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    1. Six toes (“The Chrysalids” influence?)

      by , 12-27-2013 at 06:27 PM
      Morning of December 27, 2013. Friday.

      This is one of those “body” dreams; that is, the primary focus of my dream being on the condition or state of the body. Such dreams usually have magnification of imagery and “closer than possible” perspectives and are often semi-lucid. In this one, I am mostly focused on my feet.

      My feet have a sort of discomfort on each outer side, sort of like when wearing shoes that are a bit too tight, but I am barefoot in my dream. When I do any type of affirmation pulsing with the word “healing” or “healing powers” (as opposed to “healthy” or “healthy energies”) I have dreams of this nature (every single time thus far). This is likely because “healing” has a completely different association with other areas of the mind and memory than “healthy” (especially as “healing” implies an ongoing event whereas “healthy” implies a state of being). I have honestly recognized this for over twenty years, but I still use the word “healing” to discern variations and am still experimenting with direct to dream pulsing.

      “Healing” seems to send the message that you are in a continuous state of change and always brings about unusual dreams relating to the body and again, usually with both magnification and “closer than possible” perspective of the particular area of the body. Normally, though, it brings about dreams of open sores that often close themselves (thus, always a dream-instigated opportunity to keep healing), hollow areas within the body and extremely detailed imagery of internal anatomy (even microscopic views - such as blood flowing, etc.) I have also noted (and no longer use much) the association with “flowing”. For some reason, the dream self’s mind can only link the word “flowing” with water or liquid (in one dream, it seemed like paint). Thus, when I used phrasing in pulsing sessions such as “healthy energies flowing”, I would always dream of water flooding a room, or similar (usually not in a negative or stressful sense, though, but rather purposeless, perhaps).

      In this dream, I eventually check my feet more closely. I see that a couple layers of skin are peeling off around the outer sides of both feet. Inside each “cocoon” of thin skin is a small toe (at this point, I am still “logically” assuming they are the fifth toe on each foot - yet much closer to the instep middle-point than would be normal), my toenails breaking through first (without any actual pain, though). I am trying to work out the situation. Perhaps my shoes had been too tight for too long and somehow caused skin to grow over each small toe after a time (as well as each small toe being pushed down and against the outer instep over time). As the skin comes off, it feels a bit more comfortable. A little later I flex my feet and toes (the toe-line changing and now being mostly even across, unlike just before) and then notice that I have six toes on each foot (all appearing normal otherwise). It does not concern me all that much. I look at them curiously and a couple relatives look at my feet without comment. I guess growing extra toes like this is not all that unusual, especially in the dream state.

      This was possibly partly influenced by “The Chrysalids” (known as “Re-birth” in the USA), my favorite novel of any genre. In the story, though, it is Sophie that has the six toes, not the main character. I had found the story remarkable in how closely I related to David Strorm, almost as if I was reading about myself and my life (at one level) directly (the only book that I ever perceived this level of such clear and “familiar” associations and “closeness” in identification with a fictional character).

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    2. Conspiracy Theorist Becomes a Belt During a Fight

      by , 12-26-2013 at 06:26 PM
      Morning of December 26, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar garage in Wisconsin, it seems, although my wife Zsuzsanna is with me. There is a tall, thin stack of smaller boxes of books that falls over without causing any damage. We seem to be moving a few things around. I notice a heavyset man staring at me from the opening to the garage (the opening apparently to the east). He walks into the garage and stares at me intently, looking into my eyes.

      “Why are you an alien?” he says in a way almost implying cross-examination. He seems to have a special gift to see the “different wiring” within my physical nature and brain design - something people usually seem to sense but do not comment on, or maybe they recognize that I am only pretending to understand what people are saying to avoid confrontation.

      “Because I am not you and am not like you,” I say calmly, but in a slightly patronizing way. I do not like him at all and do not look away from his intense and unduly patronizing gaze. He seems to be of the conspiracy-theorist “everything is doom or devils or aliens” mentality; the type who spends time considering all manner of fictional systems and completely unfeasible potential of the countless fraudulent “lunatic fringe” websites. (I recall a small plastic “device” from a New Age magazine years ago which I got just to see what it really was. It was supposedly designed to improve health by having some sort of “protective field” move out from the wearer’s body. When I took it apart, I saw that all it was was a small circuit-board in which the sole function was to make the small light flash on and off. Hilariously stupid.)

      The chubby unknown male soon attacks me physically but I grab him and stretch him out somehow until all that is left of him is his belt. I go to the garage entrance and throw this belt out into the alley as two girls are walking by, heading north (I believe we are at the north-side of La Crosse). He somehow screams for help (as a belt, but changing form a bit, including a brief period as a rattlesnake) but they do not notice. Eventually, he is able to “regenerate” himself, but is more overweight than before and dressed in mismatched clothes, some of them women’s clothes - in about three layers. He is also wearing a periwig and starts yelling about aliens again, while shaking a golf club at me. I also notice, at this point, he is about a foot shorter than before.

      I tell him sternly and very seriously, “the fact that people like you are allowed to run around promoting false systems and false ideologies and leading other people astray is proof enough that humans are not fit to occupy this planet”. (By that, I seem to be perhaps illogically inferring that both the con artists and the victims are “unfit”.) From here I wake.

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    3. Helping Unusual Cats

      by , 12-25-2013 at 03:57 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2013. Wednesday.

      In my dream, my family and I seem to be living in a composite house that is half of our last address in this town (Barolin Street) and half the address in Brisbane in Wavell Heights (Stadcor Street). The first part focuses on the last address’s house’s section, which is mostly the porch that faced east. There is a woman there (as well as my wife) but I do not know who she is; perhaps she is a relative of my wife’s (though that seems unlikely). When on the porch, she is talking about her concern for all the cats that will cease to exist that night. Apparently any cat that is outside at a certain time is captured by the local government and euthanized. She seems to be planning on how she can rescue and keep one cat of her own. It seems to be fairly late at night by that point. There is a lot of clarity and vividness at the point where I stand on the porch looking out into the semidarkness.

