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    Old Rapist, Yuck!, Rhinoplasty, Rollerblading

    by , 11-23-2010 at 11:15 PM (729 Views)
    regular/lucid? dreams: 11-23-10

    I skipped school today since I didn't have much going on and I needed to work on finishing my college applications so I slept late and had tons of dreams. For my Psychology class, we are supposed to start keeping a dream journal, which of course is really easy for me, but the problem is that most of my dreams are much too disturbing and I don't think I want my teacher reading them.. so I post them on here instead.

    Old Rapist
    I was at the house of an old man, along with some other people, and I think some of my friends where there. I don't remember much, but what I do remember is that people would wait in a line to be raped or something crazy like that, and there was blood everywhere, the house was dirty, people were puking, it was gross. After that I went to my next-door neighbor's house and me and my friends were sitting at the counter. My friend started puking, and I tried to puke too because I felt like I had to because of all the gross things I went through but nothing really came out.

    Me and my friend Sydney went to a public indoor pool to go swimming. I looked down and already had on my swimsuit, with was mismatched because I brought the wrong top.. or bottom.. or both. I had one of those cami tops on that cover your stomach and I had striped bikini bottoms on that had the Marble Blast Gold logo on them, which I thought was pretty cool(I'm a dork like that). But before I went swimming I really had to go to the bathroom, so I went into a room but it had no toilet so I went through a door in that room that led to another room, and in that room was my teacher(not going to say which one) and some other guys. The only toiled was in the middle of the room. They said they would turn their backs while I went so I sat down but then my teacher started walking towards me in nothing but her underwear and fat hanging out everywhere. I knew that this wasn't actually happening because I wasn't even supposed to go to school this day so part of me knew I was dreaming. But anyway, I sat on the toilet for awhile while she watched me.. it was so gross.

    For some reason, I got a nose job because I didn't like my old nose, it was too big or something. I remember taking of the bandages and looking at it in the mirror, liking it even though it didn't look that different. I kept touching it but my mom or friend or whoever was like "you're not supposed to touch it for atleast 3 days!" but it didn't hurt or anything. I realized that I didn't even remember going in the hospital to get the surgery, getting the anesthesia, or even waking up for that matter. But here I was with a brand new nose.

    I went rollerblading down the hill by my house. I was gaining speed quickly and got scared and slowed down but it was too late. I slipped and hit the ground face first, but the ground was rubbery and it didn't hurt at all.

    Did I use two different shades of purple for this? They look the same to me..

    I swear, my dreams are getting more and more disturbing.

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