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    The world of Lyseno

    Of course one power is enough!

    by , 03-02-2023 at 06:54 AM (43 Views)
    Wednesday March 1st 2023
    Even one power is too much for normal stuff.
    I am sitting on a weird table, get up and prepare to leave the room I am on and become lucid.
    Once lucid prepare to leave and do my normal thing of invading worlds when someone comes up to me. We talk, the person dares me to prove to them that having powers actually means anything, they say I wouldn’t be able to do anything to change the world.
    I ask if I can use teleportation and they say yes, so take that opportunity.
    (There were 4 more wake ups, but will just explain briefly)
    So first thing was get a high class job, used teleportation to mention stuff that was important to the guy who was doing my interview, then made myself important by getting information using teleportation on their customers.
    Once I had enough info, was approved to help with a building but they did not have enough resources. Thankfully I know how to make bricks out of mud, so used teleportation to make them as they were showing me the building and telling me I had to work in there.
    Also managed to talk to the people on the place and get a working environment set up while going up the stairs, because the newbies did not feel like working in a place that was mostly destroyed.
    As we were going down once the tour was done, repaired the broken stairs and rebuilt the place to be much better, the recruiter said he knew something was wrong with me and took me down immediately.
    I see a helicopter coming down and people pointing guns at me telling me to stop in a language I could not understand. Just ignored them while moving towards the person in charge, got shot and just moved my hand to teleport all the bullets to the heads of the people with guns, once they all died while shooting moved all their bullets to the heads of the ones in charge around the planet and got next to the guy who was now the sole survivor. He was speechless.
    Just got close to his ear and told him he would follow the plan I had devised for them with my working teammates and that they would never again see nor try to find me, he understood right away what it meant and everyone agreed to obey me once he tried to call his friends and nobody responded. Allowed myself to wake up at that point.

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