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    International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal

    This is the Official IOSDP Shared Dream Journal!

    The Rules for posting entries are the following:

    1. Only post dreams on the dates of the shared dreaming attempts. Please do not post your dreams you have on non-attempt days unless they have to do with the location or you believe they are significant in some way (if so describe why you believe they are significant). On the attempt days please post all of your dreams.

    2. Title the entry like this: # Shared Dreaming Attempt-(name's) Dream
    For example: 8th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Atras's Dream
    For non-attempt days, title them like this: Shared Dreaming Attempt-Name's Dream

    Title the Experiment entries like this: # Shared Dreaming Experiment-(name's) Dream
    For example: 1st Shared Dreaming Experiment-Katsuno's Dream

    3. On the first line in the place where you write your dream please put this: (Name's Dream) in bold and point 5 font and any color you want. If you have any confusion with this, just look at the entries I have put in for an example of how to head it.

    4. Do not provide a link to your entry, make sure that the actual entry is written down here.

    5. Do not post random things that aren't related. If you do this I will disable your access to the dream journal .

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    1. 38th shared Dreaming attempt - Floating head

      by , 10-01-2011 at 06:32 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Hotel California...

      I get a false awakening, I'm so tired I start to fall asleep standing up - I then think that this is a bit strange and do an RC,my usual method I can't do because it is too dark to see anything so I try holding my nose - but find I CAN'T breath, although I decide that this is really not a true way of doing an RC (for me) because it has failed many times in the past, but then I sorta just know that it's a dream and walk out of the bedroom. In the hallway it is still very dark (the dreams are only just beginning to form) so I shout 'luminos' to try and brighten the place up - all I get is a sputter of light and then darkness. So I walk downstairs and out of the front door into...

      What looks like a hotel (a mostly dark brown wooden interior), I know I need to get to Chichen Itza but forget what the best method to do so would be. I find the skeleton key in my pocket (which I found last week in my dream) and walk around trying to find a closed door to open (with the skeleton key) and use as a portal to get to Chichen Itza - I'm walking around what looks like the outside of the hotel - I expect to see a door - and do, lots of them - but all of them have windows in them so that I can see what's on the other side - and if I can see what's on the other side I can't get it to work like a portal (damn dream - I ve done this to myself before - or is it me, I don't know) SO then I decide to get out of the hotel and hotel grounds and fly to Chichen Itza. So I walk through the hotel, trying to search for the entrance, I walk past a woman behind a desk (I think she is wearing blue and is the receptionist) and walk into a revolving door - but the compatment to go into is very small and tight and just goes round and round and round and doesn't let you go out - DAMN! Then I wake

      (so the hotel wasn't in California but much like THE hotel California from the song!)

      Build it and they will come

      I'm falling asleep but very aware, this turns into a DIELD. I can see a whole mountain range scenary, I'm thinking about Chichen Itza and how I need to see that, and then decide to CHANGE it into Chichen Itza, I see my hand - a giant ghost like hand hovering over the scenery - I find that I am able to move it - shaping and forming the scenery. So first of all I decide to try and make the central mountain range into a pyramid shape - but find this much more tricky than I first thought, then the dream starts to take control and I decide on using a pyramid shape from zbrush computer program as a good basis, and then it fades and changes or I wake.

      Wake up!
      I'm aware that I'm dreaming (3rd time in the night - woot!) and am with my wife - I try to tell her that she is too, I pull and extreme face, first of all I pull my cheeks far apart with my fingers, and then I pull my jaw back, breaking it and pulling it into my chest - all so that she would remember the dream when she woke. The weird thing is that as I'm pulling these faces I see myself in the third person - behind my head - so I have no idea what these faces look like (though I was trying to go for that part in the film Beetlejuice when the two main characters pull there faces into ghoulish shapes)
      I then decide that I need to get to Chichen Itza - so I fly up into the sky. The scenery is amazing, I am so high and travelling so fast, I can see so much countryside and forest beneath me, hills and rivers and trees- it looks so beautiful - but before I get anywhere I wake. ARGH!!
    2. 38th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Aeolar

      by , 10-01-2011 at 05:22 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Aeolar's Dream

      Didn't write down my dreams, but here are the reinforced bits.

