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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 2 of the competition

    by , 12-04-2022 at 08:59 AM (354 Views)
    Friday December 2nd 2022
    Oh… sorry didn’t know he would go all crazy on us. Will fix it.
    I am talking to someone in my house, become lucid while doing so and start to ignore them, don’t want to be here any longer.
    SO just teleport somewhere else, try to go back to the same planet as yesterday but it seems the people are pissed at how I resolved things, so just summon a guardian for this planet and leave again.
    This time I am in another random universe. There seems to be a lot of weird women going in and out of the place, so just block them while trying to find a good place to be at.
    Don’t find anything too interesting so think about teleporting to a random location with humans when one of the girls strikes me from the back with a big energy spell.
    I just absorb it and turn around, smile at her and crunch her with my hair then fly towards a random planet in this universe… maybe not universe? I am not sure, end up somewhere not too far away from my original location and just float down to the ground.
    Now that I am on the ground try to remember my goals, I think summoning is the first one… or was it phasing? I want to do these in order but remembering is kind of hard. While trying to think start walking towards a small shop, get a cake slice and eat it, the guy asks me for money so create currency of this planet and provide it to him.
    Back to sleep.
    I am walking down the street, it is dawn and… oh yeah I am dreaming. Star to think about goals but gluttony gets the best out of me and I start to walk towards the shop from before, get more cakes and since last time I gave a lot of money to the guy he does not say anything about it to me.
    Now that I have gotten to eat more cake, need to think of ways to actually do my goals. SO the first one is to summon something right? Or was it to… control something. I can’t remember properly.
    So the first thing I do is create a few manga in front of me, select one of them. Yes, Inuyasha was quite fun to read back when I was younger. Now that I got it pick the book, open it and start to check its content. Naraku! That guy was a great final boss.
    Now, what was the reason he was so great? He had the ability to devour other yokai and get their powers and grow stronger himself. Touch the page an then bring him out of it, the guy is now in front of me in his casual white fox like thing he carries around.
    “Where am I?” he says while looking around, then prepares to jump out of the way to investigate when I stop him “You have been summoned by me” tell him, he is about to ask about the others such as Kagome, Inuyasha and Kikio but stop him “Do not think about them, they do not exist in this world” tell him and prepare to give him instructions.
    The guy tries to attack me, so just slam him against the ground, was my goal really to summon? Or was it to… phase first, then summon? Since can’t remember and want to check, decide I will be waking up and once I am back in the dream will see what to do.
    Before waking myself up, pick up Naraku and toss him inside of the universe of GOH with Mori Jin and the like, then keep going with my goal.
    Back to sleep.
    Checking my cell phone, it basically is weightless which makes me lucid and then realize that I fell asleep before checking the goals… oh come on!
    I will just do a bit of everything and will at least get ONE of them done tonight. Finally stop looking at the phone, drop it on the ground and look around, same planet as before uh?
    Start moving and prepare to summon something again, get the manga and prepare to choose a new character, but decide against it, because that was done already. Banishing maybe? Ok, but what do I do this on? A random DC from the location?
    A woman is not too far from me and maybe I could just banish her, but is that even good? Try to get over to her and a car is about to run me over, between letting the car get destroyed or phasing through just phase through it and keep walking.
    Once I reach the woman she stares at me since she saw what happened and starts running. Stop her with TK and make her come back to me and wonder if this is really the right thing to do. Then something hits me in the head, a metal bat apparently.
    Someone got afraid and decided to attack me, so funny! Push them out of the way using TK also and then just prepare to banish the woman before something traps me inside of a bubble. Who is it? I look up and see a man placing both of his hands to create the bubble. I touch it and see his face toughen as if he was applying more strength when I touch it.
    Start to toy with the bubble and the guy starts to sweat profusely, just keep going until he gives out and see a missile come my way. Jump towards it, grab it, turn around and send it back where it came from and see debris fly all around us.
    OH! Also had the goal to fight one certain type of creature, maybe if I destroy enough they will come and won’t have to go and look for them? But this planet is too small. Create something to the poison that protects me from before, but this time it will start attacking universes randomly, someone is due to either come or try and stop it, and if they can stop the new poison they should be strong enough for me to fetch a good fight, but wake up before anything can be done.
    Back to sleep.
    I am home, preparing some tea and being with family. For some reason husband is not home and I become lucid, use Scan since normally he is always close to me, even in dreams. Apparently I am not married in this version of my home.
    Anyways not important, go back to that planet where I was at before and just start to think about goals. Have been doing a lot of random stuff and not actually working on the goals I need to work on.
    When I prepare to do it something strange happens, and suddenly I see Mori Jin come out of a door to his universe. He says I need to help with the shit I dumped on his universe, what shit? He says there is a huge monster that has been eating everything in his universe and basically is now toppling everyone over and going to other universes because he got a part of his powers.
