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    The world of Lyseno

    Slowly getting back to journaling

    by , 08-21-2017 at 12:17 PM (277 Views)
    Quite forgotten…

    ANYWAYS back to dream journaling

    Monday August 21st 2017
    Why not make it happen?

    On the first dream was waiting outside of a big house, when I became lucid and decided to try something different. Not sure where exactly I was but wanted to explore like always. Started with the big house as soon as I could figure out how to open the damn door and then went in.
    Inside, could see how the sun would flare on the room, literally. It started to burn my clothes so made them a part of myself and went through like normal, why would this place have so much defense? Use Scan and discover that down below there is some kind of city.
    Teleport to the entrance, which is an abyss as big as a small country, jump down and start seeing that as I go down, will see several floors throughout the place filled with different species of cretures.
    Kept going down for a few seconds before I got to the lowest part. Just as I got down, some couple of guardians came over to my place, one punched me against the wall and the other one tried to set me on fire. They were expecting me to die I guess, since all they did was move to the other side and give me their back.
    Waive my hand their way and let a short solar flare go through them and the last floor, effectively destroying over half the floor. End up going further and getting threatened and feared at the same time, so they did not dare to attack me anymore and instead gave me a tour. A nice demon lady was the one to lead the way, and I was just laughing myself out while working on it.

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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      How do you make burning clothes a part of yourself? sounds fun.
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