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    by , 06-17-2018 at 05:54 PM (306 Views)
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    I went to bed pretty early and must have been asleep by 8 or 8:30 P M. There was no annoying noise.


    Round 1 of dreams. The first time I woke up, I thought I was already on round 3 or 4 of dreams. But I wasn't. I forgot a lot in the beginning. Some, I originally remembered, but after RBFA, didn't re-remember.

    I do remember reading from a book. Then these 2 guys were reading from it. "That's total hypnosis," they said, in a critical voice. They both had very white, straight teeth. They started pretending to be holding a magical staff. Apparently, they hypnotized themselves so well that magical staffs materialized in their hands. I think one was red orange with a bulb at the end. They did some other magic that I forgot.

    I forgot the other parts of round 1 of dreams. My brain is definitely cloudier lately, and my only guess is that I made a dietary change. Cooking my kale instead of having it raw, due to thyroid concern. I also ate more brown rice the last few days so maybe the carbs are clouding my mind. It might also be stresses or worries of my life situations. I hope my mind becomes clearer again soon.


    Round 2 of dreams. I remember hang gliding somewhere near some caves. I think we went in the caves, too. There were parts I initially remembered, but couldn't re-remember after RBFA.

    I remember a part where I was driving in a parking lot. I some how one wheel fell off to the side, and I was afraid I'd landed it in a ditch. But, I managed to turn the wheel and make it jump back out. That's very dream like but I didn't notice.

    Then I got to a black metal gate. Luckily it opened, so I could drive through it. There was a woman there, who I think had a child. I think she was asking for directions but I forgot the detail of that.

    Some more stuff happened that I forgot. But I remember we got to the parking lot of the local food store. I remember a big delivery truck was open in the back and delivering a bunch of those 10 gallon jugs of water. My dad was telling someone else that they should buy one directly from the truck driver.

    I remember going into the store and getting some things. I was looking for a gallon of water. I forgot what kind. I saw that some were labeled "distilled" and that sounded like a good idea, but it wasn't what I had set out to get. Also the prices were like $2.73. A lot for a gallon of water.

    When I was at the register buying everything, a woman told me I wouldn't have enough on my car. 'That's not fair!' I thought. But it turned out I had more than enough. I also had some cash in my wallet. Some fives or singles, and two twenties. One old twenty and one newer one. Since I had more than enough money, I gave the woman the newer twenty dollar bill. She was an older woman.

    I let those go to RBFA as well.


    Round 3 of dreams. My brain was still pretty foggy by the time I woke from these but I got better recall than the last round.

    I remember this part where I was filling out some charts. There was a teacher giving instructions, like, "one, up, one, down..." and I would write a number one, then an up arrow, a number one, then a down arrow... I also made a cloud and some other shapes in various boxes. When I zoomed out, it made a graph.

    That became a video game. It was a side scroller similar to Mega Man Z X. At first, I was playing on a low level.

    Next, I re-started the level. Still on a low level to begin with. Some how there was a glitch and a giant version of one of the regular enemies appeared... But there was another glitch that I had this "spinning top" move that made me take no damage while slowly whittling away at the big beast. Eventually, I defeated it, and gained like a million E X P. It was a big dark blue thing. I was on a slanted level.

    I watched myself level up, in amazement. It reminded me of the time I used the 500000 something multiplier for E X P in pokemon myster dungeon. I defeated one Shellos and stood there watching Bulbasaur level up all the way to 99.

    My Mega Man Z X character got above level 50. I watched these enhancements rapidly appear on his suit. He got some kind of motorcycle or other vehicle, and an awesome sword.

    I think there was something about going up to the clouds. And then arguing with a woman over whether I was allowed to use those powers... I forgot the basis of the argument. But it was something adversarial or antagonistic.



    Round 4? of dreams.

    I remember something about scrambling to find a bowl. I was in the kitchen. We had the clear bowls but then the first one on the stack was dad's white one. I didn't want to use it but I was in a hurry. I think when I looked away and looked back, the bowls had switched position, but I didn't become lucid from that.

    I remember being in the big food store near the bank that I go to... To get spinach and kale. I was near the bags of spinach and kale, checking the expiration dates. They seemed different than they would be in waking life, but I didn't get lucid just yet. One said May 34. 'They must have meant to write June 4,' I thought. There was a store clerk I think I remember. The other dates made me take a closer look but I didn't get lucid... Yet!

    I remmeber having a dream of flying over a beach. I gradually became lucid during it. I think it was supposed to be like a video game. I was shooting at these green crab-like things from the sky. Before fully realizing it was a dream, I blasted one right before it got to its crab hole. Once I became more lucid, I cast a red heart-shaped body of energy over the crab hole. This was to heal them and make friends instead of destroying them to make enemies. I remember waking up briefly after that and thinking it through. I might have even rolled over to the other side before falling back to sleep. RBFA.


    Round 5? of dreams.

    I remember seeing a woman dressed in a blue uniform. Not like a police officer but just a blue uniform. She was waiting for a ride in front of my house. I remember she sat on this big boulder that's not there in waking life. I felt bad, like maybe she would want a chair. Eventually, a man, also in a blue uniform, pulled up accross the road. He was in a red jeep. She got in and they drove away. I wondered if it was my business anyway, whether or not the woman got a chair to sit in.

