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    2,169 words - selected parts in bold

    by , 06-01-2018 at 10:35 PM (235 Views)
    I'm closing the computer around 7:30.


    I woke up from these dreams and found I had turned in my sleep. This made me think I had already woken up once but when I thought more about it, I realized it must be my first time waking up.

    There was a lot that was OTTOTT. Earliest in the dream, I remember fighting with my Uncle C. I think he was bullying me. I remember swimming in the pool, maybe with my sister. Something about teaching her to swim or practicing going back and forth, but I couldn't remember more. I also remember something with my Dad that's vague. And a part where a woman was serving a wealthy man lemonade all day and catering to him, because he was so wealthy. I think they were married and when he was home from work, she took care of him. The lemonade was in a pitcher.

    I remember being in my high school. There was a meeting* and an art class. The meeting had this menu of things. One was like a religious text**, and contained a part about a character saying something like, "What about me?" I don't quite remember. The meeting had a menu that said studying this religious text was important. It also said that in order to have a relationship, it was necesary to study the religious text, with the name of it in italics.

    I think in the earlier part, Uncle C had to travel somewhere. Anyway, in this part, I remember being in a class room. Something with A S sitting with a paper thing. Kinda vague. I remember that we all had to draw L R's face 10 times. I had been writing on lined paper, but switched to my little note book for drawing. I had 2 packs of colored pencils which I spread on the floor to my left. I was in a regular high school class desk. I had to lean to my left to adjust them. Some pencils were just tiny tips and I had to get them out of the aisle so no one would slip.

    I was ready to draw L R's face really well. Then some how it changed to a computer screen, and I was locked out of the menu that led me to the drawing class. So, I had to figure that out. There were a bunch of menu options pressuring me towards that religious text. One was like an arrow pointing right. Eventually it reached a point where I was with 2 women who were talking. One, the teacher (I think) mentioned adverbs and what words go with them.

    I asked what to do about washing or drying my shirt. Then I was near a dryer and I had some khaki pants but it would cost 7 dollars to run the dryer. I was being angry about this. I talked to my Dad. Apparently if I got change for the 7 dollars it would only cost a dollar or so to dry them so I did that. I went to get a snack from the vending machine, and there were little packs of cookies. I remember J B and M R and J P. So I eventually did that. There was also something about not leaving one's clothes wet in the machine because it will make it yucky.

    After that, I remember getting to a computer lab. It was late. The computers said 12:09 A M. I was not happy that this was cutting into my sleep. I think it was J P who was next to me, and he said every few weeks it was normal to have a weird sleep schedule. That didn't quite ring true. I remember on the computer seeing a page by C in my search options. In waking life we just ended our relationship so it was weird to see something by her. It was as if the search results were mocking her, which kind of helped. They had some words inserted in other words that made a sort of hidden message.

    I woke up from these with a lot of energy, thinking I couldn't possibly fall back sleep. Even though I don't really remember them that well. Okay, I'm glad I got up to write them. Maybe there was some kind of bug in the pool. Oh! In the class part, there was something that said I could have an out of body experience where I met my own personality from the outside. Back to bed.


    It took me forever to fall asleep, but I finally did. I did my waking life recall in my mind and then imagined some stuff while waiting, and even did some left hand writing time. Eventually, sleep came. Glad I didn't give up.

    I remember being in a class room. The desks were in columns and rows, like in high school. The teacher had his back turned to the class, so one of the students behind me thought it would be funny to push the desks all the way up to the front of the class. So he managed, from the back of the column of desks, to push us all up to the front, right up to the teacher's back. I forgot exactly what happened. I know the teacher had been explaining how his name was "Eduardo Doucher" and not "Edward Doucher" and not "Ed Norton" but if his last name was "Norton" it would be "Eduardo Norton".

    I became lucid somehow. I forgot what did it. I just remember standing there, lucid, and realizing there was no way I could stabilize the dream in time. Too bad I forgot what triggered the lucidity. It was only a few moments before I woke up. I remember hearing a drill sound, and trying to get it to turn off. There was some kind of loft thing. It occurred to me that since it was a dream, I could confront the driller, more easily than I could in waking life. But the dream ended.

    Well, I didn't really wake up! I found myself in my bed, in the phase. I could just tell it was the phase, and not the physical world, so I got up. There was vaccuuming or drilling this time again. First thing I had to do was remove my eye mask, which had transferred into the dream. It took some prying. Then, I could dimly see my desk. I almost thought I'd actually got up physically but I looked and my desk had nothing on top. This showed me it was a dream again because I remembered that in waking life my stuff is on my desk.