      I am in this room with Ed & Dale, and someone is telling me whom I can talk to in German. This person tells me that Dr. Richtofen is the perfect person. I walk forward, and the German scientist is sitting patiently at a table. I sit down, and he introduces himself. Now, I only understood bits and pieces of what he was telling me, but the gist of it was that he was explaining to me a colleague of his who invented something monumental.

      We are now all rats, and we are running through this store room. We are scared half to death because we are being chased by a rat exterminator. It was very scary.
    3. 38th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Kumara's Dreams

      by , 10-01-2011 at 04:30 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Kumara's Dreams

      Fragments, all had the feel of another reality

      In bed with my sis and BIL

      I'm lying in a "bed" of liquid, maybe water but very silky and warm, cuddling with my sister and BIL. I'm trying to take off my socks so I can put my cold feet on him, but they are stuck to my feet. I spoon up to them.

      My son is rescued by eagles

      I am standing on a narrow ledge of my apartment-like dwelling. I am very high up, looking down at a river below and the plant life along the shore. I consider what it would be like to fall or jump, the struggle on the way down, would I finally surrender to the fall?
      I see a figure in the water moving to the left. It is my son, swimming, and I realize he has already made the jump.
      Something is chasing him, it is a threatening-looking man-creature who is at least twice his size. I feel fear, urging him on, and just as the scary being closes in on my son, an enormous black eagle swoops down and claws at him. Another and another appear, until an entire flock of giant black eagles has snatched the scary guy up and away, lifting him into the air to take him away, maybe he is dissolving now.

      I feel a huge rush of gratitude and relief. I wonder if my son realizes the gifts of the eagles, and feel regret that I didn't teach him to acknowledge and offer respect and gratitude to them...I feel like it doesn't really matter because *I* am offering thanks for him.

      The Ministry of Happiness

      I am in seemingly the same or a very similar dwelling as the eagle dream. My (dream) husband or male partner is lying in bed. There is a knock at the door, I rush to it to lock it. Whoever is knocking has found another door and though I rush to lock it as well, they push their way in (this is a ongoing dream theme this past couple of weeks).

      Short, stocky people wearing yellow raincoats and hardhats push their way in and announce they are the Ministry of Happiness. They are here for the man in my bed.
      A severe-looking, big woman in grey tweed enters and brings a big cart full of trays and trays of pills. The pills are different shapes and sizes, some are heart-shaped with flowers on them and seem to be made of ceramic.
      They are going to force my husband to take these pills and force him to be happy.
      I grab as many trays as I can and dump the pills outside, over the ledge. I go back inside for more. My husband is now standing up, looking a bit crazed, and he tells me, "I going to take the pills!"
      He is surrounded by the raincoat people, and the big woman in gray facing him has a handful of what looks like small polished stones that she either puts into his mouth or he takes. It's my understanding that he intends to fake taking the pills.
      In the meantime, there are more little people trying to get in the door.
      I am trying to keep them out, and they are somehow finding nooks around the door to stick their fingers in. I am getting more and more pissed - all of these tiny little fingers trying to wiggle their way in! So I smash and bite their little fingers until I either woke up or transitioned into another dream.

      Fragment - - Of being on the same ledge described above (though it seemed to be separate dreams). I walk around a corner and I see a set of small lockers. The locker cabinet is about my height, somewhat wider, and the lockers are blue and about 4"x4", each with a little handle on the right. It seems that I've dreamed this before tonight or have been here before. I'm looking for something, but not sure what I'm looking for. I open a few lockers, the contents are mostly sparkly little bead arrangements.

      Somewhere in there I was on the corner of the ledge and felt a gust of wind nearly knock me off. I clung literally by my fingernails onto the brick wall, digging in so deep that my fingernails clawed deep holes into the brick. I was relieved and impressed that I didn't get blown off.

      Sparkling Pink Octopus

      A dream narrator showed me a small figurine of a creature that looked like a cephalopod, which was sparkling pink with a glittering gold trim. As the narrator was explaining, the figurine transformed into a very large living, breathing creature. It was lying on a platform, in a setting that looked like the 1800's, in a body of water. It seemed I could hear the narrator's words and the creature's thoughts at the same time, they were synched.