      A little later, I am in a part of the house that is more like the one in Wavell Heights. We call our two cats in, and they run into the house, but seven more cats soon come into the house - cats that we have never seen before (recurring). They are all different breeds, including a calico. One of them is a very strange fictional breed that is somewhat like a miniature lion (but with tiger stripes) and also reminds me very slightly of a silkie chicken regarding extra hair that hangs back from its head and mid-body area. It is an odd sight. It is possible that this is the cat the unknown woman will pick (because of its unusual appearance and likelihood of being gotten rid of quicker because the government does not like diverse traits in anything of any kind), but it is not certain. I start to contemplate how it will not really be possible to keep all these cats (eight, if the woman leaves with one) and am not sure what will happen.

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    4. Agates and Holograms

      by , 12-22-2013 at 06:22 PM
      Morning of December 22, 2013. Sunday.

      This dream was not that short, but much of it was based on attention regarding perception and focus of just a few ideas and images. In my dream, my brother sends me a particular JPEG photo on Facebook (which he had not done in real life before - he never posted images on my Facebook page). I am at the computer and when I look at the image, it is very clear. The image is mostly of a Teddy bear sitting on a smaller stack of books in the center of a bed. Also in the room are lots of other details. For a time, I seem to be doing photo projection (within my dream itself) for some reason.

      After a short time, I notice the image seems to change as if it is doing a slow 180 degree pan (central to the Teddy bear position) on one side (as I move my head side to side very slightly) and then the other so that I can see what had been behind the Teddy bear and see other things at different angles. This happens in a very subtle way in some photo projection experiences (depending on the image) in real life, but in this case, in my dream, it is quite intriguing and amazingly vivid (though I am not lucid). It is as if all the image-based data of a full 360 degree rotation is somehow encoded within the one otherwise flat image (seemingly oriented within the center which - again - is represented by the Teddy bear in this case - for example, as if the Teddy bear is the hub and everything around it is the 360 degree “wheel” which pans around 180 degrees to each side depending on how I move my head - however, I still do not see up and down in a similar way in this case relative to detail change).

      I decide that my brother sent me a special kind of hologram, perhaps without knowing that himself - or maybe it is a new technology relating to holographic photography (that he is absentmindedly “showing off”, or not knowing that I do not have all the equipment associated with its full usage) of a type that goes beyond the much older View Master types (and the very old technology relating to 3-D back in the 1940s and such being far superior to what they make these days, some of which is actually fake or rendered artificially). In my dream, I am contemplating how it works, thinking somewhat about the small plastic cards with images that appear to move through a stage of several frames when you change the angle by moving it slightly, but I think that would require a special monitor with several thin and angled layers.

      I am thinking about talking to my brother in an enthusiastic state of cheerful surprise. There are other photos; one, I think, of his cat on the floor of his kitchen and at least one outside scene.

      A little later, I seem to be in the parking lot with some of my belongings near a mall in Wisconsin that had been north of all the places I lived in the region (near Shopko, I think - based in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, near Green Bay). A younger male approaches me from the southeast. I seem to be near a table (or something set up with a piece of plywood on top); perhaps it is part of a larger flea market oriented east to west though I do not see many people around. I am sitting down at that point on a small chair. The man seems friendly, but I still feel a slight suspicion as if I feel he may attempt to rob me at one point, but that thought is not quite the dominating one. The man seems to be low on money and wants to know if I could buy some agates from him. I am not quite sure how much money I have, but I tell him that I already have a “guitar full of agates” (which is based on a much older real-life memory where I kept a large number of agates in an old guitar of my father’s, but this was over twenty years ago). I even describe to him what each one looked like as I put it inside the body of the guitar. I tell him about the ones that look a bit like candy corn, the red and white striped ones, and ones that look a bit like they have Paisley designs on them. He does not seem to be threatening at all (even though I hold the mild expectation of such) and he asks another man approaching from the north who is apparently there to look at something else at the implied flea market.

      Eventually, I start talking to the man selling agates about the new holographic technology and how you can actually “step into” the images as if they were much like holodecks on the newer (“Next-Generation”-based) “Star Trek” shows (although earlier I had only seen “inside” the photos at a different size perspective). He listens, being only mildly interested, but does not comment. He just wants to sell all his agates to get enough for a small meal, I think. He is thin and passive. I do not think he will rob anyone “yet”.

      This turned out to also be precognitive relative to what my wife had been looking at, at the mall (including newer holographic images she was thinking of buying - one of a tiger), without any knowledge of such on my part or me sharing my dream beforehand. Funny, but happens every day to some extent. The other way it was precognitive involved pretty close detail to my brother Dennis (same brother as in my dream) posting images on Facebook in my timeline which he had never done before and no prior clue he would do so. I thought I had updated this particular entry in this section, but had not - partly because it happens so often. It had the usual “something bigger than life at work” feeling.

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    5. Changeling and Switched Runners?

      by , 12-20-2013 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2013. Friday.

      Regarding my old home in Cubitis, there is an additional western wall identical to the first, with the three tall jalousie windows, which is duplicated a few feet to the the west, with no floor (just the open grassy/ground area), and like a sort of additional outdoor hallway - just wide enough for one person of average size - between the two walls with no door to the south at least, leaving an open area where you can just walk into the space. It seems possible that, to the north, it bends around like an L-shape with another front entrance, but that is not fully clear.

