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    by , 11-01-2018 at 12:48 PM (298 Views)
    Non-dream stuff - Woke up at about 8:20 or so with one of my alarms, but went back to sleep. Woke up again nearer 11:00. Was having a semi-vivid non-lucid dream, some details lost now because I had to get up to do other stuff.

    I remember my computer screen. I was sitting down to do something and then some weird pop-ups and music started. I couldn't find out what was causing the music to play so I started looking at the list of processes, finding a few things that looked out of place. I was a bit startled to find this was some sort of malware playing the music, and causing these pop-ups, which for once were mostly innocent (and somewhat detailed) drawings of several themes.

    Even so I was feeling under threat or stressed and I looked at the file location for the suspicious processes, continuously closing these pop-ups as they appeared. The music was sort of calm, nothing intense, but it didn't feel any less unnerving in the dream. I found the files for the music-playing program and there was a file without an extension called "about"; I opened it up with NPP, which as expected revealed a few lines of text, including the motivation of the person that made this malware thing. Apparently it was from a Swiss games company, which I thought was very odd. I remember an e-mail address and some other details.

    I remember thinking it was my own fault for not having an anti-virus installed and I was showing the malware to my partner (H) I think. But then I noticed a little tray icon for Avast or something like that and I said to H "see, it doesn't detect it...", referencing the lack of any alerts.

    In the end I think I was going to delete the files of the malware programs, as they didn't look like they'd been protected in any way, but I can't remember what I actually did do.

    Then some transition. Remember being in a town or city. In the US maybe? I was walking along with H and I think it was dusk or day time, but we went into this fancy modern/futuristic-looking building that was like a big surface tunnel; inside it looked kind of like a mall and was a bit busy, and I remember H interacting with someone. A guy that was working at a restaurant dropped something while clearing trays and H helped.

    Not sure what happened next. Transition?

    Outside, slightly sloped area, evening/sunset. Some houses. Thinking about the malware again? Faint memory of the music again.

    There was more, but I seem to have lost recall for the next bits.

    Some notes:
    • The particular vividness of this dream did not seem to make me any more aware or questioning of its nature than usual.
    • The music playing may mean that in waking life there was some other sound. This may have been my alarm or later one of H's alarms. Either way, music playing in dreams often relates to their vividness for me, though they are not always implicit to each other.
    • The drawings were of things like classic representations of landscapes but also of "furry" themes and still life.

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    ++ Ask for advice: 1.0 (asking H for help with the malware)

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    1. KarlaB18's Avatar
      This brings me back to a dream I had ages ago. I had Skype open, hoping to talk to an American voice actor, but he was twisted in this dream and he started playing this music that would put me into a permanent sleep to have nightmares. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop the music, even by closing Skype. I even heard the music when I retreated into my backyard.
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