      The thoughts were something about being so big...and it coiled around itself, and slithered into the water, wondering if it was going to get into heaven.

      The narrative was along the lines of, "and that's where that started (the issue of being big/fat/vulnerable) - as a pink octopus in an (old fashioned?) gym."

      Somewhere also in all of those dreams, the narrator was explaining to me that "the natural inclination in a dream is to seek safety", as if he wanted to reassure me not to be ashamed for not facing all of my fears, that seeking safety is just part of the whole drama.

      Fragment - of being lucid for a moment, and blind. Rubbing my arms and body and saying, "I am lucid, the world is vivid."
    4. 38th Shared Dreaming Attempt ~ Nephanim

      by , 10-01-2011 at 03:10 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Nephanim's Dreams

      I haven't been sleeping well lately... I have trouble falling asleep, wake up frequently during the night, and can't seem to remember most of my dreams, especially past a certain point. It probably has a lot to do with school. Anyway, I'm still trying.

      Annoying Alarms

      Nicole was yelling at me for setting my alarm for 7 AM.

      “You don’t need to wake up at 7!” she shouted. “It’s Friday night! You don’t have school tomorrow, and you don’t need to be up! That alarm’s annoying!”

      “I’m sorry…” I apologized quietly. I didn’t feel like arguing with her. Still, I couldn’t let her think she was right. “If I let myself sleep in, it’ll be harder to get to sleep tomorrow night, so I’ll sleep in again… Then I won’t be able to wake up at 7 on Monday morning when I need to.” She glared at me for a moment, but she didn’t respond. She rolled over in bed to turn her back to me.

      The world around me collapsed. In the darkness, I heard a high-pitched screeching noise. I've been hearing these at the end of all my dreams recently.
    5. 38th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 10-01-2011 at 10:25 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dream

      01-10-11 Intentions were clear, rest out after the semester start up party.

      “Its a race on the scaffolding”

      I am at some sort of merry event. It has the feel of a carnival/sporting event/ construction celebration. At the centre of the stage is this pyramid shaped building that reminds me of seats you find and college/highschool sports stadiums.

      I go running, first over the steps of this pyramid and then out on a stretch of hilly land. The weather is nice, sunny and warm. When I come back I start over again, this time with an old school friend of mine.

      We are primarily running up and down the steps of the pyramid and he always seem to be a step in front of me until at one point I loose him completely. He keeps talking about how it is really important to keep up a good pace and a good pulse.

      I loose him at a point towards the back of the pyramid (back defined as the shadow side, away from where the speaker and main action is going on). Here there is scaffolding surrounding the building and the running here involves finding ways to navigate this. So I use my arms a lot to swing from place to place and also run a couple of metres on a metal pole.
    6. 37th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Evolventity's Dream

      by , 10-01-2011 at 02:32 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      September 26, 2011

      Non-Lucid Dream |Fell asleep around midnight, woke up around 8AM.
      -I'm sitting next to M* in bed at night time. The mood is very calm. My state of mind is at ease. I have my legs crossed and am trying to levitate my body as M* plays relaxing music on his phone. I rise a couple times and try again.

      -I'm running away trying to return to a another universe with my friend so he is not hurt by the ones in the universe I am in. We move through to the universe and a robot becomes a cat.

      -Trying to get away from a man in the apartment. I'm being carried on M*'s back. It's dark outside. I go outside and see a guy on his phone. He's looking at porn, and it is awkward at first, until he switches to gay porn.
    7. 9/27

      by , 09-27-2011 at 08:51 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      I was watching 'The Ladies of the Palace' standing near the computer seat. the show background was a room (not the palace room). Consort Kyung grabbed the sheet inside of a cabinet with people's names and their expenditures written in kanji. she laughed viciously as if she achieved something, holding the sheet with one hand high in the air. and I thought or I said

      you bitch, Queen's gonna open up the room door and see you in that room in the middle of your little excitement.

      Queen did not appear, though. I think Consort Kyung put the sheet back inside of cabinet.