      There is one point where it also seems like a children’s railroad (as in a park) goes from north to south, as the tracks are there, and one train shows up without drama. It seems to have some mixed aspects of our last home in Australia as well, as there is a western fence, west from the duplicated wall. The “engineer” (older white-haired man) goes through the outer fictional “hallway” about halfway, as if he is lost, then walks back to continue working with the “park train”.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are sleeping near the western windows, our heads to the north. Soon, there is a sense of weight coming down from above me. I am aware that a younger male has somehow come through the window and almost onto us as we wake from the intrusion. Of course this makes no sense, as you cannot go through jalousie windows like that, but whatever - anything can occur in a dream. It is possible they are suddenly large single pane windows in this particular instance, perhaps sliding windows. I get the impression he is in a marathon and has somehow either taken a wrong turn or is deliberately taking a short cut through our house to get to the finish line more quickly.

      Fictionally, to the east, not that far from our dream home, is a college (males only), I think, or maybe a high school for only the two highest grades (eleventh and twelfth) or maybe a combination. Apparently there is a large focus on sports and especially Olympic racing and marathon training and practice. Somehow, I grab the person out of being annoyed at the intrusion (he may be inclined to steal something as well, I think), mostly seeming to retrieve a five-pointed star which I crush in my hand - not likely a badge (although it looks like one) but some sort of award regarding his running ability or placement status. Oddly, this seems to make the runner vanish completely and I then am somewhat concerned about having “killed” someone, even though I get a vague impression that a “broken” version of him runs to the south near the school before finally collapsing and dying and vanishing with no other witnesses present.

      Later, there is a line of young males, mostly all in white shorts and tank tops with a few stripes and number details, from west to east, as if part of some sort of award ceremony. The male I had “killed” had been replaced by another person, whereas, a changeling had replaced the other person that had taken the other missing person’s place. It is rather confusing. One of the male runner-ups looks at the lead runner (who is not who he should be) with a bit of awe and confusion. The person’s name is called and even his race (relating to black or white) is wrong, yet no one is apparently supposed to notice the switches regarding the two people. Of course, even if the public, with their amazingly short memory, is unaware of who is who, I am fairly certain close friends and especially parents would know. It does not make much sense. It is as if someone is killed or missing (even temporarily I guess), and it does not mean anything; they are simply replaced by a shuffling around of other people (and the additional changeling). Logically, just the changeling of a similar appearance replacing the missing person should have been enough instead of this shuffle where there are then two potential problems to have to later explain.

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    6. Sharing houses again? Watch out for the "Yerper"

      by , 12-18-2013 at 10:57 AM
      Morning of December 18, 2013. Wednesday.

      In one dream, we appear to be visiting an (unknown) person on the right side of a T-section dock in a larger boathouse (seemingly part of a strange composite using the Salton Sea, California, the Mississippi near La Crosse, and an area near the Florida Keys). There is another boathouse mirrored almost exactly to the opposite side of the T-section dock. The owner we know in my dream is probably about forty years old. There is an area for a small motorboat near the right-front that is almost like a connected garage (at water level) so that the boat comes up almost to the front door of the boathouse. The man seems to be sharing a story based on a recent event where he thought that a visitor was very unintelligent because they asked why he did not have an additional place for the boat near the back of the boathouse so that when he travels from a trip in the other direction, it would supposedly be “easier” to moor (even though the only door is on the front of the boathouse). Apparently the person was also looking at the far-right area for another potential spot to moor (in case the boat had been traveling from that direction as well). It seems very amusing for him. Apparently, he also seems to indicate that the other person thought that if a person is traveling from the left of the T-section, he would reach the other boathouse and never get to his (not having enough intelligence to know that you can just go around). This was rather odd and impersonal for a dream. It could possibly relate more to persistent stubbornness rather than a lack of intelligence. For example, a person may stop near you as if you are “in their way”, when they could just walk around you with little effort or difficulty. There was, however, a person in real life that we used to see who would actually stop when there was anything in front of him, even a division of the sidewalk or a particularly dark line on the floor of a store’s aisle (as if it were a “wall”). This relates to some sort of condition, but I do not presently recall the name. It was unusual seeing someone do this. He acted as if he could not get past implied two-dimensional “barriers”. I never really watched or stared, so I do not know what he eventually did as I left the scene. He also stopped near our baby pram once even though it was to the right of him and nowhere near being in his way, so I just turned around and went the other direction.

      In the other dream, we are living in the same house as a person who lives near us on the same street in one direction (but across an alleyway - we live in a corner house) in real life, but whom we do not see very often (he rarely seems to be actually living there over longer time periods) and do not know very well. I am walking around in a seemingly shared living area, yet there also seems to be features of a very large, but partly divided bedroom. I am hearing sound from an adjoining room which seems a bit too loud (as I do not want the other people in the house to complain) - although I am not sure if it is that late at night. I thought it might be some sort of anechoic chamber in part - it seems to be a very large television (false memory) on the other side of the wall, and apparently it is an old monster movie or something similar, so I go to tell a family member to turn the volume down while in the doorway, the other room with the television being mostly dark. I am not sure what the movie is. It seems to be a fictional variation of “Village of the Giants” from 1965 based on what the other man says.

