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    1. Winter Comp 2024 18.01

      by , 01-19-2024 at 12:07 AM
      NLD #1
      I was a ally of Polish Underground State and went somewhere via train. I was in transporter wagon and I had bag with me (probably documents was inside). The train stopped on station. Via illuminator or other hole I saw other train.
      -That's perfect - I said.
      From inside I quickly opened gate and I jump from the wagon. My new train started so I catch metal railing that was attached to last wagon of the new train. I tried to pull up myself but I was to weak. Nazi soldiers spotted me and they opened fire from MP-40 to me.
      Suddenly dream scenario changed (maybe I died ). I was in middle of forest somewhere in south poland. This time I had friend or guide with me. The forest was very dense - like jungle but more important - very beautiful. The guide led me to river bank.
      -Now we need to jump in and swim to another bank.
      I looked on the river. The water has natural green color and inside I saw a lot of orange fishes. They were big (40-50cm long).
      -Are you sure there is no other way? - I asked
      -Yes, but it will take few days. This is big shortcut.
      -Okay, not big deal - I jumped into the river.
      The water had neutral tempeture. I felt a little bit wet but it doesn't bother me.
      -"Hopfully I put my radio transceiver into plastic bag" - I thought.
      This time I had no bag with documents but big military backpack with radio transceiver. I was suprised that I have no problem with swimming. The backpack was heavy but maybe air inside made perfect ballance. Anyway I swim to another river bank.
      The scenario has changed - Now I was in village. I was searching a place to put my radio transceiver. Also I wished to change my wet clothes but nobody was in the village.
      The memory about rest part of dream was blurred. I remember that I wanted to go back to home. Also somewhere I had fight with alien boss.

      DF #1
      I was a teenager and I come to new school. I remember that most people disliked me for some reason
    2. Winter Comp 2024 17.01 (LD but nothing special)

      by , 01-17-2024 at 09:20 PM
      Aware part

      Today I remembered zero dreams but also I slept today only about 6h. At 7pm I set up alarm clock for 30 minutes - I wanted to meditate. It was just for myself (not for competition) because I knew that probably I will just fall asleep. I was right - I fell asleep after about 20 minutes and woke up at 7:30pm.
      I stayed in bed for while and again I fell asleep but this time I had dream:

      I was typing with my friend on discord server. I felt very dizzy like after alcohol. It was challenging to type with sense in that state. After few moments my dream "ended".
      I was lying in bed like during WILD attempt. I knew that I'm in dream but I lost my memories about fragment with typing with my friend. I was preparing to wake up from bed so I switched on room light. Something happened, the light switched on but in defferent way. It was like from other room and the light come through eyelid. I started to think that maybe this isn't the dream.
      I woke up to check what happened - I totally forgot about RC. I went to kitchen and I saw my mom. And in front door I saw my father.
      I woke up again. I was still in dream but I didn't recognized that fact. I tried WILD again. I got hipnagogs inside my dream but before I tried do something REM has ended.
      This time I woke up for real. I was so confused that I was unable to recognize if I'm in reality or not

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    3. Winter Competition 2024 16.01

      by , 01-17-2024 at 02:04 AM
      Today I memoriased 4-5 dreams but almost all was forgotten few moments after wake up :/

      DF #1
      I was in bulding of my university. Unknown time. I went inside elevator with some students. When door closed one student ask me that I have something on my uniform. First I saw that I have big black back in my hands. After fast inspection I recognized the bag as a bodybag. I smell intence odor and I saw some alsmot transparent liquid was dripping from the bag on my uniform. The bag slipped from my hands on floor. Via plastic I saw woman face but I was unable to recognize who she is. I gentle open that bag. Odor was more intence. Also I saw some body part but I don't remember what exacly part. Probably amputated hand. I woke up (propably end of REM phase).

      DF #2
      I was somewhere in shopping mall but I cannot summon any memories about that place. Probably my local shop mall.

      DF #3
      I was in my home. I was waiting for something but I cannot remind for what. It was morning and via window I saw that a uknown man is aproaching to me. I live on ground floor so it scared me that someone is aproaching to my window. When the person climbed on my balcony I recognized his face - it was my co-worker from old work. He asked me about something but I don't remember.

