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    The world of Lyseno

    Day 1 Dec 2022 Competition

    by , 12-04-2022 at 07:10 AM (325 Views)
    Thursday December 1st 2022
    I don’t remember, so will just spam.
    I am talking to my boss and not very happy about it, become lucid while doing so and decide to ignore the guy, there are way more important things to do right now. Teleport over to a new world and start to think about what I must be doing right now.
    Remember vaguely something about a different competition than normal but don’t remember exactly what I needed to do. Currently flying in the middle of space out there in Lyseno, not exactly doing anything. Teleport outside of my PR and just start wandering space, taking this loneliness to try and think and remember, but nothing comes to mind.
    Oh well, since I can’t remember will just spam abilities and something may actually be what I needed to do… unless its highly specific? In that case it won’t work.
    Use Scan to find the planet that is closest with life, but it seems primitive and not funny at all so start looking for a planet that has living creatures but nothing I would like to be working with.
    There is one really distant from my location where a bunch of tribes that seem to be human are starting to gain advantage and want to basically seize everything for themselves, so could go there and stop them, that one sounds good.
    Its only a few hundred light years away, so fly quickly over there and reach before the dream ends.
    By the time I get there the civilization is way more advanced… oh yeah, I was just collecting visual images rather than essences, which means I was watching the past of this place, and now I don’t like it as much because that tribe was really able to seize stuff… GAH! Decisions, wake up before I know what to do, still flying somewhat high.
    Back to sleep.
    I am inside of a crystal cell. Get up and hit my head with the top of the cell… damn! Also realize I am abnormally heavy so I must be sleeping. So… how did I get here? Better use Scan properly this time to figure out the reason.
    OH! They saw me fall from the sky and sustain 0 injuries so obviously the right thing to do was to imprison me in this weird cell that was barely enough for me to be inside of since they didn’t know how strong I was.
    Oh well, not like it will do anything now, some guards come saying they saw me wake up when I just casually stand up straight, break the cell and then start walking out of the way, thankfully nothing seems to be lost from my clothes.
    Everyone seems surprised and they point some kind of laser gun at me, the moment they do I control wind and take off their arms, so the laser guns just fall directly to the ground while I keep walking.
    It seems I was trapped in some kind of tower. Walk to the nearest window, touch it and then just jump down. Once I am down from the place start to search for the head of this empire when someone fetches me from behind.
    They feel friendly so don’t do anything at all with the person, just let them take me along for the ride.
    Apparently they wanted to save me but there was no need for that, from what the girl who is running and grabbing my hand is thinking. She somehow realizes I am reading her mind and stops in her tracks, then tells me it will be faster if I just see the location and take us there.
    I comply and teleport us both to the location she is thinking of, this is much more nature oriented than the place I was on before, full of crystals and technology and people I wanted to kill and destroy.
    The girl says this is their hideout and they saw me too, suddenly appearing out of nowhere and then falling. They assumed I would wake up and free myself and they wanted my help.
    Tried to ask them why they thought it was a good idea to talk to me but woke up at that point.
    Back to sleep.
    I am sitting on a moss bed, become lucid near instantly and get up. I like this place much better, there are no guards, a bed made of moss, a lot of flowers, trees and what not all around us. But I feel like this is a dying forest.
    While the people who brought me here decide to show up start to think about my goals, I know that one of them is advanced phasing and I think another one is summoning so will do that.
    First thing first though, expand Scan to all of the forest and just as I had thought, the forest is dying. It seems to be alive and is being eaten by the constant technological development of the people from the city, since they use the life force of the forest for their own life style.
    What I do is simple, give the forest a means to defend against this usage and cut off all current cycles and connections done, which makes it shine brighter in a glowing green light than it was on before.
    I think this alerts the people who had been with me, because the girl comes inside instantly and then grabs both my hands, saying she made the right decision. I shrug and take off my hands off of hers and tell her that I just did what was right, and need to get going.
    This place, despite being open in the forest area is still a room with proper walls so she leads me to the door and asks me if this will be enough “Once I kill everyone in the city” I say, and just keep walking.
    Apparently they are not very happy about this and some of her friends come along and they try to stop me, just jump over their heads and land on a mossy rock a few hundred meters ahead of us, they start following but are too slow.
    I know they can use some sort of magic but try not to.
    Not too far from there, find a huge boulder, as mossy as the one I landed on. I really like this place, you can see the tiny micro blades or leafs of the moss, the tiny “flowers” and what not, it’s all so beautiful.
    Then I hear these guys actually used magic in order to get here faster. Too much trouble to explain to them I don’t care about their ideals and will just kill everyone, so instead of talking to them decided to do the first task and simply keep walking. They seem confused since there is this huge boulder but just phase through it while still walking, then start floating until I reach out of the boulder and am floating quite high. Didn’t know that thing was THIS tall, tall enough that now I could see the city in the distance.
    Start flying towards the city but can hear noise coming from the waking world and decide to lay low, and end up waking up before I can do anything else.
    Back to sleep.
    I am walking down a strange forest. Get distracted by the glowing flowers, by the long vines, by the tall trees, the cold climate and the mossy floor as well as the evergreen leaves that seem to dance in the air.
    Once I stop being dumb and distracted and regain lucidity remember I have to hurry up… given the amount of noisy coming from waking life, will end up waking soon and don’t have much time.
    Try to remember the next goal, I think it is summoning and then de-summoning or something, so float again high enough as to see the city, then start flying towards it.
    Once at the city start getting shot with the lasers, just ignore that and raise my hand and start to gather energy, then draw a magic circle and summon a giant machine on top of the city, that will make the people in the city understand technology is bad right? It starts to rotate and gears moving loudly can be heard, the thing starts shooting everyone inside of the city that basically agreed with the drainage of the life force of the forest. Connect it to my Scan in order to make sure I get everyone and once they are all dead prepare to banish the machine but then the noise gets more annoying and end up waking up.

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    1. cedwards105's Avatar
      Wow...that seems a bit harsh. Maybe a tad bit of an over-reaction? Not sure that even Smokey the Bear would approve of such tactics.
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Violence. Like always. Haha. I think the mess up with seeing it and then traveling there realizing you were seeing the past is hilarious.
      Saizaphod likes this.