      The other man is also walking near the same area, but does not seem to mind the television’s volume level (he may have been planning to get something from the refrigerator to take back to his area). He even watches the movie that is on for about three minutes or so although I actually never face or see the screen of the television, as I remain mostly in the implied larger bedroom area. He says with a sort of odd curious interest (perhaps nostalgia), “Oh…there are TWO giant women in this movie, and this one is dancing, look at that stomach…”

      Meanwhile, I am going back to get some pens and pencils. Some of the pens are felt markers of a larger variety of colors as well as normal ballpoints. I seem to have permission from the other man for some reason to use one of his pens. The large group of pens is mine, yet when I place them on someone’s bed temporarily (as there are a bit too many and it is a clumsy effort to get them to the desk on my side), they get mixed up with other people’s pens. I am annoyed, as I do not want to be accused of “stealing pens”, so I finally manage to get them separated before the other man walks back to his apparent living area. In real life, we assume his wife had died, as we have not seen her for a long time, but when he comes back into this room, he is making strange comments about her (I guess she is in a different adjoining room than the other). I then notice funny toy heads hanging from the wall (which I had not noticed before), similar to the toy shrunken heads of years ago, one with bright orange hair sticking out from each side (but bald otherwise), which seems to represent his wife, as if displayed as some sort of nostalgic gift.

      The third dream was fairly short and somewhat distorted. There was another boathouse-related scene, but as if from a movie. There is a creature that looks much like the one from “The Monster That Challenged the World” (1957), but is much smaller, only about the size of a person. It is apparently a male creature. He moves his head up from the water that is filled with smaller debris (of mostly greenish and yellowish hues) and starts going “Yerp, yerp, yerp”. Apparently the movie is called “The Yerper”…rather senseless. He does not seem like a threat and the “yerp” sound is not really imposing.

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    7. Miniature Quetzals in Our Backyard

      by , 11-27-2013 at 05:27 PM
      Morning of November 27, 2013. Wednesday.

      In my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna and our children are in our backyard in perhaps late morning, seemingly of the home we live in now on W Street. There are some differences though, one being that the gate is more towards the middle of our fence on the west side of the property, and there are also additional trees. At least four miniature resplendent quetzals fly around, both males and females. At times though, it seems like they may also be a rare species of hummingbird. (Hummingbird and quetzal composites have appeared in previous dreams.) There is a heightened awareness of beauty and peace. The vibrant energies of the reds, greens, and blues move through the air as they seem interested in the flowers growing near one tree near our fence. My wife watches them cheerfully. At times, they seem more and more like hummingbirds (or perhaps just with hummingbird heads and way of flight - as their wings are sometimes moving more like that of a bee). It is like a special mystery or “visit” for our eyes only. I am sort of puzzled as to what they really are but feel they are like a special gift in some ways. (A quetzal also appeared in probably the most vivid dream I ever had in my lifetime, on Easter morning of 1986, age 25.)

      Amusing trivia: Curiously, the audio reversal of “quetzal” sounds just a little like “Aztec” (ket-so…os-tek), whereas “Quetzalcoatl” sounds a little like “little old Aztec”.

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    8. Swooping Stars from a “Stupid” Sky

      by , 11-24-2013 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2013. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,142-03. Reading time: 1 min 54 sec.

      This dream began as the typical “watching the sky at twilight” event when interesting and mysterious events occur in the sky, but it became more like an “end of the world” dream. I had intended to reinduce my awareness into a more lucid dream, but it is too warm to focus for very long.

      I go outside to look at the sky. There had been reports about signs that the end of the solar system is nigh. I am not concerned, but there is an eerie awareness of humanity ceasing to exist. When I look at the sky, I notice that there are several smaller identical Earth moons in various random areas (about half the size or less of how the moon should appear), with a random cluster of about four lower down toward the horizon. I am trying to understand how the “same” moon can be in several areas of the sky at the same time. I consider that it may be a reflective effect from the sparse clouds.

      Zsuzsanna’s half-sister, CRJ, comes out from the house. The setting is like the front yard of the Cubitis house. My mother is present, appearing about ten years younger than my day of birth. (I do not recall that she had died.)

      CRJ says, “Oh, look, the sky has gone stupid,” and seems more annoyed than concerned. It does not seem like a newsworthy event to her even though she is working for a radio station (from within the house)?

      My mother comes out and looks at the stars. Time passes, and the “stars” begin to move down from the sky at a fast rate, one at a time, like swooping birds. After they swoop down, they rise back into a different position in the sky. Their trajectory seems to be based on the law of reflection as they swoop down and go back up in an “incident ray” path. It seems like I am experiencing the event from the perspective of two people at the same time (my mother and me). It is disorienting. We manage to duck and dodge in a perfect way each time (the source of the ducking and dodging movements seeming to be my mother’s) to avoid being hit by each “star” (which technically cannot be much bigger than a basketball but it “feels” as if it is much larger). I can barely see above my head after a time. One coming from farther away in the sky makes a much wider and “slower” arc. Those directly above go in almost a straight up and down seemingly faster course (somewhat like a bouncing ball).

      There was partial influence from “Slaughterhouse-Five” (from 1972) regarding the scene where the main character is seemingly carried off by a “star.” (That was a result of aliens in the movie. Aliens are not implied to be in my dream’s situation.)

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    9. A River in a House; an Insect in a Book

      by , 11-23-2013 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2013. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,141-02. Reading time: 2 min 42 sec.

      I am in the Stadcor Street house, though unaware it is a place where we had lived. The house has boxes and furniture in all the rooms, but there is water everywhere that covers much of it. It seems as if there a river within the house. I try to get through one area from the lounge room to the kitchen and sometimes go lower or under the shoulder-high water to pull myself back up while using boxes or furniture to stabilize my position. An old unknown male on a raft drifts by, seemingly annoyed by my presence.

      Later, I am outside with Zsuzsanna near a big (fictitious) garage. The area is inhabited by people who are like composites of pilgrims and hillbillies with a colonial mentality. They are xenophobes. A man who reminds me of VonHelton, a conspiracy theorist on YouTube, is present. I was supposed to give him something from the house, but I had forgotten what it was.

