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    10/24 getting a gun shot..

    by , 10-24-2011 at 03:42 PM (422 Views)
    dream 1 - fragment? :I lie on sofa and this small, cute little brown dog comes up and lies beside me. I strike his belly gently.

    I'm in a big building. (I dont know where this was, I couldnt recognize it.) I see huge narrow windows and slightly sloppy stair-less way ...I run down that way and met 2-3 men. I dont remember their face exactly. they suddenly put guns out, pointing each other. (I think they all pointed me) I have a pistol too, but I am so scared that I cant even point well. I even tremble. at this point, I think 'people actually cant pull a trigger; they just point gun...they just want to scare others.' so I think that they r gonna shoot...but it feels like they r gonna shoot. T^T so, trying to be confident, I think of killing all of them, acting very swiftly. I pulled the trigger at the man who's standing on left side of me, hearing loud 'BLAM!', and I tried to shoot the man in the right side, but that man shoots me earlier. I get shot in the head. completely black out. I feel my head collapsing on the floor. I dont feel pain, but I can feel that my brain is seriously injured...
    at this point I kinda feel like I want to 'reborn' by pressing Y on the controller like starting again in a game. so I press it, and I feel using the game controller. my point of view is in 3rd person, and the game character is that little brown dog. the background is still the same where the shooting place has taken. I dont remember well here; the dog has to turn on something and get weapon and then kill those 'men'. but the dog got killed, game fails. reborn again, fails, reborn, fails... it is so hard to win this game. I think I got into the game and I was 'me'... I remember confronting sudden huge spider-monster...

    dream 2 - I am Vincent Law in Centzon ship. felt episode 16...
    I am SO Vincent, I dont know I was 'me'. but I am him. Re-l is lying on the bed writing something on her notebook. I think of confessing how I love her, like that in ep 12, haha but the recall is foggy... I think I grab her shoulder and turn her facing front of me, and confessed... she is sorta puzzled, but she does not tsun-tsun LOL. anyway I'm waiting for her answer...I think talk thru text messaging...

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