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    Short Lucid and TOTM Completion

    by , 05-10-2014 at 02:53 PM (280 Views)
    I don't recall too much from this dream, but I don't remember most of the lucid part.

    The dreams starts with me coming into a grocery store of some sort. My friends and are just roaming around the store, and not much happens. I recall sitting down somewhere, and as I'm sitting I realize that I'm dreaming. I get up and start to walk around the store some more. I take in all the scenery, and I'm glad to see ADA is still making my dreams look and feel a lot more realistic. I now scratch the back of my head, and I can feel my hair rustle between my fingers. I start thinking about what I should do, and then I remember there is the TOTM to do. As I'm walking I desperately try to remember what the tasks are. I think for a good minute, and then I finally remember the ones I had my eye on. I need to do tequila shots, perform a song, and use the force. I figure using the force will be a good start, so I walk over to one of my friends and attempt to force choke him, but it doesn't work. I see my other coming up to me, and I thrust my hand out towards him, and I manage to force push him across the room. One down, two more to go. I decide the best idea would be to perform a song. To my convenience, there's a stereo set up nearby with a laptop hooked up to it, and there's a microphone near it. This will be easy, so I walk over. The stereos are blasting some song I don't remember, and there is a crowd of people listening. There's my audience I guess. I walk over to the laptop and put my own song into the search engine. I type in "Motorcycle Drive By" which is a song by Third Eye Blind. I find the the video and open it, and then I pause it. The people running the stereo don't seem to like my idea of just taking over everything at my own discrepancy, but like I give a damn. I'm the only real one here! I tell them to play the song when I get the microphone, and then I'll sing it. The continue to argue with me about the stereo, and I fight them back over it. And then
    my Dad awakes me.
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