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    1. Winter Comp 2024 09.01

      by , 01-09-2024 at 10:36 AM
      For some reason I was able to sleep today only 3h (even less) but I got one dream. It was very short because it was first REM phase.

      NLD #1
      I was in my room. As usually it was night and my vision was limited due to lack of light. I was preparing myself for WILD session and I created big pile of pillows on my bed. Next I lied on them and the dream ended.
      Entire dream had circa 3 minutes so nothing more happened.

      I made "nap", next 3h of sleeping.

      WILD Attempt
      I was lying in my favorite position. I don't know how long, maybe 20-30 minutes when I started to feel hipnagogs. I was able to feel someones presence. I heard that someone come to me and it was uncovering my head. I felt gentle moving blanket. Next the person catch me just above my hips and started saying something to my ear. I don't know what because the voice was deformed. Anyway that grip near my hips was unpleasant, it was painfull so I decided to abort that attempt. I opened eyes but still I was unable to move. After few seconds I woke up.

      I changed position and again I tried WILD but this time I fell very quickly.

      I don't remember the beginning of that dream, also I don't remember when I started to be lucid. But I was near home of my friend. Ofc it was dark. I started to summon items but with no progress so I decided to change location. I was trying to create portal but it didn't work... for the moment! I told to myself "One more try. There is portal behind my back, I will quick rotate and just jump into" and this is what I done. The portal appeared and I fell into but on other side I was surrounded by infinity darkness. Yep - I was in void probably because I didn't define my teleportation destination.
      After few moment I saw person in front of me. I was surprised because it was anime-styled woman. It was first time when I was dreaming about anime I Inspected her appearance - she looked unfamiliar for me. I was shocked because I didn't expect that my subconscious have it's own OC. She had light brown hair and green eyes. "Usually I preffer girls with blue eyes, but in this case she look better with green ones" I thought. She smilled at me and she gave me her both hands. I gantle grab them and I felt her warm skin.
      At this moment I lost my awareness. In next part of dream I was unaware but I memorised what happened before.
      I woke up on floor in my home. I was a child or teenager. My father took me to his car but I dont remember where we were going.

      DF #1
      I was in some kind of village with my friend on a hill. It was daytime. I was disscus with my friend about electronics and radio stuff. He aproach with me to egde of the hill and he showed me his satelite. I saw big levitating stalite far away. He started rotating that satelite with pilot and he hit road. "Hey, be carefully! You can damage your satelite!"

      NLD #2
      I was in forest in night time. I was walking with my backpack on snow when I saw nice spot for camp so I put my backpack on the ground and I went check surroundings. I saw weird rabbit paw prints in snow. I gentle put my finger inside and the prints was fresh - the snow was loose and fragile. I went back to my backpack and I sterted to preparing sleeping bag. During that activity I was attacked by yellow bear. I run away.

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