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    1. Winter competition 2024 14.01

      by , 01-16-2024 at 04:34 AM
      NLD #1
      I was on vessel and saw that we are going straight in to shore. I went on bridge and passing wheelhouse I started to think "I can change course by myself, but if something happen this will be my fault. Better first I will go to officer". I went to chief officer and inform him about situation. He check this on ECDIS (this is electronic map) and he asked what we suppouse to do (but he asked net because he didn't know. He asked to check my skills). "Hard to port. There is no other option we can avoid colission" I answared. The Chief aproved so I wnet to wheelhouse passing sleeping on chair master. I woke him up because he was blocking my way to the wheel. After changing course I was observing what is going on. The ship didn't fit in and we hit shore with aftpart of our vessel. I saw hole in stone berth but our vessel looked undamage so we continue our voyage.
      This was first part of dream and I don't remember if that was day or night. Second part start belowe:
      It was night - I remember pure black sky without clouds. We were passing whiout any problems nor accident but other vessel come to us for document transfering. We just send them using backet and rope (yea - this is how we are transfering items and documents between vessel-vessel in real life - just rope and bucket ). I put my hands on railling and for some reasow water was comming from that. I took my hands and water stopped comming.
      Part three:
      I was on brigde using ECDIS because again we almost had collision. Now I was acting like commander saying what to do. When we avoid another navigational obstracle master said that I have potential to being a officer.

      DF #1
      I was playing in video game - something very similar to GTA. I took NPC woman for shopping - it was part of minigame and I was on date with her.

      DF #2
      This dream was about car racing and it was evening time. I remember that one car was damaged also I saw experimental 2 wheeled racing car.

      DF #3
      I was eating bucket of ice cream and I sam small black balls inside. I asked my friend what it is and he said "I don't know". I checked this and they were small spiders! Disgusting! I felt remaining balls between my tooth!

      DF #4
      Dream was near of my allotment gardens and I was doing some IT experiments. It was daytime, sky probably cloudy. I discovered that I can catch wifi signal from far away (about 1km) and I was very suprised about that.
      Some part of dream was inside my IT school. I was rewiring d-sub connection. Also I remember my sister in my dream but I cannot remind in what part she was.