      I was watching another show; it was Ergo proxy.. I was bored that Ergo Proxy always end with a nucler-destruction-the-end-of-the-world. I saw white fade-out scenes of Vincent and Re-l. then I saw my River character. he was shouting and jumping all around. and I saw Brief from Panty and Stocking.. he was making a yogurt mixing with some kind of robot.
    8. 37th Shared Dreaming Attempt ~ Nephanim

      by , 09-27-2011 at 01:48 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Nephanim's Dreams

      Poor sleep, poor recall.

      The Milhazes Effect

      I was in a car with Alex Milhazes. He kept criticizing me for everything I did and talking about how much better his life was than mine. When he had to drive, there were no problems. When I had to drive, the car acted of its own will and swerved all over the road. We went back to my parents’ house and played some kind of Mario game. I kept jumping on everyone’s heads to vent my frustration.

      End of the Route

      I rode a Pace bus to the end of my usual route. Surprisingly, the mall was actually on North Avenue. I thought it was weird that the route curved around and went back east after passing Nicole’s house. For future reference, I reminded myself not to take the bus this far.
    9. 37th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Thebeastofold's Dream

      by , 09-27-2011 at 12:00 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Thebeastofold's Dream

      Fragments again unfortunately...

      I was sitting an auditorium in my old Jr high school waiting for a movie to start.....

      i was in complete pitch black and i was messing with something in my hand...i have no idea what it was...

      I was walking down a street somewhere and staring at a burning cloud in the sky...a little cloud shaped flame slowly crossing the sky......and wishing i had my camera....
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. 37th Shared Dreaming Attempt-(Pichulick's) Dream

      by , 09-26-2011 at 11:28 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      I am with some friends in the city preparing to get high. Then a boy came that I suspected he was working for the police. He asked us if we will smoke something , but I said no. He still was trying to give us some weed, but I saw a hippie-like bus, with the colours of the rainbow parked in the street. I went in and saw it was very long and in the middle was something, but I cannot recall what. when I turned around I was in a factory, and someone shouted that I was making noise. Then an old actor from my country asked me why I am doing this. I am now on a golf course, and remember something about a mark near me, and telling that actor he is wrong. he started acting wierd then I woke up
    11. 36th Shared Dreaming Attempt-(Pichulick's) Dream

      by , 09-26-2011 at 11:20 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Pichulick's Dream

      I was at the entry of my block and on the benches was me and my future college friends. we were at a class with my highschool math teacher. He was teaching in English. He was talking so fast that I couldn't understand him, so I started to look back at another block because on it was the text in English.
      A friend of mine popped out of nowere.
      Then I was in an restaurant. I wanted to get out but couldn't find the exit. I saw some stairs and saw a door on top. I thought: "this is like a dream-like scenario, better concentrate on it" but didn't became lucid.
      I arrived back in the restaurant, where were lots of people. I tried to pass next to a girl, then she saluted me! she was an colleague from highschool. She was a bartender. I left the place and fount the exit. It had two ways. I took the left one.
      Now I am in a street, looking at a gypsy-teen pushing a cart. I left the place then came back at her because I realised my hoodie was near her. I took it and went away in fear that I got fleas from her.
      I arrived at an intersection and I saw an boy from highschool in a car. Then I saw my dad with coloured bow and arrows. I left the area and got near my block, at a park with swings. I saw two friends across the street and we started fighting with snowballs.
    12. 37th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 09-26-2011 at 11:53 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dream

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      26-09-11Again planned on doing a wbtb, but this is just not the technique for me unless it happens naturally, which it does quite a lot. My recall has taken a dip, like a massive dip. I only remember forgetting more dreams than actually recalling them.

      My intentions were same as before, decide what to do once I am awake during the wbtb. I only managed to think of Chichén Itzá firmly a couple of times. Anyways here goes.

      “Mountain temple, in my honour”

      The dreams starts out in birds eye perspective and I am looking at the mountains. In the midst of all the dark grey cliff tops covered in snow there is this temple to me, it looks a lot like La Sagrada Famila and there is a small city below.

      I was a warlord or deity/demigod. I had constructed a temple high in the mountains. Some of the walls leading up to the main temple building from the city below looked a bit like the artwork of the original front entrance of La Sagrada Familia. The walls kept growing longer and longer throughout the dream.

      Below the temple there was a city that I had constructed and continued to develop through the course of the dream. The houses were mainly constructed out of brick walls though it looked crude and pelleted and less like actual masonry.