      “What does an injun and a gypsy hope to find here?” he loudly inquires, waving his arms around. He has a long white scraggly beard and reminds me of the personas from “Bugs Bunny: Hillbilly Hare.” There is a big table where there are old one-of-a-kind books. One of the people near the table seems friendly. Another man looks at me and tells me to be careful with the “one-of-a-kind” books, and I stare him down while telling him that I am “one-of-a-kind.” However, it also seems that similar “one-of-a-kind” books are underwater back in the house.

      Time passes, and I seem to be Zsuzsanna, but my voice seems to be mine. No one notices. I am looking through books on family names. There is an ancestor on Zsuzsanna’s mother’s side named either Mark Davids or David Marks, but it seems unlikely in my dream (in real life, it is “Marks,” anglicized from the original name). The book I am looking through as Zsuzsanna while speaking to other people at the table has the names in proximity. One features in a comic-strip-like section (though with real photographs) as a Czechoslovakian pirate chasing another man who ends up neck-high in a river near mossy rocks. (There is a “Czech Pirate Party” - “Pirate Parties were established in many European countries as a protest against the restriction of the civil rights by lobby groups.” There may be influence from the news “Hundreds of rampaging neo-Nazis attempt pogrom against Romani people in Ostrava.”)

      I continue to read (as Zsuzsanna) information on her father’s people and the genocide that is still an issue. (In real life, he had escaped to Australia). There is a connection to the word “pogrom” and the name “Ostrava” and other terms, some fictitious, the main word being “Sym,” which supposedly means a pogrom against the “gypsies” (Romani). It could be a play on “Sim.” It seems to be “Sxm” at times. (There was a “precognitive” thread here, though likely telepathic for lack of a better word. Toby had posted “Sxm” on Facebook right after I started writing this entry - his own new shortened form of the name of a radio station he had never posted about before.)

      I become aware my youngest son is here. I open a book and in the back, between the back cover and the last page, is a big praying mantis preserved much like a leaf, its wings (somewhat semi-circular) spread out. It is nearly the size of the page. It floats in the air for a short time before drifting back down onto the page, as if from a subtle life-force, perhaps from suspended animation. It is the most vivid part of my dream. My son watches with mild interest but does not speak. I am thinking, as Zsuzsanna, that I should “find my husband.”

      I have added another “precognitive” facet even though the matching dream content of another poster had an older date. It was posted right after mine (so I am adding the “dream journal synchronicity” tag). Ashzepplin’s online dream journal (dream id 189743) no longer exists.

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    10. Faux School on Loomis Street

      by , 11-21-2013 at 05:21 PM
      Morning of November 21, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am in a school, apparently, but there seem to be attributes that remind me a lot of my sister’s house on Loomis Street, though bigger in area. A foreman and friend who had shot himself in real life (Patrick; nickname Hooker) seems to be one of the teachers or actually more like a composite also inclusive of a high school science teacher. It is going on nine o'clock at night (which I do not see until near the end of my dream by looking at a clock on the south wall). All of the students (we seem to be in our twenties and thirties) are working on helping to manually put together some workbooks that are somehow for the benefit of the whole school, which does not seem a practical endeavor. I have already completed one book and will apparently get a small payment. It involves starting from the first page and simply writing sums that increment by one or ten or whatever from that point to the end of the book. The books are 96-page ruled exercise books of 8mm feint, about 9 x 7 inches I think. Horizontally, there is room for four problems or possibly five.

      I am continuously annoyed by seeing that the second one I am to complete is not perfect on yet the first page when looking back and that there are errors in what I had written, including not having an extra space between the sets so that they run together a little too closely from top to bottom (not leaving enough room for whoever solves them), accidentally skipping the lower addend of a sequence now and then, etc. I spend a lot of time erasing, never getting past the first three rows. The first page seems to start with 100 + 1 (column form - all problem templates are in column form), 100 + 2, 100 + 3, 100 + 4, and so on. Eventually, I happen to skim the pages and notice a few pages with colorful stickers here and there (apparently put in by someone else earlier during the day) that have similar problems with pictures and take up about the same space as the written efforts - and will supposedly end up filling the same logical sequencing when all the manual work is done (while manually skipping the sticker regions that are part of the sequencing). Most of the colorful stickers are nearer to the middle of the booklet. After that, I see that there are several pages of complex equations which fill each page, several pages in from the front, and realize that the book is something I should keep and had in fact started to make into a school workbook accidentally (from it being with the others for a short time but long enough for someone else to have worked on it prior). Not wanting to mess my book up any more than it is I inform the teacher that I will finish it later (a deliberate lie - I will start anew on another one - this one will not be “missed” as it was already mine) and casually insert it into the middle area of a larger exercise book within my larger binder. Around this time I also look at the clock (which is higher on the wall, only about a foot down from the ceiling) and see it is about nine o'clock at night and so I wonder why everyone is still working, as I reason the classwork should have probably ended around 4:30 in the afternoon.

      I eventually reflect on a false memory that someone (not sure who) had ordered some pizzas and drink for me (in addition to perhaps a couple other friends or classmates) about an hour and a half prior - and that it is my responsibility to pick it up now. The pizza place is supposedly adjacent to our “school” and north of it and open until midnight but I have concerns on how I will prove to the cashiers that I am the one who is supposed to pick up the order - yet I am also not entirely sure when the school session ends. I am still looking forward to it, assuming it all works out and that the cashiers will know what they are doing. I am thinking on that for awhile and wake up before leaving the “school” via the front east entrance.
    11. "The house is an oven"…

      by , 11-04-2013 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of November 4, 2013. Monday.

