the plot and approaching climax before my dream ended with the real-life sound of the horrid “laughing were-hyena” sound that did sound somewhat like a real hyena. This seems to imply that I knew I would be hearing that sound quite some time before I heard it that night while still in-dream.

      2. An episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” implied such a creature (and “demonic hyenas”). The episode was called “The Pack”. I had never heard of the concept before in real life until then. The episode, according to IMDb, aired on April 7th, 1997 (see above regarding April 7th, 1990 - IMDb has been known to be wrong, though).

      3. There actually was a book published in 2010 called “The Little Girl in the Radiator”, where one cover was much like my dream imagery of years before, written by Martin Slevin.

      Also, as I was writing this, someone posted a dream about “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”; first time I have seen that show referenced on the dream journal site. This sort of synchronicity happens to me continuously.

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    14. Sentient Flood (Explained)

      by , 01-07-1990 at 07:07 AM
      Morning of January 7, 1990. Sunday. (This is a new online concise and clarified version Monday, 7 December 2015.)

      In my dream, I am in La Crosse, Wisconsin, but the area seems different, even seemingly near the ocean at one point - or at least the Mississippi seems bigger and more dominant a feature of the region. Water is rising over a long bridge in one clearer event. It seems the whole region is threatened by rising flood waters that are somewhat “relentless” in that the forces almost seem “intelligent” (in a human or near-human sense) or possibly controlled by a malevolent force of some kind. There is an eerie mood in my dream and I and several others are always moving away from areas that become flooded, almost as if the waters are somehow deliberately “in pursuit” of us. It mostly seems nighttime throughout my dream.

      We end up going down into a basement-like area that also serves as a post office, the layout seeming like a composite of Arcadia’s post office and the main one in La Crosse. The flood waters are raging and come down the steps (vaguely reminiscent of a scene from “The Blob” from 1958) with a human-like vengeance. At this point, I am becoming more frustrated than afraid. I stop and make my stand and boldly ask the raging flood waters that threaten to fill the post-office/basement area “What about the children?”

      The stream of raging water moves up and back almost like a hand (as if about to slap someone, but also in a sort of odd “puzzlement” at my audacity) and then moves back up the steps literally in reverse (as if playing a film clip of water cascading down the stairs in reverse). A little later, I and the others exit the building and look around, noting that the flood waters have receded, leaving only a few puddles here and there in the mostly featureless landscape. More light and detail is coming in at this point, as the sun also seems to be rising.

      The silhouette of a religious statue, which seems to be Jesus Christ, can be seen to the south. A dark-haired female (my lifelong green-eyed “mystery girl”) approaches it and it begins to glow (with a bluish tinge) and come to life as I wake, with several other people then encircling it. I hear clearer music in my dream that I did not hear in reality until my wife sent it on a cassette tape (the same melody and overall sound as Enya’s “Shepard Moons”, which was not even released until November 4, 1991 in the UK).

      Familiar meanings:

      This dream curiously contains five different waking process mechanisms during the same time period:

      1. A bridge being blocked (disallowing the dream self to move further into the dream state or incidentally explore another region of thought).

      2. Flood waters getting lower (waking process metaphor to indicate less of the Source is present and available as the conscious self is reintegrated). Flood waters are energies of both the Source and lower levels of human collective consciousness (including other dreamers during the same time period), even more obvious here, as I eventually became aware that the flood waters were an aspect of the energies of seemingly human consciousness as well as an aspect of the Source, though seemingly angry.

      3. A threat to run from (to more efficiently instigate the dissolution of the dream and annihilate the particular incarnation of the dream self).

      4. A statue coming to life (metaphorical for the conscious self waking up from the dream, or in some cases, coming into clearer awareness within the dream). The fact that it was Jesus Christ (though I am not a Christian) was more information on my lifelong dark-haired mystery girl being closer to my path in the sense of a spiritual awakening.

      5. The sun rising and light coming in (metaphorical for the conscious self waking up from the dream as well as conscious logic and analytical skills becoming more prominent during this stage)

      Precognitive links and additional notes:

      This dream demonstrates typical “pre-anniversary” precognition (my oldest son being born on January 7, 1995). It also (“against all odds“) prepared me for what was to come.

      The post office has been an important setting throughout my life (and represents communication with the Source, especially as a basement also represents being closer to the Source as well as collective consciousness - including the implication of being deeper in the dream state), especially relating to how I would come into contact with my predestined (for lack of a better term) dream girl. This goes all the way back to dreaming as a child of the PAIA having a meeting in the Arcadia Post Office while seated in a circle on the floor near the main counter (this in turn relative to the newspaper where my wife’s mother placed the advertisement that captured my attention as I had dreamt of the situation just previously in opening the gate to my dream girl) before the group even existed in real life. Even so, “I hug PO Virgo” is implied as a pattern (next vowel, next consonant continuity) in my full name, PO standing for Post Office (though Virgo being only one of thousands of “clues” from the Source, not relevant to astrology, which has no meaning for me).

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    15. An Attempt at Spinning

      by , 10-18-1989 at 04:18 PM
      Morning of October 19, 1989. Thursday.

      In this dream, I become lucid, though my awareness shifts at times, though I remain in my dream without RAS modulation kicking in. It is near a wharf (the usual water induction factor), likely near the Black River in La Crosse. I am developing an attempt to meet and be romantic and sensual with my “mystery girl” (the long-term precognitive rendering of Zsuzsanna years before we met) who is in a lighter-colored ballroom gown (though she vanishes during the spinning fiasco).

      I lucidly focus on the idea of “spinning”, which is something I read about at least once during this time period and I simply take it to mean to move about (or whirl about) on one’s (vertical) axis. Even so, when I am on the wharf, I start to will myself to spin around like a whirlwind. Over time, this does make me a little more aware (mostly due to vestibular system dynamics), but not by much. I begin to see patterns that resemble comic-book-like lines that usually represent tornadoes and whirlwinds. After a time, I see objects moving around me as if I were an anthropomorphic miniature tornado with random objects orbiting me as with a planet. I even notice an upright piano moving in a circle around me - though it begins to look like a cartoon - even with animated music notes also being “trapped” in my whirlwind and tumbling about.

      After several minutes, mostly only the head of the Disney character Pete (also called Peg-Leg Pete and Big Bad Pete among other names) appears. I do not really feel threatened. In fact, I start to contemplate a possible conversation with him (almost forgetting that I am dreaming), but Mickey Mouse and Goofy eventually appear in this faux tornado (only the three characters in total - I am not aware of any others - and Pete is actually the most distant from the other two) while more distortion ensues until I wake with abstract thoughts. That was the last time I attempted the so-called spinning technique. It is probably from seeing numerous animations of cartoon characters fighting (including cartoon cats), where “tornadoes” result and with fists and heads and such emerging at times at random angles.

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