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    Dream School lesson 2

    by , 02-19-2015 at 07:35 AM (825 Views)
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    My approach for the ongoing goal of attending a lucid dreaming school is to assume when I am lucid that I am already in the school and have a lesson test to perform. This one wasn't quite as interesting as the first one, but I think it can still count as another beginner lesson.

    I am seated at a table, meditation and in a trance-like sleep, (or sleep-like trance).Now I know I'm dreaming. A man is holding me an says "You know everything and everything is terrible." I laugh and say "that's good," and want to remember it.
    Now, perhaps less lucid, I am looking for an attractive woman to have sex with, but all I see are old women and young girls.
    I do find find a lady who I think I use to know, and we do some stuff until I wake up.

    I don't move and I am able to re-enter the dream. This one is also mostly about sex. Halfway through, the woman begins to change shape. Her head turns into a container-like object and she shrinks to doll size, and becomes very skinny. I try to take back control of the dream, but it doesn't work and I wake up again.

    I stay still in bed and begin to dream as I repeat the phrase "I am dreaming..." It begins to sound strange, like a deep buzzing, vibrating sound. I also feel vibration in my body and I hear instramental music. I feel happy and I sit up in bed. I know I am dreaming and this time I remember my goal.
    I get up and say that I want to be or that I am in a dream school, then clarify and say "lucid dream school," and I ask "what's my lesson?"
    I am alone in a dark room. I say/decide/determine that my lesson's goal is "to get out of this damn box room."

    (I have had many lucid dreams in which I am alone in a house and unable to find anyone, so this seems like a good test for me).
    I go through a door and find another, smaller room with two beds. The room is all one color, blue or maybe green. I say "a dead end..." and then realize it isn't. There are at least three doors. I take the one on the left.

    In a hallway, I find a door with light shining through the bottom, so I know it's the right way. I open the door and go out. Now I'm in a place that resembles a mall or shopping center, with lots of stores. I go into one and look at some stuff. I see a T-shirt that reads "I heart (a person's first and last name)," with a painting of a truck. I think it must be the name of the truck.
    There are some dolls hanging up. They are your traditional big eyed little girl in a dress and pigtails sort of dolls. One of the doll's eyes move. I say to it "that's creepy, but I'm not scared of you because I know this is a dream!" I am pointing my finger at the doll.

    Back outside, I see a creepy man walking by. There is something inhuman about him. There are other people around who also seem off, and I have a feeling there are aliens among them.

    I lose my lucidity and find a friend burning a Batman hoody in a large panini grill. I grab the hoody and save it. I am sleep walking and see myself in third person. I say something that doesn't make sense and try to climb a decorative wall. The friend leads me away.
    I lay on the floor next to a bench and wake up to write down my dreams.

    Hard to say for sure if I passed this lesson. I feel that the main objective was to get out of the house and find some other people. I did manage to get out, and I sort of found other people, but they didn't feel like the right kind of beings. So, it's a half pass, I guess.

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