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    A World In My Head!!

    Backyard Hideout

    by , 06-18-2012 at 05:32 PM (295 Views)
    June 18, 2012

    Backyard Hideout

    It's a late summer night and me and my comrades are hiding in someone's backyard. Of all the places to hide were hiding in the backyard of our enemy. We tip-toed from hiding spot to hiding spot with careful steps like a herd of deer.

    The enemy found us and we use magic to hold him off while others escaped.

    Eventually I became lightly lucid and get the idea I should just ditch this dream for another. The back fence had two doors. I open the first. It's a sunlit world of giant fierce elephant-gorilla creatures who were simply relaxing by the rocky cliffs. They looked too fierce to join! In the dream I knew them by name, but now I've forgotten what I called them.

    I opened the next door and its a bunch of hippies sitting by a camp fire making music. Great! I tell all of my hiding comrades that I've found us a new home.

    "wheres my drum?"

    My friends try to find it for me but all we could find in the backyard were pots and pans and other odd things. Well, whatever works. We close the door, leaving the other dream. We bang on our pots and pans but we've got no rhythm.

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