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    Oneironautic Escapades

    Revolution and Aurora's Concert

    by , 12-06-2020 at 05:02 AM (243 Views)

    Some large slave revolt where we all kill our masters/bourgeoisie.
    There is a large sword battle at some plantation just after arriving with a large group of tradesmen. It is spanning the outside and indoor docking area. At a certain point I am struggling against an older bald man while holding the bendy blade of a long thin rapier which bends like a fencing sword. Everyone was dressed like revolutionary times though it feels kind of piratey.
    There is a family left after everything dies down who are kind of deranged, the father looks like Andy Garcia.
    They are making jokes at the end about having an affinity for toes and fingers. The father is almost yelling at the family, but still going along with it in a joking manner.
    There is the main master dead or dying pinned to the wall, they exact their revenge in grotesque fashion.
    Talking to the daughter about how she likes her french toast afterwards. She mentions wanting to be charged for peanut butter on it but she wants to cook it for herself when the time comes and to let her know.
    It feels like I'm at a waffle house now.

    I have walked into a neighbor's house down the street for help handling a bunch of things. Including a giant raw turkey on a cutting board. They are mourning the loss of the head of the household who is Dimebag Darrel. The wife is very friendly and she helps me get all of my possessions under control. I leave the turkey outside for a duration of time and when I come back it is missing and someone is complaining that it was just sitting out in the open so they got rid of it. But someone else had donated an even larger turkey so that was very kind. I befriend the daughter in the process who ends up being Aurora. She asks Ben and I to help her perform in front of their church later on. While preparing for the event we realize we don't have any music or lyrics to prepare with. At a certain point I become lucid and tell everyone around me. 'Its ok! I am lucid dreaming right now! It will be fine, we don't need to prepare, I am lucid dreaming it will work out fine when the time comes!' I continue the dream plot to the concert and gather we are doing a sort of 'battle of the bands' style competition. The other duo are doing Christian mumble rap and we are doing a techno-country style. At some point we are dressed up in costumes and have glam makeup on. I have on thick winged eyeliner and a black bob wig. I don't think we ever performed with Aurora but she hung out with us afterwards. She was relieved we did well and she asked me to give her a massage. She sat in a low to the ground gaming L chair. I reached over the shoulders and massaged her shoulders/back for a while. She really enjoyed it but then got self conscious about enjoying it so much. I gather that Ben has left me with all of these people who are kind of like Aurora's posse. No one drives and I am across town not close to my house. I see a Meijer in the distance but it is not the one closest to my house. I decide to start walking back. There are groups of trannies all hanging around outside a dimly lit bowling alley. I gather people think I am a girl.
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