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    Competition Night 6

    by , 06-08-2023 at 05:00 AM (112 Views)

    Jotted down some notes in the morning, but didn't write up my journal until the evening. Things might be a bit fuzzy and choppy in my recollection.

    The New World Order

    Someone wants to establish a new world order. They seem to be up front about this, but it looks dangerous to me. It appears to involve arrows being shot at us at one point, as well as road construction. But itís more than that Ė like some totalitarian regime. I try to keep them out of my room (while I sleep?) by blocking the door with things and trying to make sure the gap at the bottom of the door is covered up. Trying to carry around some long poles or something. There is a cat or two wandering around also. Some arguing about the cat? Maybe the cat is an antagonist? At one point, Iím lying in bed, and the antagonists have sprayed some kind of slime, some of which has landed on my bed and a lot of which has pooled up beside the bed. It might acidic, or radioactive, or something. But when I touch it, it just kind of feels like shampoo. I start to roll off the bed into the slime, which rather than being dangerous just seems kind of fun...At another point, Iím trying to go from a basement area up into another part of the house. There is some kind of fabric over the door, so that I can see on the other side but I donít know if the people on the other side can see me. Also, someone has placed large rocks on the door, as though to block my entrance. It seems like I was going up the steps, but now am trying to turn around and go up steps again to leave and the rocks are in my way. Something about people in a room off to the right...Another scene, in a room that looks like it might have clothing racks in it?


    (1) ...Someone is playing with the intestines of a dead person. Someone's aunt, perhaps? Then they start examining the body more like a cadaver for medical school. It seems a bit gross to me...

    (2) ...I go into a restroom. There is a plastic bag with what looks like gold in it on the wall of one of the stalls. On closer inspection, it turns out to be solid oxygen. I dissolve the oxygen, and there is something about it being in my blankets so that if I breathe in I get a breath of fresh air...

    (3) ...Something about Myst ages...

    (4)...There is a battle going on. This seems to be a planet with a lot of lava on it. Someone goes running down a sort of tunnel...
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