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    Some more dreams! What else would this be about?! :)

    by , 03-06-2018 at 01:04 PM (150 Views)
    Round 1 of Dreams (Mixed Fragments).

    There was this part where I was going to join a group of people. They were excluding me and I was fighting them. T H and K S, not getting along, sending an e mail.

    Some dream detail about being in the sky. Swimming into the sky and spinning?

    There was a part where I was working for G A and I had to call someone. I called the actor who plays J L on a show and talked to them. Something about my Dad's new phone or new job.

    Guitar thing. I was trying to buy this guitar. It was a different kind of guitar, with this pickup kind of thing on the bottom of the fret board. Like this small black rectangle with extra frets. Something about someone from one of the Asian countries.

    License part. I was trying to buy something from this guy, but he said my license was no good. It had some red mark on it it doesn't usually have. It made me ineligible to buy certain things. I was at the checkout register. I was supposed to get together this packet of songs I wanted to learn. It was like they went beyond standard license checks. The guy at the register was an older guy.

    Guy putting plastic on his floor. Someone in my fraternity house was lining his floor with plastic in case anyone made a mess in there by partying. They had just added a new wooden floor. They were afraid people would get in because their door knob was missing. It was like a plastic drop cloth thing but ripped at the edges.

    Dangerous Dog.

    I was at the back door of my Nana's kitchen. There had been this dog in the back yard who was trying to get in. We had all run inside because it was a dangerous dog. Some of my friends from college were there. I opened the door so the dog could climb into this cage thing, but when the dog got part way in, it was blocked by a barricade of other items I had put there. However, there were some clear gaps in the barricade. The dog thing was talking to me. I heard my friend D F say something about someone giving him money so he could pay a debt.

    We all drove somewhere with the dog. It was a white and grey dog. It looked sad in the cage. On the way there, we were all talking in the car. My friend in the drivers seat was about to smoke a cigar and I was freaking out. I hurried up out of the car.

    I asked my friend A R to carry the other side of the dog cage and run with me to somewhere we could drop it off. I told him it will only take 30 minutes. We were going to some kind of concert or music event, so we didn't want to lose much time. However, I didn't really think we would take only 30 minutes.

    When we got there, I expected that some drunk college kids would play with the dog from outside the cage and get bit. I imagined a really drunk girl doing this and thought maybe we shouldn't leave it there.

    We had given the dog a bone in chicken breast and when I looked again, it had totally cleaned it down to the bones.


    I saw E L and C N. E L was wearing a big hoodie with the name of the college we went to on it. Someone there said something about how they were violated emotionally. I was like, "dang, yo," in kind of a rapper's voice. Then I wondered why I impersonated that culture.


    There was something with a girl I knew from a meeting in my room. It was like she was jealous I was making more time for other people.

    I think I moved too much before I began recalling these dreams. I needed to go to the bath room but I re arranged my bed and maybe I could have waited to rearrange my bed until after recalling dreams.


    Earlier in the dream there was some kind of long highway drive or plane ride. I couldn't remember as much about this.

    Some fragments.

    There was some kind of Beast Wars Scene with Rhinox. He looked "like a boss". There was another Maximal guy to his right, I forgot who.


    I was at this restaurant with these wealthy people. Writing something. Then I saw all of these wealthy people sitting around a table. They had some kind of mini anchor pendant things they were collecting. First the dream screen focused on one woman at the head of the table. Then it focused on a woman to her left, who had a big stack of mini boxes all around her. Each box was about the size of a soap bar. I wondered how I had lived my whole life not knowing about this belief system of theirs. I would have remembered this better if I had recorded it sooner, I think.


    There was something with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Then Tigger was flying through the hundred acre wood. Then his body morphed into some kind of support beam like you would see holding up the overhang by someone's front door. It was orange with black stripes like Tigger.


    I fell back asleep while thinking through those last dreams. Then I was dreaming of being in this store buying flowers. I was buying two boquet things of flowers. They were both marked to be 3 to 4 dollars. The lady at the register was weighing the flowers on some scale where I could see the bright green digital digits going all wild, but I didn't notice it was a dream. The scale said something like two point one pounds of flowers. The lady was ringing me up for 29 to 30 dollars though. A guy came up to my right and he was being pushy. He was saying some words. I was saying something like hold the clippings. I forgot why I was getting the flowers.


    I recovered the previous dreams by luck but I really would be better off recording them sooner. Sometimes I think I will remember next time I wake up and that tends not to be true.

    More Dream Fragments.

    I had a dream that was kind of cool. But all I remembered was being Link and spawning in this square portal. There was a walkway for me to go up. It was brown and like in video games, there was a black void all around it. To my right were two pots, one with gold, another with I think silver in it. This blue monster thing spawed a bit up the brown walk way, to the left side of it. I was still near the portal on this square platform. I walked near one of the pots. I threw the pot at the monster from long range and knocked it off the level. I was surprised though because it seemed to happen automatically. I forgot the rest of this. I was seeing it from the outside like in a video game.


    I was in the food store parking lot. I had those fabric grocery store bags. In them were some dirty tupperwares. I was wondering how I would grocery shop with those in there, as if I would be putting the groceries in the tupperwares. I thought I might wash them in the grocery store bathroom.


    I was in my bed room but in a dream. The sheets were all torn off the bed and the lights were on. I was wondering how this happened. Now that I think about it, there was a lot more in the dream that was different from waking life. When I looked again, my comforter had these brown or green circles of some kind of gunk on it. I thought it was from drool. I smelled it and it didn't have much of a smell. Then I went in the bathroom and the floor was white. The floor was all covered in a layer of puddled water. I wondered why. I thought it was waking life. I think i woke up still wondering how I would fix the water leak or something like that. How I could do dream state checks next time I see that in waking life, not realizing it had already been a dream! L O L.


    There was a part where I was looking in the fridge. Trying to remember a phrase from a previous dream, unaware it was still a dream.


    Something at my current house with mom and sister.


    There was another part where I was looking at this computer screen. There was this dial or adjustable bar that scrolled up and down, like a volume bar. But it changed the tint of the screen just from blue to purple or purple to blue. It seemed bright. I think it was part of an audio editing program.


    I had a false awakening to where I was trying to dream journal. I dreamed I had fallen asleep in my bed, laying on my back. My tan cushions were even on the bed, but when I woke up, I wondered how I had fallen asleep on my back. I was trying to record my dream. I had the same headset, even modified with the pop filter like my microphone I use for recording dreams in waking life. There was some rap music playing loudly and I wondered how I would recall my dreams. I would have to walk far to get anywhere quiet. And even if I recorded them, the music would get into my recording file. I remember hearing what I thought was a famous actor's voice saying he thought it was Dostoyevsky, kind of rubbing his chin pensively.

    There were some people talking. There were these blue alien things. They had heads like a hammer head shark but these funny pokey mouths. I have to draw this. Then there was something that looked like a person kicking from within their stomach. They were saying the most powerful human on the planet was Arnold Schwarzenegger. There was some kind of high pitched voice saying that I think. This part may have been before the dream when I was Link, back in the beginning.


    My dreams tonight seemed thinner and my recall seemed lower, too. Seems like a bit of a dry spell for some reason. Every time I have a dry spell of dreams, I am wraught with worry all the next day, that I will have another dry spell the coming night. So I rack my brain to try to think of anything I could do to ensure I remember lots of dreams. I need to stop worrying and stop fighting it and just surrender. At least thats what I think. Sometimes my dreams and recall flow but other times they ebb and the worrying or trying too hard to figure out what I did wrong the next day might be counter productive.

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