      I am walking through the city trying to find a spot where I can build more homes. The way this works is by me finding a piece of wall and trying to put down a house where I want it to be constructed. I am walking under this bridge, I think I have a brief moment where I think to myself that it is completely illogical that the bridge is where it is. The bridge means that there are only a few selected places where I can put down the housing. The invisible plan I am dragging around for the house lights up in blue when I find a suitable area.

      I can only put two or three rows of housing under the bridge and I abandon the idea and start walking out in the city again. I then look up and realise that I haven't utilised the upper floors of most of the buildings I have already placed. This will be a great way to achieve more space for my followers. I don't think I actually need more, but more space might lure more, which might have some sort of benefit.

      As I am standing contemplating the difficulty of what I am about to endeavour into, Guilermo of weeds walk up to me with a Glock in his hands. He is out to get me, though I can't exactly remember why so, but I know he has a fairly good reason. I look around and see that it will be difficult for me to run.

      A stranger shrouded in darkness comes up and somehow wrestle the gun from Guilermo, think in retrospect he might have used telekinesis because it happened from a far. The stranger proclaims that there is only one shot left in the gun and it is useless or something. Guilermo pulls the trigger into his own finger and one shot is fired but doesn't cause him harm or even pain it would seem.

      I flee back to my flat (apparently forgetting that the temple is for me). And soon thereafter Michael L comes knocking on my door. He has basically assumed the role of Guilermo and is out to get me now. I think I manage to beat him up a bit and wrestle the gun from him.

      I go to bed and wake up shortly after to the sound of Michael and another bloke in the room. We take a trip down strange lane as Michael explains that he has found a neutral party to rationalise why he has a right to kill me. This guy Michael explains is called Jesper and he knows both of us.

      I explain that I don't know him, and then Michael explains a bit more about him. It turns out that Jesper is a good friend of Michael's family and that he has once been in their house with my dad when they were working as builders. So I object to this allegedly “neutral” party and start beating up Michael again. I end up punching the wall pretending it to be Michael's head, which seems to work as I am gradually getting closer to the wall with each successive punch. In the end I have bashed his head into oblivion with my knuckles and I am making holes in the wall.

      I then start talking to Jesper trying to justify my actions, and maybe keep him around a bit so he doesn't go running straight to the cops. Jesper tries to explain that Michael was just disappointed in me. I say “Why did he always bring a gun when he came seeing me then!?” Jesper replies with suspicion in his voice. “It was a Glock” I say. “Shit” Jesper replies. I think he just figured out where his Glock had gone.


      I am talking to Jesper that I bought this car in a second hand shop and that it was quite a good deal. Still in the room as the violence went down. The car came with a purse a rather large red handbag and I am a bit embarrassed about this. I do hope the keys are in there as I am rummaging through the bag. I pick out a bundle of keys and notice that not only are there keys to the car, but also a hell of a lot of other things. I remember one key in particular being fairly wide and blue/green. I was excited in finding out what these keys were for.

      Wake up.

      Notes: That stranger surrounded in darkness could well have been another dreamer. I had no idea why he was there or what he intended. I always seem to have a vague idea what DCs are plotting, though this guy/girl was a complete blank.
    13. 37th

      by , 09-26-2011 at 11:39 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      School day and abrubt awakenings sorry. So sad i don't remember any scenes just feelings.

      I was lucid for a long time, i remember testing some dream control. And later i remember fighting giant robots/transformers and something about lasers perhaps. And quite possibly Oneironaut again. But it was definetly someone from this forum..

      That's it.
    14. 37th shared dreaming attempt - Floatinghead

      by , 09-26-2011 at 08:57 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Pajama Party

      (this dream happened in the first couple of hours of sleep)

      I am with an old friend, we are in somekind of a shop in the middle of a shopping mall. I think we are taking part in somekind of competition. We are wearing pajamas that we bought specifically for this occasion. Spotted tops and stripey bottoms - they look like old lady pajamas.

      I turn to him and say 'I bet they've never sold this many copies of the same pajamas in the same day before!'