      DF #4
      Friend of mine was using somehere PC. I don't remember what place or time it was.
    4. Winter competition 2024 14.01

      by , 01-16-2024 at 04:34 AM
      NLD #1
      I was on vessel and saw that we are going straight in to shore. I went on bridge and passing wheelhouse I started to think "I can change course by myself, but if something happen this will be my fault. Better first I will go to officer". I went to chief officer and inform him about situation. He check this on ECDIS (this is electronic map) and he asked what we suppouse to do (but he asked net because he didn't know. He asked to check my skills). "Hard to port. There is no other option we can avoid colission" I answared. The Chief aproved so I wnet to wheelhouse passing sleeping on chair master. I woke him up because he was blocking my way to the wheel. After changing course I was observing what is going on. The ship didn't fit in and we hit shore with aftpart of our vessel. I saw hole in stone berth but our vessel looked undamage so we continue our voyage.
      This was first part of dream and I don't remember if that was day or night. Second part start belowe:
      It was night - I remember pure black sky without clouds. We were passing whiout any problems nor accident but other vessel come to us for document transfering. We just send them using backet and rope (yea - this is how we are transfering items and documents between vessel-vessel in real life - just rope and bucket ). I put my hands on railling and for some reasow water was comming from that. I took my hands and water stopped comming.
      Part three:
      I was on brigde using ECDIS because again we almost had collision. Now I was acting like commander saying what to do. When we avoid another navigational obstracle master said that I have potential to being a officer.

      DF #1
      I was playing in video game - something very similar to GTA. I took NPC woman for shopping - it was part of minigame and I was on date with her.

      DF #2
      This dream was about car racing and it was evening time. I remember that one car was damaged also I saw experimental 2 wheeled racing car.

      DF #3
      I was eating bucket of ice cream and I sam small black balls inside. I asked my friend what it is and he said "I don't know". I checked this and they were small spiders! Disgusting! I felt remaining balls between my tooth!

      DF #4
      Dream was near of my allotment gardens and I was doing some IT experiments. It was daytime, sky probably cloudy. I discovered that I can catch wifi signal from far away (about 1km) and I was very suprised about that.
      Some part of dream was inside my IT school. I was rewiring d-sub connection. Also I remember my sister in my dream but I cannot remind in what part she was.
    5. Winter Competition 2024 12-13.01

      by , 01-14-2024 at 02:21 AM
      This day I had 2 dream:

      DF #1
      I was playing in team fortress 2 but I don't remember what class I chosen. It was capture the flag mode. I sneak into enemy base and I saw that almost every player is playing as a soldier. I captured the flag but the flag looked like pink crystal bowl.

      NLD #1
      It was night, I was going back to home on my bicycle. I pased small river via bridge (but in real life the drainage ditch is in that place). Friend of mine (I don't know her in real life) called me so I stopped and looked around. I saw her swimming in the river. She come to me to say hello. An unknown person come to us and he started abuse her. I picked a fight with him so my friend can escape into block of flats. The man run after her and I run after him. I catch him on last floor so my friend can run away.
      We were out of bulding. I pick up my firend on my motorcycle (yea my dream replace my bicycle) so We can go to gas station and ask cashier to call the police. But it was a ambush! The cashier was with attacker!


      DF #1
      I was typing with my friend on discord.

      NLD #1
      I was on vessel inside my cabine. It was daytime, weather good (no rain, no wind, sea state normal etc). I looked via my porthole on deck and I saw that we are approaching to berth and 2-3 seafarers were preparing for maneuverings. I was suprised that nobody called me for the maneuvering but I just shrug my shoulder saying "If nobody called me that mean I'm unnesessery". But I saw that we are going very fast. Too fast for berth approaching... I was trying to keep myself calm but shore was more and more close... There is no other option - I need to get ready.
      I don't remember what happened after, but our vessel was moored. I was on deck talking with seafarers
      -What is going on? Where is my old crew? The ukrainian ones?
      -They were replaced. Cargo owner asked for only polish crew
      -All of them are going to home?
      -And what about me? I'm from old crew
      -You are staying onboard. You are polishman after all
      -Oh, Okay. And what cargo are we loadning?
      -Some laptops and PC
      -Entire bulk carrier for IT toys? Are you insane?
      -Not entire ship. We are transfering only 4 pieces
      -This is even more ridiculous!
      -Don't tell me. Cargo owner payed and we are in charter - He shrugged
      I checked the cargo, and I went to the city wondering how peacefully voyage we will have.