      This is one of those environment-influenced dreams and likely has no other associations. My dream is semi-lucid, but I am still “locked into” the events and activities. It starts by someone flushing the toilet (I am in the kitchen when my dream starts), the action of which seems to do something to all the pipes throughout the entire house - causing all the water to stop flowing. The house seems to be some sort of strange variation of the one on Loomis Street, but is not really much like it. There is a clear awareness that all of the pipes are suddenly empty of water, which causes a strange blast of heat to fill all of the pipes, which then appear collectively (especially in the kitchen) like some sort of large element on a stove top. I even hear a sound somewhat like air rushing through the pipes and a slight awareness of furnace sounds.

      Somehow being able to see down into the floor, I see all of the pipes glowing red. Eventually, the outside of the house is on fire on the north side and my brother-in-law goes out to try to put it out with the garden hose. The fire is very even and burning horizontally along certain sections. I am not that alarmed (being semi-lucid) but am still concerned about valuable documents being burned up. I notice a few even rows of fire on a bookshelf. (This is very different than a fully lucid dream I had fairly recently, where I had indulged in enjoying the fires in the house and the view of ashes of books and such.) My sister mentions that the fire is spreading everywhere. I use the hose myself and we get most of the fire under control (somehow causing the fires inside to go out at times by spraying the outside of the house, but not fully, and I worry a little about water damage on top of the minimal fire damage thus far if too much is sprayed indoors).

      Meanwhile, an unknown person is following another unknown person around down the street (both males), asking him about where he had hid the remains of Saddam Hussein, making references to it being inside a vertical pipe on that street. This dream seems to reflect a phrase my mother used when it was really hot (as it is in real life right now), saying that “this house is an oven”. Again, it seems very relevant as the plumbing pipes throughout the house actually seemed to serve doubly as oven elements for some reason, but it got out of control.

      In another, earlier part of my dream (or one that came just before and slowly merged into it) I am traveling by taxi to some sort of unknown area with a wide street and connected parking area that looks like it is mostly made up of businesses, but there is a hint of a park nearby and possibly a large river (Black River in La Crosse?). The driver is a short Hindi man of about thirty. The false history of my dream implies that he had driven me to the same location on a number of different days, but I had only thus far given him one dollar for this particular ride. It seems that the man is somewhat sarcastic about my potential to pay him for his service. I take out a twenty-dollar bill (seeming to have at least a hundred in my wallet) and give it to him and it makes him very surprised and grateful. Of course, in these times in this region, twenty dollars relative to riding in a taxi is hardly anything and likely would not even cover two shorter trips.

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    12. Dark Glossy Body-Paint and a Wayward Backpacker

      by , 10-21-2013 at 04:21 PM
      Night of October 21, 2013. Monday.

      There are two sections of my dream that seem directly connected, yet are also highly incongruous from one event to the next - and the level of vividness and awareness changes to near-lucidity. Firstly, there seems to be a large, valuable, mostly green frog statue (part of an old water fountain?) of about half the size of a person and in an upright position. I believe it is near the kitchen entrance on a chest-of-drawers. Somehow it falls over (my fault? unsure) and is lying on the floor. I first think it is undamaged, but notice more and more sections, as I lift it up from having been face-down on the floor, where a larger, thinner piece was chipped off, each of which I pick up and align back on the statue (having turned it over on its back). The areas from where the pieces were chipped off are white and somewhat powdery, similar to how certain cheap, already damaged knickknacks look in bargain retail stores. However, if I set the statue upright again, the pieces, although all aligned, would likely not stay on, so I think of using some sort of glue that I see nearby, the container about the size of a milk bottle…

      Scene shift to…the bottle of “glue” turns out to be body-paint. I am part of a scenario that seems to be when my wife and I were much younger, possibly a few years before we met, although we are both at my sister’s house in Wisconsin. Her unearthly beauty radiates as she uses the paint to cover her face and entire body in a “poetic” ritual-like way. The paint shines on her in a glossy bluish-black as she walks around (unclothed) in various rooms, but primarily the kitchen. There is also the awareness that it is actually the future, where it is a trend (especially with older teenagers) to use body-paint at social venues, including this shiny black, purple, and an unusual sort of very dark coppery tone. She is almost like a tulpa template, but without the glow from the inside going out, rather a silvery sheen on the outside of her skin at times.

      In the next scene, I am on the porch - but it is not clear what porch this was - as it almost seems like the one of someone I knew years ago - but could also be at the same (sister’s) house as the previous events. It also feels like our last address somewhat. Using logic, it mostly seems like a composite of our last home’s porch and a sister’s due to the (unknown) man in my dream walking from around the right side, outside, which would have been our driveway in real life, or, relating to my sister’s house, a sidewalk going to the upstairs entrance at the side.

      The young blonde man of about twenty seems to be a backpacker, possibly from the Netherlands (this is possibly an altered replay of a real-life event when, thanks to a sign the council put up on our fence prior to our moving, various people thought the house was vacant - even throwing rocks at the windows - the police, as usual, showing a cheerful total disinterest - and a pair of Netherlands backpackers were even planning on climbing over the fence and trying to find a way in). I think he is walking to the front of the house due to the other person not being home (which would seem to be an unknown person or persons living upstairs - the “upstairs” only existing at my sister’s house and not ours in Australia - even though it feels a little more like our last address in this part of my dream). He stops just outside the front door of the porch, but is able to reach through the porch windows (in real life, we had jalousie windows around the porch and this would have been very difficult, and impossible with the large cardboard box he had).

      I am caught up in a role of mistaken identification but showing total patience (recurring). He hands me a large cardboard box which he received in the mail, saying that the diorama had been “revoked” for some reason as if I am supposed to easily solve his problem somehow. I have no idea what the issue is, but play along. I am not sure if I am supposed to give him his money back, replace it with a different one, or just take it and perhaps give it to someone else. I am also not sure of why it was “revoked”. Perhaps it is not an authentic model or something, or not an authentic portrayal, historically. Perhaps he even entered it in a contest and was blackballed from entering anymore contests. When he hands me the box, he moves his hand away from under one corner, and, not knowing a flap was missing at the bottom, I take the box and some of the contents fall all over the floor through the bottom - this being several miniature soldiers and some other items. Looking down into the box, I see that about fifty percent of the diorama is glued into place, including other toy soldiers still in position.