    On the wall behind the desk was an array of photos, 4 wide by 3 tall. But it was on the wall that goes into my sister's room, not the wall that goes to the side of the house. I read one photo and it said something about fasting, maybe, but I forgot the exact word. I was trying to keep it in mind though. I thought of repeating it out loud, but I'm not sure if I did.

    I tried to open a hole in the wall starting with my fist. My fist was able to press into the wall but only up to my wrist at most. It was fun but eventually I gave up on that, and walked around. Instead of just one room accross the hall, there was one accross, and one between. My sister was vaccuuming one bed. There were three beds, with soft, fleece kind of blankets.

    I thought it would be a good lucid thing to do to try to talk to my sister in the dream. It didn't work out though. I remember the dream ended or shifted and there was a really cute orange cat looking at me. Then the dream ended again, and I was in the phase. I thought it was physically waking up but not yet. I rolled out of body but felt a lot of resistance or gravity. It made it so I couldn't stand up or fly up out of my roof, but I could roll out of bed. Then, the gravity pinned me to the floor.

    This was pretty scary. I felt like it would be a time when I'd experience "bad entities". So I casted a white bubble around me. I had no vision, just all black, but imagined the bubble. I kept trying to crawl a little further, then stand. Every time I tried to stand, I got pulled to the ground again by this gravity-ish force.

    Then I lost the sense of a body but saw a white silhouette thing of white lines kneeling. I felt apprehension. Suddenly streams of words flew over the silhouette's head, from left to right. First it ducked them but then the stream of words got thicker and the silhouette had to fight them off. Then that part ended and I woke up physically, for sure this time.

    That last part was interesting. I was the silhouette and I think the stream of words was my troubling thoughts.

    I woke up and recalled what I could. Now, time to go back to bed!


    I couldn't sleep again. now sleepy. Will try to sleep now. Weird night.


    Finally got back to sleep. I might have got another hour or 2 at most. Now that I write this, it's around 8 A M. I had a pretty vivid dream.

    I remember being on some kind of cement walk way with railings that walked out over a body of water. I was at the end of it. But I forgot what I was doing. (Something with a sugar cereal?)

    I remember that I recorded some kind of dialogue with my family or my friend S S's family. It was on my phone. He seemed appalled that I had recorded it. So I turned it off before he could realize it. I hadn't recorded it for a bad reason.

    I remember seeing my Nana, maybe Nanny F, and other relatives. Uncle C was there, and he kept smoking a cigarette. I saw the smoke, and it was near by, but I couldn't smell it. This is my dream sign, but I didn't catch it. I got annoyed but figured it was vapor or something (which is also dangerous though).

    I remember these plat forms that were floating or on water. I remember Krillin from D B Z wanted to train because I was very strong. Something happened where I got up stairs and corned by Frieza and 2 big minion guys. I remember seeing Frieza's face in beast form where his head was really long. I tried to escape them and got cornered at the end of a corridor up stairs. Frieza began to charge an attack to shoot me and I saw the energy ball form.

    I must have become lucid because I remembered that one of my dream goals was to form an energy ball or an aura, to defend myself. I tried, but nothing happened! Like usual. But, to my surprise, my efforts nullified Frieza's energy ball. I saw it totally vanish. So that was pretty cool!

    I remember going back down stairs and there was a vision of a green lizard head guy I kept seeing. But he seemed to be staying put. However, there was a black lizard thing which was much bigger, that decided to come after me. I'm not sure if I maintained or lost lucidity, probably lost it. But I had the sense it was a video game. I had a Nintendo 64 controller and escaping the beast seemed just as easy as pressing the pause button. However I think it still continued to chase me. I don't remember how that ended. Maybe the Frieza part came after this, and that's how. I'm not sure.

    I don't know if there was something with G D or if that was in my head once I had woken up.

    That was all I remember even though these seemed eventful. I was so groggy from all the insomnia that it took a while to start recalling the dream. I think there was one more part I remembered at the end but its not in my head any more.


    I don't know if I will sleep again because its already after 8. I might nap today and that could be a chance to get lucid. Or, I will just get REM rebound tomorrow night, or both.


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    1. Durza's Avatar
      Nice work on the lucids! Wish i had FAs! Can you believe it, my LDAC stopped waking me up! I already made it soooo loud, I can't make it any louder! But I am now going to make it ring until I wake up, so if I don't wake up, it will just keep on ringing. The gravity things sounds a little scary. You could try to imagine earth stop spinning, and then at is slows down, gravity decreases until there is no gravity and earth is still. I think that would work for me.