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    The world of Lyseno

    Wolfito meeting.

    by , 06-05-2023 at 07:50 AM (116 Views)
    Saturday June 3rd 2023

    Hello good Sir.

    I am talking to someone on the phone, become lucid while doing so and decide I will be leaving the room.

    Once outside wonder what to do now, fly for a bit and then teleport to another planet. I reach somewhere that is close to a mountain and prepare to go down except that it looks barren. A volcan?

    I get closer and sure enough it actually is a volcan. Get down to the lava and start walking on top of it, since there seems to be a cave at the on there side and flying would be awkward in this small space.

    Once I reach, find a cute little rock in the middle of the volcan site and some people in there, dead. Did they get caught in the explosion? But its not hot here, what happened? From what I can tell examining the atmosphere, it seems like the place was filled with venomous gas and people couldnít survive.

    Examine a bit the rocks around us and just clean the air, as there seems to be other non human animals close by, make them healthier and resurrect one of the dead ones and slowly take them out with TK while flying out the place and then reach out outside of the forest. Wake up not much longer after that.

    Back to sleep.

    Its super early in the morning, and I am feeling a bit tired. Start going outside and get some water but become lucid while doing so; this water is far too heavy.

    I remember about the last place and want to go back and check that everything is still good since the volcano was still active.

    Once I reach the place its going off again and its stronger this time, too strong for most creatures to move out of the way. Just contain the explosion with TK and make it slower with time control until the creatures in the place can fully escape. Once I am done fly down and let the lava keep like normal. A few humans come by and attempt to do crazy stuff, a missile comes flying by so teleport on top of it and eat the thing before it makes things worse. Also set up a barrier before I wake up again, due to dumb humans maybe making things worse.

    Back to sleep.

    I am online talking to some people, become lucid while doing so and get curious about the net of this world. So just go online and start talking to people in a few discord servers.

    Find a few ones about LD and also find one with members I recognize from the waking world, so talk to them and try to hint them at getting lucid.

    It gets complicated but a few realize this is actually a dream world and then things go crazy.

    People start abusing stuff as if they were staff which I find stupidÖ just create a virus that hacks directly onto their world and makes them unable to keep being annoying, then just shut down the internet on the whole planet before teleporting somewhere else.

    I arrive to a location in the middle of a mountain range and fall slowly towards a big city, wake up before reaching and donít even bother to do anything since it was tiresome talking so much online for a dream.

    Back to sleep.

    I am home going over to the bathroom. Become lucid while doing so andÖ oh yeah, teleport back to the other planet.

    Once I am there start walking around the streets, not much to see neither much to do and I am just going around sight seeing for as far as I can.

    That is until people start closing down things around us because it is late and I am told that a room to stay on is needed.

    Use scan to check the currency of this planet and then use creation to make materials out of it and make the local coins then move over to a big building, enter it and pay my rent for a night.

    Things seem fine in the hotel for the most part and I take my sweet time in the bathroom taking a shower and going to pee, even if itís a dream showering always feels nice.

    Get out and then hear knocking on the door. I thought it was too late for anyone to be working? Maybe staff does work late here who knows.

    Go open the door and then get met by two girls and one guy who all stare down at me since currently just went out of the bathroom and wearing a towel and sandalsÖ oh sorry. Close the door, dry myself with magic and then teleport clothes on top, open the door after like 3 mins to make it believable and ask them how I can help.

    They show me a bottle of win and want to go insideÖ is it rude if I say no? Let them in and ask them to take off their shoes since I am not wearing any and donít trust strangers.

    They comply thinking itís a cultural thing and then come in, make some remarks about me being half naked before, we drink a bit and they tell me all about their lifeÖ why? I try to ignore them and prepare to go to bed so tell them off, but they say its too early. Stupid humans, just use mind control and make them leave but then the wine kicks in and I need to go pee, so just do that.

    Back to sleep.

    I am in bed, become lucid while trying to get up and hit my toe with the nightstand thingy next to beds, which breaks it down. People get startled because of this andÖ why is there people next to me?

    They tell me apparently I fell quickly due to the alcohol and mention that they put me to bed, and why is it that everyone is sharing bed with me?

    They got drunk too from what I can gather, and I am not liking this conversation. Make them stay in bed while I am about to leave and then something hits the bottom of the hotel.

    It starts to shake and the surprise makes the other three guys break out of their trance so I just rewind time and stop the giant rock of fire coming at us with TK, then go over the edge of the wall and teleport outside just to see some kind of creature casting a second shot.

    Teleport in front of it, look up at it and see its arms are preparing to shot another meteor-like thing. Grab it with my hand and crush it with TK then send the thing flying down and just prepare to leave when something strange happens; everything around me starts to crumble and I donít mean the place, but reality itself.

    Use a few skills that prevent the usage of causality against me and then things go back to normal after a very loud click happens.

    Quickly look for the source and find some kind of creature outside of the galaxy doing it. Fly towards it and then prepare to engage in combat when I wake upÖ

    Back to sleep.

    I am on the computer. Become lucid while talking to Naiya and then realize I have not visited her in a long time. Should I do it today? Probably not, been sleeping poorly and donít want things to get messy. So instead of trying to teleport over to her start talking to people in another server.

    Not much is done, since I am trying to learn mechanics about things I have never done before in waking life and get lost in technical stuff and donít even know if I can apply it upon waking up.

    Try to read something on biology instead, which goes a bit better but also get confused on some terms that I know can look up after waking up.

    Once I am done reading teleport back to the other planet I was on before, but this time outside of it, what was the creature that tried to breach causality to reach me?

    Canít find it quick enough for me not to wake up again so end up just losing sight of it.

    Back to sleep.

    I am sitting, eyes closed. Canít open them for some reason, try to do it frantically and while doing so realize my eyelids are super heavy, that also allows me to become lucid and gain enough strength to open my eyes.

    Once I have them open realize that I am actually in space. Teleport back to the planet I was on before and prepare to use large scale Scan to look for the creature when the star of this system starts to shine around, itís too bright.

    I cover my eyes and start the Scan then find the creature and as I do so a few people come to me.

    The first one is a man in his 30ís charging at me, stab him in the chest and toss him aside as I feel a woman coming from above, she gets crushed by hyper gravity as I keep walking forward and then start flying.

    As I fly, am met by another guy who is actually more of a wolf person, whom is trying to shot something at me. By this point in time have located the creature from before so just teleport out of its way and on top of the head of the creature.

    The things tail comes at if as if a stinger and I grab it then open my mouth and shot it down with some energy. Surprisingly that does not kill the creature and instead it just gets angry.

    It was big enough that I fit completely on its head, like a giant crocodile. Punch it and the thing gets sent out onto space, then it does something that gives me a slight headache and can see the guy from before. I believe he is trying to locate me. Just get to the creature and kill it before I wake up.
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