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    Floatinghead's dream adventures

    1. Dream artifacts

      by , 01-12-2021 at 04:25 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      1) Hopefully no one in the dream group was at the swimming pool this time...

      At the swimming pool, well, either getting ready to get in or I just had gotten out. I'm hanging around one of the changing rooms waiting for someone to come out, it reminds me of the swimming pool we had in junior school. I'm standing there and realize I am totally in the nude - (seems like I forgot to put my swimming costume on) so I do the thing kids do at school and tuck my bits in between my legs, and stand there for about 2 seconds before realizing I'm a 38 year old dude and not a kid! ha ha, so I quickly get a towel (which happens to be on top of a table I'm standing next to) and wrap it around my waist. As I stand there waiting I figure I could play a prank and jump out at the person, so I crawl underneath the table and wait. I'm in a kind of awkward position and feel my bowl groan, and all of a sudden I ... well I do a poo on the floor. I'm horrified, everyone in the room is looking at me in disgust, I apologize over and over, telling them I will clean it up and run out looking for something to clean the mess up with.

      2) I drift into the dream, lucid, I fly over a city looking and start calling out for '7', I can't find her, this is becoming frustrating, I feel the dream close so I just try to keep it open for as long as possible. **time missing** I'm sitting with a bunch of friends, dreamers, we're discussing an artifact that one of them has. It has the power to grant wishes - you kind of put it next to your bed when you sleep. It's the Tasmanian Devil (from the WB cartoon) holding a yellow submarine. It's very funny and interesting. We are discussing that we now have 2 artifacts, one deals with space (Taz) and the other deals with time - I can't quite recall exactly what it is, but one of the dreamers have it, and I 'think' it may have been related to the dark fog that @stranger' told me about in a dream the night before (dark fog = time? or maybe it was dark fog = space and taz=time?) I start to wake, and shake it off, I'm gonna make the most of this time. I look at the taz again, but now it's a small bird of prey - like a kestrel. I go to pet it and it attacks me. I think in the dream this artifact turns into a bird, and the guy with the bird/Taz tells me it's the reason why he has it, because nobody else will look after it! He's been looking after it for years apparently. The bird lunges at me again, starts scratching and clawing at me, I wake up now.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Dreamshare attempt at the hotel

      by , 01-08-2021 at 02:35 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 7-01-21

      Presleep and meditation

      Focusing on the dream group, I get a flash form @stranger - the number 61... but, no, that can't be right, this is my house number lol. Then something else, deeper, about how he designed his room, something about masks... I focus on going to the hotel, to finding @stranger @hilary and @becky ...


      Early dream, waking at around 1:20 - feeling something, I tried to tell myself something that I did in the dream... something important, I think I met with others but I can't recall when waking - what was it? maybe a dream share? urgh... I KNOW I did something

      1) (early morning) I'm in a school, feeling kinda ill, something is in my ears... I take out an ear plug and four more come pouring gout of my ears one after another. I'm still feeling ill though - and I have a test! But it's in a few days so I can revise at the last minute? I'm walking along the school grounds, feeling sick - urgh... I think I have a bit of sick on myself? how did that happen? And people are filing into the hall to take the test - it's today!?! shit! I try to call @becky - I think somehow she can help but I wake before I hear her answer

      2) Moving into a new house, a big open plan house with a first floor that overlooks the ground floor, all modern looking wooden floors and surfaces. There is also another floor above, I guess we should be unpacking or something but for some reason I feel this is the perfect time to play hide and seek with the kids!

      3) I'm in a restaurant with my wife, eating at a table with her. It's a lovely large conservatory. I become lucid... I start to think about my dream goal - what was it? ah yes, go to the hotel, I walk out and then look behind me : I AM in a hotel! nice. I head back inside and see (what I think are) lots of hotel staff dressed in the hotel colors uniform. I stop a couple, I want to try to find which rooms @becky @hilary and @stranger are staying at, so the maid stops and they both look at me in an odd way - they are just regular people. Urgh, stupid dream being difficult. I head to what looks like an office, I see a lady sitting down at a desk 'you' I point toward her 'Please can you tell me what rooms @stranger @hilary and @becky are staying at?' 'one moment' the lady tells me, she's clearly in the middle of something and is busy typing away... I wait.... I wait... what's taking so long? 'How long is this gonna take?' I ask her, she seems quite stressed now, and and beefy guy comes into the room, I suspect he must be security. damn, this is silly, and I've wasted too much time... the dream fades.

