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    10/17 Man of Shred

    by , 10-17-2011 at 03:38 PM (465 Views)
    I was lurking around on DV and read the thread that Man of Shred posted.
    he uploaded his very professional video. I dont know what the video was about, but it was something about lucid dream, obviously. I think his career was some kind of filming.
    the video was in flash format; it even had special menu in it.
    Man of Shred's first name was Rob. he had long brown hair and he was kinda big guy. he was wearing black shirt.. now that I think of it he resembled my character Travis's old aspect the most. was he Travis...?
    anyway I got sucked into his video and I was with Rob. he himself did all the stunt for the film.
    I met 3 people who were at my age. Rob gave them iphones, asking "you wanna get access to iphone?"
    and then they connected iphones on themselves with something, pinching in the air with fingers.
    then I realized that this was part of an act. I started to act too. it was fun. at the end we had to lie down on the floor. suddenly I heard Evanescence's Never Go Back song...I sang, and the other kid sang too and it was really funny. woke up.

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