      Showbiz school

      I'm back at school, though it's crossed between my old work place. I'm finishing off the day by running some molds and casts for this horror movie that the school is producing. Nick Dudman (head of the creature effects department) is talking to another teacher about how they will be creating the sound of the creature's growl. And then continue to discuss the names that will be put into the end credits at the end of the movie, and how they thought the head teacher was a pompous ass.

      As I walk out of the doors of the creature fx department and head back home the view switches to above - there are several different buildings to the school - all lit up in bright colors (it is night now), a friend next to me (an old neighbor who died years ago) tells me how the school started out with just the front building hear (focuses in on that building - it looks derelict now and old) he continues to say that my older sister went into the school when it was just starting out. The buildings from above look like miniatures created for a movie.

      Star Wars light Sabers
      I'm watching a documentary about how they will be using the classic effects of how they created the light sabers for the new clone wars series. They will be getting real people and then motion capture just the light sabers to make it look more authentic. I then have a false awakening, I know what I just had is a dream but have a false memory of my brother in law telling me the same thing so assume it is true.

      Dream about my dead cat - he is a grey fluffy persian cat, he looks perfectly fine and I am confused cause I thought he was dead.

      CSI - New Arley
      I am at a friends house - she is explaining to me that the village has just had a famous CSI agent move in - Horatio Cane, and that the village has had a zero crime rate since he has been around.


      I'm working a job in and office/lab. I walk over to a guy sitting at a large computer (it is my sister's partner) and ask him if I can borrow something from him - a small device (I can't remember what it does) A guy enters the office, he has a wierd virus and needs our help. It turns out that me and this other guy are the best people for the job, so I grab a pair of earphones - I need to use these to take a reading. I call the guy over to my desk and look at his face.

      His teeth look crazy - he has a whole complete second set of teeth growing behind his first set, and behind the second set is the start of the third set. He looks like something from a horror movie.

      'why are you not freaked out by me?' he says 'I look like something from a horror movie'

      'I'm not freaked out because I had to deal with a very similar case last year - now hold still'

      This is tricky, I need to dangle the pair of earphones down his throat and let the noise from the earphones vibrate and send me back a sonar image, but there doesn't seem to be much room left to dangle the earphones...

      The inside of the mouth then turns into a typical 'skin' of a dragon

      And I'm trying to work out how tocreate a 3d color print of this model.
    15. 36th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Evolventity's Dream

      by , 09-26-2011 at 07:15 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      September 25, 2011

      Non-Lucid Dream. Fell asleep by 8AM, and woke up at 4PM.
      -I'm with another male and female in a crowded, dim-lit, spacious building. It seems like a party. We are shape shifters. The man usually transforms into a blue creature (beast) like in X-Men and the woman can transform into a male super hero with white glowing eyes and stereotypical masculine features. While walking, we realize their ability is defective in that their shape shifter form is reversed and they can't turn back to human. We're being chased by government authority, a bitter middle-aged woman in a skirt dress being the leader. She points to us. The beast runs at her and punches the bitch in the face. The other shape shifter had come from behind her to attack as well, and 'he' is also hit by the beast. His ribs are cracked and he is lifeless. To heal and bring him back to life, a passionate kiss is given to him by the other shape shifter. Everyone watches in awe.

      -I'm walking between desks. I'm in another dimly-lit building, this time like a classroom, or a library, and people are studying books on their desks. My friend K*G* is here...with weed. She gives it to me along with the bong to help everyone get high. Of course, I don't smoke any myself, and try not to breathe any smoke. (Skip) I'm in the bedroom with a M* who is laying on the bed, and I sitting on top of him. I'm giving him the bong to smoke, while covering my mouth. I want him to relax. The cops knock at the door. I hide the weed in a secret compartment on the side of a wooden TV stand against the wall. I put the bong back inside my dresser.

      -I'm with Jennifer on a guys porch. We're digging through his stuff looking for weed. We're waiting for him to answer the door but he doesn't answer. Eventually he appears, walking up the steps with groceries, just coming home. The door is already open, and we wonder how; there must be a person already here. A secret lover? I walk in and see an old friend Z* who is in a towel after taking a shower. She looks a bit down and skittish. I tell her how she made my black suit that I'm wearing a shade lighter by hugging me with water while taking a shower.
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