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    INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal

    War Part 1

    by , 01-10-2012 at 09:40 PM (589 Views)
    1/10/12(Late Morning)

    ** I dream I am in an odd room. It's a lightless room made of all cement and we're in a full cement building. However there are huge windows all around the room. So even though we lack lights, we have the Sun' s natural light coming in and keeping everything bright enough. We're really only just sitting there BSing.*
    ** Well it's about time I explain who the the hell "we" is. It's myself of course. Then it's my good friend's girlfriend. Then the rest of the people are too vivid for me to remember. So not too sure there. Moving on!
    ** We now suddenly bring up the subject of "what is the true meaning of Christmas?" odd topic to discuss. I look outside. Just a beat down worthless city. Looks like a war happened here. I also notice no snow, which allows me to think we're nowhere near Christmas now.*
    ** I speak up now. I ramble on for about a minute or two telling everyone what I believe s the true meaning of Christmas. Everyone seems really enlightened by this. I do in fact state that being with family is the true meaning. Everyone seems very happy now. Not so sunk down like before.*
    ** I soon leave, and the next few parts of this dream are super vivid. I can't recall if I woke up temporarily or not. I do recall awakening once or twice if I'm correct. I can't recall though.*
    ** The dream is now very clear again. Appear to be walking back towards the building. I am very nervous. I am also very proud of myself. I do t know why yet, cause of the vividness.*
    ** I now spot two very hot girls. I can only recall one of them, and she is a hot girl I do know for real. The other one is two vivid, but I think knew her too. I approach the girls and stop them. I have each one stand on my sides. We continue walking and I begin to brag about something as we're going upstairs to the room I was previously in.*
    ** "Yeah, I just joined the Air Force you know." I brag. Air Force?! Oh hell no! Why would I ever join the Air Force?! "Yeah, I'm gonna be a pilot and all. Fighting for the country. Those jets don't fly themselves you know." The girls seem uninterested though and leave. Dammit! I joined the Air Force for nothing!*
    ** My dream now suddenly switches me over to a battlefield! I'm in battle gear and I have a lovely M429 Assault Rifle. Oh hell yeah bitches! Full auto, bipod, 100 round mag(I've got lay off the Battlefield 3...)!*
    ** I realize this is a massively important battle now, and get serious. We're in a war-ridden city. It could be the one I was just in and left a moment ago. But who knows for sure? It's really dark out, and dark storm clouds are high above. It could rain any second now!
    ** The commander instructs me to take someone out in a building up ahead. He's on the third or second(I don't recall exactly) to last top floor. I pull up my rifle and open fire. However, I believe I fail to hit. The commander seems pissed. He now instructs me to go plant charges in the building. Everyone else will keep suppressing fire to cover me.*
    ** I take some charges and dash out like a cheetah. My teammates unleash a massive suppressing fire on the enemy. It's working, I'll say that. Not a single bullet is fired at me. Its obvious we're trying to claim this city or something. This part of my dream might be a telling of how I got to that run down city in the first part of my dream. But I'm in the army in this part, so I think I'm playing separate roles in this dream. A refugee joining the air force, and now I'm a kick-ass marine!*
    ** I soon get into the building unharmed. There is some dim and crappy lighting in here. I don't like the feeling I'm getting in here. The dream becomes vivid now. However, it stabilizes after I've planted some explosives in the building. I begin to run off, and I'm now attacked. The dream becomes vivid again, and it begins to fade.*
    ** I however find myself now back at my old house. What the hell? Why does this crap keep happening dammit? I now see my friend Victor(previously known as Red, but no more nicknames for people I really know). He's dressed in full army battle gear. I realize I am too. There's also a huge platoon of us dressed up and ready to go.*
    ** Victor now hands me a helmet and a bag. I put the helmet on, which feels a little heavy already. I now put on the bag, which is extremely heavy. Something big and heavy is in it(well no shit Sherlock). I now say that this stuff is heavy. Victor doesn't seem to listen however. Ass...
    ** We now begin to sprint over towards my friend's house, whom lives a little diagonally to the right and behind my old house. This heavy crap is really slowing me down. I liked it better when I was a fast marine. I now think of when I was comparing MW3 to BF3 one time. Someone(I think my older brother) stated that the army is a heavier branch of the military. I makes sense to me now. Hooray for the fan-frigging-tastic army.*
    ** Now I realize his back yard is full of huge-ass puddles. I'm forced to run straight through one unfortunately. Oh well, that's what war is about. Gettin' down and gettin' dirty, right? I oddly start to run much faster in the water. That's pretty unusual I'd say.*
    ** We now stop in my friend's drive way. Someone unloads a bag by me. They set down a large object with huge spikes. It appears to be really heavy. I ask if that's what I have, but the guy ignores me. I now set down my bag, but then the dream becomes vivid and fades again.*
    ** I'm now sitting upon a tank. Okay, what the hell? So, I'm probably still in the army, but I'm a tank operative now? I'm probably just a ranger, or maybe an engineer. We appear to be in another city. We're moving in with a *huge tank convoy. Awesome, tanks rock!*
    ** Hm, I'm gonna take a guess in these two dream parts. The last one was most likely me as an army dude helping clear out through part of the city we're in now. This part is probably me as an army ranger with a convoy, securing this city. The city isn't beat down much either. I now soon awake.*

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