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    29/11/2011 - Floatinghead

    by , 11-29-2011 at 11:43 AM (349 Views)
    Childhood bedroom

    I am with my friend Rick and am in the US, he is showing me around his apartment he used to live in as a kid. The thing is that we are actually back in time and it's 1979 or something. I walk into a block of flats and on the walls (as we are climbing the stairs) are posters on the new star wars film coming out,it looks amazing - and at that point a large dose of nostalgia hits me and I get it, get what all the fuss is about Star Wars. It was such an crazy/amazing film released so long ago - no wonder people go crazy about it. So we walk into his old apartment and into his old bedroom where he shows me his old comic book collection, all the comics are kept in pristine condition and his bedroom is a nerd's dream - filled with posters of star wars, battle star gallacttica and other classic memorabilia. He then goes on to show me a Batman and Robin film book and says that he was there when they were promoting the film and had whole streets dressed up like Gotham city (I had a sync with my daughter as she had a dream about Batman as well (that I turned into batman!)


    I become Lucid, I think it may have been a WILD, I walk out of my house and go and try to meet up with Kasuno. First of all I start to try to chant his name, I can't seem to get a rhythm going and it sounds pretty bad, like a bad rap. So then I try to make a song of it and sing, this sounds pretty good - I can start to feel the power of the song and the leaves start lifting up and flying around me, I think it's working. Then out from nowhere I guy pops out, he is wearing a pair of jeans and a thick dark green or blue jumper, he has short hair. I take a quick look - I'm not sure if this is Kat or just a DC, I figure he may be just a DC (judging by my last encounters) and ignore him and continue singing, REALLY putting effort in to try to chant and bring him toward me. Nothing more happens and I wake

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