    I might have had another brief awakening after that, or between others of these dreams. I remember waking up in a dream, as the phone was ringing. It was around the afternoon. 'Wow, I slept in!' I thought. My dad was at the door. "It's a call for you." The caller I D said "Nathaniel Branden". I thought it was my friend from Texas... I already had a phone in my room, so dad didn't have to bring that to my room. Anyway, I think I answered. I must have thought about dream recall somewhere along the line.

    I forgot some middle parts of these dreams.

    I remember my sister was sad. She had opened a giant cube of chicken bullion and some was sanded off the top. She was sad because someone had already made a thing of chicken broth, so she had opened it for no reason. "Why don't you just make another thing of chicken broth, and freeze it?" I suggested. I remember the pot of chicken broth was on the top shelf in a cabinet. I also remember drinking a cup and chewing on some carrots and other vegetables. It tasted good.

    In these next parts the context was that I was sleeping at my nana's. My mom and dad lived in nana's room. So did my sister and I. I had a mattress on the floor near her fire place. There were lots of other guests staying in the house. J R and C were living in the red room. I figured my Aunt C was in her room. I had dreams within this dream and referred to this context as "waking life" and the dreams within it as where I was getting lucid. That was how it shifted my mind.

    Anyway, I was laying on my mattress, thinking about my previous dreams, when my mom walked by. She plugged in some kind of loud hair iron and it made lots of noise. "What's that?" I asked. "Don't complain to your mother!" She said, or something else scolding like that. First of all, I can complain to whoever the F I want. Second of all, I wasn't complaining, just asking. But if I was complaining, ain't nothin' wrong with it!!! Anyway, that part ended.

    Between scenes of these dreams I remember returning to my dream bed. Within the dream layer 1 thing, I was laying on my right side, just like my physical body was. Except, I had severe sleep paralysis. I started to hear sounds that sounded like my sister being tortured... And wanted to help. I figured it was an attack by misunderstood entities, not physical, so i wanted to astral project out and defend her. However, I was frozen. I was "physically" frozen as well as my astral body being totally stuck. I tried to relax, and felt more misunderstood, but seemingly ominous feelings. Eventually I relaxed enough that I fell asleep in layer 1.

    I had a false awakening in layer 2. My sister was showing me a card she had designed. It had a character drawn and colored in red and gold. At the bottom of the card were some box letters that I can't quite put into words. But they caught my attention. "I wrote those letters because when you look at them that way, you will be cursed with nightmares," she said. I didn't know layer 2 was a dream yet... 'Why would she do that to me?!' I thought.

    I popped back into the dream of sleep paralysis in layer 1. 'Oh! That was a dream, too.' I thought. The misunderstood sounds and ominous feelings returned. I also got the feeling that I was gonna be stuck in this dream for some misunderstood reason, which led to feeling fear. I tried to relax, after realizing my layer 1's "astral body" was still stuck... And decided to just re-play my dreams in my mind.

    Eventually, I "fell asleep" in layer 1, and had another "false awakening" in layer 2. Because I had been thinking about my previous dreams, a laptop materialized in front of me which had the outline of my dream journal entry all typed up. I didn't stop to think that I hadn't really typed anything yet.

    Then this white-grey, misunderstood entity type of guy appeared to my left. He said he was here to "get me" or something like that. I felt him get me in like a bear hug and start taking me somewhere. 'Ahh! He's taking me to be tortured!' I thought. I tried to resist.

    I felt really scared. Whatever this entity was, I was really misunderstanding him. My fear drove me to attempt to call on a religious name instead of attempt to dialogue with the entity. So, I called the religious name I could think of, which I associated some some ability to rescue me. Sure enough, I was delivered to a church type of place. I regretted calling on the religious name, since I knew for me it was a fear-based decision, and I missed an opportunity to get to know whatever "shadow" part of myself was arising.

    There were some religious people up in the front. There were some quotes on the wall which I forgot. Friendly snakes and mice were going around. There didn't seem to be any negative connotation with the snakes. I did see one chase down a mouse who was running down its hole, and suck up the mouse, to eat it. It was just nature, though.

    I went up near the throne thing and there were 3 people there. I knew I needed the bathroom. So I asked one guy who seemed to be in charge, if he could come with me back to "layer 1" (which I thought was physical world) so I could use the bath room, then take me back to the dream.

    I boil had developed on the underside of my left big toe. It was a big bubble of skin and it hurt to walk on. The guy up front said, "That's your Inner Child." It made sense to me. I thought it was more of the psychic spell that I had been put under, and would be on my body back in layer 1 as well, which I thought was layer 0. Anyway, I headed back towards the bathroom...

    As soon as I left the church place, the Misunderstood returned. I was kind of glad because I'd get another chance to try to understand and accept them. I felt the Misunderstood start to try to physically restrain me, and thought of a way to show the Misunderstood some acceptance. It worked. I woke up after we interacted a little bit. It was a friendly interaction once I chose to try accepting it. It was kind of personal so I will leave that part out of the public dream journal entry, but suffice to say, it was very constructive. I realized the number one thing I want to do if I get lucid is to ask for help "talking, trusting, feeling and remembering." I think "talking, trusting and feeling" is the ultimate experience for me, so that will be my ultimate dream goal for now on.

    I was able to stay still for a while after waking up and recall the dream in good detail. After that, I couldn't sleep any more. It was 7:45 A M by the time I got up, which is great. It means I slept a lot. And sleeping a lot is good!!!

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