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    Competition Night 7

    by , 06-09-2023 at 02:21 AM (121 Views)

    Once again I jotted down some notes soon after I woke up, but didnít journal until about 9:00 this evening.


    ...Iím with someone, or some people. I do a reality check by pinching my nose and breathing. I can still breathe, but I seem to be busy or distracted at the moment and donít really focus on what Iím doing...

    Action and Andromeda

    ...With the crew of the Andromeda, or at least Tyr Anasazi. He makes some pun. I donít think itís all that funny, but I think I laugh politely. Then I make a pun:

    ďWhat do you get when you cross a Nietzschean and a Decapod? A perfect 10!Ē

    Tyr doesnít find it to be funny, but I thought it was rather clever myself.

    There is a scene in which someone is selling chocolate covered things. Strange things, I think. I drop a phone into the vat of chocolate, and then act as though Iím going to eat it. The joke here seems to be more about eating something without paying than eating a cell phone. I donít really do it, I donít think.

    There are some other scenes that Iím having trouble recalling at the moment. I seem to remember this dream being kind of enjoyable, or at least interesting. The following might have been part of it:

    We need Donald Trump for some reason. We want to convince him to help us. He seems to be off by himself, and may be reluctant to help us. I suggest that I be the one to talk to him, since Iím more of a conservative and I voted for him in 2016. I go to some construction, kind of like a large dam. There are stairs, and a skywalk, I think. Chains hanging down too, as though to work some machinery. Trump is out on the skywalk, and I rush up the stairs to try and get to him. However, I misjudge which floor he is on and end up on the wrong floor. Someone else gets to him though (Tyr?). I feel like there is something about someone being compared to a guardian angel, and perhaps Tyr is arguing with Trump that heís not a guardian angel.

    Hebrew and Cake

    I seem to be on a couch, talking with someone online, or watching something online, in Hebrew. I try to write comments in Hebrew, but I donít really understand what Iím saying. I copy and paste a phrase that I typed into a Hebrew-English translator online to see if I might have said something inappropriate...There is something about evangelism in the Middle East, or South Asia. There is a map showing where Christianity has spread. I seem to have a job doing something with the line on the map, expanding it northward. Maybe digitizing it on a computer. Then my mother makes a cake, and frosts it to look like the map.

    Some Things

    This might all have been one dream, so Iíll count it as one.

    My brother is sleeping. My family is going to do something, perhaps go somewhere. But he keeps on sleeping, and I start to doubt that we will be going anywhere. I ask my Mom about it, and then decide to go outside for a walk...

    ...I go into a restaurant. I have a backpack and a shovel (?) with me. I look for a place to set these down while I get food (or do something). I see a little nook in the wall to my right, and think maybe I will set them in there. But then it looks like that might be where people can order, and I donít want them to be in the way. I look around for a place to sit. The seating in the restaurant is set up like a classroom almost, with things in rows rather than individual tables with space around them. I have a hard time finding somewhere to sit where I wonít be right next to someone Ė itís kind of crowded. Then I hear someone call me, and see some people that I seem to know from somewhere. I go over to them and start talking.

    ...I want to get tickets to a fair. Something about buying them. They are put on a stick, and I put the stick in my shirt pocket...
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