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    11/4 mild!

    by , 11-04-2011 at 03:40 PM (477 Views)
    Dream 1 – I am driving a car. I am a bit scared that I’m gonna have accidents. Few cars crash. I run away from cops and do the road rage. At this point my vision shifts to 3rd point, feeling like playing a video game. I pick green racing car on the road and drive it very fast.

    Dream 2 – I don’t know how I got lucid but when the dream started I instantly knew it was a dream.(I think I did some mantra )
    I am hanging on the outside of veranda of an apartment. Nearby I see a lake and mountain so I decide to fly there. The sky was blue, some baby clouds, perfect green grass field, sweet soft wind, clear river… I was so happy. I use transformation jutsu to turn into Miho. Worked! (transformation jutsu rally works well )I could feel her pointy fox ears. But my voice is still mine so I use voice transformation(?) jutsu. I was surprised that I had totally different voice. I slide on water surface, flying. Suddenly the yellow hay house reminds me of my ‘goal’ so I go up to the hill on the right side of me. There is some kinda of Korean restaurant. At this point the dream becomes unstable and shifts into non-LD.

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