      DF #2
      In this dream I was on vessel on middle of paccific ocean. Daytime, good weather condition.
    6. Winter Comp 2024 09.01

      by , 01-09-2024 at 10:36 AM
      For some reason I was able to sleep today only 3h (even less) but I got one dream. It was very short because it was first REM phase.

      NLD #1
      I was in my room. As usually it was night and my vision was limited due to lack of light. I was preparing myself for WILD session and I created big pile of pillows on my bed. Next I lied on them and the dream ended.
      Entire dream had circa 3 minutes so nothing more happened.

      I made "nap", next 3h of sleeping.

      WILD Attempt
      I was lying in my favorite position. I don't know how long, maybe 20-30 minutes when I started to feel hipnagogs. I was able to feel someones presence. I heard that someone come to me and it was uncovering my head. I felt gentle moving blanket. Next the person catch me just above my hips and started saying something to my ear. I don't know what because the voice was deformed. Anyway that grip near my hips was unpleasant, it was painfull so I decided to abort that attempt. I opened eyes but still I was unable to move. After few seconds I woke up.

      I changed position and again I tried WILD but this time I fell very quickly.

      I don't remember the beginning of that dream, also I don't remember when I started to be lucid. But I was near home of my friend. Ofc it was dark. I started to summon items but with no progress so I decided to change location. I was trying to create portal but it didn't work... for the moment! I told to myself "One more try. There is portal behind my back, I will quick rotate and just jump into" and this is what I done. The portal appeared and I fell into but on other side I was surrounded by infinity darkness. Yep - I was in void probably because I didn't define my teleportation destination.
      After few moment I saw person in front of me. I was surprised because it was anime-styled woman. It was first time when I was dreaming about anime I Inspected her appearance - she looked unfamiliar for me. I was shocked because I didn't expect that my subconscious have it's own OC. She had light brown hair and green eyes. "Usually I preffer girls with blue eyes, but in this case she look better with green ones" I thought. She smilled at me and she gave me her both hands. I gantle grab them and I felt her warm skin.
      At this moment I lost my awareness. In next part of dream I was unaware but I memorised what happened before.
      I woke up on floor in my home. I was a child or teenager. My father took me to his car but I dont remember where we were going.

      DF #1
      I was in some kind of village with my friend on a hill. It was daytime. I was disscus with my friend about electronics and radio stuff. He aproach with me to egde of the hill and he showed me his satelite. I saw big levitating stalite far away. He started rotating that satelite with pilot and he hit road. "Hey, be carefully! You can damage your satelite!"

      NLD #2
      I was in forest in night time. I was walking with my backpack on snow when I saw nice spot for camp so I put my backpack on the ground and I went check surroundings. I saw weird rabbit paw prints in snow. I gentle put my finger inside and the prints was fresh - the snow was loose and fragile. I went back to my backpack and I sterted to preparing sleeping bag. During that activity I was attacked by yellow bear. I run away.

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    7. Winter Competition 2024 08.01

      by , 01-08-2024 at 02:39 PM
      Today I had series of dream fragments

      In this dream I was talking with someone about Lucid Dreaming

      I was a vessel officer, probably 3rd mate. I was preparing the vessel for departure near main gangway. It was daytime, nice weather.

      I was discuss with somebody about rivers in Poland. My brain created thing called "Transport potential factory" and it is property of river how much cargo can be transferred via vessels and barge. The TPF include not only main river but also tributary.

      I had 3 more DF today, but I forgot them. I will edit this entry if my memories come back
    8. Winter Competition 2024 07.01

      by , 01-07-2024 at 07:16 PM
      NLD 1:
      I was in forest, probably in Europa and it was middle of the night. I had 1 or 2 platoons of XVII century army forces approximately 50-70 meters behind my back. Mainly infantry and some oldschool canons. It was dark but still I was able to see bronze or brass details on the canon barrels and wheels. Front of me I saw enemy troops 100-200m ahead of us. They was hidden in bushes. I commanded my soldiers to take position and engage the enemy but the attack didn't launch. I looked at my force and I saw that one team was retreat without any fight. I call them but they ignored me.
      The dream ended before battle begun

      I don't remember where I was but I was a monk. I was full of thankfull, love and generally I was happy. I remember I hugged someone