      ... I'm not quitting yet, I wait patiently to re-enter the dream...

      I'm standing around getting some ice cream for my wife across the road to the restaurant. I realise I need to get back to the hotel and rush accross the road and head back, man this is taking forever... (my dream control is so crap still lol) I walk some more , and things get a little washy so I focus on my feet crunching into the gravel as I finally get into the hotel. I walk through the restaurant part and drop off the ice cream for my wife (which I seemed to still be carrying) and as I walk off she shouts where I was going.. nope.. not getting pulled into this.. I go int othe main part of the hotel where the rooms were located. Now things changed, both the style of the hotel and the colors - they became more murky, like I was squinting. Rooms left and right down this narrow long hallway - which are the right rooms? I see '61' ... no, I keep looking - I don't know the numbers of the hotel rooms - what am I looking for? so I start to FEEL my way around, sensing which direction to take. I'm looking for @stranger @hilary and @becky - I get drawn to a particular room. I open the door and again... the interior is totally different to the hallway or to the main hotel, I can see that someone designed this, this is how they wanted their hotel room to look like. It's still kind of blurry, I can mostly make out a large central window, it's kind of arched and low but - angular rather than curved, low pretty much level with the floor - does this ring any bells to anyone??

      Then I wake, I can't hold the connection anymore

      4) I'm staying in an apartment, feels like it is connected to the earlier hide and seek dream. I need to go and pack my stuff, my wife has already gone so I need to clean up (I said I would) I feel like I have loads of time but I see the time and actually we need to go - now! I hurry up collecting all of my clothes and such that are spread on the floor, I come out of the bedroom and see the kitchen area (again, the apartment is modern looking and very large, the kitchen area is in the middle, feels very open.) I see piles of washing up , dirty dishes and over flowing dirty water. Damn, I can't leave it in this mess, I start to wash up quickly. Then the dream changes a little, I hear a constant cry, a baby or child? they won't stop crying, I think I am waking up, that it is coming from the 'real' world, but then I realize it's inside the dream, a little girl makes herself known, she's very small and very cute, must be about 2-3 years only. (feels like she was in a previous dream) She is not crying anymore, she just wants to play. Then I go with her into the main room, it feels like evening now - I see her dad (reminds me of @stranger) he is working on something for her - a kind of experiment, he takes an old cassette Walkman and somehow makes an interaction to the computer and then something is made - a device of some kind - maybe it makes the little girl into a toy sized version of herself? I can't quite recall, the experiment is quite funny and radical though
    3. presleep telepathy experiment 2

      by , 01-05-2021 at 02:24 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 04-01-21


      I'm sitting in my hotel room, focusing on the room and contents of it, I'm with 7 here, we hold hands trying to focus on the room. I'm also trying to transmit this to @stranger using different ideas. After a while I decide to try and find @stranger's room again. I walk into the hall. Oh, nearly forgot - I add the number on the door and some other 'decorations' so that @stranger can find the room. I then follow 7 outside into the hal, she leads me all the way to the bottom of the hallway and I try to deepen my trance/presleep by walking down some steps before arriving at the room. I try a few different things to 'see' @stranger's room. In the end 7 puts her hands over my eyes and then pulls them off. I still can't quite see what is here. I feel around with my feet first of all, I feel a lush comfy carpet underneath my feet, and a metal safe is nearby, I don't know what could be in the safe. I wonder if I am getting confused with @stranger's real place as well or memories. I think the bed is pushed up against the wall and a poster or painting is on the wall also. I see a flash of a guy with shoulder length long hair (similar to the guy that @stranger showed a picture of, but in my mind his hair was shorter and he didn't have a beard) Then I get an octopus, and a flash, I wonder if I am under water? I don't know. I head back to my room and try to pull @stranger in, I focus in on him and I think I get him for the shortest of moments, pulling him inside a kind of cone shape and into my room

