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    GalantaMind supplement experience - Presence Watching Me.

    by , 04-09-2012 at 09:55 PM (1214 Views)
    Nonlucid, Lucid, Partially lucid
    March 6, 2012:

    This is my fourth time using GalantaMind. It is the second success with it, because I actually fell asleep this time.
    -Got about 3 hours of sleep before taking 1 capsule (4mg) and went back to sleep. Took another 4mg about two hours later and eventually went back to sleep.
    -Focused on my breathing and on the area behind my eyelids, trying not to allow thoughts, but imagining things that involve movement sensations.

    Lying on my back, I begin to feel myself falling asleep. I hear birds chirping that I think are outside and then feel myself move and roll over to my side.
    Then I wake up a bit and realize I hadn't physically moved at all, and I couldn't have heard real birds because I am wearing earplugs.
    Then I am slightly out of phase with my physical body. I slip into a dream once or twice. Finally, as I am lying on my back, looking at my hands in front of me, I remind myself that I am dreaming and not physically moving.

    I rub my hands together, noticing the sensation and look around at where I am. I realize that I am not in the same place I fell asleep. I am lying on the couch in the living room of my childhood home. A light is on in the foyer, but when I get up and walk over there, the light is off.

    I rub my hands together again to stabilize. I look at my reflection in the front door window. I say "I'm not sure how I know I'm dreaming." Then I step right through the glass. I say aloud that I want to find some people. There is no one around, which is an annoyingly common in my lucid dreams. I say aloud that I want to find/join the Lucid Dream School/Academy.
    I walk around outside and find a big tree. I begin to climb the tree, thinking it will take me to the academy castle. I see a big, old looking castle in the distance.

    I feel like there is someone behind me, following me. When I turn around I just see a cat and feel like the presence has moved to the other side of me. I feel nervous. I say to the presence that I just want help and guidance and I don't want to bother anyone.

    Then I am awake again.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      I wish I could just 'roll over' and be in a dream. You people make it look so easy I must have missed the clues, have to pay better attention. I also take GM on occasion. I used to take it lot more often to WILD, but I noticed, that I was getting OBEs from it. Plan on taking it again to OBE. Happy dreams
    2. insideout's Avatar
      It doesn't always come that easily to me. Even when I am able to just exit my body into a dream, I have to do it several time before I finally stay in the dream. It's only recently become a more regular experience.
      Thanks :^)