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    1. Spring comp 2024: Annex for day 01.04

      by , 04-02-2024 at 08:26 PM
      I recalled one dream!
      I was on board. The vessel was moored along quay.
      -FIRE! FIRE - I heard
      I looked on shore and saw small pile of biomass on fire. People near to fire did nothing so i got small fire extinguisher and ran to place of accident.
      -You and you! - I pointed with my finger on two persons - bring more extinguishers! NOW!
      I checked what type of extinguisher I have but symbols on the bottle was unable to understand for me.
      -Screw this! I just use it- I thought.
      I checked pressure level on manometer - it was optimal - and after aimed not on fire source, but very close and next I made test use.
      -Foam type... okay I need to aim directly to fire source.
      I started to fight with fire. The fire starts to disappear but very slowly. At this moment personel with additional extinguishers come.
      -Take it and advance from another direction - I ordered.
      When fire source become small and one person was enough I started to extinguish a wall. After finish we collected all gears and put on place. I start to talk witch chief mate about our work (I dont remember the details)
    2. Spring Comp 2024 : 29-01.04

      by , 04-02-2024 at 04:20 PM

      NLD #1
      Because I'm writing this dream after 4 days I have lack in my memory, but this dreams was fully remembered when fresh:
      I was on my way home. I don't remember where I was before and I belive that this information wasn't defined by my dream. It was pretty dark like middle of the night and I was waiting for a train. My waiting was prolonged so I went on walk just to kill time. When I come back I recognized I'm late. The train has gone. More important - my luggage disappeared! Someone took it! I was stressed but I remined that one old lady was on station and maybe she took it.
      [this part is missing]
      I was on my next station and I was looking for ma luggage but I cannot find it. So I come back to previous station. When I was on my way I was in germany town. I passed some small 2 or 3-flored buildings. The surroundings was very peacefully and empty. The sky was black with many small white dots. No clouds nor wind. When I come back I met with my sister and she helped me to find my luggage but we didn't

      [No dreams]

      NLD #1
      I was diving somewhere and I resurfed myself. I catched large piece of ice and looked on friend of mine. I push my phone to him. Ice was very slippy and my friend catched my phone with difficulty. He checked something and pushed back to me. Unfortunately he missed and my phone fell into water. "Maybe I will be faster" thought and I dived into water again. I was searching for my phone but without searchlight it was impossible! Sometimes I felt algae sometimes i felt stone wall. But I can't find my phone! Friend of mine start to navigate me with his voice "A little bit right! More... to much! go left" he said. At one moment I started to think "Why I even hear him? I'm underwater". But before I made RC my dream ended
      Also I had in this day one more dream but I cannot remind. Maybe later.

      I had 2 dreams but already forgotten :/