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    Teh Chinese Are Coming! (9/2/12)

    by , 09-02-2013 at 09:00 PM (375 Views)
    I dream I'm at my grandparents home and I'm hanging out with a bunch a friends. In the dream I have recently just gotten out of Navy training and so now I'm a reserve(I've never actually been in the military IRL). I remember wearing digital blue camo clothing, which looks pretty badass.

    I don't recall what we were doing exactly or who specifically was there, but it seemed like a normal day to us all. Surprisingly, the house was pinpoint accurate to the real life house, minus the fact my grandparents weren't there in the dream. I now make my way over to the window by their back door and look outside. I'm suddenly startled when I see hundreds of armed men parachuting down from the sky.
    I'm not sure who is parachuting down thought. Is it our own army? Terrorists? Who??? I now look up and see a Z-11W fly by with a large red star on the side. It's the Chinese! But why?

    I now rush back and forth in the kitchen in nervousness. I realize joining the Navy might get me killed now since there's an invasion. I don't want to die yet! What should I do??? I now think about how outlandish this seems. I'm not convinced I'm dreaming but I do a reality check. I plug my nose and I am able to breathe through it.
    I'm now lucid, and ready to go. I decide that for this dream I shall fight off the incoming invasion. My policy is that I can't cheat(spawn guns, use powers), and see how it goes. I now proceed outside and see a soldier landing in the yard. My friend Frankie and I stop him and I take his weapon. It's an old Kar98 rifle. Strange, being over one hundred years old, and a German gun. I eject one round to see if it even works and it does. I shoot the soldier and then go on a mini spree. I use the last three rounds and kill three more dropping soldiers. Now I put the gun aside and begin to search for guns. I go into the garage, where my uncle is, who shows us his arsenal of guns. He has a bunch of outdated rifles too for some reason(he doesn't own any weapons IRL). However I soon awake.

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