    Oh! Naraku? I ask him what the guy looks like and he describes Naraku perfectly. That crazy bandit still going about his antics in other universes uh. Apparently he is getting stronger by the minute and I find this all too strange, how did this happen?
    Naraku is strong for Inuyasha standards, but he should have been stomped hard in the GOH universe, how did he manage to even steal stuff from Mori? Read his mind and apparently he used actual evil tactics and took hostages, which let him have the chance to eat strong warriors and eventually steal stuff from Mori.
    Tell him exactly that, that he should be able to… wait a minute, did I not let him go seconds ago? Teleport along with Mori to his universe and see that time flows differently, in fact it is so different that in the few minutes he was with me Naraku has taken possession of everything in this universe to the point of just having a massive void.
    Reverse time to when Mori moved over to me and tell him to mind his own business, he should be able to win if he fought in earnest, but they are dumb like always and allowed themselves to get worn out and this is why they were losing, and restore them all back to their prime including to when they had the skills of the Jade Emperor and the Wi-Fi plus the blade of Tathagata and fully restore the body of Mori and also Satan, then leave to the other universe again.
    Once I arrive try to think of new things to do but already lost a lot of time with the Mori issue when I see someone showing up again, they are from neither Manga and just banish them casually out of existence since I want to… wait a minute, how did Mori get over to me? Wake up while trying to figure that one out.
    Back to sleep.
    I am back home, talking to niece and nephew. They are being overly annoying but don’t mind it too much and go to sleep inside of the dream, which takes me to the other world… oh, I was dreaming already nice.
    So once I am there preparing to leave. Quickly start flying towards space when I see Mori being thrown at me from a gate in worse shape than he was before, I grab him and can feel blood in his body “What happened?” I ask him, he says the guy grew way stronger than before and started invading other universes.
    I find this amusing and maybe thought it out loud because Mori seemed annoyed at me and said I needed to fix it “So Naraku is now a multiverse threat uh?”, Mori just gets weaker and weaker so I am about to heal him when a tentacle comes out of the gate and starts pulling him back in.
    I prepare to stop time in order to avoid this from happening when I see the left eye of Naraku glow in the darkness of the gate as one of the eyes of Mori in another universe whom controls time does. He actually blocked me? That moment of surprise was enough for Naraku to take Mori back and I guess kill him.
    This was actually getting me excited! Look around and see that everyone is currently not moving, including the wind itself. So I did stop time, but Naraku was immune to it! Damn, now I want to fight him and see to what extent he is growing stronger.
    For some reason he must think I am some kind of enemy since he took Mori away from me, he must have come to this conclusion when I reverted time and healed the guys, oh well.
    And the next thing I know is a huge gate opens above me and tentacles start coming down.
    I let them phase through me and then it goes directly to the world below me “Don’t, this world isn’t so bad” tell Naraku, but he continues.
    I stop phasing and grab his tentacles, then inject them with poison of my own and it starts breaking down. He then shots energy down at me which I stop by eating it and grab Naraku, bring him to this universe then fly him to space and smack him with a planet. It does nothing at all, he just eats it.
    Don’t know how he got this much stronger in such a short time, but I for sure want to continue the battle! Quickly let time flow again and disperse Naraku and me from the flow of gravity of this universe.
    He feels this one, as the galaxy we were on keeps on moving and several collisions happen while he is just there standing. He defends himself then gets enraged and throws several tentacles at me, they are still like his normal attacks.
    One of them however, stops time. I block that and fly towards him while creating a claw and cutting through them, reach over to his main body but can’t hurt him as he teleports out of the way and is met by a marble of energy right behind his head that blows him up.
    He starts to gather himself again and I punch him hard enough to blow his body across this universe. He then creates portals and attacks from different locations. I use teleportation plus high speed eating and eat his attacks. He then finds that he can’t actually retrieve what I have eaten and tries a big attack by gathering an immense amount of energy in his palm then throwing it at me.
    Eh, this will kill the universe if I let it go, so simply chomp it and then grab Naraku and fly way outside of the range of this universe, into a void of nothingness then stab him with my hair and place my palm on his chest and infect him.
    Naraku takes a lot of damage it seems because he vomits some white and purple blood with insects in it… ok. Cute. He starts to gather more energy and I prepare to block when he disappears through a portal. Prepare to follow through when I wake up into the home from before then wake up for real.
    Back to sleep.
    I am back home… not lucid obviously. This is annoying, family is talking to me, I am talking to them, they are about to leave and want me to go with them but I declined them.
    Once they are leaving prepare to go back to sleep and try to WILD, enter the same dream as before and wake up due to a family member poking me side “Come on Faby!” tell her and make her leave… wait, I am already dreaming, don’t need to WILD.
    Just teleport back to where I was at before and then a crack in space-time happens and a red-golden coloured tentacle moves at high speed towards me. Instinctively fly out of its way and grab it, then get a huge shock which actually surprises me, let it go and then two more come from behind. Grab them this time and send the shock back.