      1) I'm standing in a large hall, looks like a school theater -but there are actors walking around. It's something to do with a tv show that is being filmed. Michelle Pfeiffer comes in ready to film, I get a bit start struck but get the courage to talk to her. She's very friendly and open. She's talking to me about her career and this tv show - which she asks me what I thought about it (she knows at this point that it isn't being very well received) I try to be honest, the fact that it has her playing as the central character, in a sitcom, with her kids - would probably worked well enough, but all of the other stuff is just too much. Set in a Church? With other main characters like the priest and extended family all living in the church together? That just isn't very funny. I talk about classic shows like Fraiser - she needs to get in contact with those people! I then bring up how Catwoman from the film Batman Returns was one of my fav characters in film of all time, and I go and search for the catwoman figure I made ot show her. But I can't find it. There are shelves everywhere, and it seems I am using this theatre hall as a kind of workshop. I literally just saw this figure though, but my brain and memory isn't working. damn it! I am looking for a while and then my wife joins me, she helps me look around (she's much better at searching for stuff than I am) but ... no, I can't see it anywhere. Now Michelle needs to leave and I tell her that it was nice meeting her, I notice she's wearing this jeans that have this flower pattern going all up the legs.
    4. presleep telepathy experiment 1

      by , 01-04-2021 at 04:11 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 3-01-21

      Presleep and meditation

      Focusing on my hotel room for @stranger , I'm sitting in the room with 7, looking at her, then focusing on all of the things in the room in detail, walking carefully around the room. Then I dim the lights and see how it looks in the different light. After a while I try to pull @stranger in , but I think it's just a shell. So me and 7 leave the room to look around the hotel, we walk across the hall and into another room, it's strange, it kind of stretches out into infinity, like everything just stretches and stretches into a single point/where you can't see anymore. so when we go inside it we are kind of warped and , well, it feels odd. And then we come out of the other side. I see balloons in the hall or a room, but I dismiss because I know @stranger said he put them there. It's difficult now to stay focused as different imagery comes into play from start of the dream/going into deep sleep. Lots of random stuff I can't quite recall I wonder if it is from @stranger or just me. we make ourselves back to our room, retracing our steps back (well, Im really just following 7) and go back through the strange stretched out wobbly room, across the hallway and into our own room. I sit hear, I tell 7 to smack me every time I start to go under too much - which she does lol. I see maybe an outside, what looks like a large surface, a well? I don't think so, maybe something else (gotta write these down) So I'm able to stay for a bit longer but after a while it's too much and I black out
    5. recurring dream resolution?

      by , 01-04-2021 at 03:51 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 2-01-21

      1) I'm walking down the street with a bunch of friends. We seem to be walking back from town. My friend (and famous actor) Brendon Frasier starts getting into an argument with one of the guys/friends. They start shouting at one another and finally Brendon challenges the guy to a fight. I try to talk Brendon down, he's not as young as he used ot be , he's out of shape - he's still cool, but he needs to be careful - this other guy is a professional MMA fighter! Brendon shakes it off and they decide to take advantage of an upcoming event to fight each other 'in the ring' that just so happened to be starting in the next few minutes. We all start walking to this place when Sam stops and sits on the pavement. His guitar is broken and he is trying to re-string it. I WANT to go with the guys, it's way more interesting - but Sam needs me here. I decide to stay and help Sam (though I have no idea about guitars) because I don't want to leave him on his own. I hold down one of the strings while he attaches it. We sit like this for a while and a couple of the guys come back to see what we are doing. They tell us the 'show' has already started, but it's not like it was advertised, Brendon and the MMA fighter have to sit down on these long metal chairs like in a game show and wait until they are called up. Sounds kinda boring.

      I see the time - shit - I need to get the train! (recurring dream) I check my belongings and realize I have a large plastic bag with stuff I have been carrying (recurring theme) , it's red and has lots of useless stuff in, some pens, an old christmas present for 'Tom' (which is a mini christmas tree inside the wrapping) . I leave the bag leaning against the post and look for the train station. This is usually the point where I am lost and can't find where it is - but this time I can spot it straight away. It's a huge thing with giant pillars on the sides of it, looks more like a hotel.

      After a short while I find myself wandering around the rooms of this building, it feels like a shopping center inside, lots of rooms around and a large area in the middle. Lots of things are going on, people walking, activities, like a convention in a way. I still need to find the train though. I hit a dead end, it's crowded in this alleyway, something is going on. I spot 7 - she is crowded by 'fans' - but she's dressed as a regular lady. She smiles at me, I want to spend time with her but I need to get the train. 'Hi Sean - how are you?' 'I'm fine thanks! do you know where the train is by any chance?' she smiles again and just simply points me in the exact direction of where it is. 'Thank you!' this has an interesting effect on me, as I walk away I become lucid. But as I become lucid everything becomes loose and dissolves. I realize 7 came into my dream and made me lucid for the first time! I carry on walking, it's a long hallway like in a hotel again, I'm trying to keep in the dream but can't hold on and I wake