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    by , 06-24-2018 at 10:00 PM (200 Views)
    Went to bed around 830.
    1,340 words.
    0 L Dís.


    Round 1 of dreams. I woke up after an hour or two of sleep. No dreams yet.


    Round 2 of dreams.

    I originally remembered a little more, but did an RBFA, and forgot parts after that.

    I remember being in a library with a few other people. We were talking about how nap time was after lunch. I said that I was taking a class about napping... During that time! So I wouldn't be able to nap. But once the class ended I would be a master of napping. And be able to use that time to nap.

    I remember something R M was worried about. Not quite sure.

    I remember something about religion being the main problem. There were books and some kind of group to join about de-programming from religion.

    I remember being at the back of 24. There were some containers of liquid hanging from the door. I wondered if it was my spinach shake, or gasoline. When I went to smell it, it didn't smell like gasoline. I went to double check it with someone else.

    There were un-blended leaves in it. At first I was going to dump out the liquid and save the leaves for later. Then I decided to just make a whole new one since this one might be old.

    I remember driving around a place where I could loop around. There was something about an animal covering its ears by a tree. It didn't like the noise.

    I remember playing a Pokemon game. I felt like I was in the Team Rocket Base. I walked around. A square painting thing on the wall emanated some green lines from the corners, like it was lighting up.

    I went up to it. It said I got the "Ten Ups". As I continued playing, I thought what those might be. I figured they were a way to Max Revive the other 5 fainted Pokemon in the party. Five ups would be regular revive, to half H P.

    Then I woke up and recalled. My amount of recall surprised me. I let myself RBFA, re-playing it in my mind. By the time the morning came, I had lost a few things, but still re-remembered a good amount.


    Round 3 of dreams. I don't know what happened here. I think I must have woken up at this point but maybe I didn't. I don't even remember recalling anything.


    Round 4 of dreams.

    I remember being at my college house. I kept drinking a little alcohol to help reduce my anxiety. I was getting really nervous before social events. 'Why am I even drinking?' I thought. I decided to be 100% sober and just accept the nervousness.

    I remember being in a field with pugs. I had a little pug. There were some big pugs in the field, too. Someone had like 20 pugs, of all various sizes.

    I asked if my pug could join them. They were mostly black pugs. One little pug was climbing up the fence post like a spider.

    I remember a scene with construction. I was outside the door of a building we were working on. The bottom of a hammer was taped to the door. Two of them. It was just the oval of laminate wood that had ripped off. I tried to put them more in plain sight. Someone else there objected to me moving them. But I thought they should be moved. We argued a little.

    I remember being outside a pool type of place. R S was eating. He said not to photograph him while eating, because he was a model.

    Then there was a part with water and boats. It was a treasure hunt thing. We were all looking all over the place for the treasure. Time was almost up.

    I remember a plank led from something over to the boat. I started to have visions of something being near me, but when I looked, it wasn't there.

    I followed the vision and dove into the water anyway. My vision said there was a platform there with a black treasure chest. When I swam accross, there was a platform there, with a black treasure chest. However, it had already been there, and we had already opened it.

    The last time we opened it, it had another black treasure chest inside. When we opened that, there was nothing of interest. I kept opening the treasure chest anyway. There were more layers of a smaller treasure chest in each one.

    After I had opened 5 or 6, and they had gotten progressively smaller, I reached a treasure chest with a bunch of money. I was amazed at how many hundred dollar bills there were.

    Time had just been called. We all gathered around the coordinators. I showed them that I had won the 672 dollar prize. There was a money order included with places to fill out my name. As well as the hundred dollar bills. I considered giving 100 to each person around me but... Decided not to! They were kind of mad at me for winning it.

    I woke up from that part and recalled it. Then went to RBFA.


    Round 5 of Dreams.

    There was something about sponsoring someone in a program. I kept not having enough time to meet with them. There was a bunch of stuff I had to go do. I thought I could read the person the questions from the book and they could answer as they drove. I remember being in multiple locations, nana's, 24, and a few others.

    Then there was something with S. He had a place set up. It was like an obstacle course. Within it, there were some obstacles.

    At the end I remember seeing cereal boxes. It seemed like he wanted people to buy the cereal at the end. Some was chocolate, and some was peanut butter.

    I tried to reassure him that his business model was good. The cereal box said something about how gum should only be chewed for 4 minutes per piece. 'Wow, I never knew that!' I thought. 'Why?'

    As I thought about it, I realized it might be because the flavor goes down to a point where it doesn't taste good any more. 4 minutes seemed like a really short amount of time. I haven't chewed gum in years. It contains too many chemicals. Anyway, my view changed to seeing a waterfall kind of thing. I think it came from watching Just Around the River Bend.

    In another part, there was a kid helping me set up some weights. I was doing rack deadlifts. My weights were some where around 400 pounds. I thought I might be able to squeeze on another 2.5 pound plate on each side. But decided against it. I figured that much weight would be enough.

    I remember a part with a guy who could scale a wall. It was like the walls in my high school gym made of cinder blocks, then coated over with some kind of plastic stuff. There were places that indented a little around each cinderblock.

    "Is that how you scale it?" I asked. I think his answer was yes. I tried doing some myself. I might have climbed up and not known how to get down.

    Then I was near a table. Someone was playing with a squirt gun. I think L was eating something with tomatoes.

    T squirted a squirt gun up at us from where he was sitting. On a lower floor. I thought L would be mad, but she just laughed.

    So, I recalled those, then played through all the dreams in my mind, until I felt like writing them!

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