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    Random Pointless Lucid

    by , 01-08-2012 at 07:45 PM (316 Views)
    Hey guys. Been getting a little lazy so my LD count is going downhill. But I'll get unlazy ASAP. But I'm sick so I'm not too motivated. I'm also just gonna post in all one color from now on. But it doesn't matter, you'll know when I'm lucid cause I always say it in my entries anyway.

    1/3/12(Early Morning)

    ** I find myself with Zaine and his friend who's name I can't remember. We are in some sort of house. We're in the bedroom watching television, but I can't recall what's on. I do recall the television is big and gray. It has an antenna on it.*
    ** The room itself had two beds. Their is one window and one door. The door is plain white. The paint job appears to be fresh. The walls in the room are kind of manilla-tan colored.*
    ** It is just a normal gloomy day outside however. Grey clouds blocking the Sun, no light. It looks as if it is*about to rain outside.*
    ** I do recall an EAS broadcast on the TV. But the annoying alarm they use is different from usual. It was deeper, but louder and more annoying. I immediately turn the TV off. I hate that alarm.*
    ** Zaine and his friend seem unaffected by this. As if they don't care. I'm sure nothing good is on TV anyway. There never ever is.*
    ** This house represents Christianity in some sort of way. I'm too sure how it does. I think it's just a Ministry House.*
    ** We now open the door, and we see two guys enter a room across the hall. It's more than obvious the two are a gay couple. That's disturbing...
    ** I quickly shut the door before we have to witness anything else. Thank God...
    ** It doesn't make sense to me though. How can you be gay and Christian? One should cancel out the other. It'd only make sense if the two were to become straight and repent later in life.*
    ** I point this out to Zaine and his friend, who're also confused. The concept doesn't make any sense. Oh well, it's not something to think on and on about forever is it?
    ** After sitting around for awhile, we decide to leave. I crack the door open and look out. The two men have left their door slightly open. I look the opposite way as I make my way out. I'm lucky they weren't doing anything.*
    ** My walk out of the Ministry House is very vivid. I don't recall the hallways or doors I went through to get out.*
    ** Our present state is in a field that I could see from the room window. It was across the street next to a brick building. If I recall correctly, the border lines are blue bricks and inside are white bricks. I can't recall the walk to here either.*
    ** Everything is starting to come together now. All of these things are too suspicious and bizarre. When did I move into a Ministry House? There aren't any gay people in the Ministry I'm in(I'm pretty sure anyway...). Zaine and his friend aren't in the Ministry. This is all just a dream!
    ** I am now lucid. My first lucid in awhile in fact. This lightens me greatly. I don't recall my current goal though. The TOTY. I was to do the 1970s task. Go to New York 1973, go to the now new and finished Twin Towers, jump off one of them, and live. Hell, when the time comes though, I'll jump off both for the thrill!*
    ** The dream is far too vivid. I can't recall the task at all. So, I decide to leave some foolish DCs shitless. I bet Zaine and his friend(I forget if I bet him too or not) $100 that I can fly on my first try(rhymes!). They(or he, still kinda shaky on it) take the bet.*
    ** "Fools." I mutter under my breath. I now take myself a good distance back. Zaine and his friend appear to be on the verge of laughter.*
    ** I now take a running start. I jump up into the air, but I don't fall down. I keep moving up. I stop myself in midair. I see Zaine and his friend's faces of amazement, shock, astonishment, etc.*
    ** However, after this point the dream begins to fade, an is soon gone. I now awake from the dream.*

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