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    Eating Watermelon

    by , 01-12-2013 at 02:55 PM (810 Views)
    Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid Waking life notes

    January 2, 2013:

    I am outside, in the front yard of my childhood home. I am aware that I am dreaming. There is a giant watermelon in the yard. I eat some and give a piece to my girlfriend. Tatia is also there, and I give her some watermelon too. She says it is good.
    I have a mouth full of watermelon. It is sweeter than usual, and juicy, rather than watery
    (I don't really like watermelon in waking life)My mouth is too full and it's hard to chew.
    I give Tatia and my gf more melon, then we just walk around. Tatia is naked. Her for is a bit unstable and changes.
    She now looks like my gf, wearing her large blue T-shirt she likes to sleep in. I tell her that I don't want her to look like her, or to replace her. I want them both there. My gf is walking behind us at the moment.

    I am masturbating some as we walk. Tatia and I have sex for a few seconds, then keep walking.
    It was nice that the dream was sexual and that I didn't get overwhelmed or distracted by it.
    We walk among some trees. I point to one and say "look, fruit." There is yellow and red fruit in one tree and on the ground. I lift Tatia to reach the fruit in the tree. She is weightless and stands in the palm of my hands. I noticed that her legs are shaped sort of how I usually draw them.
    She tries to fly but can't. I say "you fly all the time." Then I tell her she is over thinking it.

    Thinking back on it, while awake, it seems unlikely that Tatia would over think things, because of her personality. That was probably my fault, since I'm the one who tends to worry too much.

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