      I apologize to him and pick up all the small pieces and figures (of which there are at least ten or so) to put them back onto the platform of the model, which is a battle scene (a “skirmish”) with a few tanks and soldiers and other features. My mistaken role causes no concern or anger on my part. I look closely at the platform of the model and see what looks like a very small order form or record table with the word “Google” on it, as well as the word “revoked” appearing a few times in red. I am still not sure what the whole thing means even as I wake - and just as I wake, I feel a bit sad at not being able to resolve his issue (recurring) even though I was not the person he was looking for - and even knowing it was a dream.

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    13. A Special Formula

      by , 10-18-2013 at 07:07 AM
      Night of October 18, 2013. Friday.

      In my dream, an unknown dark-haired female of about thirty or younger is working as a secretary for a business man, apparently working on at least three pages from his (handwritten in blue ink) dream journal at an outdoor cafe in Brisbane (the separate pages of which are on a chair to her left) in copying them onto the computer after writing them out herself prior to that (not sure why she has to write them out by hand again - maybe his writing is a bit hard read, thus difficult to directly work from). The dreams appear to be shorter or concisely summarized, some made up of about three smaller paragraphs of only about four or five sentences.

      After a time (I think while working on the third dream journal page), she suddenly seems gripped by some sort of incredible power that completely takes over her body and she sinks back in the chair and writes perfectly and evenly on a mostly blank page while her eyes seem rolled up into her forehead (not due to an entity - but the universe itself). She writes a formula over the page, which takes up about four and a half lines of larger writing. I do not remember it, but it seemed fairly viable at first, though eventually ridiculously layered or complex. Part of it is relating to something like C5 times C6 plus C5 times C6, seen as ((C5 * C6) + (C5 * C6)), so there are also embedded sections using sets of double parentheses. Near the middle of the page, it appears some of the formula is logarithmic, somehow caused by writing over vague impressions of numbers which were already on the paper - possibly related to the business address in a series of pale sample letterheads or watermarks. It looks as if it is something like C base 5 multiplied by C base 6 multiplied by C base 7 and so on (a very odd concept I have never seen in this way), also with some sort of nth (!) factorial to show permutations (quite possibly relating to all the other dimensions or “hidden facets” of the universe or of time/eternity). However, it also seems like another section uses a similar or the same (business watermark?) pattern but in exponential progression (relative to the same watermark being used as a superscript rather than a subscript), for example C to the fifth times C to the sixth times C to the seventh, etc.

      However, I am not sure, for a time, if such as C5 (or C6 using the same line of reasoning) would mean variable C times 5 or instead, some sort of computer code formula with C5 representing a BASIC (string) variable of one value (which would not have to be a multiple of five). However, overall, over time, it looks like a plain algebraic construct - so it must mean a standard operation of C times 5, C times 6, etc.

      In my dream, the whole thing came out very clearly and slowly so that I was aware - exactly - of what it all was as she was writing it, but now I have mostly forgotten it, which is kind of annoying really, because I think some of the watermark-based nuances might have been a false “replay” of her actual prior writing. In my dream, she comes to with an unusual look of uncertainty on her face.
    14. A different “Planet of the Apes” and the Cyrus virus

      by , 10-09-2013 at 04:09 PM
      Morning of October 9, 2013. Wednesday.

      My last dream was rather annoying concerning overall content. It involves a fictional development of the “Planet of the Apes” franchise. There are differences in my dream relative to how the plot and theme of the real series developed.

      In my dream, all of the apes are very friendly toward humans and have supposed inferiority, as well as being far more realistically ape-like than in the movies, including how they sit and behave in general, but some of them seem to be able to walk a bit more upright. It is quite different in that the apes are mostly the only creatures that ever go into what were once human cities. There are no cats or dogs (as in the real-life series). Most people live in houses a fair distance from the older cities (but which still have supplies for the human population) and have the apes deliver everything to them.

      A main difference is that many products are now robotic, even bottles of shampoo, with the ability to communicate with some sort of software and electronics - to inform people of a particular time or status. For example, a bottle of shampoo may walk into the living room and inform the person (relating to a preset schedule) of the nearing time when their hair is due to be washed. An oven may report on a loose wire or other problem and then walk to the city for repairs by other robots. A toy may be badly broken (exposing a sharp edge, for example) and walk itself to an isolated area to be eventually recycled, leaving a small printout from (name of toy) saying “goodbye” when the child is sleeping.

      One location in my dream seems to be very loosely based on the rabbit shed in Florida (which later became the setup for a chicken farm). The larger area is otherwise much different, with the area beyond to the west being the outskirts of the city filled with apes, primarily chimpanzees and gorillas. The region is seriously filthy, with ape excrement all over the streets and sidewalks, and there is an animal-like smell everywhere, but it is not overwhelming, just unpleasant.