    Naraku is back, fully healed and stronger than before. His mask becomes a huge jaw that comes for me so I create several big crunches all around me that destroy his mouth, then see him leave again and come back, fully healed once more and again stronger, this keeps going several times until I finally get pissed off about this whole ordeal.
    When he is about to leave cancel the causality of his actions and bring him back forcefully and then start reading his mind with Scan, AH! That is what he was doing, he was actually going to other universes that already exist, manipulating time in it and then once he had devoured it would come back.
    Since I was inside his mind, he tried to attack my mind and ended up getting a huge backlash, just to be slapped down by me; he staggers some and then a huge barrier is created around me, it seems to be made out of water but at the moment of being touched it creates incredibly high temperatures and explodes, without breaking the barrier.
    The guy uses this opportunity while I am looking at the barrier to go away and then I am left with this huge barrier around me. Start to examine it and keep getting attacked by the barrier. Alright! Start by sticking out my tongue and stretching it towards the barrier and lick it, get a sample and then start to dissolve it and eat it just with my tongue while ignoring the heat and explosions.
    The barrier starts to slowly dissolve and I want it to be done faster, so increase time for my enzymes and just absorb the thing, then realize it is still active and starts exploding inside of me. Control the barrier and fully absorb it into my body.
    Once I am done prepare to look for Naraku when I see him flying down at me, good job! He got strong enough that did not see his obvious gate open up. It seems like his teleportation is much smoother now.
    I block and this time get slightly sent back, also his punch has enough strength that even though I had moved him so far away from the other universe it starts to crack and basically all life on it gets extinguished.
    He is mad I still have time to be worried about that universe and his palm opens up, some kind of black hole forms in the palm of his hand and he tries to strike me with that, so I strike back with open palm and send him flying while restoring the universe and prepare to properly fight him when he disappears again.
    He appears again from behind, block his attack with my clothes and then create a stasis to prevent him from just running away. He blocks the stasis and is about to leave once more, so grab his head and create a link between him and me, place my head right on his and throw him back a bit then clap my hands quickly and teleport us both to a new location.
    This is a multiverse system I just created so he stops destroying shit randomly.
    He is about to analyse the world and a way to escape the link I created between us while I take the time to make a barrier around this system and block his attempts at escaping, also create several self-repairing seals.
    He is enraged and the next thing I know is he is behind me and several dozens of the red-gold tentacles he had attacked with before are coming towards me. Except this time, they are strong enough that them just moving towards me is ripping apart the fabric of reality of this space.
    Grab one with both hands and start to cancel its power, then all the other tentacles come at me at full speed. Take out tentacles out of my hair and block and attack them, diving my hair through his tentacles and going for his body. When I reach, he is no longer there.
    Use Scan and locate him not too far from my location so teleport next to him and punch him, send him flying back then teleport again in front of him. He spits poison which I eat and then grab his head and start to inject some of my weird energy onto him. He absorbs it readily and finds out it is infested.
    He is good at poisons and tries to fight it off, then his body starts to decay and this time he is the one who claps. Apparently this is a cleansing technique he learnt from a universe he has eaten already. I know that technique, annoying little bastards.
    He realizes I get annoyed and once again claps his hands and does the trick, I just let it wash over and make it all darkness, then send it back at him. He tries again but can’t fight it back this time. Starts flying away while attacking with his normal poison tentacles.
    I follow suit and destroy them on the way, his poison is slowly entering my body and just at the same time I am letting my cells decode it and create an antidote to fight it off, while that happens stop destroying them and just phase through them.
    Naraku starts to get more and more afraid that he will lose and tries to escape quicker, but is met by the barrier and the several seals placed, which make him jerk back to me. It seems he finally realizes there is no longer any way to move out of the way and tries to face me directly.
    He tries to eat several of the universes in this system, which leads to his clones being eaten instead along with the universes, then being condensed into one inside my body and devoured.
    He tries to fly out of the way, so teleport in front of him. This happens several times and I assume he is out of tricks so grab his white fox mask, he replies by trying to claw my hands off and fails to do so. More of those weird tentacles come at me, stop them with my own hair tentacles and destroy them then dive my hand on his chest, take off his mask and eat it then shock him.
    He hides his face and grabs as much malice as he can from everyone he has killed as of right now. I place my head next to his and kiss him to absorb it all faster and also let him have a taste of my own curse, the guy tries to shake me off violently, some kind of golden light gathers around us and millions of weird lightning start to strike towards me, but it makes no difference. Once I am done with the curse, start to devour him from the inside out. That was fun.
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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      Yeesh. You write so much more than me. I need to step up my narrative.

      Also super violent. Kisses to absorb powers more? I always just use needles, then I can just give them to someone.

      Also interesting that he couldn’t stop his own attack back at himself.
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    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      How long are these lucids combined time-wise? The longest I'v ever had (like 2-3 times) have been around 40minutes, but the way you describe these entries feels like they go on for more than hours or something. Time dilation? Like in movies? Movies happen in 2hours but they feel longer