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    by , 05-08-2018 at 07:23 PM (480 Views)
    26/04/18 - target (me)
    Pre-sleep - focused on target to project, but fell to sleep pretty fast as my mind was groggy with toothache!
    1 My dad had a new camera, and he was taking crazy zoomed up photographs of everyone, did one of my face and it was all distorted, and then another of my chicken's face, who was looking pretty surprised about it. Then my cat started playing with my rabbit, and my dad got worried because he thought the cat would eat the rabbit, but I said it was cool, and as we looked over they were dancing around with each other
    in between sleep, tried focusing on the target
    2 I am back on my own street where I grew up, cromer rd, a woman I used to work with is inviting me and my wife to her wedding, but we notice my car has been broken into, I think by one of my family (in this scenario my family, my kids are rough, like I was when I was a kid) and she helps us pick out the broken glass from inside the car. Strange dream - it felt like my present wife and family put in the place of my family when I was growing up
    3 I am walking from school with a group of people, we've missed the bus so we have a few miles in the countryside to walk back. After walking some it starts to get really cold, snow is coming down and I realise I forgot my coat back at school (which is now an older building) I tell the group this and they just shrug, so I tell them I need to head back and they just nod to say ok and continue walking forward - so I head back alone. I'm cold, I can't see the school, just miles and miles of fields in front of me. Then I realise I am dreaming and for some reason have the urge to search for HUKIF (even though now I am naked ha ha) so I call out for him - and my voice is just so huge and sharp here 'HUKIF.... HUKIF' I shout, trying to locate the direction he is in, but then I start to fade, my dream is ending already? I try to hold on, and then after a few seconds everything goes black, and and fades in again and I am in this beautiful house, either a entrance or front room - is Hukif here? does he live here? there is some real nice old wooden furniture around, the general color of the this room is pretty light. In front of me are some stairs, that lead up, and I shout 'Hukif! Hukif!' but my voice is softer here, even though everything around me is so crystal clear. But I can't find him, can't feel him around and then I wake
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Hehe Its funny how when you looked over they ended up dancing with each other.The no clothes part was funny too but perhaps pants would have popped up before you met.

      ^^Also, i didn't know you and Hukif made shared dream attempts before.Have any of your attempts with hukif been a sucess?
    2. floatinghead's Avatar
      ha ha yeah! Yeah, I just started doing some attempts with Hukif, the latest DJ entry got some good hits, although he doesn't recall the encounter I was able to see where he currently lives in his dream world and describe it back to him which he was able to confirm, so that was cool, hoping to have more hits soon
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Awesome~ Are you going to continue to update your journal with the attempts and hits? I'd be interested in reading how you go about it and your accomplishments.
    4. floatinghead's Avatar
      Awesome~ Are you going to continue to update your journal with the attempts and hits? I'd be interested in reading how you go about it and your accomplishments.

      yeah! as soon as Hukif is available again I will for sure, I plan on investigating more of his land as well