      Near the exit of the “rabbit shed” on a larger board across a foundation column (looking much like our shed in real life at one point), just before a larger view of the city is accessible, sit a couple of larger chimpanzees. One is a young female. I do not think the apes have the power of speech (as in the movies) but “speak” using the same technology as the robotic commercial products. The chimpanzee girl moves a bit closer to me, “saying” how she had learned to kiss like Miley Cyrus from another human (as well as associations with a video) saying the name of the human whose name I can not recall, the thought of which doubly disgusts me in my dream (not finding Miley Cyrus attractive - and only “suddenly” learning who she was in the past week or two with a few horrid photos - as well as wondering why a sane human being would be intimate with a chimpanzee in any way in the first place). I push away the female chimpanzee (and at one point, notice overdone ugly lipstick and partial tongue “bubbling” out getting an impression of an overflowing bowl of rice bubbles - but more maggot-like), but still pet it in a manner to keep it at a distance. The other chimpanzee, her much older father, seems blissfully ignorant of the weird behavior of his daughter and just sits and grins absentmindedly, scratching his armpit and brushing his forehead with the back of his other hand. Eventually the two hug each other as family members and I pat the “old man” chimpanzee, feeling quite sorry for it, moving my hand over his rather large, round, and mostly bald head. I decide not to go into the city because of the smell of apes and ape excrement everywhere and get a vague impression of popular mainstream human culture at the same time, a sort of unusual realization, which is even more off-putting than the ape presence.

      Later, some people (a couple looking like nurses) are pulling about a dozen or more very young chimpanzees in a large gated wooden wagon through a large building. There is a violent fight between two young males which seems “like the movie” in an “oh that’s right” association, but in reality, it is not like the movie at all. Young Caesar and Cornelius are fighting, but in the actual movies, they are played by the same actor (Roddy McDowell). This is supposedly the first time apes have been anything other than very docile.

      There is also a conspiracy going on. In a ridiculous outcome near the end of my dream, a nurse is electronically “talking” to various products, mainly three; a bottle of shampoo, a lipstick cylinder, and a can of shaving cream for women. Supposedly, there is some sort of “Cyrus virus” in the robotic software that causes the products to malfunction and walk about to endanger the householder and even cause damage to various parts of the house and infect other products, even causing certain foods to become poisonous or filled with rapidly-reproducing bacteria. The nurse puts the scanner over all three products to check - the scenario being quite absurd. She scans the shaving cream and the can says, “I am doing fine and how are you?” She scans this lipstick, which gives the same answer. She then scans the shampoo, which has a more “unusual” voice (relative to what is expected) as if it is trying to mimic that correct response, but sounding more human somehow.

      “This is the one”, says the robotics technician serving additionally as a nurse, “we need to recall all modules and reboot the system”. The shampoo bottle sprouts spines and leaks bubbling “venom” and starts wiggling after going “limp”. There is an electronic crackling sound from the plastic bottle, with someone saying “Hello? Hello? Testing one two three,” as if testing a microphone connection.

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    15. Russell Johnson and The Cane Toad War

      by , 10-06-2013 at 04:06 PM
      Morning of October 6, 2013. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,093-01. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 67.

      American actor Russell Johnson appears about halfway into my dream as in his role as Professor Roy Hinkley on the American sitcom “Gilligan’s Island.” However, his essence seems closer to home as a local teacher or professor. I am not surprised by his presence.

      My dream takes place mostly in the living room of the Cubitis house (where I have not lived since 1978). My wife Zsuzsanna is in the first part of my dream in my old bedroom in the semidarkness (though she has never been to America). In the living room is a gathering of about ten cane toads. One of them, facing towards the south and underneath a larger metallic table (one my family owned in real life), seems to be aggressive to one of the others. The “mean” toad’s coloring is different, with a darker head than body. Another cane toad is facing him. The one with the darker head is slightly bigger. A fluid is spraying upward in a light but steady narrow stream and arcing down upon the other cane toad. It is a vivid image which I watch for at least a minute or two. The other toad does not seem to retaliate in any way.

      Later, the professor is in the house, casually entering on his own via the front door, wanting to study the cane toads. I tell him about the seeming victimization of the toad. I go over to see that all that remains of it is a rectangular purse-like shell of tough skin with no head or legs, with top and bottom sections of the outer layer only. There is a vague association of a toad-skin coin purse, though also vaguely reminiscent of warped plastic-coated playing cards. There is also fluid coming out of the two pieces. Professor Hinkley studies them but I warn him about the toxic fluid, and he develops a minor burn on his hand from some fluid that leaks out. He seems very cheerful and shows interest in the events regarding the cane toads. He shows no sign of concern.

      Later, Professor Hinkley and I notice that the other toad is near the front door and is starting to spray upward at us. I have to float, hover, and rise in the air until I am near the ceiling and out of its range. Professor Hinkley walks to different areas of the room and does not attempt to float. The cane toad, with its “fountain of venom” mouth, cannot reach me, but I am still annoyed at having to hover in the air and maneuver near the ceiling, though without much of a focus on physicality regarding weight or gravity, though the feeling is otherwise very vivid and realistic. My dream eventually fades at this point.

      I revised this entry on Tuesday, 16 October 2018, using my new readability software. I have added “telepathic dream” due to it being the probable cause behind the event relating to Russell Johnson’s death from kidney failure on January 14, 2014. There were too many clues in my dream for it to be coincidental despite (or perhaps because of) the mundane correlations. I had not heard anything about him or his health, though he would likely have been at least subliminally aware of it. The other threads that seemed precognitive may be a result of extrasensory awareness.

      There may be a subliminal association of “Professor Hinkley” with “Hinkler Central,” the nearby shopping mall. Recently, Zsuzsanna waited two hours to get the last wildlife card to complete the collection for our children, though another member of the public that had just entered the building went up and got the card immediately as it was suddenly available. (They requested an additional one, but there were none.) We also saw a cane toad in our yard.

      My dream had precognitive threads. There is now a leak from the bathroom faucet. It is hard to fix because the cabinet is at a slight slope. When it is off, it is not flat, allowing water to flow past the new part (which I bought at Hinkler Central) and where it should be closed off. It might have worked if it had been flexible enough to cover the angle of the hole.

      Also in my dream, Zsuzsanna had a concern about a big bug high on the wall. Afterward, something similar happened, and it turned out to be a big cricket that had gotten into our house.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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